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Brandon: Just because your hair looks like blonde seaweed in the third movie, doesn’t mean you need to take it out on me, dude.
— by Carissa

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TV & Movie News

Winx Club: Il Mistero degli Abissi (The Mystery of the Depths) premieres September 4 in Italy!

Rainbow’s description (translated by me):

The Winx Club is back in the depths of the Infinite Ocean! Thanks to their new ally, Politea, the Trix are able to free Tritannus from his prison, swapping his life with Prince Sky’s. Their evil plan to conquer the Magical Dimension seems closer than ever to fruition. To save the prince, Bloom can count on the help of her BFFs, the Winx, and the little Selkies. Can the Winx defeat the Trix and their new ally, Politea? What will happen if they fail to save Sky and restore balance to the Infinite Ocean? Magic, transformations, and an ancient magical mystery … the Winx will be more united than ever in this new, exciting adventure! Don’t miss the adventures, news, and exclusive content from the Winx Club!


capture_002_20012014_114741_681Last episode, Diaspro upgraded from love potions to murder in her plot to win back Sky.

Two questions came to my mind while I was watching:

  1. After everything she’s done, who’d let her anywhere near Sky and Bloom? I guess Eraklyon doesn’t care what happens to its future king and queen!
  2. Does Diaspro really think Sky would take her back if she did succeed in killing Bloom?

The first answer’s easy: the Magic Dimension has lame security. Guards are useless. The justice system — wait, is there one? Seems like criminals can get away with almost anything!

The Trix shouldn’t be walking free, either. Of course, no matter what famous or “escape-proof” prison they’re thrown in, they manage to break out. Sub-zero wasteland? Not good enough. Bottom of the ocean? Nope. Try again.

The second question’s got more layers. What’s Diaspro’s state of mind right now? Was she just trying to impress the Trix, or has she gone psycho? Is she heading down a spiral of desperation where her actions will get crazier and more violent? (Wait, this isn’t a Japanese anime. 😛 )


I think this is all about control now. She doesn’t even love Sky anymore. How could she if she’d happily toss his fiancée into a burning pit?

If this were the real world, Sky and Bloom could have a restraining order on her by now. But it’s a TV show. As long as the creators say so, she’ll keep coming between them however she wants to, without any consequences. Hey, at least it’s interesting.

Or is it? This has been going on since season one, after all. Maybe it’s time to retire Diaspro and give another Winx a rival.

What do you think?