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We feel you, Roxy. We wanna be Winx, too.

It’s a sad day for Roxy fans. We finally know her place in the Winx Club: she doesn’t have one.

A Rainbow staff member (or more than one) confirmed it in a couple responses to fans on Facebook. Here’s the first response, translated with the help of Frengly and WordReference:

Roxy in the fourth season is not exactly part of the Winx Club, but a friend and adventure teammate of all six fairies!

When the fan voiced her disappointment, she was told:

Sorry you’re disappointed, [but] the fact that Roxy wasn’t part of the Winx Club in the fourth season doesn’t mean she won’t be in the fifth season…but it’s all top secret! 🙂

And to another fan, three hours later:

Hello! Roxy in the fourth season was not part of the Winx Club, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be in the fifth season. Who knows…but we can’t reveal too much! 🙂

There we have it. Roxy joins Mirta in the Friends-of-the-Winx Club. So much for my post a couple years ago — not to mention Nick’s new “Do You Believix?” game, which flatly treats Roxy as the seventh member.


This may be wishful thinking (and a bad grasp of Italian), but there’s something odd to me about the responses. Notice each one says “in the fourth season.” They could have said, “Roxy isn’t a Winx” — period. But their wording makes it sound like she wasn’t a Winx in season four.

Is that a hint? Could Roxy become a Winx in season five?

Like they said, it’s all top secret!

Musings & Rants

I was planning to post about this a while ago, but I decided not to after the release of Winx Mag 68, “Roxy, the Seventh Fairy,” which I thought cleared the issue up. (Some people pointed out it says “fairy,” not “Winx,” but what else could she be the seventh of?) But not everyone’s convinced yet. Many fans are still waiting for an “official announcement.” I’m not sure what they want. A note on the website, I guess. I doubt Iginio Straffi’s gonna take time of his day to hold a press conference about her.

I admit—Rainbow’s still sending us mixed messages. Roxy’s not in Magica Avventura, for example. Another problem: she doesn’t have a lot of stock art, which means they’re not using her image as much.

Yet Roxy is, definitely and officially, the seventh Winx. Here are some reasons why. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

I heard a rumor on a French forum that Iginio Straffi always wanted seven Winx. But after The Secret of the Lost Kingdom‘s release and the hiatus between seasons three and four, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Layla, and Flora were a well-established “sixsome.” Adding a seventh fairy could not have been done casually. Whenever a writer plans to add or remove (as with Nabu) a character from a long-running series, they must anticipate the fans’ reactions. Those reactions will affect, for example, how (or even if) a character is introduced or marketed.

I think that is why Rainbow decided to be so unclear about Roxy’s place in the Winx Club. Even though they intended from the beginning for her to join (hence episode titles like “7: The Perfect Number”), they were probably testing to see how us fans took to her. If she became popular, as she seemingly did, then she would definitely become a Winx; if we hadn’t liked her, then maybe she would have quietly disappeared at Alfea and not been spoken of much in the next season. After all, no one called her a Winx during the show, so there was little expectation.

Now that Roxy is a Winx, however, the massive denial of it is awkward. I hope Rainbow does better on making her feel a part of the group in season five.

Musings & Rants

Overused plot devises, unnecessary characters—all series have their faults. Sometimes, they’re a part of the show’s genre; other times, they’re the results of marketing experiments gone bad…or maybe gone too far. Of course, it depends on who you ask. Here are five things I don’t want to see in season five:
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