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One of these things is not like the others…

Crazy theory time! 😛

Daphne. I still don’t think she’s gonna become a Winx, but she’s definitely sticking around this season. She’s not done transforming either.

Roxy, on the other hand, has disappeared. We haven’t seen her since “The Flying School” when she adopted Griffin the crow. Will we see her again this season? It’s hard to guess.

But remember that blurb on Nick Animation Studio’s Winx page? And her profile on If Roxy’s not hanging out with the Winx at all anymore, why do these sites still suggest she’ll join the club?

Here’s my theory: Daphne is her placeholder.

Think about it:

  • Daphne wore yellow/gold as a spirit. Most of us, I bet, thought she’d keep that color when she became corporeal again. (Google fanmade Sirenix designs for her.) Nope — she switched to pale green, which belonged to Roxy. If Daphne won’t become a Winx, maybe she’s wearing that color so we’ll get used to seeing it in the group again.
  • Roxy’s a Charmix fairy/pseudo-Believix fairy, so she’ll look out of place with the other Winx. So does Daphne. She’s a Sirenix fairy surrounded by Bloomix fairies. Does it bother you? If not, maybe you won’t mind Roxy standing out.
  • As I’ve said, the rumor is Nickbow ditched Roxy because the writers couldn’t handle seven main characters. Maybe Daphne’s the guinea pig. If they can script her into the story well, they can work with Roxy. (Your mileage may vary on if they’re doing a good job.) As a bonus, we get used to seeing seven Winx again.


    “OP, I know I’m your favorite fairy, but will you please give up?”

Or maybe I’m reading between the lines as usual. An easy counterargument is, “Why wouldn’t they just use Roxy?” Because Daphne’s stronger? 😳

I don’t know. File this post away under “wishful thinking.”

Musings & Rants


Last fall, FloraAsia posted an article on whether the Winx Club should add another member. His top candidate: Daphne.

…unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

This post isn’t meant to be a counterargument. But as you know from “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead,” I’m opposed to her becoming a Winx. Here are four reasons why I don’t think it could work:

1. Six Winx is plenty, right?

Rumor has it Nickbow kicked Roxy out of the club because Nick’s writers felt seven Winx was too many. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical then to add Daphne? If they’ve changed their minds, they should return to the original plan. Roxy almost become a Winx; spot #7 still belongs to her.

capture_006_15012014_172536_2682. She’s too busy.

Daphne’s a professor now. That means classes to teach, lessons to plan, papers to grade, etc. She doesn’t have time to run around with a bunch of teenagers!

“But the Winx were teachers in season four!”

True, but was that handled well? No. After one class, they packed their bags and headed for Earth. Now they’ve been retconned as students again. And Daphne’s their teacher, at that! (Imagine the “teacher’s pet” accusations!)

Plus, she just became Crown Princess of Domino. She’ll probably be flying to and from school to attend to her royal duties, like Sky does for Erakylon. (Not that Nickbow couldn’t write a way around this.)

3. She’s Bloom’s sister.

Five words: “Vortex of Flames” dance scene. It wasn’t the first sisters-only moment this season, but it was the most blatant. Count on seeing more of them if Daphne joins the Winx. The other girls would be nothing but background fodder.

Also, Daphne’s obviously from the same planet as Bloom and might have a similar power source. That’s too much redundancy. (Bloom and Roxy didn’t count since they were born on different planets.)

capture_008_24102013_071155_6854. She’s too elegant to be a Winx.

This is gonna sound like I’m dissing them, but bear with me. In Nickbow’s Winx Club, the Winx are trendy teenage fairies who love to party and rock out in their band. Daphne’s not like that. First off, she might not even be a teenager. Second, she’s more graceful and mature than them.

Now, some people felt Roxy didn’t act like a Winx, either. Surprise — I agree. But if she took on that “cool” personality, it wouldn’t feel as out of character for her. Think of it as her growing up. But for Daphne, it would seem like she was trying to act young again.

Even with all I’ve said, I don’t think Daphne will become a Winx anyway. There are a few signs of that:

  • She has no known power source.
  • She’s still a Sirenix fairy.
  • She’s still treated as a separate character (“Daphne and the Winx”).
  • She hasn’t had a matching outfit with them yet (even her Sirenix looks different).
  • She has no emotional attachment to anyone but Bloom (same as Roxy now that she’s not a Winx).

We’re only six episodes in, so this could change. But I hope it doesn’t.

Musings & Rants

Daphne and Bloom -- Winx Movie 1

Daphne was one of my favorite characters. Until she became corporeal again.

She’s not the mysterious, motherly being who watched over Bloom anymore. She has a milder personality, she talks like a teenager (even though she’s not one), she whines when things don’t go her way, etc. It’s hard to tell she’s the same character!

If you ask me, “Nickbow” (thanks, Zadien) made a big mistake. Daphne and Bloom’s story was one of the sweetest parts of the series. Imagine if your older sister gave her life for you when you were a baby. You didn’t get to grow up together, but her spirit is still with you — literally — like a guardian angel.

Now that Daphne’s alive again, her sacrifice seems like a waste.

Plus, this weakens our concept of death in Winx Club. If Bloom can just wish her sister back, why can’t Aisha do the same for Nabu? Or Musa for her mother? And if one of the Winx died (that’d never happen), couldn’t their family and friends save her? Suddenly their missions don’t feel as dangerous.

s5-ep4-daphne-appears4Of course, “Nickbow” had to change Daphne’s story to get away with reviving her. The Ancestresses didn’t exactly “kill” her; they turned her into a “disembodied spirit.” Right.

I want an explanation. Why couldn’t they leave the canon alone?

I hope it’s not why I think it is: they really are gonna make her the new seventh Winx. I told you Monday how I feel about that: Roxy or no one. If they replace her with Daphne, I’ll lose a lot of respect for them and this show.

Am I the only Winx fan who feels this way?

Episode Reviews


New season, guys! How exciting is that? 🙂

Daphne’s the focus of this episode. Now that the Sirenix Curse has been broken, she’s having a tough time adjusting to being corporeal again (fifty-cent word). It was hard to see her act so pitiful; in spirit form, she was selfless and mysterious. Not sure I like this new Daphne yet.

Meanwhile, the Trix wake up The Beast of the Depths (another weird-looking sea monster). They sic it on Domino Palace during Daphne’s welcome home party, and she’s the only one who can control it. But she thinks she’s lost her powers. Oh, boy.

Bloom’s sure her sis just needs a confidence boost, so the Winx ask their Guardians how to help her. The Guardians advise them to go to Lake Roccaluce to find something called The Inspiration of Sirenix. (There’s the title drop.) Turns out there’s no such thing. It’s just a mystical way of saying, “Cheer up a fellow Sirenix fairy.” Thanks for nothing, guys.

After the Winx give Daphne a pep talk…she transforms!

Daphne Sirenix

I tried to be happy about this, but I nearly had a heart attack. Regardless of Roxy or anything else, I do NOT want Daphne to become a Winx. Making her corporeal again already killed my image of her. Now I have to picture her as a Winx? No. Just no. She’s too…noble, for lack of a better word. Plus, she and Bloom would steal the show. They already are.

Roxy’s the only fairy I’ll accept as the seventh Winx. But Nick kicked her out of the club, and now they’re gonna replace her with Bloom’s once-dead big sister? Gag me. (Side note: this Sirenix outfit would have looked great on Roxy. Light green was her color, after all. Just sayin’.)

It’s not a done deal yet, though. Daphne’s in the opening sequence, but Roxy was in season four’s and it didn’t work out for her. We’ll see what happens.

All that said, this was still a good episode; it had decent dialogue and a fair amount of action. But I think it’s this season’s “The Lilo.” It even ended the same way: the Winx painting magic rainbows in the sky to the tune of a song about their current transformation. It didn’t feel like a season premiere, and it was more relevant to last season than this one.


Next time on Winx Club, we meet this season’s villain: Selina. She’s a new witch at Cloud Tower who owns the evil Legendarium, a book that brings legends to life. She uses it to unleash Treants on the Winx!

Side note #2: iTunes says one of the new transformations is called…Bloomix. Yes. Bloomix. I wish I were kidding. NOT okay, Nick and Rainbow. 😕

Here were my other thoughts while watching episode 6X01: “Inspiration of Sirenix.” Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants


Since season 2, only one fairy was ever officially inducted into the very exclusive Winx Club: Aisha/Layla. Roxy did come extremely close in season 4, but luck was definitely not on her side, as she only had a few cameos during the fifth season.

Many people were rooting for Roxy to become the seventh Winx member, but now I believe there’s only a 5% chance that it will happen.

I’m beginning to wonder: are you satisfied with just six members? In my opinion, I don’t think any more room should be made, but I won’t be mad if ONE more person joins. I’m just so used to the Winx Club that consists of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha.


However, if one more member will be added to the group, my best bet is Daphne. She’s the perfect new member because unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

But Daphne could go the opposite route and put her “fighting against evil” days behind her for good. She might also become an adviser of some sort to the Winx, just like Miss Faragonda.

What do you guys think about this possibility?