What If Wednesday

Today's "What If Wednesday" question: "What if Musa's father, Ho-Boe, remarries?"

The death of her mother, Matlin, has been a big part of Musa's story since season one. Almost every season has referenced it somehow. (I think the only two that didn't were four and seven.) Throughout the series, she's shown strength and maturity by being able to accept her loss.

One of her wisest moments was in season five, when she chose not to use her Sirenix wish to bring her back to life. She knew that would have been wrong. After all, Matlin's in paradise now — safe from danger and free from sickness. How selfish would Musa be to drag her mother out of eternal happiness?

Ho-Boe hasn't been as strong as his daughter. Out of grief, he tried to crush her dream of becoming a musician. Being around music brought back too many painful memories for him.

That episode — "The Show Must Go On" (2X15) — is one of my favorites from season two. The title's pretty clever. Musa's show at Redfountain almost went on without her. But "show" may have been a metaphor for "life" — as in "life goes on," part of what Ho-Boe needed to learn.

We know what happened. He let her perform, she ended up fighting Stormy (not important, but still part of the episode), and at the end, we saw the father and daughter smile and hug each other at Matlin's grave. The implication was he'd healed a bit more. In season five, he looked happy again.

Why not take this subplot further? Is he ready to find love again? I know he's middle-aged, but people remarry even later in life.

How would Musa react to it? Would she accept her new mom — or resent her (and him)?

We've already seen a story like this with Stella in season three. The difference is her mother, Queen Luna, is still alive, so she'd still be in her life even if King Radius remarried. But Matlin's gone forever. Would Musa take that into consideration?

(Side note: if you count the comics, her father isn't the only widower in her story. In #33: "Ghosts," she meets a composer named Sifelius, whose wife has recently died. He's given up on writing music and shut himself up in his house. I won't ruin the ending, in case you haven't read the comic.)

That's it for today!

TV & Movie News

capture_001_31082015_171359_675Credit goes to Brandon L. for reporting this news on Facebook, and to NickALive and my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for sharing it before me!

Zap2It and LocateTV are reporting “The Magic Totem” (6X18) will air Wednesday, Sep. 9 on Nick Jr. at a new time: 6 p.m. EST. The next episode, “Queen for a Day” (6X19), will air Friday, Sep. 11, also at 6 p.m. EST. Both episodes previously premiered on Nick.com.

According to Nick & More, the next two episodes — “Stella’s Big Party” (6X20) and “A Monster Crush” (6X21) — will air on Tuesday, Sep. 15 and Thursday Sep. 17. This will be the official U.S. premiere of “A Monster Crush,” which was never shown online or on TV.

No word yet if the new time slot and the move to Tuesdays and Thursdays are permanent.


TV & Movie News

winx-620-4x3 Credit to everyone who caught this before I did!

Episode 6X20: “Stella’s Big Party” is up on Nick.com! Why didn’t Nick tell us? Do they think we don’t care anymore (news flash: we do!). Did someone on the site crew goof and put this episode up by accident?

Either way, watch it while you can! Who knows when the next one will be up!

I’ll watch it today and try to get a review up by the end of the week!

Episode Reviews


“The Magic Totem?” I think a title like “Reign of The Snow Queen” would have been better, don’t you? The totem only got a couple minutes of screen time. 😛

Anyway, let’s get started!


IMG_1708Flora tails Icy’s sleigh through the forest. No matter what she throws in her way — ice rays, giant ice pillars — the flower fairy doesn’t flinch. She’s determined to get her boyfriend back!

The chase leads to a clearing where a funny-looking statue stands alone in the center. It’s the totem! No way Icy’s gonna let her escape with it! Flora and Helia will freeze in the Legendarium World forever, if she can help it!

Flora knows she can’t melt all of Icy’s ice, but she can stop “The Snow Queen” in her tracks.

“Life Essence!”

Her spell thaws Icy’s reindeer and loosens them from the sleigh, sending it into a free fall. Flora catches Helia in a magic bubble and sets him down gently in front of the totem. Mission accomplished! Just one more thing. She uses her wand to teleport herself, Helia, and the totem out of the Legendarium World.

Meanwhile in the real world, the Winx and the Specialists are surrounded by werewolves, and more keep coming out of the forest! The gang can’t fight back. They can’t risk hurting innocent men and women. If only they could find a way to break the curse.

Just when they’ve run out of room to escape, an intense magic light blazes behind them. They swivel around to see Flora and Helia emerge from the Legendarium World. The totem activates, and all the wolves become human again! Whew!

Helia, though, is still an ice sculpture. Flora’s tried every spell she can think of — except one: Life Essence! Why not? It worked in the Legendarium World! With a flourish of her Mythix wand, she defrosts Helia out and wakes him from his trance. Thank goodness! Time for a hug…

Or not. He doesn’t want her “embarrassing” him. Um…okay.

IMG_1700Anyway, now that the curse has been broken and it’s safe to be out at night again, the people of Fearwood throw a celebration! Of course, Flora’s not in a party mood. Helia keeps on acting cold. He even picks a fight with Riven, and Brandon and Timmy have to restrain him! What did Icy do to him?

Daphne puts him under a sleeping spell and scans his body for anything strange. Boy, does she find something: there’s a fragment of ice in his heart! If they don’t remove it, he’ll stay cold-hearted forever!

Before they can think of a plan, “The Snow Queen” returns for round #2 with Flora! This time, all of Fearwood is their battlefield. Icy traps the town and the forest in a deep freeze, and some of the townsfolk get frozen!

The Winx have had enough, especially Flora! Time to transform and melt this witch!

Flora attacks her head-on, but this time Icy’s ready with a trick she didn’t get to try in the Legendarium World. She aims for Flora’s wings and freezes them solid. The flower fairy plummets toward the forest floor.

Luckily, an evergreen tree saw the whole thing and reaches out to break her fall. It slides her off its branch and drops her safely a few feet below.

Flora’s not ready to give up. But how will she get back to the others when she can’t fly and can barely stand up?

Mother Nature. It’s always helped her before. She begs the trees and ground for help, and the whole forest answers her. Small vines sprout up and lift her into the air, and warm magic, like spring air, melts the ice off her wings. Flora thanks the forest as she hurries to face Icy once more.

Ha! She dares to compete with The Snow Queen? Icy releases another burst of magic, and heavy snow begins to fall over Fearwood.

That’s nothing. Flora can do better. Gathering the forest’s energy, she casts her most powerful Spring Shower spell yet. Icy’s knocked back, and all of her magic ice is melted, including the shard in Helia’s heart. He’s finally back to normal!

And it’s his turn to be impressed with Flora. She never gave up on him.

IMG_1722Their kiss is interrupted (again), this time by Eldora. She’s here to remind the Winx of their mission: to forge the Legendarium Key. They still haven’t found the Silver Spear!

Turns out it was on top of the totem the whole time. The moment Flora gets it down, it merges with the Fantasy Emerald to become a shining silver key. Their quest is over! Now all they have to do is go to Cloud Tower and lock the Legendarium forever.

But if they want the book, they’ll have to go through Selina and the Trix first! Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


Eight months? Just eight months since the last episode? It felt a lot longer. It’s eleven if you count back to February 2014, the last TV broadcast of the show. Either way — good grief, Nick! Thanks for the late New Year’s gift, but please don’t make us wait that long again! (I feel like I’ve said that before. Ugh. 🙁 )

We last left the Winx on Calavera Island, fresh from their win against the zombie pirates. Fantasy Emerald in hand, they’ve returned to Alfea to relax. Our story picks up there.


IMG_1648Flora brings her beau, Helia, to the Alfea Greenhouse to show off her new friends, including the newest addition: the grabbing vines from Calavera. (Good thing they like her more than Stella. :P) But the tour’s interrupted by a group of freshmen. Oops! She forgot she promised them a tour, too.

She leaves Helia alone to tend to the vines. Her instructions are simple: spray with water then green tea.

He must not have a green thumb like her, because he ends up getting wrapped up and Flora has to save him. She tries to tells him what he did wrong, but he gets defensive and walks off. (*Sigh* I’ll talk about this “fight” in a minute.)

Musa shows up just in time for a girl chat. Her advice: tell him she’s not disappointed in him, and she didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. She can’t lose a sweet guy like him! Compared to Riven… Well, that’s why Musa came: to ask Flora’s opinion on him.

Cue The Owl landing at the courtyard. Break time’s over, Winx. Time for the next mission: to find the Silver Spear, the second ingredient for the Legendarium Key!

In Daphne’s classroom, Eldora and the Winx use their wands to find the Spear’s location. It’s in Fearwood, Canada, where a totem’s said to ward off a curse that turns the townsfolk into werewolves! According to legend, werewolves are afraid of silver.

As always, Selina and the Trix are spying on their conversation. They wait for a chance to interfere with the mission.

After the Owl lands in Fearwood, Eldora reminds the Winx not to look for the Spear in the real world. It only exists in the Legendarium World. (Thank, Grandma.) The Specialists head into the forest to search, while the girls hit the town using Bloom’s wand as radar.

The townsfolk aren’t in a welcoming mood. They’re all rushing to get home, since people start turning into wolves after sunset. But the girls manage to get some info: the totem’s in a clearing outside the village.

IMG_1663Meanwhile, the Specialists’ search turns up nothing but a fake wolf named Riven. They give up and head back to find the Winx. Suddenly, another howl rings out nearby. Riven again? Not this time! It’s the werewolves, compliments of Selina, and they surround the boys in no time!

The girls get attacked, too! Time to transform!

Since werewolves are people under a curse, the gang decides to capture them instead of destroying them. Helia lets out his stress from the greenhouse and wrangles five wolves singlehandedly. No one’s more impressed than Flora. His reward: an apology and a kiss. Awwww…

Well, the kiss will have to wait — a second wave of werewolves ruins the moment. The Winx lead them to the clearing where the totem should be, but nothing’s there. Wait — remember what Eldora said? It’s in the Legendarium World!

Just as Helia’s fighting another wolf, Icy appears and turns him into a living ice sculpture! “We’ll be waiting for you in the Legendarium World!” she tells Flora. Bloom tries to stop her friend from going alone, but Flora summons her Mythix wand faster than you say, “It’s a trap.”

IMG_1699Fearwood’s fantasy world looks different than she thought it would: frozen trees, a frozen lake…and a woman wearing a crown made of ice crystals? Wait — it’s Icy! Selina’s turned her into the mythical Snow Queen! And who’s that driving her reindeer-drawn sleigh? Helia! Read the rest of this post