Now this is a surprise! Rainbow made a video of ALL the Winx’s transformations from seasons 1-7! That includes Charmix from seasons one, two, and the Nick specials; the 3D Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix from the movies; and Roxy and Daphne’s transformations. (Roxy’s grouped with Believix, while Daphne’s grouped with Bloomix even though she’s a Sirenix fairy.)

With eleven years worth of footage to go through, something was bound to get left out. They forgot Aisha’s Charmix/Magic Winx transformations — both from the original and the Nick specials. That’s a shame. Her Charmix is my favorite. 🙁

Still, the video’s worth watching for nostalgia. Bon appétit, Winx fans!

Musings & Rants


Do you have a favorite Winx character who embodies the show to you? Someone you think of every time you talk about what you love about it? I do.

Surprise! It’s not one of the Winx — or Roxy, as much as I babble about her. 😛 And it’s not one of the guys, either. I have my favorites, of course, but ultimately they’re all minor characters and aren’t essential to the show. Some of them only exist to be love interests.

This character drew me in from the very first season. Their presence added mystery and wonder to the show. They existed before the story began and have often been behind the scenes, guiding the Winx on their adventures.

If you can’t tell from the description (or the post categories 😛 ), my favorite character of all time is…
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Musings & Rants


I’ve said it many times: season five really disappointed me. It had promise, but it didn’t deliver.

The three things I hated the most were:

  • The dialogue: Rainbow’s scripts were witty, more natural, and more fantasy-oriented. Nick’s are just heaps of stereotypical teen slang. And they’re repetitive, too. I don’t wanna hear Bloom say, “It’s gonna be great/amazing/magical/awesome!” ever again.

“Bloom…are we still best friends?”

  • The retcons: Oh, canon. How I miss thee! “Nickbow” altered it so much, this season barely felt like a sequel. A few examples:
    • Daphne being a “disembodied spirit” instead of dead
    • Roxy being kicked out of the club (and possibly replaced by Daphne)
    • Tecna having trouble with emotions (which is something she got over three seasons ago) and having a cyber relationship with Timmy
    • Sky being “Crown Prince” instead of “King-in-Training.” This was a subtle one mentioned in episode 5X02, but its impact is huge. It wrecks the ending of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, since the distinction between “prince” and “king” was the key to Domino’s prophecy. If Sky’s just a prince, the Sword of King Oritel should have killed him!
  • The public service announcements: I’ve got nothing against teaching kids to protect the environment. Flora used to be the go-to Winx for that. But devoting a whole season to it was overkill. Nickbow beat us over the head with it, especially in “The Emperor’s Throne” and “Saving Paradise Bay.”

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Here’s the final round of “Ask OP” answers. Thanks, everyone, for your questions!

“You said you have your own Winx characters, will we see them anytime soon?”

Absolutely! That’s why I started a dA account. I’m gonna use my Roxy model as a base to draw those characters. I’ll probably model them, too. 🙂

“What’s your favorite dub? Your favorite season?”

Favorite season: three. Hands down. I loved Enchantix, and I loved seeing so many new realms!

Favorite dub? That’s tough. The 4Kids dub got me into the show, but I abandoned it when I discovered the RAI English dub. But to me, the RAI voice acting is too hit-and-miss. I also hate it that they reused actors for key roles (like Daphne and Tecna).

The Nick dub is great, but the dialogue this season has been…hard to listen to. That’s not the actors’ fault, though. They’re doing the best they can with what they’ve been given.

My ideal dub would be Nick’s voices with RAI’s scripts.

“Do you read or write Winx Club fanfiction and if so, do you have any favourite authors or stories?”

I don’t read much fanfiction at all. But so many people talk about it, it’s made me curious. Any recommendations? 🙂

“Do you own any Winx DVDs?”

Yep! 🙂 I have the first-season 4Kids dub DVDs. I never bought the rest, but I meant to. And now I have Nick’s Secret of the Lost Kingdom (I think it was done well) and the DVD that came with Target’s “Good vs. Evil” 4-pack.

“They’re bringing back the Pixies in season 6, but during Pop Pixie, they changed Digit, and some others, to a boy. How do you think that will turn out?”

I think all the pixies will be girls in season six, since Pop Pixie takes place in an alternate universe. At least I hope so. 😛

“At one point you were feeling bummed and thought about closing your fan site down. A lot has happened since then and your site is doing exceptionally well, of which I’m very happy to see. 
What made you decide to stick with it and keep your fan site going? What advice can you give others who might be feeling the same thing you went through?”

It’s true. I did consider closing down Una di Noi Winx. I felt like I had nothing to offer. I rarely find the “big” news before everyone else, and I don’t have contacts within Rainbow and JAKKS like some fans do.

But I kept the blog because I love interacting with you and reading your comments and opinions. I didn’t wanna give that up. 🙂

My advice to others is to go back to your roots. I didn’t start Una di Noi Winx because I wanted to be “the #1 Winx fan blog.” I just loved talking about the show, and I knew other people in cyberspace did, too. I wanted to find them!

I love the Winx Club fanbase! You’re one of the most creative, diverse, and interesting groups I’ve ever been a part of. That’s why I plan to run this blog as long as I can!

Episode Reviews


Not bad. I liked “The Pillar of Light” more, but this one was good, too.

Thank goodness the dialogue’s improving. (I bet someone else wrote these two episodes.)

Stella was the star once again. Poor girl’s a rough day. How about a shopping spree to cheer her up, Winx?

Next episode: “Faraway Reflections” (not “Fairies’ Inspiring Eye”) — Daphne sends the Winx on a quest to find the “Eye of Inspiration.” (And of course, she doesn’t tell them where to look. Thanks, Sis. :P) Meanwhile, Tritannus causes more trouble on Earth by turning the trash island into a monster.

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