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As you know, I’ve stopped writing episode reviews. But last week, a Winx fan named Will N. emailed me with a suggestion: how about guest episode reviews? Why not? Great idea!

Here’s Will’s review of “Baby Winx” (7X20). If you’d like to submit an episode review, too, email it to [email protected].

Review of Episode 7X20: “Baby Winx”

By: Will N.

Quick Recap: Back on Earth again (yawn!). The Winx are helping Roxy with an animal show to benefit the rescue park. Meanwhile, Kalshara and Brafilius try to cause trouble in any way possible like always (yawn again!), still searching for that First Color of the Universe. (How long is this search gonna last? Even Ogron didn’t waste this long trying to accomplish his goals.) This time, however, it involves the Winx being turned into seven-year-olds, and circus hijinks ensue as part of the benefits program.


  • Brafilius actually doing something smart for once. Too bad he has to undo it almost immediately.
  • Well, I guess the people who said Butterflix was based off circus clowns were right ūüėõ
  • Are the guys being designated babysitters now?
  • Roxy’s as sassy as ever. Where was she when we needed her?
  • Why does Sky have to fight with Bloom’s unicorn? What does Elas have that Sky doesn’t?
  • Well, at least that Etno Chic outfit wasn’t ditched after two episodes; it stuck around for 4.

Loose ends

  • Sky, you’re clueless to not believe that a 7 year old, who strongly looks like your fianc√©e and has a pet unicorn, is not your fianc√©e turned into a kid when you live in a magical world on a daily basis.
  • Kalshara, you should stop relying on your brother.
  • Apparently, power is not restricted by age. Must be something to do with Believix or Enchantix.
  • Quote: “Yeah, I can’t leave you alone for more than ten minutes.” Well said, Roxy. Well said.
Caption Contest

Thanks to everyone who voted! Congratulations to the winner: Raindrops on Roses! Next contest begins tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Elas: So let me get this straight. Kalshara and Brafilius are out in the world capturing innocent Fairy Animals (some of them who are, by the way, very close friends of mine) reeking havoc, and posing as a very real threat to the general safety of both animals and humans alike, and you take Bloom on a DATE?!

Sky: Not a date EXACTLY. More of, um, Bloom and Sky One on One Time.

Elas: *snorts* I don’t believe this…

‚ÄĒ By Raindrops on Roses

Musings & Rants

Nex is not¬†“the new Riven.” Got it? Good. ūüėõ

Why did I write that post before this one? I mentioned¬†why at the beginning of it. Whenever¬†Nex¬†says or does anything, the¬†first thing people say,¬†“He’s ‘the new Riven'” or, “He replaced Riven” or, “He’s just Riven except ‚ÄĒ,” or something like that. The fanbase keeps¬†trying to force¬†Nex into a role he wasn’t¬†created¬†for.

We’ll¬†never understand his character until we stop comparing him¬†to Riven. The truth is¬†we still don’t know him¬†well.¬†He’s only been around for two seasons.

Here’s what I’ve been hinting at¬†since the¬†ep. 7X04 review. In season six, Rainbow¬†began his love story with¬†Aisha.¬†This season, they focused on his¬†relationships with the Specialists. In most of the episodes he was in, he interacted with¬†one or two of them¬†at a time:

  • “First Color of the Universe” (7X04) ‚ÄĒ Brandon, brief moment with Helia
  • “Back in the Middle Ages” (7X08) ‚ÄĒ Helia
  • “Winx Trapped!” (7X10) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy
  • “Mission in the Jungle” (7X11) ‚ÄĒ¬†Sky
  • “Back to Paradise Bay” (7X16) ‚ÄĒ¬†Sky, brief moment with Brandon
  • “Lost in a Droplet” (7X17) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy
  • “Baby Winx” (7X20) ‚ÄĒ¬†Helia
  • “New Magic Harmony” (7X25) ‚ÄĒ¬†Helia, Sky
  • “The Power of the Fairy Animals” (7X26) ‚ÄĒ¬†Timmy, brief moment with Helia

The types of interactions varied. Sometimes he talked to¬†them, sometimes he raced them, and¬†sometimes he just exchanged glances with them. You could always tell who the chosen¬†guy was for each¬†episode. He and Nex would be isolated from the others, or Nex would be beside¬†him in almost every scene.¬†For example, in¬†“Baby Winx” (7X20),¬†he was almost always next to¬†Helia:

This is nothing new for TV. For example, when Zuko joined the Gaang in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, Katara, and Sokka each got an episode (or two) alone with him. When it was Toph’s turn, she lampshaded¬†what the writers¬†were¬†up to: “Everyone else went on a life-changing field trip with Zuko.” (It didn’t work out for her, though. ūüėõ )

The¬†guys’¬†moments with Nex didn’t change their lives, but they did reveal his real role in the Boys Club. (Hint: it has nothing to do with Riven.)

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