Musings & Rants

S4, EP26 - Enchantix AgainThe Winx have restored magic to Earth (er…to Gardenia), and humans believe in fairies again. The Believix has served its purpose, so it’s back to the natural “final” fairy form: Enchantix. At the end of the finale episode, the Winx’s magic circles back to the same form they had when they left Magix. It makes sense, because what use is the power to help people believe in magic when you live in a world where magic is everywhere? But it’s also strange because it makes every transformation this season irrelevant to the rest of the series—every one of them—which means the Winx gained nothing power-wise in the end. Also irrelevant: Roxy’s not having her Believix powers. If her friends don’t either, then it doesn’t matter. For all we know, the form she’s in now could be a fake Enchantix. (But does she have fairy dust?)

Will you miss the Believix forms? Are you happy to see the return of the Enchantix forms?

Musings & Rants

Okay, the spoiler part: as far as we know, Nabu is dead for good. Layla returns the Tir Nan Og flower (episode twenty-four) to Andros as a memento. After another Nabu memory montage, she seems to get past his death and prepare to continue her life without him.

Then, that evening…Roxy, look out! It’s a ghost!
It's Nabu!
Why is Nabu watching the Winx’s performance? Is it really him? If it is, then it guessed I missed something since I don’t speak Italian. If it isn’t, which the episode suggests, then someone at Rainbow goofed big time! We know they like to re-use character designs, but did whoever made this episode check the story first?

Joking aside, losing Nabu was the biggest shock for me this season, and for many of you, I’m sure, as well. Winx Club has never killed a main character before. There’s also been some way to bring them back—healing powers, tears of a willow tree, pulling a magic sword. This time: nothing. It’s hard to believe.

Is Nabu really gone? Well, the season’s over. A miraculous come back in season five, perhaps? Who knows!


S4, EP25 - Riven CryingRiven has always been the resident “jerk with a heart,” and today he proved it yet again by doing something we’ve never seen him do: cry. Yes, in episode twenty-five, Musa finds him with tears in his eyes. This isn’t a “big boys don’t cry” argument but a “Riven actually knows how to cry” revelation. He’s been betrayed by witches, he’s been yelled at by Musa and almost lost their relationship, and he’s had his ego stomped on countless times, yet the only thing that turns on the waterworks is losing a friend forever.

It’s a little surprising that he and Nabu were so close. I guess it started, strangely enough, in S3, EP 21-22, when he thought Nabu wanted Musa. One of the best Riven lines ever: “Put my girlfriend down now.” After the confusion was cleared up, the two guys were free to become friends. This season, Nabu was there for Riven more than the other Specialists, even when Riven didn’t want to talk. I bet now he’d give anything to hear Nabu yakking about how to treat a girl.

I have to admit Riven has surprised me a lot this season. There’s more to his personality that I think even Musa knows.


Bad news for those of us hoping for season four’s English premiere: a glance at the schedule on reveals that season three will start re-airing today instead.
Okto's Schedule (11-11-09)
Now, this could be a sign that season four is coming. Okto may be re-running season three in preparation for the new season, especially if Winx Club has been off the air for a while. 4Kids might be doing the same thing. Also, notice that the show will air twice this week. If Okto keeps that pace, they will be done showing season three by early February 2010, an excellent time to begin the spring television season (though I don’t know how they do it in Singapore). So, while it means more waiting, it does give us some hope for the future of Winx Club in English.

Merchandise News

Searching on eBay, I found the Roxy “Gran Gala delle Principesse Fatate” doll formerly on auction. She’s part of one of the many new toy and doll lines that have been released recently. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I love what they did to her hair in this picture. Bellissimo!

I also saw the Bloom doll from this line. (The auction lasts for another seven days. The photo’s a bit askew, so I decided not to show it.)

Roxy Gran Gala Doll

Piero Collectibles (an eBay store)