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We know Rainbow ignores Musa and Tecna. I even wrote a post about it. But I think we should add Flora to the disregarded Winx list.

You shook your head, didn’t you? Flora gets a lot of attention. She’s one of the “mascots”, so she’s on most of the magazine covers, at most of the fan meets, and in all of the doll lines. Compare that to Musa and Tecna, who are usually left out (especially in doll lines). Poor Tecna once went 18 months without being on the cover of a magazine! How is Flora as ignored as they are?

Because I’m not talking about marketing and screen time. I’m talking about character development and background.

Think about it. How much do we know about her? She’s from Lynphea, and she has a little sister. We just met her parents — Alyssa and Rhodos — in season seven, even though she’s one of the initial five Winx.

We don’t know what her childhood was like, either. (Judging by her parents, it was probably happy.) Even though we didn’t meet Tecna’s parents until season six, we at least know she grew up suppressing her emotions. It’s something she’s had to overcome over the years.

Rainbow revealed Musa’s back story in season two. They even told us how her parents met! She also had a dream: to become a musician. We watched it come true in season four, and we know she’ll probably keep performing in the future.

But what are Flora’s dreams? We know she loves gardening, but does she wanna be a gardener or a florist? She’s also good at mixing potions, but she’s never talked about becoming an alchemist, teaching potionology, or anything like that.

I don’t think Rainbow has decided yet. World of Winx season one seems to confirm that because cooking was her talent, something she’s never shown interest in. It felt like they just gave her a leftover skill that worked well for a talent show.

What about her relationship with Helia? They’re one of the most popular couples, but have you noticed Rainbow hasn’t developed them much? We’ve only seen them kiss a couple times, and we’ve never seen them alone on a date. Plus, Helia’s never met her parents, even though he and Flora have been together for five years.

That last fact might sound unfair since we just met her parents. But Tecna’s parents were introduced in season six, and Timmy met them that same season. Couldn’t Helia have met Alyssa and Rhodos in season seven? Heck, he hasn’t even met Miele in the show!

What’s going on here? How is one of the most popular Winx so far behind the others? Flora seems like nothing but “the girl who talks to plants.” That’s it. She doesn’t change or grow. Yes, she comes out of her shell sometimes, but she doesn’t stay out for long.

Is there any hope for her? Maybe. She and Helia have gotten more development in the last few seasons (even though it’s just been petty fights), and in WoW season two, Rainbow came up with spells for her other than her traditional vines. It’s not much, but maybe it’s a start.

Musings & Rants


Last fall, FloraAsia posted an article on whether the Winx Club should add another member. His top candidate: Daphne.

…unlike Roxy, she’s experienced and has been familiar with the Winx since season 1. And as you all know, it’s the perfect opportunity for her as well, since she was finally restored to her physical form in the season five finale.

This post isn’t meant to be a counterargument. But as you know from “Daphne Should Have Stayed Dead,” I’m opposed to her becoming a Winx. Here are four reasons why I don’t think it could work:

1. Six Winx is plenty, right?

Rumor has it Nickbow kicked Roxy out of the club because Nick’s writers felt seven Winx was too many. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical then to add Daphne? If they’ve changed their minds, they should return to the original plan. Roxy almost become a Winx; spot #7 still belongs to her.

capture_006_15012014_172536_2682. She’s too busy.

Daphne’s a professor now. That means classes to teach, lessons to plan, papers to grade, etc. She doesn’t have time to run around with a bunch of teenagers!

“But the Winx were teachers in season four!”

True, but was that handled well? No. After one class, they packed their bags and headed for Earth. Now they’ve been retconned as students again. And Daphne’s their teacher, at that! (Imagine the “teacher’s pet” accusations!)

Plus, she just became Crown Princess of Domino. She’ll probably be flying to and from school to attend to her royal duties, like Sky does for Erakylon. (Not that Nickbow couldn’t write a way around this.)

3. She’s Bloom’s sister.

Five words: “Vortex of Flames” dance scene. It wasn’t the first sisters-only moment this season, but it was the most blatant. Count on seeing more of them if Daphne joins the Winx. The other girls would be nothing but background fodder.

Also, Daphne’s obviously from the same planet as Bloom and might have a similar power source. That’s too much redundancy. (Bloom and Roxy didn’t count since they were born on different planets.)

capture_008_24102013_071155_6854. She’s too elegant to be a Winx.

This is gonna sound like I’m dissing them, but bear with me. In Nickbow’s Winx Club, the Winx are trendy teenage fairies who love to party and rock out in their band. Daphne’s not like that. First off, she might not even be a teenager. Second, she’s more graceful and mature than them.

Now, some people felt Roxy didn’t act like a Winx, either. Surprise — I agree. But if she took on that “cool” personality, it wouldn’t feel as out of character for her. Think of it as her growing up. But for Daphne, it would seem like she was trying to act young again.

Even with all I’ve said, I don’t think Daphne will become a Winx anyway. There are a few signs of that:

  • She has no known power source.
  • She’s still a Sirenix fairy.
  • She’s still treated as a separate character (“Daphne and the Winx”).
  • She hasn’t had a matching outfit with them yet (even her Sirenix looks different).
  • She has no emotional attachment to anyone but Bloom (same as Roxy now that she’s not a Winx).

We’re only six episodes in, so this could change. But I hope it doesn’t.


This week’s “Fanwork Friday” feature is a fanfic by Alexandra989. In her own words, this story serves as “a bridge between season 5 and 6.” Check out the rest of her work on!

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“Comfort and a Resolution”

The battle was over. The Winx Club had triumphed once more. Tritannus was to be banished to oblivion, where, hopefully, no one would ever see his face or hear from him ever again.

From the cave in Magix where they had chosen to sought refuge in for a short time while waiting for the whole hullabaloo that followed the defeat of Tritannus to die down, Icy hugged her knees as she sat on the cold, hard ground, looking out at the brightly-lit building in the distance which was the school for fairies their enemies attended, anger blazing in her eyes. But beneath that anger, well-concealed, was hurt, sorrow and longing.

Icy’s thoughts wandered back to Tritannus. She realised with a pang that she still loved him. He had betrayed her, of course, and she seethed with rage at the thought of her, being so naive and gullible. But she had truly grown to care for the Mer-monster over the past several months. And in the end, he had cast her aside like she was nothing more than garbage, even lowlier than the ones she and her sisters accumulated for him.

A tear escaped from her cold eyes and ran down her cheek. She hurriedly wiped it away, fearful her sisters might see her crying, which all three of them agreed on, was something that showcased weakness. Icy sighed softly and rested her chin on her knees as questions raced through her mind. Why was she so gullible? Why was she and her sisters constantly being tricked, betrayed and fooled by those whom they were loyal to? What were they doing wrong? Did they deserve such treatment? And why did Tritannus betray her? She had actually thought the relationship was real.

Icy choked on her own tears and finally, allowed them to flow. Resting her forehead on her knees, she began to sob silently. Her body shook, but she could hardly be heard. As she cried, Icy thought about about the years before; she remembered the first day she stepped into Cloudtower, a young, ambitious, rebellious witch. She had so many dreams. Then, when she was in her senior year, that pesky little fairy named Bloom arrived. And ever since then, they had always defeated the three witches. Part of their defeat they sometimes brought upon themselves, like how she had trusted Tritannus. Frustration gripped Icy. She felt so useless, so hopeless.

Soft footsteps could be heard approaching her. It had to be either Darcy or Stormy. Icy hurriedly wiped away her tears, glad that the cave was dark which meant her sister wouldn’t be able to see her tear-streaked face… unless it was Darcy. As Icy looked out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that it was Darcy. Shoot. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

Daphne and Bloom -- Winx Movie 1

Daphne was one of my favorite characters. Until she became corporeal again.

She’s not the mysterious, motherly being who watched over Bloom anymore. She has a milder personality, she talks like a teenager (even though she’s not one), she whines when things don’t go her way, etc. It’s hard to tell she’s the same character!

If you ask me, “Nickbow” (thanks, Zadien) made a big mistake. Daphne and Bloom’s story was one of the sweetest parts of the series. Imagine if your older sister gave her life for you when you were a baby. You didn’t get to grow up together, but her spirit is still with you — literally — like a guardian angel.

Now that Daphne’s alive again, her sacrifice seems like a waste.

Plus, this weakens our concept of death in Winx Club. If Bloom can just wish her sister back, why can’t Aisha do the same for Nabu? Or Musa for her mother? And if one of the Winx died (that’d never happen), couldn’t their family and friends save her? Suddenly their missions don’t feel as dangerous.

s5-ep4-daphne-appears4Of course, “Nickbow” had to change Daphne’s story to get away with reviving her. The Ancestresses didn’t exactly “kill” her; they turned her into a “disembodied spirit.” Right.

I want an explanation. Why couldn’t they leave the canon alone?

I hope it’s not why I think it is: they really are gonna make her the new seventh Winx. I told you Monday how I feel about that: Roxy or no one. If they replace her with Daphne, I’ll lose a lot of respect for them and this show.

Am I the only Winx fan who feels this way?

Guest Posts

We’re now accepting guest posts! Our first one comes from a fan (who wants to stay anonymous) with an interesting theory: Rainbow may have planned different roles for Daphne and the Trix. Part I below is mainly about Daphne. Part II (which I’ll post tomorrow) will focus on the Trix.

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Was Daphne Going to be Bloom’s Mother?
~ by an anonymous fan ~

My theory is that in the beginning, the story was supposed to be as follows:

In the old times of the Dragon, the nine nymphs ruled the Magic Dimension with Daphne as the greatest one of them. Later the Dragon disappeared, and Bloom was born to Daphne. Shortly after, the Ancestral Witches attacked Domino, and Daphne sent her across time and space to the modern-time Earth, while Daphne was locked in another dimension. The Ancestral Witches, having failed in their quest, later took on a younger appearance and became the Trix, which explains why the Trix were so powerful in S1.

And I think that at first, Bloom was meant to defeat the Trix (i.e. The Ancient Witches), and then find and free her mother Daphne from the dimension where she was locked. Then the story was changed in mid-production of season 1, and Daphne was turned into Bloom’s sister and the Trix into The Ancient Witches’ descendants.

There are a lot of hints towards this. Read the rest of this post