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We know Rainbow ignores Musa and Tecna. I even wrote a post about it. But I think we should add Flora to the disregarded Winx list.

You shook your head, didn’t you? Flora gets a lot of attention. She’s one of the “mascots”, so she’s on most of the magazine covers, at most of the fan meets, and in all of the doll lines. Compare that to Musa and Tecna, who are usually left out (especially in doll lines). Poor Tecna once went 18 months without being on the cover of a magazine! How is Flora as ignored as they are?

Because I’m not talking about marketing and screen time. I’m talking about character development and background.

Think about it. How much do we know about her? She’s from Lynphea, and she has a little sister. We just met her parents — Alyssa and Rhodos — in season seven, even though she’s one of the initial five Winx.

We don’t know what her childhood was like, either. (Judging by her parents, it was probably happy.) Even though we didn’t meet Tecna’s parents until season six, we at least know she grew up suppressing her emotions. It’s something she’s had to overcome over the years.

Rainbow revealed Musa’s back story in season two. They even told us how her parents met! She also had a dream: to become a musician. We watched it come true in season four, and we know she’ll probably keep performing in the future.

But what are Flora’s dreams? We know she loves gardening, but does she wanna be a gardener or a florist? She’s also good at mixing potions, but she’s never talked about becoming an alchemist, teaching potionology, or anything like that.

I don’t think Rainbow has decided yet. World of Winx season one seems to confirm that because cooking was her talent, something she’s never shown interest in. It felt like they just gave her a leftover skill that worked well for a talent show.

What about her relationship with Helia? They’re one of the most popular couples, but have you noticed Rainbow hasn’t developed them much? We’ve only seen them kiss a couple times, and we’ve never seen them alone on a date. Plus, Helia’s never met her parents, even though he and Flora have been together for five years.

That last fact might sound unfair since we just met her parents. But Tecna’s parents were introduced in season six, and Timmy met them that same season. Couldn’t Helia have met Alyssa and Rhodos in season seven? Heck, he hasn’t even met Miele in the show!

What’s going on here? How is one of the most popular Winx so far behind the others? Flora seems like nothing but “the girl who talks to plants.” That’s it. She doesn’t change or grow. Yes, she comes out of her shell sometimes, but she doesn’t stay out for long.

Is there any hope for her? Maybe. She and Helia have gotten more development in the last few seasons (even though it’s just been petty fights), and in WoW season two, Rainbow came up with spells for her other than her traditional vines. It’s not much, but maybe it’s a start.

Episode Reviews

Why is it “Beware of the Wolf?” It would have sounded better without the “of.” I know it’s not proper grammar, but your English teacher isn’t grading you on what you name a cartoon episode.

Oh, well. No big deal. Moving on.

First, let me correct something from my last review. I called Flora’s dad “Rollos” since that’s what Winx Wiki is calling him. (I should have know better, but I trusted them anyway.) But a couple of you mentioned his name might be Rhodos(e), after the rhododendron. Since that makes more sense, that’s what I’ll call him from now on. Maybe Rainbow will confirm it one day.

Now on to the episode. Last time, giant, mutant fungi trapped the Winx beneath their caps. Thankfully, help’s on the way from “a fairy they know.”


1. All the Winx have passed out from the fungi poison — except Flora, who’s fighting to stay conscious. If she could just reach the capsule of orchid seeds outside! As she finally starts to slip away, she suddenly finds herself lying on a bed of flowers. A fairy, holding the seeds, hovers in front of her. It’s Miele!

One by one, she drops the seeds next to the fungi traps. The forest returns to normal, and the Winx wake up and thank her for saving them. But not far away, someone’s watching them.

I loved seeing Flora struggling to stay awake. She’s usually the first one knocked out! Talk about a role reversal!

Something I didn’t say last time is how raw her suffering felt. Sometimes Rainbow or the voice actors oversell moments like this. For example, remember when Tritannus captured Aisha and stole her Sirenix powers? The way she screamed, “My Sirenix!” weakened the impact. (I think it was the delivery more than the line itself.)

This scene — and especially the one from last episode — was quieter and drawn out longer. We were watching Flora slowly give into her fate. There was nothing she could do.


Of course we knew Miele was gonna save the Winx, but it still felt like they were in danger. Like I said last time, it was nice to see them fail for once. Rainbow wants us to think they’re superheroes, but even superheroes lose sometimes.

The only thing that bugged me was how powerful the seeds were. They didn’t even have to sprout. Just placing them near the fungi was enough to restore the whole area. That felt too convenient. At least it didn’t completely fix the problem.

2. Miele still wants to help the Winx with their mission. Flora scolds her for being reckless and risking her life, but she admits she’s proud of her and can finally tell she’s grown up. She gives her permission to come with them.

Finally, Flora! It only took nearly dying to get the message through to you, but better late than never. I just hope it sticks. You know Rainbow loves to recycle plots that we were resolved seasons ago. 😛 Read the rest of this post