What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in Magix got new teachers?”

Have you noticed the faculty at these schools hasn’t changed much? Alfea added Avalon in season two and Daphne in season six. That’s it. (You could count the Winx, but let’s not go there.)

We don’t see some of the teachers anymore, but it’s hard to tell if they’re gone for good. What happened DuFour? Or Avalon? Or that dance instructor from season three? I think Rainbow just decided not to show them anymore, since they’re not important. (DuFour and Avalon did appear in a comic recently, so they haven’t been forgotten.)

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone left for real? The best choice would be Wizgiz. He’s been teaching for more than 1,000 years! I think he’s earned a few centuries of retirement.

What about at Cloud Tower? We’ve only ever seen three teachers: Griffin, Zarathustra, and Ediltrude. The latter two haven’t shown up since season three. (Winx Wikia says there’s a fourth professor — a wizard named Bittersmoke — who was mentioned in the show but never appeared.) I doubt Griffin’s running the school by herself, so where’s the rest of the staff?

Redfountain’s in a similar boat. Saladin and Codatorta are the only faculty members we’ve seen, but at least they both showed up in season five. Who else is training the Specialists? It can’t just be them.

As for Nex and Thoren, we don’t even know where they go to school. I doubt Redfountain has a Paladin track; it seems to be a Specialist-only school (that’s run by a wizard, for some reason). A lot of Wikis say they’re from Lynphea College, but I think that’s wrong. The evidence points elsewhere.

Anyway, I guess before Rainbow writes anyone out of the schools, they need to show some of the “hidden” teachers first. What are their subjects? What do the students think of them? What do they think of the Winx? Are they as star-struck as the students are?

That last part is why I think switching out the teachers could be interesting. Faragonda, Palladium, Griselda, Wizgiz, Saladin, Codatorta, and Griffin know the Winx well. They trust them enough to send them on dangerous missions and give them access to secret areas of their schools. But if a new teacher — someone who didn’t trust the Winx — came in and interfered?

Worse, what if they became the headmaster of Alfea? That would mean sidelining Faragonda for a while (but not necessarily killing her off). Maybe the Winx would have to sneak out again like they used to, or maybe they’d finally leave the school for good.

(This is starting to sound like Harry Potter. That’s not what was thinking about, but…why not?)

A happier possibility is they could learn something new from the new teacher. Rainbow could have done this in season seven with Wild Magic, but I think using Wizgiz worked, too. His subject is metamorphosymbiosis, after all. Wild Magic was a form of it. But what other types of magic — besides transformations — do the Winx not know about yet?

To sum it up, switching out some of the teachers — or just adding new ones — could change the character dynamic a bit. It could also reveal more about the schools in Magix and maybe make them more relevant again. I think Redfountain needs it the most. How long has it been since we’ve seen it? Four seasons? Five? Good grief!

That’s it for today!

Musings & Rants

Here’s my ranking from best to worst. I hope you don’t take this as my saying there’s been a quality drop in the series…but maybe you think there has been. Feel free to comment!

1. Season One: The Battle for Magix
It had the most action by far. Alfea, Cloud Tower and Redfountain teaming up to beat The Trix and an army of darkness monsters? Bloom and Icy’s duel in a classic clash of opposites? What more could you want? And the stakes were certainly high. The Trix controlled the power that created the Magical Dimension!

The best part of this ending: Bloom wasn’t the only hero. The other (then) four Winx defeated Darcy and Stormy without her, and the students from all three schools proved their power against the monsters. It was a group victory.

2. Season Two: The Winx vs. The Shadow Phoenix
Season two is not my favorite, but the ending was okay. It was better in the original when the Winx had to beat not only Darkar but the Trix’s converged creature. The biggest problem was the last episode focused too much on freeing Bloom from Darkar’s spell. Once she did that herself, using her healing powers (not mentioned in the special), the Winx had already won. Then came the obligatory party at Alfea. Meh.

3. Season Three: Winx vs. Demon Valtor
After watching Nickelodeon’s dub of this episode, I was…confused. I didn’t remember it being so choppy and random. And once again, Bloom was the hero. (Yes, I know the first three seasons were about her, but it’s nice when the others get to shine.) She somehow projected her Dragon Flame into Valtor and fought him from the inside. Or so we’re to believe. It didn’t look like a fight—more like talking him to death. Oh, of course, there was another party at Alfea.

4. Season Four: The Winx vs. The Wizards of the—What? It’s Over Already?
I liked season four, but the ending was so anti-climactic. Why put us through twenty-five episodes of drama to have the Wizards be defeated in three minutes? Then we had sit through more cuteness overload with the fairy pets, another Musa and Riven make up (until next time) scene, and another Frutti Music Bar concert…that replaced the obligatory party at Alfea.

Well, there’s my list. Your thoughts?

Musings & Rants

What's their "specialty," again?

I wrote something similar to this before, but seeing the Specialists wallpaper on the Winx Club website brought it back into my head. It’s strange to me how Rainbow handled Nabu’s place in what I like to call the “Winx Boyfriends Club.” Nabu isn’t a Specialist, as you know. His only connection to the other guys is through his relationship with one of their girlfriends’ friends, Layla. It was hard to forget how out-of-place whenever we saw the six boys together and he was the only one not wearing a Red Fountain uniform. And, similar to Roxy (before she became a Winx), he was often separately from the group: “The Specialists and Nabu” or “Sky, Nabu, and the Specialists” (since Sky’s being a king is more important than his educational background, I guess).

Yet Nabu is shown on this wallpaper. I think “The Specialists” has become a catchall term for “the boys” or, to the Winx, “our boyfriends.” It’s lost its established meaning, especially since we’ve been seeing less of Red Fountain in the series. I remember the moment in episode twenty-four when the guys arrived at Tir Nan Og, and Bloom got excited and yelled, “The Specialists are here,” even though Nabu was with them. There may be other times like this in the series, but that’s the one that I recall first.

How do you talk about the boys? Do you call them all “The Specialists,” or do you make a point of separating Nabu?