What If Wednesday

Today's "What If Wednesday" question: "What if Musa's father, Ho-Boe, remarries?"

The death of her mother, Matlin, has been a big part of Musa's story since season one. Almost every season has referenced it somehow. (I think the only two that didn't were four and seven.) Throughout the series, she's shown strength and maturity by being able to accept her loss.

One of her wisest moments was in season five, when she chose not to use her Sirenix wish to bring her back to life. She knew that would have been wrong. After all, Matlin's in paradise now — safe from danger and free from sickness. How selfish would Musa be to drag her mother out of eternal happiness?

Ho-Boe hasn't been as strong as his daughter. Out of grief, he tried to crush her dream of becoming a musician. Being around music brought back too many painful memories for him.

That episode — "The Show Must Go On" (2X15) — is one of my favorites from season two. The title's pretty clever. Musa's show at Redfountain almost went on without her. But "show" may have been a metaphor for "life" — as in "life goes on," part of what Ho-Boe needed to learn.

We know what happened. He let her perform, she ended up fighting Stormy (not important, but still part of the episode), and at the end, we saw the father and daughter smile and hug each other at Matlin's grave. The implication was he'd healed a bit more. In season five, he looked happy again.

Why not take this subplot further? Is he ready to find love again? I know he's middle-aged, but people remarry even later in life.

How would Musa react to it? Would she accept her new mom — or resent her (and him)?

We've already seen a story like this with Stella in season three. The difference is her mother, Queen Luna, is still alive, so she'd still be in her life even if King Radius remarried. But Matlin's gone forever. Would Musa take that into consideration?

(Side note: if you count the comics, her father isn't the only widower in her story. In #33: "Ghosts," she meets a composer named Sifelius, whose wife has recently died. He's given up on writing music and shut himself up in his house. I won't ruin the ending, in case you haven't read the comic.)

That's it for today!

Musings & Rants

We all know that the Winx are each other’s best friends, even though some are more than others. For example, I would probably say that Bloom is much closer to Stella than she is to Musa. But I sometimes wonder about the friends they had when they were younger, before the Winx Club was formed.

In season 1, I don’t think Bloom was shown to have any Earth friends besides Mitzi 😛 . Seriously speaking, though, she doesn’t seem to hang out with anyone in Gardenia besides her family and the Winx.

Aisha's friend Anne

Aisha’s friend Anne

With Aisha, if you guys remember, her childhood friend was a girl named Anne who basically taught her to love dancing. I wonder what’s she up to now? I am crossing my fingers for her to appear in future seasons. That would make one interesting episode.

With the other four girls, nothing much is known about their old friendships. I also wonder if Flora and Krystal have ever met before Krystal enrolled in Alfea.

It would be really cool for the Winx to open up more about their previous friendships in their respective home planets. I want to learn more about it, and I’m sure everyone’s feeling the same.

Musings & Rants

Remember when Stella would use her scepter to teleport? (It seemed like she could do it without the scepter once she earned her Enchantix.) Anyway, Bloom said in S2, E5 that for teleportating to work correctly, Stella had to know her destination well. If she didn’t, she could end up sending them anywhere…to horrible places…like Darkar’s bathroom. 😛

Enter the Zoomix wings. You’d think the rules would be the same: don’t teleport unless you know where you’re going. Well, Bloom is the only person who knows Gardenia well, but, of course, there are places even she hasn’t been. The other Winx have only been to Earth a few times, like back in season two when they skipped school for a day. So, why hasn’t anyone had a problem yet? Do the Zoomix wings come with a natural GPS?