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Nickelodeon has issued a press release that reveals two more voice actors. Both are Nick veterans. Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West, VICTORiOUS) and Matt Shively (Ryan Laserbeam; True Jackson, VP) will play Daphne and Sky.

Some other tidbits:

  • Cymphonique Miller (sister of Romeo) sings the new theme song called “Winx You’re Magic Now.” Watch the trailer again and you’ll hear it. It’s set to the tune of “Winx are Back,” which means Nick might be redoing the songs after all. (I’m not surprised. The Cinelume dub versions wouldn’t have worked well here.)
  • The CG for seasons five and six will be 2D. “2D” could either mean not 3D models or not projected in 3D (since we do have 3D TVs now). It’s still hard to tell.
  • Nickelodeon will use the Neopets spin-off site Petpet Park for a mini promotion. Sign in from June 16 – 30 to get a Winx Club charm bracelet for your pet…um, petpet. 🙂
  • In case you still had doubts, the release fixes the Keisha/Aisha error. Keke Palmer is Aisha.


Musings & Rants

3-D form of winx club Pictures, Images and PhotosIn seasons five and six, Winx Club will “experience a new dimension” (bad joke): the third dimension. This probably means they’ll use the same models as the movies. Is this good or bad? Well, you can decide for yourself. But there are some benefits of moving to CG. Here are a few.

Fewer Errors
If there was one thing season four had more of than action and fashion, it was errors—everything from missing fingers to character doubles to Nabu’s “ghost.” The production felt rushed because of it. Because of how they’re made, CG pictures are a lot less prone to those kinds of problems. So we shouldn’t see as many, if any, of them.

I wasn’t too happy when I found out The Secret of the Lost Kingdom would be CG. The truth is, though, the hand-drawn style wouldn’t have worked well. We would have felt like we were watching a one- to two-hour episode instead of a film. But now with two movies out, Winx Club was becoming an animation mishmash, especially after a few episodes of season four were done Flash style. (An experiment gone wrong, maybe?) The series will have a uniform look from now on.

Storyline Merge
There’s been some talk about whether the movies’ storyline is different from the show’s. Rainbow could get away with something like that with two animation styles. But if they start using only one, they’ll have to merge the plots. Otherwise, we won’t know which is the real one!

So we can say some good things about the CG switch. But we fans will still still have to get used to it.

What do you think about Winx Club going CG?
Will you miss the hand-drawn animation?
Who do you think is responsible for the change: Rainbow or Nickelodeon?


This year will be a big one for the Winx and their “papa” Iginio Straffi. Here are a few things to expect:

Pop Pixie premieres in Italy (Monday)
It’s the pixies’ turn to cast a spell on the world like the Winx do. Pop Pixie premieres in Italy on RAI Due (which carries Winx Club) tomorrow, January 10th —technically today since it’s already Monday in Italy. 🙂 There will be 52 episodes, each 13 minutes long. The official website for the series went live not long ago. The show has already debuted in other countries like France, where at least one DVD is in stores (according to a report from Michael’s Winx Club). Iginio Straffi hinted in an interview at the possibility of bringing Pop Pixie to America. I bet that will depend on how Winx Club does on Nickelodeon.

Rainbow Magicland opens in Valmontone, Italy (Spring)
The theme park will have such goodies as 4D and 5D shows (what is 5D?), a life -sized replica of Alfea Castle, and 6-foot statues of the Winx  (according to our own TheEverydayMuser :)).

Winx Club premeires on Nickelodeon (Fall?)
The series will open on Nickelodeon with four hour-long specials based on seasons one and two, followed by seasons three and four in full. This probably means we’ll start seeing merchandise back in stores again this year! (You can only read the article if you’re logged into the site.)

Season five premieres in Italy? (Fall?)
A few sites I’ve found claim season five will begin in Italy this fall. An article from Entertainment & Licensing magazine mentioned “another production” (un’altra produzione) that would “emerge in 2011.” Assuming it was talking about season five, that may be our confirmation. I haven’t seen anything about the fall time frame, so we’ll call that a rumor for now.

I did find, though, this strange line in a La Reppublica article:

…le Winx dovranno affrontare la catastrofe petrolifera di New Orleans…


“…The Winx will confront the oil catastrophe in New Orleans…”

It was formatted as a quote, as if Iginio Straffi himself had said it, and it was in parenthesis next to something about season five and six. I don’t know what to make of it except that it sounds like something Flora would lead the group to do. But would they really put something like this in a Winx Club season? How about in something like the Shanghai World Expo video?

Anyway, there’s a lot to look forward to! Keep it here for updates throughout the year!


It’s official: Nickelodeon is the new U.S. licensee of Winx Club! They now own the rights to the series as well as the two movies and merchandise. In addition, they will be co-developing and co-producing the next—surprise!—two seasons! I didn’t know Rainbow was thinking that far ahead!

What about the existing seasons? From the article on Nick and More:

…Nickelodeon will introduce the series on the network in 2011 by airing four hour-long animated specials based on seasons one and two, as well as the episodes from seasons three and four.

Season five will follow in 2012.

So we will see season four in America, but which version? Will we start getting the “RAI English” dub or something new? My guess is that they might re-dub the entire series like Funimation did with One Piece after taking 4Kids’ license. But I’m curious about their international rights—Nickelodeon will own “pay-TV” (cable) rights in Australia, which previously got the 4Kids dub but has already aired Cinelume’s version of season four. Will that mean they’ll get two versions of Winx Club from now on?

I’m most excited to hear about the merchandise. I wanted to get my hands on an Enchantix or Believix doll. Maybe with this new deal, we’ll be able to buy them here. I also wonder if this means some previously unreleased types of merchandise, like CDs and magazines, will finally come here.

This is huge and wonderful news for us American fans! Now I just need to get cable. 😛

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