Airs Sunday, Nov. 18 @ 1 P.M. EST on Nickelodeon

The Winx travel to Domino’s Great Yellow Reef to find the last Sirenix gem. To obtain it, they’ll have to survive a test of courage.

We’re a week away from Sirenix!
QUESTION: Do you think the Sirenix quest has been as hard as it sounded?


Summary: Sky is nervous for the annual Wind Rider competition, but a concerned Bloom approaches Sky and cheers him on.

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Winx Club: "Trix Trick: Wind Riders"
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Musings & Rants

Nick put up a preview of episode six, “A Fairy Found” (original title: “A Fairy in Danger”). In this scene, the Specialists, following Mitzi’s tip, catch Andy’s band and the Winx getting too friendly while painting the girls’ apartment.

WordPress won’t let me embed the video, so you’ll have to go to and watch it yourself.

Now…I don’t want to start any “Nick ruined Winx” rants (you know I don’t agree with that statement), but this clip disappointed me. The main problems:

  • The script changes: Some of them made no sense. Like Stella’s “this place will be totally rockin'” line. The line in the Cinelume dub was also different from the original, but at least it kept the point that she was flirting. Nick’s version? Not at all. It almost like they tried to gloss over the issue.
  • Matt Shively (Sky): Ugh! Where do I begin? He’s just not a voice actor. Granted, he was great in Secret of the Lost Kingdom, but that must have been after they recorded this episode.

Yes, again, let’s not give up on Nick yet. But…sigh.

Here’s the same scene in the Cinelume dub (ends at 10:25). The scripts are pretty similar, but the moods are completely different.