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capture_072_04102013_175838_834Nabu: Riven, just because Helia looks slightly like a female version of himself does not mean you can criticize him for that! You can never be mean to Helia on my watch.

Congratulations, lalalauren1008! Stay tuned for Caption Contest #26!

Episode Reviews


Episode 6X05 opens with Aisha seconds away from joining the Trix’s statue collection. Thank goodness Stella saves her just in the nick of time!

But the basilisks keep coming. Facing a duo of them, Aisha gets an idea: let’s backflip out of their way! It’s so silly, it works. The basilisks turn each other to stone, and Stella and Aisha stick their landings in perfect sync. Their “training” paid off.

Somehow, they get their Bloomix powers for this. Flora says it’s because of their “bravery and quick thinking.” Not buying it.

The battle’s practically over after this. Stella vaporizes the basilisks, Flora ships the witches back to Cloud Tower, and the Trix retreat. Lynphea College is saved! Time for cheesy dancing and sweet goodbyes before heading home.

Back at Alfea, Daphne and her students get invited to the Golden Auditorium, a prestigious music college. Musa shares the news with Riven, who doesn’t care one iota. Happy mood ruined. She tries to soothe her soul with music, but her roommate Tecna, who’s cramming for a test, wants silence.

Cue hilarious catfight! 😛


Meet Acheron. He’s trapped in the Legendarium, and he only wants one thing: freedom!

The next day, the Trix leave to conquer another magic school while Selina browses for a better fairytale. Here we learn she’s got another master: a wizard named Acheron who’s trapped inside the Legendarium. I smell a conflict of interest!

Meanwhile at the Golden Auditorium, Musa tells the story of the pandemonium sprites, who live in caves beneath the building. Guess what Selina summons this time? The little pests chase students, chew up music scores, and give everyone headaches with their screams.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Aisha transform — and get knocked out in less than a minute. It’s just Musa and Tecna left. (How convenient.)

No time to argue! Musa hatches a plan to use music to lure the sprites back underground. Tecna uses her cellphone’s depth scanner — must be an app — to find the Pandemonium Cave. With the power of teamwork, and Musa’s amazing voice, the girls defeat the sprites and regain their friendship. Plus, they get their Bloomix powers!


But the Trix never wanted the Golden Auditorium. They flew to Eraklyon to attack the school attended by Bloom’s favorite disgraced princess: Diaspro. Something we’ve expected for years finally happens: she teams up with them!

Next episode, it’s back to Domino for another homecoming party for Daphne. But Diaspro plans to ruin it — and get rid of Bloom once and for all! Read the rest of this post

Thursday Your Say

character_large_332x363_rivenToday’s “Thursday Your Say” is about Riven in season one.

There’s no denying it: Riven was a jerk — not just to Musa (even though they weren’t dating yet), but to all the Winx and the Specialists. He eventually betrayed them and helped the Trix take over Magix.

But were his actions really his own?

Remember the scene with Musa spying him and Darcy in Magix City (episode 1X09)? Darcy locked hands with him and cast some sort of spell on him. We know she can control people through magic, as we saw with the Specialist Jared in season two. But in Riven’s case, it wasn’t clear what she did. All we know was he could communicate with her telepathically and was using that to leak information about Bloom to her.

But after the Trix attacked Cloud Tower, he seemed to have a change of heart. He returned to his friends, apologized, and helped them save Magix.

Did Darcy’s spell wear off, or did he realize what he’d done was wrong?

QUESTION: Do you think Riven was hypnotized or acting of his free will?

Episode Reviews


This episode mainly tied up loose ends, but it was decent overall. After Bloom’s short adventure in Shark Eye Mountain — where she almost got crushed — the last nine minutes belonged to Stella, her parents’ drama, and her fashion show.

But this was a different Stella than we’ve seen throughout this season. She showed a lot of maturity and humility by sharing her feelings with her parents and admitting her mistakes to Brandon. I think she redeemed herself. Do you? 🙂

Next episode: “Saving Paradise Bay.” Tritannus attacks a lush island for no reason, and the Winx must find a stone called The Breath of the Ocean to restore it. Ready for some bad news? We’ll have to wait two weeks (May 26) to see this. Nick is airing the movie Cats & Dogs on May 19 during Winx Club‘s time slot.

The good news: we’ll still get our weekly dose of Winx magic! Winx Club: Magical Adventure premieres Monday (yes, MONDAY), May 20 at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Here were my thoughts while watching episode 5X23: “The Shark’s Eye!” Read the rest of this post