Musings & Rants

As of the latest episode of season four, it seems like Musa and Riven are breaking up…again. This comes as no surprise seeing as this couple’s relationship has not been the best. Let’s take a look back at their history:

In season one, Riven was rarely kind to Musa, even though she tried her hardest to get him to notice her. Then, Darcy spelled him and caused him to break Musa’s heart. To be honest, I didn’t see much of a difference in personality between spelled Riven and normal Riven. Either way, I think Musa should have given up and found a decent guy. (That Jared she met later would have done just fine. ;p)

Then, there was season two. Things weren’t perfect, but their relationship had improved. During the fight against Darkar, Musa kissed Riven, and it seemed like they would finally get along. However, by season three, Riven was back to his cocky self. Musa considered breaking up with him (took her long enough…), but then he won her respect by fighting Nabu over her. But did this last? Nope!

In Secret of the Lost Kingdom, our lovely couple was fighting again. They got back together, but now in season four, the feud continues. Does this seem like a problem to anyone, or is it just me? Now, Musa is finally getting the chance to pursue her dream as a singer, but she’s getting no support from the boyfriend department. In fact, Riven seems jealous and even goes so far as to say that her singing stinks! I don’t know about most relationships, but I’d say that insulting a girl’s talent is a BIG no-no! Musa has plenty of reasons to dump him now, don’t you think?

So, are they over? It seems like it, but we’ve seen how resilient they’ve been in the past. They could end up back together. Who knows? If not, then this brings up another question: who is Musa going to end up with? Andy? Jason Queen? (Let’s hope not. There’s something sinister about that guy….) Will a new Specialist be introduced so late into the series? We’ll see! Whatever the case, I hope Musa makes the smart choice and says “Arrivederci!” to Riven.


Shall we play a game of “Real or Rumor?” (This is based on a segment from Entertainment Tonight.)

Does Roxy earn her Believix in episode 12?
That appears to be REAL, according to the episode 12 preview. About time, isn’t it? Go, Roxy!

Did Musa and Riven break up in episode 10?

This looks REAL, too. Supposedly, it was because Riven didn’t support her music career, but he was probably just jealous of Musa’s producer, who was getting too close to her for his comfort. I wouldn’t call it over for them yet; there are obviously still feelings there.

Did Nabu propose to Layla in episode 11?
I wish I knew Italian so I could confirm this, but something wonderful happened on their moonlight date in “Winx Club Per Sempre!” (Winx Club Forever!). A blushing Layla gives the Winx some sort of news related to the two of them that triggers a group hug. So I’m declaring this one REAL. Finally, a victory for love! Amore would be thrilled!

Is season four taking a break soon?
I’m filing this one as a RUMOR, but you’ll have to ask YouTube user ShadowEnchantix2008 for information. He/She says Rai Due will stop airing new episodes after the thirteenth one (which will premiere on May 13th) and will resume on an unknown date. I guess it makes sense—that will put us halfway through the season. But I hope this is a typical interruption and not due to lack of interest. I doubt it, though, since Winx Club is so explosively popular worldwide.

Will season four debut in America in September?
This is definitely a RUMOR. The word is that 4Kids will air their English dub either then or in July. September makes more sense, as it could be part of their fall lineup. Also, 4KidsTV no longer exists, so any new program would most likely show on the CW4Kids. Let’s hope this news is true, American Winx fans!

That’s a wrap! Now if you haven’t done so already, go watch episode 11. You’ll like it!


Ah, the scandals never end with Bloom and Sky. You would think that after the Diaspro/Diaspora files, the fight about Professor Avalon, Bloom’s almost switching to the dark side, and Sky’s myriad of MIA moments, their engagement at the last scene of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom would finally solve their problems.

Enter the ex-boyfriend Andy.

A scruffy musician who frequents juice bars…or a debonair king who nearly died countless times for you, helped you defrost your home world, and reunited you with your biological parents whom you hadn’t seen in 17+ years? Tough choice, Bloom. Just how fickle are we women?

What about Musa and Riven? Stella and Brandon?

I never thought 4Kids’s “hero syndrome” (invented in season two) would ever actually apply to the show, but Brandon seems to have a case of it now. So what if you held Mitzi’s in your arms and she’s stalking you? Stella is your girlfriend! What happened to the time she was turned into a frog monster and you stayed by her side, even though she thought you only loved her because she’s beautiful? And Stella’s making things worse, of course, by flirting with every guy that notices the Winx. Does she want him to break up with her?

As for Musa, I guess she’s never been around guys who love music as much as she does. Still, I thought she and Riven were finally solid, too, after their reconciliation in the movie. Maybe Riven should take guitar lessons.

Would Rainbow actually split our sweet couples up? All we can do is keep watching to find out!