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“Winx Club Etymology, Part II: The Guys”

~ By Power of Charmix ~

Last time, we looked at the meanings of the Winx’s names, so today we’ll examine the names of their boyfriends. I’m intrigued to see which group’s names are more interesting. Let’s find out, shall we?

We’ll start with the guy who seems to be Rainbow’s favorite Specialist: Prince Sky. Unfortunately, the meaning of his name is about as interesting as his personality. His name is just a word sky, and I can’t think of any symbolic meaning it could hold for him. Even if you imagine that “Sky” is just short for Skylar, that name traces back to a Dutch word meaning “scholar,” and that doesn’t fit Sky either since he’s more of a warrior/prince.

Fittingly, Brandon’s name’s meaning is much more interesting, as it actually has two potential origins. It might come from an Old English place name (a name that would be given to someone from a certain area) that means “hill covered with broom [a flowering shrub].” The name might also be a variant of Brendan, which comes from a Welsh word that means “prince.” Considering that Brandon once pretended to be a prince, I like the second potential origin more.

Helia is the feminine form of Helios, a Greek word meaning “sun,” as well as the name of the Greek god of the sun. In some myths, Helios has a daughter named Helia who is a minor sun goddess. I’m not sure what importance or symbolism the sun could hold to Winx Club’s Helia, but I do find it interesting that his name is traditionally a feminine one. (But then again, Musa is typically a masculine name.) Also, I find it interesting that helia is the name of a genus of moths, since Helia loves nature so much and is dating the Fairy of Nature.

Riven is the past tense of the verb rive, which means “to split or tear apart violently.” Well, Riven usually does end up violently tearing apart his friendships and other relationships due to his possessive behavior and anger issues, so I guess the name is appropriate.

Timmy is derived from the name Timothy, which is a Greek name that means “honoring God.” I have to assume that he was given this name just because it sounds rather nerdy.

Nabu is the name of the Assyrian and Babylonian god of writing and wisdom. His job was to write down the fates of humans as decided by the other gods. Winx Club’s Nabu isn’t really a scholar or a scribe, but he does seem a bit wiser than the other guys.

The fake name he uses when he’s first introduced, Ophir, has a rather surprising meaning. Ophir is a region mentioned multiple times in the Bible that’s primarily known for its massive amounts of wealth. The first thing we ever learn about Nabu is that he comes from a wealthy family, so his fake name is extremely fitting.

Also, take note that we don’t learn Nabu’s real name until we’ve gotten to know him better. In other words, we don’t learn that he’s named after the wisdom god until we’ve learned that he’s actually wise. Similarly, I believe “Ophir” does mention to Aisha that he comes from an upper-class family early on. When we first meet him, the main thing we know about him and his name is that he comes from a wealthy family.

Roy also has a couple different origins to his name. It probably comes from a Gaelic word meaning “red,” but the only insight I can gather from this is that Roy occasionally wears a shirt with red on it. It may have also been derived from the French word roi, meaning “king.” We know that Roy is connected to royalty because he works for Aisha’s father, but that isn’t much justification for the name either.

As this blog has discussed in the past, nex is the Latin word for “death,” which ties into the fact that Aisha’s name means “life.” The two seem like complete opposites at first, but they’re closely linked in many ways. Also, from what I could find, nex seems to have a more violent and dark connotation, as it can also translate to “violent death,” “murder,” or “slaughter.” This could relate to how unnecessarily aggressive Nex could be when he was first introduced. (But then again, nex can also translate to “natural death,” and I am by no means an expert in Latin, so take that last point with a grain of salt.)

And finally, the name Thoren comes from the name of the Norse thunder god Thor. The only reason I can think for this naming choice is that both Thoren and Thor have a giant, superpowered hammer for a weapon.

So overall, the guys’ names seem to have had less thought put into them, with some interesting exceptions. That seems to be a recurring theme with Winx Club — some of the characters’ names are remarkably interesting, while others seem to have been made up in two seconds with minimal thought. I don’t know if I’ll be making a third post, but if I do, it will be about the villains, so stay tuned!

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Time for the second “Life of Musa” post! The first post was about her relationship with Riven and why it failed. Today’s post is about other guys Musa has met that might be (or might have been) better for her.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Musa, Pt. II: Potentially Healthy Relationships

~ By Will N. ~

Muri fans, if you can’t handle a different option, stop here. If not, consider yourselves warned.

In the last chapter, we talked about how Muri was simply doomed before it started because neither partner gave the other what they needed. They just argued about who had control of whom. Way too toxic for anybody. That’s not a healthy relationship.

When it comes to a healthy relationship, Musa needs somebody who treats her like a person and not a toy, as well as somebody who doesn’t have her personality. In this show, the underlying theme is how opposites can attract and coexist peacefully. The same also applies to any kind of relationship, be it friends or romance. For example, Aisha and Nex, being an allegory for life and death, is a way to show how somebody can be similar in some ways but opposite in another (i.e., Nex can lighten Aisha’s depressive mood, and Aisha can curb Nex’s near-Stella levels of hyper-cheeriness).

What kind of guy does Musa need then? If Musa is sound, she needs a silent, but not abrasive guy.

We have seen a potential healthy relationship for Musa before in both the comics and the show. In the comics, she meets a wealthy musician named Lukas who has his own band that she briefly sings with, and Lukas appears to treat her like a person. It just doesn’t last because of an attack on Musa to get to Lukas and use him as bait for his family. Lukas calls it off, not because he nor Musa can handle themselves, but because he doesn’t want his status to endanger her. This is shortly after season four when Musa calls it off with Riven the first time.

In season two, however, we saw a better representation of a healthy relationship. Jared, a Redfountain Specialist reporter, was set up with Musa on a blind date by Stella to try to help out, possibly knowing that things with Riven wouldn’t work out. Jared decided to say never mind about dating and apologized to Musa for not even knowing that she didn’t want somebody then. After that, he let her be his exclusive interview on Alfea’s operations, writing down everything she said. He actually thought it was interesting, which shocked her because much like her roommate, nobody ever listened to her.

Once it was over, there was a quick bike ride and Musa got her favorite flowers (lilies) from him, to which she blushed. Too bad he had to suffer being a Darcy target before getting sent to the background with a minor fairy named Alice, which might have just been a “for the dance” special since their cameos in season five didn’t show them together.

They certainly were not the only options, though. Andy, Marc, and Rio have also been potential sweethearts for Musa, too, but…well, we can’t really say. It’s Musa’s choice who she dates or if she ever dates again, but it probably won’t be Riven.

Next time: Friendships.

Question: Do you think Musa should date again or stay single?

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Will is back again! Today, he’s talking about our marvelous Fairy of Music, Musa! There’s a lot to talk about, so he’s splitting it up into four posts that will each be published every few days. The first post is about her relationship with Riven.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Musa, Pt. I: Why Muri Doesn’t Work”

~ By Will N. ~

Muri fans, be warned: It gets dangerously supportive of the ending from this point forward and follows the Cinelume(RAI)/Nickelodeon course of events. Read at your own risk.

Musa’s love life is problematic, but is one at fault or are both parties to blame for this clash? It is both, because of their personalities.

Problem One

Stubbornness. Both parties rarely (if at all) agree on anything. How can a relationship work if there’s no sense of compromise? If no one is willing to compromise, then they can’t even be friends, let alone date.

Problem Two

Trust issues worse than Bloom and Sky’s. Riven willingly ditched Sky, Brandon, Bloom, and Stella for Darcy before Bloom could make things right after trying to literally “cool him off”. Musa went to investigate later and didn’t like what she saw.

Even when Riven tried later to prove his worth, Musa still didn’t buy it. She might have gotten a power boost for giving him a second chance, but Riven clearly abused it. Then even when Riven tried to be nice, he couldn’t trust Musa to know what she was doing, to the point he got possessive if she so much as looked at another guy, whether it was a Specialist or not.

Problem Three

Anger. Management. Issues. There’s a reason why Musa’s primary fairy color is red or magenta, alongside Riven’s Specialist gem matching. These two seriously need to take a chill pill. That is too much toxicity for anyone. If someone likes being consistently angry, they need help.

Problem Four

Musa was verbally abused and neglected yet tried to be nice, and Riven used the guise of protection as a cover up to keep acting in his old ways. There’s no denying this one: Riven was constantly downtalking Musa and treating her more like a toy than a person, which is what all their fights were about. Musa took it in hopes that he’d change, but because as the OP said “training is his girlfriend,” it never happened.

Problem Five

Musa knew better the whole time and tried to end it after a year and a half, but Nabu’s death complicated things. This is one no one ever brings up. Riven got the equivalent of a “stay away from her” speech from Bloom in season one. Stella showed her a way to avoid it in season two. Aisha advised calling it off in season three, with Musa agreeing. Then after Musa tried in season four singing about it, Nabu’s death made her stick around until after one last cover-up song in season five really set her off, after the appearance of Riven being a cheater (knowing what happened the last time somebody cheated). The Winx and Specialists are still suffering the consequences of that to this day.

It was finally after Flora called Riven “a dog” and he spent more time with a boomerang than he did with Musa that she decided either she was going to break it off, or Riven was.

Problem Six

It’s just impossible like the ship name says. There is no way this could work unless Riven learned to be nice. Musa tried changing for Riven, but he never changed for her. His niceness was all a charade. If he ever changes, it will take however long fairies live. Musa might be hopeful, but it’s pretty much a lost cause at this point.

In all, the breakup was the best because neither person could benefit from the other long term. Friends? Maybe as a possibility, but I don’t think they ever will (nor should they) date again. Musa needs someone who actually treats her like a person, not a possession (maybe that way out Stella offered), or else she should stay single.

Time for the answer! Which character is the third most popular search on my blog? You know it by now. It’s Daphne!

Power of Charmix was the first person to guess her! Well done!

As for some of your other guesses, Nex, Riven, and Bloom (also “Bloom Sky”) are in the top 20 searches for the last 30 days. Nex is #15, Riven is #14, and Bloom is #8 (and “Bloom Sky” is #16).

Good job, guys! Stay tuned next week to find out what the second most popular search is!

Musings & Rants

“Are you crazy, OP? I don’t wanna love Nex! I hate him! He’s ________!” Insert your own reasons: “He’s rude! He’s like Riven! He’s boring!” Etc., etc.

Here’s another way to look at it. You do wanna love Nex, but those reasons are the barriers to your love. If they weren’t there, why couldn’t you love him?

This quote explains it well: “Hatred is a disguised form of love. You can only hate someone whom you really wish to love, because if you were totally indifferent to that person, you could not even get up enough energy to hate him.”

Both love and hate are forms of caring about someone — i.e., being invested in them. They both take a lot of time and energy. If you didn’t care about that person, you wouldn’t waste your time on them. You only spend it on people who matter to you in some way.

Why does Nex matter to the fandom? Because he’s dating Aisha. If you love her, you wanna share her happiness. You wanna cheer for her and look forward to her future as much as she does.

It’s hard to do that if you hate the person she might spend her future with. That’s why you wish you could love him. If only he wasn’t…insert that list of reasons again.

If we were talking about a real person, chances are you’d never get your wish. People can change, of course, but you can tell when it’s unlikely they will. But a fictional character can always change. It all depends on how his story unfolds. Those annoying traits that keep you from loving him could be gone by the end of next season.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Nex yet. Where is he from? What’s his family life like? What’s his social status? Why did he become a Paladin instead of a Specialist? Heck, what is a Paladin?

I bet Rainbow won’t answer all of these questions, but even a couple answers could change how we interpret his character. Nex is a work-in-progress. That’s what character development is all about.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few reasons the fandom hates him — and how Rainbow can make those reasons disappear. Read the rest of this post