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“Sparxshipping,” a.k.a. Bloom and Valtor. They’re a pairing that’s been popular since the 4Kids days. With opposing poles of the Dragon Flame — a flame of light and a flame of darkness — this couple sounds impossible, yet intriguing. How would good and evil fall in love with each other?

A better-known, non-Winx ship is “Zutara” (Zuko and Katara) from Avatar: The Last Airbender. (I’m not touching the “Kataang vs. Zutara” debate.) Some fans can’t resist the fire-water dynamic between the two benders. Even Zuko’s voice actor, Dante Basco, is a hardcore “Zutarian.”

These couples, “Zutara” and “Sparxshipping” (and technically “Kataang,” too), follow the concept of “yin and yang,” two opposite forces in harmony with each other. It’s the same theme Rainbow used for Aisha and Nex.

Yeah, yeah. They’re “Life” and “Death,” right?

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned that a dozen times. Aisha is “life” in Arabic, and nex is “death” in Latin. But remember in my recent Aisha/Nex post when I said I keep discovering things about this couple? Turns out Rainbow took the yin-yang idea further than just name meanings.

Winx 6X15 - Aisha and Nex windsurfing

Same, Yet Opposites?

Wait a minute. Aren’t these two a lot alike?

Being yin and yang doesn’t mean being different in every way. “Yin and yang” is relative. Object A may be opposite of Object B for a different reason than Object C. It depends on what traits you’re comparing them by.

Water and fire are yin and yang because water’s cold and wet, and fire’s hot and dry. But ice and running water are also yin and yang. Even though they’re both water, running water is liquid and active, and ice is solid and stationary. (Yes, that means Icy and Aisha are yin and yang, too.)

It’s actually more complicated than that. If you’re curious (and you’re a nerd like me), TED-Ed has a short video that explains it better than I can.

Back to Aisha and Nex. Most fans think they’re exactly the same: confident, fearless, energetic, athletic, etc. Yes, they have those traits in common — if they had nothing in common, they’d have nothing to bond over — but some of their other traits couldn’t be any more different.

For example, Nex is flirty. In his debut episode, “The Flying School” (6X03), he strutted up to the Winx and said, “Hey, ladies!” Can you imagine Aisha doing something like that? Yeah, right. In fact, it was something she didn’t like about him when they first met.

That’s just one of the ways they’re opposites, but it’s not as important now that they’re dating. Their other differences affect their relationship now.
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“6: The Perfect Number?”

Did you read Tecna’s latest article, “Friendship and Maths?” It’s about the max number of friends scientists claim a person can have. Here’s a quote from it:

Based on several studies, best best friends can be maximum 5! If there are more, it means one is not a ‘best’ friend.

Whose picture’s next to this paragraph? Roxy’s. 🙁

As a Roxy fan, I thought this post sounded self-serving. Was Rainbow really trying to use science to explain why she’s not a Winx? Gimme a break!

Too bad for them, Tecna forgot to check her facts again.

So, what are these studies she mentioned? They were experiments done by a British evolutionary psychologist named Robin Dunbar. Through his research, he figured out that a person’s brain can’t handle more than 150 relationships. We call that “Dunbar’s Number.”

He divided it into four groups based on levels of closeness:

  • Group 1: The five people you love the most
  • Group 2: Ten people you care about enough to mourn if they died (plus your top five = 15)
  • Group 3: 35 people you “keep up every month or so” (plus the first two groups = 50)
  • Group 4: Other people you like but don’t know well — neighbors, schoolmates, acquaintances, etc. (plus the first three groups < 150)

Tecna brought up these values, too (5, 15, 50, 150). So what did she get wrong? Let’s pick her quote apart. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants


The Tecna of season five is a shy nerd who keeps her feelings to herself. Didn’t she change three seasons ago?

In fact, it was a huge part of her character development. She couldn’t tell Timmy how she felt. She didn’t want anyone to see her crying. But with the Winx’s help, she learned to relax and accept the illogical impulses we call “emotions.”

Then came Arcadia‘s test in the Crystal Labyrinth. To earn the Water Stars, Tecna had to give up her new-found feelings and become an empty, emotionless robot that only answered to logic. Her friends, Timmy — she’d never care about them again. Like the selfless fairy she is, she did what she had to do. Good thing Arcadia was bluffing!

By season four, Tecna was a completely different person — happier, more energetic, more in touch with herself. And her relationship with Timmy had never been better. While the attention-hogging couples (you know who) struggled, they kept going strong. They even kissed! Twice!

Now back to season five. They’re too shy to talk in person, so they text because “it’s easier.” And in tomorrow’s episode, they’ll go on their first “real” date (the standard dinner for two). Social awkwardness guaranteed.

What happened? Rainbow and Nick hit the reset button.

It’s a side effect of cramming seasons one and two — 26 hours of content — into four hours: important things like character development got cut. As far as the new Winx fans know, Tecna’s always been this way. The good news is Nick’s trying to make up for it. The bad news is, for us old-school fans, it doesn’t mesh with the rest of the series.

Will our nerdy couple ever revive their pre-season five romance? Well, at least they’re making progress.

QUESTION: Do you feel that Tecna’s personality has changed in season five? Or is it basically the same as before?

Musings & Rants

Overused plot devises, unnecessary characters—all series have their faults. Sometimes, they’re a part of the show’s genre; other times, they’re the results of marketing experiments gone bad…or maybe gone too far. Of course, it depends on who you ask. Here are five things I don’t want to see in season five:
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Episode Reviews

Here’s what I noticed in episode fourteen. A lot of it is about Roxy because she was more of a factor than usual.

  • Roxy seems to want to join the club but feels like she can’t. She catches herself about to say something that she changes to “…di voi Winx” (…of you Winx), as though she’s trying to place herself outside of the circle. There could be two reasons for that: 1) she doesn’t want to offend the girls by making herself a Winx unofficially, and 2) she’s still unsure because she knows joining means accepting her new life as a fairy and the responsibilities come with it.
  • It sounded like Faragonda invites Roxy to Alfea, but Roxy flatly refuses…and stomps away again, as usual.
  • Riven definitely seems sorry for how he treated Musa at the recording studio (episode ten). Nevertheless, he’s still jealous of her relationship with Jason Queen. Musa tries to talk to Riven—probably about her singing—and they have a decent conversation until Jason shows up and makes Riven angry again. Also about Jason, I think Bloom tries earlier in the episode to bring Musa back to Earth (no pun intended) about the whole situation.
  • Sure enough, Roxy can’t use her extra Believix wings. We have a Bloom-esque transformation story here.
  • Musa is very upset after opening Jason’s letter. Another blogger, fabcat, said it’s because the record deal fell through. I don’t know Italian, but that would make sense. (Thank you to winx fan for sending the blog link.)
  • Guess who didn’t die after all? Of course, Bloom couldn’t have finished them off herself!

YouTube user gdaawinxqwerty posted the preview of episode fifteen, which airs Friday. Embedding is disabled, so you’ll have to follow the link to see the video.