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Wow, I haven’t written a post like this in months. Sorry for abandoning my blog again. 😔 No, I’m not leaving the fandom — at least not yet. If I ever decide to, I’ll announce it here before I go.

Since Winx and World of Winx are between seasons, I think I’ll talk about random things for a while. We know Winx season eight is coming late next year. (You knew that, right? 😉) I’ll focus on season seven again as the premiere date gets closer.

Today, let’s talk about a couple I tend to ignore (because they get enough attention already): Bloom and Sky. When I started drafting this, I didn’t know it was almost the tenth anniversary of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Perfect timing. This post is about how one detail of Sky’s character — a detail that’s been there since season one — wrecked the movie’s ending.

Quick recap: After saving Domino, Bloom finally reunited with her birth parents Oritel and Marion. We later got a preview of her and Sky’s wedding (whenever that’s gonna happen). That’s the proverbial fly in the ointment: their marriage.

For three seasons, Rainbow implied that Bloom would be the next queen of Domino. Some fans still think so. It makes sense, right? Why else would her being the last princess be important?

But she’ll never be the queen of Domino — and she was never gonna be. That’s because of Sky. Why?

Because he’s the prince of Eraklyon.

When Bloom marries him, she’ll become his Queen Consort. That will leave Domino once again without an heir. Not a happy ending for the once-lost kingdom, after all. 😕

Oh, wait! Daphne’s corporeal again!

If you’ve wondered why Rainbow retconned her death, this could be the answer. It was just so she could rule Domino in Bloom’s place. That explains her coronation in “Vortex of Flames” (6X06) and her marriage to Thoren after dating for barely a year. (Who cares about relationship development? They’re so cute together! 🙄)

Were there better ways to fix the problem? Sure. I brainstormed a few:

  • Oritel and Marion could have had a third kid. (Do magic beings have a childbearing age limit? 😅)
  • Bloom and Sky could have had kids and sent one to rule Domino when he/she got older. It would have taken longer, but it would have worked, right?
  • Sky could have given up the throne of Eraklyon.

I don’t like that last option because Rainbow built up Sky’s attachment to his kingdom as much as Bloom’s attachment to hers. Think of all the times he ditched her because he had royal duties to attend to! In fact, his story has revolved more around being a prince than being Bloom’s boyfriend — which is good because it means he’s not just a love interest. He has his own identity. It wouldn’t have felt right if he had given up what made him unique.

This might sound weird coming from me, but maybe bringing back Daphne was the best option. She’s still doing what she did when she was dead: ensuring a “happily ever after” for Bloom. And we know Domino means as much to her, so it’s still satisfying to see her take the throne.

Here’s the bottom line, though. The heirless Domino plot hole wouldn’t have been there if Rainbow hadn’t made Sky a prince. The most important part of his character broke his girlfriend’s story — and the writers (and the fandom) didn’t even notice! That’s why you can’t take everything in a story at face value. Sometimes when you look below the surface, you start to see the cracks.

By the way…Happy Birthday, Bloom! 😅

I know. Weird timing. It wasn’t intentional.


After solving the last riddle, the Winx head to Domino’s Great Yellow Reef to find the third Sirenix gem. But they must pass a test of courage to obtain it. Meanwhile at Domino’s Renewal Ceremony, the Trix turn Oritel and Marion into ice to blackmail Daphne into revealing the secret of Sirenix.

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According to a report on Michael’s Winx Club, the episode “It Feels Like Magic” aired this morning on the CW4Kids. Yes, they started over from episode one, which means there are seventy-seven episodes to show before they reach season four. By that time, the rumored fifth season and the second movie may have premiered!

This makes me think we probably won’t get a dub from 4Kids TV. Last month (the 13th), there was a report on Michael’s Winx Club claiming 4Kids said a dub “would not come out…anytime near the future” (probably “in the near future”). Also, remember how the Singapore English dub of Secret of the Lost Kingdom used 4Kids dub terms? For example, Bloom calls her home world “Sparks” instead of Domino. Why would Cinélume do that? Could it have been a way to combine the two English dubs?

Now it’s not impossible. 4Kids didn’t say it would not happen. Besides, these companies like to be vague about what they’re up to. “Anytime near the future” could really mean “yes, there will be a dub, but you’ll have to wait a while.”

Who knows? They could have a Winx Club marathon at some point to speed up the broadcast, or they may not even run the whole series again—maybe just the first season. The USA would still be behind, but we always are with these shows anyway.

It’s hard to know what 4Kids might do. After all, they can be unpredictable.

Internet News

Has anyone noticed this? On the Winx Club website, if you drop the “Luoghi” (Places) menu, you’ll see that Domino is called “Sparks,” its 4Kids dub and English movie version name. Yet the other names are correct according to the original version (Fonterossa = Red Fountain, Torrenuvola = Cloud Tower, etc.), and the header on the linked page still says Domino. A simple, but strange error, don’t you think?