Thursday Your Say


Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about the Winx Club couples.

We see it every season. A Winx catches her beau with another girl and immediately fears the worst: “He doesn’t love me anymore!” She tells her friends, cries, yells, and/or threatens to break up with him.

The Specialists are guilty, too. Riven butts in on Musa’s conversations with other guys. Sky sasses Bloom if she talks about another guy for more than ten seconds. He even spies on her!

Why so much jealousy?

Let’s be fair: if two people decide they’re a “couple,” they’re choosing to be tied to each other. That doesn’t mean neither of them can have a guy or girl friend — as long as that friendship doesn’t turn into something more.

In Winx Club, the drama’s usually caused by a misunderstanding, not cheating. The Winx (or the Specialist) apologizes — in her or his own way — and everything goes back to normal.

Until next season.

YOUR SAY: What’s wrong with the relationships in this show? Not enough trust? Not enough time together? Something else?

Episode Reviews

 singing whales

Let me get my complaints out of the way.

First, the dialogue — the quality took a nosedive. I thought it was getting better, but I guess that depends on who’s writing each episode. (I’ll have to look at the credits so I’ll know who to blame. :P)

Second, the pacing — it was ridiculously slow, especially in the second half. The battle against Tritannus and Icy felt like a slow-motion playback. (And “they’re in the water” is not an excuse!)

What I did like was the focus on Musa. She has such a beautfiul background story, and was she an adorable kid or what? 🙂 And, hello — the Musa and Riven drama is back? Funny thing is, even though I said I never wanted to it again, I’ve missed it. This season hasn’t felt the same without it. 😛

Next episode: “The Problems of Love.” Since it premiered right after this one, I’ll talk about it in tomorrow’s post.

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Episode Reviews


Another breather episode. *Sigh*

The Devourer didn’t turn out to be that strong, although it did manage to catch — but not eat — Daisyree. (You didn’t think she was gone for good, did you? :P)

The Sovereigns’ Council was more interesting. I love seeing people from other realms, and it was nice to see familiar faces like Galatea (one of my favorite characters) and Roy (where’d he disappear to?).

But bigwigs have big heads. Of course they couldn’t agree on a plan. Kudos to Stella, though, for trying to talk some sense into her father.

Next episode: “The Singing Whales.” It’s back to Melody as its musical mammals disappear, thanks to another seal heist by Tritannus. That’s March 31 at 1 p.m. EST. No new Winx Club next Sunday!

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Musings & Rants

"Vision-obstructing leaf shield has been deployed..."

The Cinélume dub, compared to 4Kids’, has a reputation of staying faithful to the Italian version. Season four, however, didn’t fare as well as past seasons. I caught several scene cuts, most of them being kissing scenes! Here’s my list of cut kisses:

Did you notice these scenes were gone? Can you think of a possible explanation for why they were cut?

Musings & Rants

Overused plot devises, unnecessary characters—all series have their faults. Sometimes, they’re a part of the show’s genre; other times, they’re the results of marketing experiments gone bad…or maybe gone too far. Of course, it depends on who you ask. Here are five things I don’t want to see in season five:
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