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If the Winx hadn’t earned Sirenix in one “lunar cycle,” they would have lost their powers forever! Good thing their Selkies were there to guide them!

Oh…and their Sirenix Guardians, too. Right?

Give me a break! They were helping the Sirenix Book sabotage the quest!


It was a simple set-up. The Book gave the girls a riddle, which led them to another riddle, which led them to a gem. Once they collected all three gems, they got another riddle (sigh) that led them to the Source of Sirenix in Lake Roccaluce.

Each riddle took the Winx about a day to solve, which means they could have finished the quest in a week. So why did it take them a month?

Because the Book only showed up when it felt like it. It wanted to waste their time and stress them out.

And when it did appear, it was always at inconvenient times — like during a certain lost kingdom’s renewal ceremony. But the Winx had no choice but to answer the call of duty. (Don’t worry, Book. Bloom didn’t wanna spend time with her birth parents anyway.)

capture_047_07072013_224047_232What was the Guardians’ role in this scheme? Withhold information.

They knew where the gems were. But every time the Winx asked them for help, their answers were riddles themselves. Or sometimes they just gave a sassy remark along the lines of, “Figure it out yourself.”

Thus, the Winx came hours away from being ordinary, magic-less girls. No wonder few fairies have gained Sirenix!

Okay, I hope you realize I’m joking. The Sirenix Quest was already too easy, but what if the Guardians had told them exactly where to look? How boring would that have been?

So, let’s be glad the quest was rigged. 😛

QUESTION: Let’s say you’re a writer for Rainbow (or Nick), and you got to help plan out the Sirenix Quest. What would the story have been like?

Episode Reviews


Awwww! How cute!

I thought this would be another filler episode, but it struck a good balance between the sweet moments and Sirenix action. It’s going on my favorites list. 🙂

The date was as awkward as expected. I loved how the Winx and the Specialists gave them conflicting advice. (Guys and girls really are from different planets!) But we knew it would all work out, didn’t we? 🙂

The other highlight of Tecna’s day: finding her “Sirenix special spell” — the Aura of Sirenix! I’m not sure what it does, though. Is it a shield of an energy beam? Or both? Whatever it is, she used it well against that sea serpent at the Pillar of Control. I’m glad Nick and Rainbow put her in the spotlight for once!

Next episode: “Listen to Your Heart.” Stubborn King Cryos refuses to join the alliance. The Winx head to Zenith — finally, we get to see it on the surface! 😀 — to try to convince him to change his mind. (I’ve already watched it in another language, so I might do next week’s “review” differently.)

Here were my thoughts while watching episode 5X21: “A Perfect Date!” Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

Tritannus Reaches the Pillar of Light
That’s more like it! Dare I say it, this was the best episode of the season! Better dialogue, lots of action, and a surprise ending. And for once, Tritannus did something that harmed the whole Magic Dimension, not just Earth or the ocean. Eleven more episodes like this, please!

Next episode: “The Eclipse.” Stella must fix the Pillar of Light before her father dies, and Aisha must use her uncle’s sword to break Tritannus’s curse on her family. Sounds promising!

Here are my thoughts while watching episode 5X15, “The Pillar of Light!” Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews

Princess Krystal restarts the Bloom-Sky-Diaspro love triangle, the Winx search for a rainbow pony, and at the end they’re given a new power called Harmonix. Here’s what I thought while I was watching.

  • Thanks, Krystal, for ruining a romantic moment! She sounds nothing like a Linphean fairy.
  • Krystal: “Isn’t it wonderful she’s [Diaspro’s] here?”

    NO! 😡

  • Poor Bloom’s using the Sirenix mission to distract herself from what’s going on with Sky. She can’t focus on both. I wonder if that might cause her to lose him…
  • Bloom and Stella just made the same pose. They are too much alike sometimes.
  • Best fairies at Alfea? Okay, two things. 1) The Winx shouldn’t even be at Alfea anymore. They’re not students anymore, and they’re barely teachers. They’re only there because they’re Magix’s celebrities. 2) Faragonda brags on them way too much. Their excessive popularity is getting on my nerves. In season four, they didn’t even like it. Now they’re relishing it.
  • Shouldn’t a being called “The Ancestral Spirit of Nature” live in Linphea? 😕
  • So there are only twelve “best fairies in the Magical Dimension?” No wonder Alfea has a bad graduation rate. Why do three of those fairies look like witches?
  • Ha, Musa!

    Stella: “If I had known we’d be hiking, I wouldn’t have worn heels.”
    Musa: “C’mon, Stella. We always wear heels.”

    It’s like they were trying to emphasize the “fashion forward fairies” thing.

  • Holy cow! Tecna mentioned Zenith! 😯
  • Why would Flora think an ugly horned lion was the creature of the Rainbow Mantle? Hey, wait! It’s an animal, right? Let’s get Roxy to…oh, that’s right. SHE’S NOT A WINX ANYMORE! 😡
  • Why is Flora so weak this season?!
  • I thought it was “Voice of Nature,” not “Voice of the Forest.” 😕
  • That stag…it looks like the one Valtor turned into. Rainbow did reuse Darkar’s snake form in season four. 😕
  • So the “best fairies in the Magical Dimension” can’t transform, use first-level spells, and have to be rescued by the Winx just like everyone else. So much for that title. 😕
  • Three words: My Little Pony.
  • Of course, The Winx were going to win! It was rigged! Faragonda must have know they needed this to open the Sirenix Book. But what if they had failed…
  • One lunar cycle to complete the Sirenix quest? So, basically a month? Yikes! And of course, Stella’s not taking this seriously. 😛
  • So the Selkies are in boxes? Haven’t we already seen Aisha’s Selkie? How’d she get out?
  • Yay! The Simulator! I missed it! 😀 Okay, wait a minute…If the Winx can clearly swim underwater in the simulated Andros, why do they need Sirenix? 😕
  • Aisha’s back to being mean to boys. Oh, Nabu, she needs you. 🙁
  • Harmonix is so gorgeous! I wish they’d keep it!

Overall, I wasn’t feeling this episode. Some of the scenes, like Stella, Tecna, and Musa “bonding moment,” felt rushed and choppy. Others just came out of nowhere. It’s like the Winx have become hyperactive. “The Trix! Quick! Transform!” I also hated the Rainbow Mantle creature. A rainbow horse? Really?

But the Harmonix powers kinda redeemed it. I’m still wondering why the Winx need it and Sirenix, if they seem to do the same thing. But I guess we’ll find out.

Next episode: We meet the Selkies, and the Winx continue their Sirenix quest. Meanwhile, the Trix keep causing havoc on Earth. (Maybe Roxy can keep an eye of them? Wishful thinking…)


With so much talk about Sirenix, you might be wondering what “Harmonix” is. How is it different? Which form shown in the opening is which? I don’t know everything about them, but I’ll try to clear up some of the confusion.

Winx Harmonix forms

Harmonix appears first in the opening and will be the first form the Winx earn. We don’t yet know its powers, but it’s clearly an underwater transformation, too. My theory: the Sirenix power is deep in the ocean, and the Winx will need Harmonix to get to it. Think of it as the “scuba diving form.” 😛 Harmonix could also be a stage they must pass through before reaching Sirenix.

Why is it called “Harmonix?” It could be because mermaids (or sirens) are known for their singing — and what they do with it. There was a rumor that the Winx will use some sort of music spell to revive Nabu. We’ll see if that happens. (I repeat: it’s a rumor.)

Stella’s 2D Sirenix form

Sirenix (from sirena, Italian for “mermaid”) appears second in the opening. It’s the Winx’s ultimate goal — a power drawn from the Infinite Ocean, which Tritannus wants to control. As we saw in Nick’s season five trailer, the Winx will use the Sirenix Book as a how-to guide.

Those mini-mermaids may also help the Winx with this mission. They’re called “Selkies” (corrected from “Pescies”) and we know from ep. 5X02, “The Spill,” that they guard the gates that connect the realms through the ocean. Molly Quinn confirmed that there’s an episode called ‘The Sirenix Gate.” Might not be a coincidence.

Each Selkie (is that right?) shares a pattern and a color scheme with one of the Winx — blue with fire for Bloom, orange with a star on her head for Stella, pink with flowers on her head for Flora, etc. Gotta wonder why there are seven of them, though. According to Michael’s Winx Club, the Trix will earn Sirenix, too. Maybe the seventh Selkie is for them. But her colors and pattern remind you of Roxy. Hmmm…

Flora, Bloom, and Stella’s 3D Sirenix forms

Final note: Sirenix will later appear in 3D. Rainbow once said on Facebook that the Infinite Ocean is where “everything takes on another dimension.” The third, it seems. 😛

And that’s all I know. I hope I cleared some things up. 🙂