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Do you have a favorite Winx character who embodies the show to you? Someone you think of every time you talk about what you love about it? I do.

Surprise! It’s not one of the Winx — or Roxy, as much as I babble about her. 😛 And it’s not one of the guys, either. I have my favorites, of course, but ultimately they’re all minor characters and aren’t essential to the show. Some of them only exist to be love interests.

This character drew me in from the very first season. Their presence added mystery and wonder to the show. They existed before the story began and have often been behind the scenes, guiding the Winx on their adventures.

If you can’t tell from the description (or the post categories 😛 ), my favorite character of all time is…
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Musings & Rants

Nabu’s a difficult character to talk about, since he’s hands down the fan favorite in the Boys Club. He stood out because of his skin tone, because he wasn’t a Specialist, and because he was able to use magic like the Winx. Also, like his eventual fiancée Aisha, he showed some leadership ability. The Specialists took orders from him at times instead of Sky.

He also had the closest and most meaningful relationships. Obviously, he and Aisha were deeply in love, which made some of their friends jealous. Riven, during his drama with Musa in season four, often went to him for advice or just an ear to listen. The two of them became best friends, to the point where Riven cried after his death.

The funny thing about his relationship with Aisha is most fans just remember them as the happiest couple in season four. But when Nabu (a.k.a. “Ophir”) was first introduced in season three, Aisha hated him. She’d sworn off guys at that point in her life, and having one stalking her annoyed her to no end. Let’s look back at their love story.

Did I just call Nabu a stalker? Yes, I did. 😛 It doesn’t matter how nice he was. If you’re watching someone through a telescope while hiding in the bushes, following them wherever they go, then lying about it when you get caught, you’re a stalker. Plain and simple.

When Aisha meets him in “Valtor’s Box” (ep. 3X18), she scolds him for “slinking around” and eavesdropping, then races off in a huff. Later in “The Red Tower” (ep. 3X21), when she discovers he snuck onto the Owl before their mission to the Golden Kingdom, she tackles him and tries to put him in a headlock. (He was invisible, so she ends up grabbing his feet instead.) He introduces himself as “Ophir” and tries to be friendly with her, but she doesn’t trust him.

The others agree he can’t be trusted. After all, thanks to him, Valtor was able to steal the Agador Box in ep. 3X18. Aisha and Tecna think he’s Valtor’s spy, so Musa puts magic-sealing handcuffs on him and Aisha decides to lock him up in the brig of the ship. Unfortunately, thanks to some bad timing by Timmy, they get locked up together. 😛

This is when they finally get a chance to talk, and Aisha finds out they have things in common: they like the same music and have a similar rebellious attitude (revealed by Nabu’s favorite line in their favorite song: “No one makes decisions for me but me”). Later, he shows off some surfing skills he learned “from a wave wizard on Andros.” Aisha’s very impressed.

In “The Wizard’s Challenge” (ep. 3X23), he finally tells her his real name and why he’d been stalking her: he wanted to know more about her, since his parents had picked her to marry him. He also reveals, to Aisha’s surprise, that he rebelled against their decision and ran away from home. But in the end, he fell in love with her on his own.

What I like about their romance is everything worked out for them and their parents. In most stories where a kid rebels against their parents, the kid ends up being right for “following their heart,” and the parents look like fools who didn’t understand their child’s needs. But Nabu and Aisha fell in love anyway, which proved their parents had picked the right partners for them. It was a good twist.

In season four, Rainbow tricked into thinking they were about to settle down into a happy life together. He proposes to her in “Winx Club Forever” (ep. 4X11), and they start talking about where they want to live (Earth was a possibility). It was all to lull us into a false sense of hope.

Then two episodes before the end of the season, Nabu gives his life to save Roxy’s people. Just like that, he’s gone forever. It was a bold move for a show aimed at girls as young as four years old. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

Daphne and Bloom -- Winx Movie 1

Daphne was one of my favorite characters. Until she became corporeal again.

She’s not the mysterious, motherly being who watched over Bloom anymore. She has a milder personality, she talks like a teenager (even though she’s not one), she whines when things don’t go her way, etc. It’s hard to tell she’s the same character!

If you ask me, “Nickbow” (thanks, Zadien) made a big mistake. Daphne and Bloom’s story was one of the sweetest parts of the series. Imagine if your older sister gave her life for you when you were a baby. You didn’t get to grow up together, but her spirit is still with you — literally — like a guardian angel.

Now that Daphne’s alive again, her sacrifice seems like a waste.

Plus, this weakens our concept of death in Winx Club. If Bloom can just wish her sister back, why can’t Aisha do the same for Nabu? Or Musa for her mother? And if one of the Winx died (that’d never happen), couldn’t their family and friends save her? Suddenly their missions don’t feel as dangerous.

s5-ep4-daphne-appears4Of course, “Nickbow” had to change Daphne’s story to get away with reviving her. The Ancestresses didn’t exactly “kill” her; they turned her into a “disembodied spirit.” Right.

I want an explanation. Why couldn’t they leave the canon alone?

I hope it’s not why I think it is: they really are gonna make her the new seventh Winx. I told you Monday how I feel about that: Roxy or no one. If they replace her with Daphne, I’ll lose a lot of respect for them and this show.

Am I the only Winx fan who feels this way?



That did NOT just happen!

Is what Bloom and all of us were saying after Icy selflessly sacrificed herself to save Tritannus. (She got better.) Maybe her ice-cold heart is finally thawing out.

A selfless act by a witch? Makes me wonder: are witches truly “evil?” What if they just need someone or something to lead them out from the darkness?

Everyone’s capable of good and evil. Take Bloom in season two. One spell later, she was cackling like a witch and attacking her own friends. Her Dragon Flame magic, which may be the purest power in the Magic Dimension, was tainted by darkness.

If even a Winx can turn evil, who’s to say a Trix can’t turn good? Read the rest of this post