What If Wednesday

Today’s “What If Wednesday” question: “What if the schools in the Magic Dimension let in more students from Earth?”

The Winx brought magic back to Earth three years ago. That means new fairies, witches, wizards, Specialists, Paladins, and more are waiting to be discovered. Someone has to train them — or else their skills will never grow, and magic won’t spread on Earth.

Queen Nebula knew that. That’s why she turned Tir Na N’Og palace into a fairy school. Maybe more magic schools will pop up on Earth one day. But Alfea, Cloud Tower, and Redfountain are the most famous schools in the Magic Dimension. They should open their doors to these students, too.

Of course, admitting Earth students wouldn’t be easy. First of all, how would they get to the Magic Dimension? Portals? Magic keys like in Regal Academy?

Second, could the students adjust to living in a realm where magic is everywhere? Bloom and Roxy have done well, but not everyone would have a fairy club to support them. Also, they wouldn’t understand what magic really is and what it’s for. Even Bloom had the wrong idea at first, thanks to fantasy books and fairy tales. Maybe the schools should create a curriculum to teach Earth students about magic life.

Finally, how would the students from the Magic Dimension treat the Earth students? Would they accept them or give them a hard time? The professors might have to teach them to be patient and helpful.

The novelty of “Winx on Earth” is fading. If the girls start helping people from Earth adjust to life as magic beings, that might make this gimmick interesting again.

That’s it for today!

Musings & Rants

They call Alfea “the best fairy school in Magix.” Its headmistress is a former member of the Company of Light. And its most famous grads? The Winx.

With that reputation, why can’t its current students fight?

Every time a monster attacks, they duck and hide or run around screaming, while the Winx transform and save the day.

What a change from season one, when the whole student body fought the Army of Darkness. No hiding behind their teachers. Each student was proud to defend Alfea and the whole Magic Dimension. Their grade levels, power sources, and fairy forms didn’t matter, because they believed in their magic.

The Winx were no different. They weren’t stronger than their classmates back then, but they fought anyway.

Speaking of “classmates,” what’s happened to them? Amaryl, Francine, Luna, Ortensia, Mirta. They took the same classes under the same teachers and passed the same tests. If anyone should be as powerful as the Winx, it’s them. But they haven’t even transformed since season three; it’s like they’ve forgotten they’re fairies. And like the newer students, they rely on the WInx for protection.

What will happen when they’re gone?

Let’s hope they can trust the skills they’ve learned at Alfea. Just like the Winx do.

QUESTION: Who do you think is the strongest non-Winx fairy?

Musings & Rants

In episode fourteen, Faragonda offers Roxy the chance to study at Alfea. If Roxy accepts, and if she becomes a Winx, then there will be a big change in the club’s dynamics. Since the other Winx graduated from Alfea in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, they’re free to go wherever their wings will carry them. Roxy, however, will be stuck in her dorm most of the time. It’ll be hard to spend time as a whole group, unless the other six return to the school as “teachers,” like they did in episode one. Even though they failed to protect the students from the Fairy Hunters and were sent on a mission to planet Earth, the Winx weren’t necessarily fired. Faragonda may expect them to return to Alfea after their mission is complete. And I bet earning another transformation and restoring magic to a planet will help them win back some popularity with the students.

I’d be happy to see the Winx at Alfea again. The element of a fairy school is something I’ve missed this season. The situation won’t be exactly the same, but having the Winx roaming the halls like before and for one Winx to still be learning might add an interesting touch to the potential season five.