What If Wednesday

Today's "What If Wednesday" question: "What if Musa's father, Ho-Boe, remarries?"

The death of her mother, Matlin, has been a big part of Musa's story since season one. Almost every season has referenced it somehow. (I think the only two that didn't were four and seven.) Throughout the series, she's shown strength and maturity by being able to accept her loss.

One of her wisest moments was in season five, when she chose not to use her Sirenix wish to bring her back to life. She knew that would have been wrong. After all, Matlin's in paradise now — safe from danger and free from sickness. How selfish would Musa be to drag her mother out of eternal happiness?

Ho-Boe hasn't been as strong as his daughter. Out of grief, he tried to crush her dream of becoming a musician. Being around music brought back too many painful memories for him.

That episode — "The Show Must Go On" (2X15) — is one of my favorites from season two. The title's pretty clever. Musa's show at Redfountain almost went on without her. But "show" may have been a metaphor for "life" — as in "life goes on," part of what Ho-Boe needed to learn.

We know what happened. He let her perform, she ended up fighting Stormy (not important, but still part of the episode), and at the end, we saw the father and daughter smile and hug each other at Matlin's grave. The implication was he'd healed a bit more. In season five, he looked happy again.

Why not take this subplot further? Is he ready to find love again? I know he's middle-aged, but people remarry even later in life.

How would Musa react to it? Would she accept her new mom — or resent her (and him)?

We've already seen a story like this with Stella in season three. The difference is her mother, Queen Luna, is still alive, so she'd still be in her life even if King Radius remarried. But Matlin's gone forever. Would Musa take that into consideration?

(Side note: if you count the comics, her father isn't the only widower in her story. In #33: "Ghosts," she meets a composer named Sifelius, whose wife has recently died. He's given up on writing music and shut himself up in his house. I won't ruin the ending, in case you haven't read the comic.)

That's it for today!

TV & Movie News

imageAmerican fans like me have waited eight months for new episodes, but Nick’s making it up to us in a big way. They’ve added “The Curse of Fearwood” (6X17) and the entire series, including the TV specials, to Nick.com! They’re calling it the 100-episode “Fairy-thon!”

100 episodes? Where’d that number come from?

3 seasons with 26 episodes each (78), plus 19 episodes of season 6 by the end of the week (78 + 19 = 97), plus the 4 TV specials (97 + 4 = 101). Okay, so it’s more than 100. Round down. 😛

Let’s get watching, Winx fans! If the episodes get a lot of views, Nick will know we still love this show!

Merchandise News

pTRU1-15722137_alternate1_enh-z6 pTRU1-15722137enh-z6

(Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for sharing this news first.)

Remember the rumored San Diego Comic Con Daphne doll that disappeared a few months ago? It looks like she’s back — she’s been added to ToysRUs.com. She costs $29.99 and comes with a bright-orange gown, glittery golden wings (JAKKS’ special touch), and her signature mask.

Daphne may already be in stores, but you can’t buy her online until July 18.

Many fans have been asking for a Daphne doll (check out MagixJourney’s toy request petition for more fan choices). Maybe JAKKS is listening to us!

QUESTION: Now that Daphne’s being released, who’s the next special character you’d like to see in doll form?

Michael’s Winx Club


TV & Movie News

Thanks to Megan R. for this news!

Episode 5X22, “Listen to Your Heart,” will premiere this Saturday on Nick Canada. The next weekend, the station will air a three-day Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon (May 18 – 20), which might start during Winx‘s time slot. This would mean no new episode on Saturday, May 18.

Megan R. also reports that viewers outside of the United States can no longer watch clips on Nick.com. Only the ads are shown (thanks, guys).

Got some Winx news to share? Email it to [email protected]!

TV & Movie News


The official Winx Club Facebook page is reporting that a new episode will air tomorrow at the normal time (1 p.m. EST). Right now, this isn’t shown on Nick’s schedule page, TV Guide, Zap2It, or cable providers’ listings. Plus, the picture used with the message is from the April 7 episode “A Perfect Date.”

My advice: tune in tomorrow at 1 p.m. just in case. You wouldn’t wanna miss it! 🙂