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Christmas in June? Why not! Jordan B. is here with a review of the season five Christmas special “A Magix Christmas.”

“Thoughts on Winx Club Episode 5X10: ‘A Magix Christmas’”

~ By Jordan B. ~

Ahh, Christmas, the season of good will toward all, the time for giving gifts to loved ones. In Winx Club, it’s no different, but will an uninvited terrible trio ruin Christmas? Well, time to find out.

The episode begins at Alfea as usual, where Bloom is humming “Jingle Bells” when the Winx make their presence known. Bloom explains what Christmas is, since they haven’t celebrated, but the Trix, spying on the Winx, mistakenly determine that a feeling that you get around Christmas is a form of power and plan to steal it.

Back at Alfea, as Bloom and the Winx are saying goodbye, the Specialists arrive. Sky notices Bloom has a suitcase and asks where she’s going. She says that she’s going home for Christmas and wishes Sky could celebrate it with her (which I get), but the Trix summon the ice dragons to ruin her day. The Winx try to fight the dragons but are unable to destroy them, while the Specialists get the Alfea students to safety.

But the ice dragons then seal everyone inside Alfea. The Winx try to destroy the dome but are unsuccessful again, which makes Bloom sad. She goes for a walk round Alfea.

The Winx and Specialists decide to make Christmas for Bloom in…let’s just say an odd way, which works as well as you’d expect. The Trix show up and fight the Winx, and Bloom learns that the Trix are attacking based on failure to do research. Icy destroying the gingerbread house sends Bloom into a rage where she goes to max power, one-shots the ice dragons, and destroys the ice dome, making it snow while sending the Trix blasting off again.

Then Faragonda, who has done her research, allows Mike, Vanessa, and the Gardenia kids to visit Alfea to celebrate Christmas with Bloom. We get a Peter Pan-style flight sequence around a Christmas-decorated Alfea, and Bloom wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

What I Observed

• Bloom’s elf costume was cute as heck. 😊

• The friendship bracelets being the first Christmas gift the Winx get was nice. 😊

• Wait, why weren’t Marion and Oritel invited, since they are Bloom’s birth parents and Christmas is supposed to be celebrated with your whole family, which includes your boyfriend and birth parents? 😕

• The ice dragons made an interesting monster for the Winx to fight.

• So, a magic ice dome can block phone signals? Sorry, I have to call BS on that. 😤

• “We’ll miss you Bloom.” “I’ll only be gone for two days.” Seriously, can’t the Winx go two days with Bloom not being around? 😤

• “Our magic isn’t working on them!” Once again, I call BS again, but I’ll explain why in my overall thoughts. 😤

• Yikes, Flora, that tree looks as bad as dodo and that creature’s dead! 😱

• The Christmas house was nice, and Stella dressed up as Santa claus was amusing. 😊

• The Trix destroying a Christmas decoration sends Bloom into an anger outburst? Yikes! Remind me never to ruin Christmas! 😱

• The ending song was nice, as was the flying sequence. However, Santa hats and Harmonix don’t work together.

Overall Thoughts

Now was this episode good? Well, yes and no. It had good voice acting and animation, and lastly good pacing and an easy plot to follow — if you ignore the factor that makes the plot fall apart — while the Trix not knowing the magic of Christmas was not actually magic is understandable, since they have never visited earth at Christmastime.

However, the major problem with this episode — heck, with the show from season one in general — is that most of the conflicts could be solved by brute force. All it took to destroy the ice dragons and ice dome was the full power of the Dragon Flame. Bloom could have done that during the first battle against the ice dragons, but then the plot would’ve ended early, so they needed an excuse to make the episode last longer.

But do I recommend this episode, obviously. It’s a nice episode to watch and a good Christmas episode.

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Time for the second “Life of Musa” post! The first post was about her relationship with Riven and why it failed. Today’s post is about other guys Musa has met that might be (or might have been) better for her.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Musa, Pt. II: Potentially Healthy Relationships

~ By Will N. ~

Muri fans, if you can’t handle a different option, stop here. If not, consider yourselves warned.

In the last chapter, we talked about how Muri was simply doomed before it started because neither partner gave the other what they needed. They just argued about who had control of whom. Way too toxic for anybody. That’s not a healthy relationship.

When it comes to a healthy relationship, Musa needs somebody who treats her like a person and not a toy, as well as somebody who doesn’t have her personality. In this show, the underlying theme is how opposites can attract and coexist peacefully. The same also applies to any kind of relationship, be it friends or romance. For example, Aisha and Nex, being an allegory for life and death, is a way to show how somebody can be similar in some ways but opposite in another (i.e., Nex can lighten Aisha’s depressive mood, and Aisha can curb Nex’s near-Stella levels of hyper-cheeriness).

What kind of guy does Musa need then? If Musa is sound, she needs a silent, but not abrasive guy.

We have seen a potential healthy relationship for Musa before in both the comics and the show. In the comics, she meets a wealthy musician named Lukas who has his own band that she briefly sings with, and Lukas appears to treat her like a person. It just doesn’t last because of an attack on Musa to get to Lukas and use him as bait for his family. Lukas calls it off, not because he nor Musa can handle themselves, but because he doesn’t want his status to endanger her. This is shortly after season four when Musa calls it off with Riven the first time.

In season two, however, we saw a better representation of a healthy relationship. Jared, a Redfountain Specialist reporter, was set up with Musa on a blind date by Stella to try to help out, possibly knowing that things with Riven wouldn’t work out. Jared decided to say never mind about dating and apologized to Musa for not even knowing that she didn’t want somebody then. After that, he let her be his exclusive interview on Alfea’s operations, writing down everything she said. He actually thought it was interesting, which shocked her because much like her roommate, nobody ever listened to her.

Once it was over, there was a quick bike ride and Musa got her favorite flowers (lilies) from him, to which she blushed. Too bad he had to suffer being a Darcy target before getting sent to the background with a minor fairy named Alice, which might have just been a “for the dance” special since their cameos in season five didn’t show them together.

They certainly were not the only options, though. Andy, Marc, and Rio have also been potential sweethearts for Musa, too, but…well, we can’t really say. It’s Musa’s choice who she dates or if she ever dates again, but it probably won’t be Riven.

Next time: Friendships.

Question: Do you think Musa should date again or stay single?

Guest Posts

Will is back again! Today, he’s talking about our marvelous Fairy of Music, Musa! There’s a lot to talk about, so he’s splitting it up into four posts that will each be published every few days. The first post is about her relationship with Riven.

“Winx Girls: Life Of Musa, Pt. I: Why Muri Doesn’t Work”

~ By Will N. ~

Muri fans, be warned: It gets dangerously supportive of the ending from this point forward and follows the Cinelume(RAI)/Nickelodeon course of events. Read at your own risk.

Musa’s love life is problematic, but is one at fault or are both parties to blame for this clash? It is both, because of their personalities.

Problem One

Stubbornness. Both parties rarely (if at all) agree on anything. How can a relationship work if there’s no sense of compromise? If no one is willing to compromise, then they can’t even be friends, let alone date.

Problem Two

Trust issues worse than Bloom and Sky’s. Riven willingly ditched Sky, Brandon, Bloom, and Stella for Darcy before Bloom could make things right after trying to literally “cool him off”. Musa went to investigate later and didn’t like what she saw.

Even when Riven tried later to prove his worth, Musa still didn’t buy it. She might have gotten a power boost for giving him a second chance, but Riven clearly abused it. Then even when Riven tried to be nice, he couldn’t trust Musa to know what she was doing, to the point he got possessive if she so much as looked at another guy, whether it was a Specialist or not.

Problem Three

Anger. Management. Issues. There’s a reason why Musa’s primary fairy color is red or magenta, alongside Riven’s Specialist gem matching. These two seriously need to take a chill pill. That is too much toxicity for anyone. If someone likes being consistently angry, they need help.

Problem Four

Musa was verbally abused and neglected yet tried to be nice, and Riven used the guise of protection as a cover up to keep acting in his old ways. There’s no denying this one: Riven was constantly downtalking Musa and treating her more like a toy than a person, which is what all their fights were about. Musa took it in hopes that he’d change, but because as the OP said “training is his girlfriend,” it never happened.

Problem Five

Musa knew better the whole time and tried to end it after a year and a half, but Nabu’s death complicated things. This is one no one ever brings up. Riven got the equivalent of a “stay away from her” speech from Bloom in season one. Stella showed her a way to avoid it in season two. Aisha advised calling it off in season three, with Musa agreeing. Then after Musa tried in season four singing about it, Nabu’s death made her stick around until after one last cover-up song in season five really set her off, after the appearance of Riven being a cheater (knowing what happened the last time somebody cheated). The Winx and Specialists are still suffering the consequences of that to this day.

It was finally after Flora called Riven “a dog” and he spent more time with a boomerang than he did with Musa that she decided either she was going to break it off, or Riven was.

Problem Six

It’s just impossible like the ship name says. There is no way this could work unless Riven learned to be nice. Musa tried changing for Riven, but he never changed for her. His niceness was all a charade. If he ever changes, it will take however long fairies live. Musa might be hopeful, but it’s pretty much a lost cause at this point.

In all, the breakup was the best because neither person could benefit from the other long term. Friends? Maybe as a possibility, but I don’t think they ever will (nor should they) date again. Musa needs someone who actually treats her like a person, not a possession (maybe that way out Stella offered), or else she should stay single.

Musings & Rants

Happy Siblings Day! I’m glad I didn’t put this up a few days ago like I planned to. Today’s the best day for it!

Let’s play a game. Name a set of sisters in Winx Club. Annnnnd…go!

Bloom and Daphne. Flora and Miele. Mitzi and Macy. The Trix…um, maybe. Easy, right?

Now name a set of brothers. Annnnnd…go!

That’s a lot harder. I bet you thought of Nereus and Tritannus first. While we’re in Andros, here’s another pair: King Neptune and King Teredor. Wait a minute — are they brothers or brothers-in-law? Was Teredor a Triton? Was Queen Niobe a mermaid? Does that mean Aisha’s part mermaid? I’m so confused! 😵

Back to brothers. How about the Crocodile Man and the Alligator Man? They count, but they’re from World of Winx, not the main series.

What about female characters who have brothers? Tressa’s the twin Tritons’ sister. Too bad Tritannus wanted to kill them both. 😕 Kalshara and Brafilius are the only brother-sister duo we’ve ever seen (besides background characters), but she treated him more like a henchman.

What about the main group — the Winx (minus Bloom and Flora) and their boyfriends? Do any of them have brothers? Nope! Stella, Tecna, Musa, and Aisha are only children, and as far as we know, so are all the guys.

I get why the royals wouldn’t have siblings. A king and queen only need one kid to carry on the family bloodline. (Bloom’s the exception, of course, because she always is. 😛) But what about the commoners? What’s stopping their parents from having lots of kids? Alyssa and Rhodos didn’t stop at one!

But the other one was female, too! Why are the siblings always sisters? I know shows with female leads tend to have more female characters than male characters. That’s fine, but couldn’t Rainbow at least mention they have brothers? They don’t have to show up on-screen. For example, 4Kids gave Tecna a little brother in an activity book.

It’s too late for more Winx to have siblings now (unless they were just born). We know them and their families so well, it would seem too random. But since we don’t know the guys that well (except Sky), why not give them siblings?

I’m not saying Rainbow should just pick any of them and give him brothers for no reason. It has to make sense. You can guess the guy wouldn’t be an only child based on his personality or backstory. Here are my thoughts:

  • Sky: Not him.😑 We know about as much about him as we know about the Winx! (Heck, we know more about him than about some of the Winx.) A cousin we haven’t met? Fine, but a brother? It wouldn’t fit his story — unless it was a younger brother, but that would still feel random.
  • Brandon: He seems good at dealing with kids (and Stella’s immature moments), so maybe he’s had to take care of a younger sibling or two. But he’s also vain like Stella (though not as much as her), so maybe he’s a spoiled only child like her who got a lot of praise growing up.
  • Helia: I think he could go either way. Like Brandon, he seems to be good with kids, but he’s also really sensitive. That could just be his personality, or it could come from years of being teased by a brother or sister. Or it could come from pressure from his parents, even if he doesn’t have siblings.
  • Timmy: I feel like he would have a sibling. If he does, I think it’s an older sibling. That could explain his self-consciousness. Maybe they’re a famous scientist or engineer, and he feels like he’s not as good as them.
  • Nex: I can see him having a lot of siblings, which could explain why he shows off. Maybe he’s one of the youngest, and he feels like his parents ignore him. It’s like Timmy’s story, but instead of becoming more reserved, Nex became more outspoken, like he’s shouting to be heard.

Did you see what I did? Giving the guys siblings — even if they aren’t brothers — could help develop their characters. That’s what family members are for. They’re a quick way to make the main characters more relatable and add to their backstories.

Bottom line: I wanna see more of their families. And it’d be nice if Rainbow would add some brothers to the series — brothers who aren’t trying to take over the universe.

Musings & Rants

Wow, I haven’t written a post like this in months. Sorry for abandoning my blog again. 😔 No, I’m not leaving the fandom — at least not yet. If I ever decide to, I’ll announce it here before I go.

Since Winx and World of Winx are between seasons, I think I’ll talk about random things for a while. We know Winx season eight is coming late next year. (You knew that, right? 😉) I’ll focus on season seven again as the premiere date gets closer.

Today, let’s talk about a couple I tend to ignore (because they get enough attention already): Bloom and Sky. When I started drafting this, I didn’t know it was almost the tenth anniversary of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Perfect timing. This post is about how one detail of Sky’s character — a detail that’s been there since season one — wrecked the movie’s ending.

Quick recap: After saving Domino, Bloom finally reunited with her birth parents Oritel and Marion. We later got a preview of her and Sky’s wedding (whenever that’s gonna happen). That’s the proverbial fly in the ointment: their marriage.

For three seasons, Rainbow implied that Bloom would be the next queen of Domino. Some fans still think so. It makes sense, right? Why else would her being the last princess be important?

But she’ll never be the queen of Domino — and she was never gonna be. That’s because of Sky. Why?

Because he’s the prince of Eraklyon.

When Bloom marries him, she’ll become his Queen Consort. That will leave Domino once again without an heir. Not a happy ending for the once-lost kingdom, after all. 😕

Oh, wait! Daphne’s corporeal again!

If you’ve wondered why Rainbow retconned her death, this could be the answer. It was just so she could rule Domino in Bloom’s place. That explains her coronation in “Vortex of Flames” (6X06) and her marriage to Thoren after dating for barely a year. (Who cares about relationship development? They’re so cute together! 🙄)

Were there better ways to fix the problem? Sure. I brainstormed a few:

  • Oritel and Marion could have had a third kid. (Do magic beings have a childbearing age limit? 😅)
  • Bloom and Sky could have had kids and sent one to rule Domino when he/she got older. It would have taken longer, but it would have worked, right?
  • Sky could have given up the throne of Eraklyon.

I don’t like that last option because Rainbow built up Sky’s attachment to his kingdom as much as Bloom’s attachment to hers. Think of all the times he ditched her because he had royal duties to attend to! In fact, his story has revolved more around being a prince than being Bloom’s boyfriend — which is good because it means he’s not just a love interest. He has his own identity. It wouldn’t have felt right if he had given up what made him unique.

This might sound weird coming from me, but maybe bringing back Daphne was the best option. She’s still doing what she did when she was dead: ensuring a “happily ever after” for Bloom. And we know Domino means as much to her, so it’s still satisfying to see her take the throne.

Here’s the bottom line, though. The heirless Domino plot hole wouldn’t have been there if Rainbow hadn’t made Sky a prince. The most important part of his character broke his girlfriend’s story — and the writers (and the fandom) didn’t even notice! That’s why you can’t take everything in a story at face value. Sometimes when you look below the surface, you start to see the cracks.

By the way…Happy Birthday, Bloom! 😅

I know. Weird timing. It wasn’t intentional.