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I heard a rumor on a French forum that Iginio Straffi always wanted seven Winx. But after The Secret of the Lost Kingdom‘s release and the hiatus between seasons three and four, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Layla, and Flora were a well-established “sixsome.” Adding a seventh fairy could not have been done casually. Whenever a writer plans to add or remove (as with Nabu) a character from a long-running series, they must anticipate the fans’ reactions. Those reactions will affect, for example, how (or even if) a character is introduced or marketed.

I think that is why Rainbow decided to be so unclear about Roxy’s place in the Winx Club. Even though they intended from the beginning for her to join (hence episode titles like “7: The Perfect Number”), they were probably testing to see how us fans took to her. If she became popular, as she seemingly did, then she would definitely become a Winx; if we hadn’t liked her, then maybe she would have quietly disappeared at Alfea and not been spoken of much in the next season. After all, no one called her a Winx during the show, so there was little expectation.

Now that Roxy is a Winx, however, the massive denial of it is awkward. I hope Rainbow does better on making her feel a part of the group in season five.


Winx Believix!In July, I made a list of evidence for and against Roxy’s becoming the seventh Winx. Now that the second half of the season has given us new information, I decided to try again. This new list is longer and more complete than the last one, though some of the points are repeats.
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Musings & Rants

Roxy Watching the WinxIs anyone else sick of hearing the narrator say in every preview, “Le Winx e Roxy—” (the Winx and Roxy)? Of course, it could be a hint that Rainbow doesn’t plan on bringing the Last Fairy on Earth into the group. Not to mention, the poor girl is excluded from other things like working at Love & Pet (although she’s the fairy of animals), playing in the Winx’s new band, bonding moments, etc. But why take us so far into her life and background, have her become a Believix fairy like the Winx, have her befriend them closely, and give episodes titles like “7: The Perfect Number,” if it all means nothing? (Seven what? Wonders of the World? Colors of the rainbow? Sides in a heptagon?)

The problem is how much we’ve gotten to know Roxy and how much she’s been developed as a character. It’s fine to create an one-time yet dynamic character for a movie; movies have their own compact world we can more easily separate from the rest of the canon. But in a television series, less important characters are better as static characters, ones who affect the story but are not affected by it themselves. We only learn as much about them as we need to know about them, then we forget them. Roxy doesn’t fall into this category. We’ve watched her grow throughout this season, and we know quite a bit about her, more than we do about a couple of Winx! (*Cough* Tecna! *Cough* :P)

Roxy also spends a lot of time with the Winx, making it hard to disassociate her with them. By keeping her on a separate plane, Rainbow has created an outcast situation. Think back to elemenatry school. Did you have a clique you wanted to join? You’d hover around them and shoot them sad glances until they’d smile and invite you to play. But whenever you weren’t around, you were, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” They didn’t ask you to parties or after school get-togethers—unless you asked them, which was always awkward and made you seem desperate. Roxy is having a similar experience. She’s orbiting the Winx hoping to find an opening in their circle.

There are only two possibilities: Roxy either will or won’t become a Winx. Whether you love her or hate her, you probably expect her to join the club because Rainbow has been teasing us with the idea all season. But you can only tease someone so much before it becomes annoying, and you risk losing the audience’s interest. I’m feeling that way, but I’ll still watch this season to the end. I’m just ready for Rainbow to stop playing games and start answering questions. Is Roxy “in,” or was she just the catalyst for another Winx adventure?


The website for the 13th FINA World Swimming Championships in July shows a couple pictures from the Winx’s event, but there are still no shots of Roxy or Stella! I could understand Roxy’s not being there, but Stella’s one of the original Winx! Wasn’t the whole club supposed to be there? And talk about conflicting info—a review article mentioned seven fairies, FINA’s news post said there’d be six fairies, but it looks like there were only five! What’s going on here?

*UPDATE* It looks like FINA may have taken this year’s site down, so the pictures aren’t working any more. Sorry about that!

Musings & Rants

Maybe seven isn’t Rainbow’s lucky number after all.

Not since Mirta in season one has a non-Winx fairy had so many minutes of fame. Roxy practically owns this season. She replaced Bloom as the “who-am-I-what’s-my-destiny” character; she matched the Winx as a Believix fairy; and she showed Winx attitude, determination, and style in the fight against the Wizards of the Black Circle.

But Rainbow may have decided that’s not enough. In the episode fourteen preview, the narrator separated her from the other girls when she said, “Le sei Winx e Roxy—” (the six Winx and Roxy). The Last Fairy on Earth is just a tag-along?

The Winx Club must have tough membership requirements. But getting accepted wasn’t as hard for Layla. Even though she felt like an outsider, she quickly found her place and was even using the trademark “Magic Winx” phrase by S2, E10. All she did to earn it was spend a little time with the girls at Alfea then lead them into a cave of doom. Well, Roxy has done similar things—in fact, she and the Winx have already had several brushes with death.

Didn’t Bloom tell her in episode nine, “From now on, you’re one of us?” I’m not sure what that means in Magix, but on Earth, that’s a promise you are and will always be part of the group. And what about the magazine article teasing “una nuova e meravigliosa amicizia” (a new and wonderful friendship)? Rainbow wouldn’t hype Roxy this much only to have the Winx leave her in Gardenia with fond farewells, would they?

We’ll find out, of course (the season continues in September), but no matter what happens, she will always be a Winx in this fan’s mind. How about you?