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“My Thoughts On Episode 3X01: ‘The Princess’ Ball (Or ‘The Perfect Dress‘)”

~ By dy_fo_03 ~

“The Princess’ Ball,” as you know, is the season three premiere. While watching it, I could see some things that I think I can share with you in this post.

The episode starts at Alfea, where the Winx girls are planning how to spend their holidays. They are packaging their luggage with the Pixies. When they go out, we see Kiko fall and be caught by Lockette. Then, a messenger announces a princess ball in honor of Stella. Digit starts inviting everybody to the party through Facebook.

In the Omega Dimension, the Trix free themselves and try to find a way to escape from it.

Meanwhile, the Winx Club girls go to a pizzeria. When the guy gives them the pizza, Chimera appears. She and Stella fight for the pizza, and it falls out. Chimera spread her poison and goes away.

Musa tells them that she has to go to the beach and find Aisha. Tecna and Flora go see the upstairs, and Bloom and Stella go try on some dresses. There is an amazing scene of them trying to find the perfect dress, and when they find it, they discover that Chimera has the same one!

In the Omega Dimension, the Trix find a frozen body and discover his name: Valtor. He tells them his story. But the snake who guards the Omega Dimension attacks them. Valtor knows that there is a gate that leads straight to Andros, and they open it.

In Magix City, Bloom, Stella, Chimera, and the two girls are racing to get the dress. Chimera start launching energy balls and destroys a building, causing two puppies to fall out a window. The Winx transform and save the puppies, but Chimera gets the dress.

At the beach, the Winx are reunited, and Musa appears with a new look. Stella shows them the dress she is going to wear, and the Specialists appear. But Valtor and the Trix are in Andros, and he starts putting his mark on the mermaids that are guarding the gate.

At the beach, a big wave comes to them, and the Winx transform and save the people. Then, a mermaid appears and tells Aisha that she must go back to Andros because her people need her. The episode ends in Andros. We see Valtor, and he makes a next villain intimidation pose.

My Thoughts While Watching

  • There are pizzas in Magix? ‘Cause in season one when Bloom said that she was going to buy a pizza, no one knew what it was.
  • Wow! I hear Facebook!
  • Chimera looks like Mandie from Totally Spies.
  • It was so easy to escape from the Omega Dimension.
  • This is the last season where the Trix are villains to be feared.
  • The scene where Stella and Bloom try on dresses is so gorgeous!
  • Musa… Your hair… The best choice you made.
  • Yes, more Sky and Bloom drama!
  • Valtor. I’ll never forget your mark.
  • The rockstar outfits Bloom and Stella try on remind me of the 80’s show Jem and the Holograms.
  • The Winx defeated Darkar on the last day of school, and now they are planning their holidays. Interesting.

Well, I have to confess: I really love this episode! The script was good, the introduction of the villain was too cool, the Winx are back…. Awesome! But there are some plot problems, so I won’t give it a 10/10.

I want to know your opinion about the episode. Did I miss something? How was the episode overall? Tell me in the comments!

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“Thoughts on Episode 3X16: ‘Building Hope'”

~ By Knight7572 ~

Please note the version I watched was the Nickelodeon version.

Season three, the season that most like. But like most seasons, it is not perfect and nor is the episode where our heroine earns Magical Girl Powerup #3. So does this episode shine perfectly like a star, or does it freeze like a prisoner in Omega? Time to find out.

The episode begins at Redfountain where Timmy is watching a device when it detects a transmission coming from a spacepod in Omega. The audio that comes in reveals that Tecna is alive, which makes Timmy jump for joy that his girlfriend is still alive. He informs Brandon and Sky, who inform the Winx that Tecna is alive.

However, Valtor also knows because he’s spying on the Specialists who explain the situation. Icy points out that the Winx won’t give up until they rescue Tecna, but Valtor points out that Bloom is on Pyros training and tasks the Trix with making sure she doesn’t return from there alive.

Back at Alfea

After Sky explains why they can’t come, the Redfountain ship departs. But unknown to everyone, Faragonda and Griselda were chatting about how the Winx will rescue their friend, and it felt wrong to try and stop them. Faragonda has confidence that the Winx will rescue Tecna.

Meanwhile on Pyros, Bloom is running from a dragon who is trying to eat her. She manages to give the dragon the slip.

On the Redfountain Ship

Timmy and Brandon discuss the mission ahead, but Brandon can’t stop thinking about the whole mess with Bloom and Sky. Timmy tells Brandon not to worry about it because soon they’ll have Tecna back. When Stella asks how much longer it will take to get to Omega, she gets told they are almost there. Flora asks Timmy how he’s doing. He says he’s better now that they almost have Tecna back. The last shot is with Tecna’s rescue party is the ship zooming by.

Back on Pyros

Bloom is taking a nap when she is found by Maia, which wakes Bloom up. She is tired and stressed of running and lets out a brief scream. An earthquake causes a chasm to open up, nearly sucking her in. She manages to fly out, but the wind pushes her back towards the chasm.

When Bloom awakens, she meets Maia, the sage of Pyros. After Bloom has showed her why she came to Pyros, she mentions that she can’t earn Enchantix because her world is destroyed and she’s the only survivor. Maia tells Bloom that her anger is great, as is her positive energy and that she will help her in her goal.

In Omega, the Redfountain ship arrives and heads to find somewhere to land. Meanwhile on Pyros, Bloom is able to focus her powers on a single point.

On board the Redfountain ship, Timmy is able to pinpoint the location, and the ship lands. Subsequently, the Winx and Specialists disembark only to see what happens if you are sent to this place. Then a few minutes later, the group comes across the transmitter that Tecna used, but she is nowhere in sight.

Back on Pyros, Bloom is running about doing one of Maia’s training tests. She tells Bloom that she’s moving onto a higher level. A dragon gets behind Bloom, and Maia makes her aware of it. She promptly defeats it.

But back in Omega, the Winx and Specialists are ambushed by Omega Dimension convicts that have escaped from their cells due to Valtor’s jail break, which results in a fight between them and the specialists. The Winx activate Enchantix to assist, but they end up falling down a cliff.

Back to Pyros Again

Maia gives her a fairy dust pendant that contains the essence of Pyros. She tells Bloom that she needs to merge her own essence with that of Pyros, but as she does so the Trix show up and try to kill Bloom. Bloom, with the power of Pyros, holds her own against the Trix and even manages to break out of an Ice Coffin. But when Icy mentions Valtor, this pushes Bloom to go Enchantix, which I’ll talk about later. Anyway, Bloom with her newly-incomplete Enchantix is able to be beat the trix and send them packing.

Maia explains how Bloom got her Enchantix (which I have a problem, but I’ll get to that shortly). The episode ends with Bloom beginning to head back to Alfea, unaware of what’s happened to the Winx and Specialists.

What I Observed

  • So it took the years for Faragonda and Griselda to trust the Winx to go on dangerous mission. 😊
  • You’re more worried about the prince of Eraklyon and his girlfriend’s relationship than rescuing the girlfriend of one of your friends? Seriously, Brandon? 🙄
  • The music that played during the Bloom nap scene was nice. 😊
  • Well, Enchantix’s own requirement becomes a major problem for fairies whose worlds have been destroyed.
  • “Your anger is great.” Uh, no bleep. Bloom’s rage is probably more powerful than every nuke the human race has.
  • Frozen forever in Omega? Well, Oblivion is much worse, and I’ll explain that later.
  • “Take it easy, dude! Why can’t we all just get along?” If only that were true. Then world peace would be so much easier.
  • Wait, why aren’t they flying? Seriously, they are fairies, so fly up! 😠
  • Perspective shift is used a lot in this episode.
  • Am I the only one who question why the Winx have to be what seems to be wearing no clothes during transformation sequences from season three onwards?
  • I love the “Superheroes” song. Probably my favorite song from the Nick era of Winx.

Overall Thoughts

So did I enjoy this episode? Well, yes, because Bloom got some development, and the voice acting and animation was very good.

Now onto Bloom getting Enchantix. While I like the design of her Enchantix form and animation of the transformation sequence, I do have to criticise the method of how she got Enchantix. The writers could have had Maia be from Domino or have a Domino citizen have been off world when it was destroyed. But willpower is lazy cop out.

Although I don’t like the how they did it, I can understand why they did it, since it was to avoid a plot hole since in the season three intro sequence. Bloom is shown to have Enchantix, so if she doesn’t have it, then that would present a problem. But it is also highly likely that Secret of the Lost Kingdom was being developed at the time of season three, so it made sense to give her it there where her story wrapped up.

Next, I liked the look and purpose of Omega, but it raises a disturbing thought about the prisons in the Winxverse. In Omega, unless you have ice magic, you are frozen in time until the end of the universe. But Oblivion is an unescapable prison since there is no way out and no food, so ultimately prisoners who manage to break out of their cells ultimately starve to death in a matter of days or weeks. That makes me wonder if Tritannus isn’t deceased by season eight.

So do I recommend this episode? Oh, definitely, yes. It’s an enjoyable episode with good animation, fight scenes, and voice acting, but with some lapses in logic and disturbing thoughts raised by it.

The next episode I intend to review is the episode where Nabu dies.

Musings & Rants

Call this a follow-up to Will’s first “Life of Aishapost, though I’ve had this idea in my head for a while. Now seems like a good time to share it. Will said Aisha’s love interests represent her “reaction to change in her life.” I think there’s more to it, and it includes her first friend Anne as well.

The name Aisha means “life” or “alive” in Arabic. I think her relationships with Anne, Nabu, Roy, and Nex represent four condensed stages of life: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood (the college years), and adulthood. How she acted around each person — and what was happening in her life then — paralleled her growth throughout the series.

I. Anne: Childhood (S2)

Aisha had two big fears in season two: the dark and being alone. Those are fears kids often have. We don’t know why she was scared of the dark, but we know why she couldn’t stand being alone. It started when her first friend Anne moved away.

Anne was a commoner from a nearby village. She taught Aisha how to dance freely, and since then, dancing has been her passion. It’s her favorite way to express herself. (And since Anne was her first friend, she taught her about friendship, too.)

How It Ended And Why

When Aisha met the Winx, she still wasn’t over Anne leaving. She was afraid they would leave her, too, so she acted clingy and dependent on them. If she felt left out (ahem, Stella), she ran off crying. When she was alone, she panicked, cried, and called out to them. This child-like behavior lasted for most of the season.

Finally in episode 22, “Danger in the Wildland,” Aisha herself had had enough. She knew she had to let go of her “stupid fear” to become a helpful friend and teammate. That’s how she earned her Charmix and broke out of her childhood phase.

II. Nabu: Adolescence (S3-4)

Teens are known for being rebels. They crave independence and start to define their own identities. Aisha was a rebel already when we met her. But when her parents announced they’d picked a guy for her to marry, she got angry and pushed back harder.

Coincidentally, Nabu was a rebel, too. His favorite song (and hers) contained the lyrics, “No one makes decisions for me but me.” And later, he admitted he ran away from home to avoid having to marry her — before he met her, anyway.

Nabu’s similarities (and her falling in love with him) helped her see herself from the outside in. For the first time, she understood that her controlling parents meant well. She decided she was wrong to rebel in this case and agreed to the arranged marriage.

Thus, Aisha hit another teenage milestone: first love. You remember how smitten she was. Her voice became cuter, and her language became more flowery. She started wearing more feminine clothes. When Nabu did almost anything, like turning a car into a truck, she gushed over how amazing he was. Then — despite her father’s advice to wait and enjoy their youth first — Nabu proposed to her, sending her straight to cloud nine.

How It Ended And Why

Another Winx blogger summed up Aisha’s time with Nabu this way: he “had a great influence on her. The rough-and-tumble girl softened up considerably and became more feminine.”

Wait a minute. Why did she need to be “softened up?” I see this idea a lot in the fandom, and I don’t understand it. Didn’t she say she had femininity shoved down her throat from the moment she was born?

Aisha’s a princess. Even before she met Nabu, she knew how to be feminine and proper when she needed to be (watch eps. 2X13, 3X07, and 3X08 for examples). But she was tired to being forced to be that way. Maybe her parents wanted someone to tame her “rough-and-tumble” side — could be why they chose him — but that’s not what she wanted.

Nabu helped her reconcile with her parents and gave her the experience of first love, but she almost lost what made her a unique princess. Also, if she was gonna marry a guy from Andros, chosen by her parents, with the same sheltered life she had, doesn’t that defeat the point of…everything? She could have stayed in her palace then! The outcome would have been the same!

Aisha was shuffling back into her comfort zone. Nabu’s death forced her out of this stage and taught her one more lesson: fate doesn’t care about your wedding plans.

(Side note: An arranged marriage? Teens in love? A tragic ending? Why does this sound familiar? I’ll save that for another post.)

III. Roy: Young Adulthood/The College Years (S5-6)

When you graduate from high school or become a legal adult, you’re shoved into the world and expected to build your new life in the next few years. Where will you live? What college will you go to? Who will you date? What career path will you follow?

Choices, choices, choices. That’s what the young adult years are all about.

Aisha wouldn’t have made many choices for herself growing up, since she’s a princess. I bet she didn’t even get to choose what she ate! But she told her mother in season three, “When the right time comes, I’ll choose my guy.” (Nabu only half counted. They wouldn’t have met if not for the arranged marriage, and all they had to was agree to their parents’ decision.)

Roy seemed like a good choice at first. Aisha might have been attracted to him because he felt familiar. He was like Nabu, he also came from Andros, and he worked for her father.

How It Ended And Why

Didn’t she wanna break free from her sheltered life? Roy was still too safe. I see him as an extension of her father, especially since he was so protective of her. Aisha spend her whole childhood being shielded from the dangerous outside world, and now she’s getting to discover and face it. She doesn’t want (or need) a guy who acts like a bodyguard. (Even she said that in the comics.)

Along came Option 2: Nex, a type of guy she wasn’t used to from her life on Andros. The love triangle wasn’t just a clash between two suitors. It was her comfort zone vs. the unknown — something familiar vs. something different. Just like in real life, the choice that seems riskier is often more rewarding (and not as risky as it looked).

Roy indirectly helped her get over Nabu’s death, but he wasn’t the type of guy she needs long term. Aisha’s “college years” ended when she chose Nex.

IV. Nex: Adulthood (S7-Present)

We’re back to the present. Aisha has grown into a confident, resilient, serious woman — and that’s why Nex fell in love with her. It was a surprise relationship, but it was inevitable. After all, there’s no life without death.

The word nex means “death” in Latin. Life fell in love with Death? That sounds creepy, but it’s not supposed to be. While some cultures see life and death as enemies, others see death as a part of life. To quote the Daoist philosopher Lao Tzu: “Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.”

Death is a constant reality when we reach adulthood. The older we get, the closer it gets. Eventually, we learn to accept it and make peace with it. When we’re not afraid of death anymore, we can live our lives to the fullest.

Why She Ended Up With Him

Aisha and Nex’s relationship isn’t just symbolic. She’s been searching for something that was missing from her life (and herself). Because she’s a bold, sassy, energetic girl, many fans think she needs mildness, tact, and calmness. Thus, her ideal boyfriend should have those traits.

But like I’ve said a few times in this post, Aisha’s a princess. She grew up around calm, tactful, mild-mannered people and was trained to be one from the moment she was born. Her boldness, sassiness, and energy are reflections of the inner self she had to suppress when she was little.

Aisha was hardly allowed to speak back then, and she spent most of her time learning how to be a proper princess. When Anne taught her how to dance, she also taught her how to express herself. But she said that after Anne left, she had no one to dance with anymore.

Dance is a metaphor for what was missing from her life: fun, wildness, and freedom. Nex is a fun, wild guy who probably wasn’t weighed down by social expectations like she was. He keeps her out of her comfort zone and brings out more of her wild and free side. But as the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Her princess training kicks in when he gets reckless, and she scolds him for it.

Did you notice something? They were attracted to traits in each other that they want or need to cultivate in themselves. Nex needs restraint and tact, which Aisha learned from growing up as a princess and is happy to enforce on him. Aisha craves fun and wildness, which Nex adds more of to her life.

But Nex isn’t just her playmate. He’s her partner — someone similar enough to relate to her, but different enough that they can learn from each other. They match each other’s strength and energy, and because of that, they work well as a team and can challenge each other to help each other grow. Aisha doesn’t swoon over him (because they’re equals), and she hasn’t lost herself with him. In fact, she’s found more of herself.

What About The Winx?

Without a little stability, life would be chaos. The Winx have been one of the few constants in Aisha’s life. They’ve been with her through most of these changes, and they’ve always supported her and helped her recover.

Unfortunately, they won’t always be with her physically. Like Anne, they’ll have to move away and live their own lives. But we can hope they’ll stay in touch with her while they’re raising families and ruling kingdoms.

Final Thoughts

Is all of this canon? I don’t know. Some of it I’m confident about, but I don’t work for Rainbow. But this organizes Aisha’s story nicely and puts the focus back on her, instead of on the people she’s met. After all, it’s all about her. To paraphrase her character song, she’s just living her life.

Musings & Rants

If you’ve been waiting for more chapters of my fanfic, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about it. The next chapter will be up before World of Winx season two premieres.

I never thought I’d end up writing Winx fanfiction — especially about Aisha and Nex. I didn’t always like this couple. Like a lot of fans, I hated Nex when he was introduced, and I couldn’t imagine her dating him.

After all, I still wanted Nabu to come back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember some of my comments during season five. For example, when Aisha snapped at Roy in “The Power of Harmonix” (5X06), I said she needed Nabu because without him, she’d gone back to hating boys.

Seeing her with another guy felt weird. It still does sometimes. She and Nabu seemed like a sure thing — if for no other reason than we didn’t think Rainbow would break any of the initial couples up. I even said that in a post during season four: “Would Rainbow actually split our sweet couples up? All we can do is keep watching to find out!” Little did I know.

Story-wise, Aisha and Nex don’t feel as stable. Nex is no charming prince. He’s rude and arrogant sometimes, and we’ve seen him and Aisha argue. Plus, it’s not an arranged marriage, so the relationship doesn’t have a goal yet. Who knows they’ll even end up getting married?

This couple’s unfamiliar and unpredictable, offering no promises and guarantees.

Nabu’s death and the season six love triangle add to that feeling. Now you can’t help but feel like Aisha’s love life is always up in the air. She’s been with a different guy every season or two. Why let ourselves get attached to Nex, especially since he seems to be the least likable?

Plus, this relationship’s moving slowly. Aisha’s relationship with Nabu seemed fully developed after less than a season! If he came back, we wouldn’t have to wait for a happy ending. Why should we gamble on Nex and risk getting our hearts broken — again?

If Aisha and Nex have the most strikes against them, why do I love them? Read the rest of this post

TV & Movie News

“The Music Cafe” (6X22)

I’ve been hesitant to post this because the info seemed strange, but it’s better to let you know so you don’t miss anything. Credit goes to everyone who’s shared this much earlier, especially Brandon L. on Facebook, who was the first to let me know.

It looks like Nick Jr.’s gonna air at least four of the remaining season six episodes this month. “The Music Cafe” (6X22) and “The Anthem” (6X23) will premiere tomorrow morning (Nov. 8) at 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. EST. “Legendary Duel” (6X24) and “Acheron” (6X25) will air Sunday, Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. EST. That will leave only one episode — “Winx Forever” (6X26) — but it hasn’t be scheduled yet.

Also, Nick Jr.’s showing reruns of season three weekdays at 1:16 p.m EST. Yeah, that’s a weird time slot, but a Winx fan confirmed the airings.

If “Winx Forever” premieres Nov. 22, will Nick Jr. pair it with the first episode of season seven? That’s what we’re hoping for. Stay tuned!