What If Wednesday

Today's "What If Wednesday" question: "What if Musa's father, Ho-Boe, remarries?"

The death of her mother, Matlin, has been a big part of Musa's story since season one. Almost every season has referenced it somehow. (I think the only two that didn't were four and seven.) Throughout the series, she's shown strength and maturity by being able to accept her loss.

One of her wisest moments was in season five, when she chose not to use her Sirenix wish to bring her back to life. She knew that would have been wrong. After all, Matlin's in paradise now — safe from danger and free from sickness. How selfish would Musa be to drag her mother out of eternal happiness?

Ho-Boe hasn't been as strong as his daughter. Out of grief, he tried to crush her dream of becoming a musician. Being around music brought back too many painful memories for him.

That episode — "The Show Must Go On" (2X15) — is one of my favorites from season two. The title's pretty clever. Musa's show at Redfountain almost went on without her. But "show" may have been a metaphor for "life" — as in "life goes on," part of what Ho-Boe needed to learn.

We know what happened. He let her perform, she ended up fighting Stormy (not important, but still part of the episode), and at the end, we saw the father and daughter smile and hug each other at Matlin's grave. The implication was he'd healed a bit more. In season five, he looked happy again.

Why not take this subplot further? Is he ready to find love again? I know he's middle-aged, but people remarry even later in life.

How would Musa react to it? Would she accept her new mom — or resent her (and him)?

We've already seen a story like this with Stella in season three. The difference is her mother, Queen Luna, is still alive, so she'd still be in her life even if King Radius remarried. But Matlin's gone forever. Would Musa take that into consideration?

(Side note: if you count the comics, her father isn't the only widower in her story. In #33: "Ghosts," she meets a composer named Sifelius, whose wife has recently died. He's given up on writing music and shut himself up in his house. I won't ruin the ending, in case you haven't read the comic.)

That's it for today!

Episode Reviews


After waiting more than a year for Nick to finish season six, I’ve decided to watch the final episodes online. Somehow, YouTuber WinxClubEnglish has gotten HD copies of them. Rumor has it Rainbow gave them to him to put them on his channel, so it’s good as watching them legally anywhere else. (I hope I can still complete my iTunes collection, though.)

But let’s face it: most of us have already watched them somewhere else. I already know some things that happen, though I haven’t watched a single episode in full until now. This is just for closure. I wanna wrap up my season six reviews before Nick, I hope, airs season seven. (Fingers and toes crossed.)

When we — or should I say, I — last left our heroes, they’d just returned from Stella’s banquet on Solaria, her apology for acting like a brat during her one-day reign. The Winx treated her and Brandon to pizza to celebrate their anniversary. Now it’s back to business: finding a way to make Cloud Tower visible again.


capture_003_16072015_133504_606Daphne and the Winx watch as Stella tosses books everywhere in a mad research frenzy. The books get angry — they’re magic, after all — and start spinning wildly around the room. Stella has to calm them down with a spell. (Nice throwback to season one. 🙂 )

Timmy comes in and says he’s finally found a solution to their Cloud Tower problem. They need something called a Spectrographic Localizer, but he doesn’t know where to get one. Tecna suggests they go to Zenith and ask her father. He’s a gadget whiz like her. Plus, it’d give Timmy a chance to meet the in-laws — I mean, her parents. 😛 Timmy’s nervous about the idea at first, but she cheers him up with his chance of approval: 66.8 percent! 😛 (Man, that line cracked me up!)

Before they leave, they need to hide the Legendarium Key. Cue Eldora! She brings with her a living, thief-proof (yeah, right) safe. Bloom lays the key inside and puts Kiko and the Pixies on guard duty. They fail immediately, as usual. Chatta tries to open the safe and scares it right out the window. (Sigh. Pixies… 😕 )

Meanwhile, Timmy and the Winx arrive at Tecna’s house. They’re greeted at the door by a hologram of her parents: Electronio and Magnethia. Of course, they’ve got lots of questions for Timmy as soon as she says he’s her boyfriend. The poor guy clams up during the interview (the Winx have to talk for him), but he aces Electronio’s multitasking test. Sure enough, they think he’s a keeper! 🙂

As dinner’s ending, the Winx remember why they came to Zenith: to ask about the Spectrographic Localizer. Electronio just happens to have one. (How convenient.) But he doesn’t have a clue how to get it to work. Good thing Timmy’s a tinkerer. Leave it to him!

IMG_2883That’s bad news for Selina and the Trix. They’ve gotta slow the Winx down before they lose their advantage. Selina knows just who to send into a computer fairyland: Frankenstein’s Monster, born from and strengthened by electricity. “Frankie” storms Zenith City, crushing cars and sapping power from the Technodroids.

Timmy and the Winx hear the commotion as they’re leaving. The girls transform and soar to the scene. Our shy Specialist tries to score a few more points with Tecna’s parents by showing off his mini-Windrider, which expands to full size. Pretty cool! He says an awkward goodbye before jetting off.

The gang finds “Frankie” on the suspension bridge. They fire a couple shots at him, but the brute’s immune to attacks. Timmy tries tying him up with a snapped bridge cable, but he breaks through it like it’s floss.

Tecna’s turn. She tries absorbing power from the city and hurling it at him, but she doesn’t know electricity makes him stronger. “Frankie” thinks her attack’s a gift — and falls in love with her! Oops! 😛 Timmy and the girls try to protect her, but he manages to grab her and disappears into the Legendarium World. The Winx uses the Mythix wands to follow them.

Stormy sees this as a chance to trap the techno fairy forever. Selina sends her in after them.

The Winx arrive in a barren forest. They head towards a castle in the distance, but before they reach it Stormy appears. Boy, has she gone haywire! (What else is new?) She sends them ducking for cover from her lightning bolts!

Inside the castle, Tecna tries to escape from her admirer. She sees something going on outside and uses her Mythix spell, Technomagic Vision, to locate Stormy. That gives her an idea. If “Frankie” loves electricity, he’ll love an energetic witch like her. Tecna gives her a power boost just to turn his attention on her. He forgets about Tecna right away, and while he’s distracted she returns to the real world with her friends.

capture_011_16072015_135851_202Timmy and the Winx say one more goodbye to Tecna’s parents before heading back to Alfea. That gives the Pixies enough time to wrangle the magic safe back into the Winx’s dorm. It’s there when the girls get home. (Sigh. Pixies. 😕 )

Now, it’s up to the nerd couple to get the Spectrographic Localizer running. Then the witches will have nowhere left to hide.

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Episode Reviews


We asked you to choose your favorite episode of the marathon in our newest Site Poll. The most popular pick, with 41 percent of the votes, was “Mythix!” I agree with you. It was a great episode.

Remember: assume I haven’t seen the last two episodes. No spoilers, please! 😛


IMG_0609Eldora’s thrilled to meet Bloom’s parents — especially her mom, since today happens to be Mother’s Day! Oops! Bloom completely forgot! But at least she won’t have to buy a gift; Eldora takes care of it. She gives Vanessa a magical plant with a funny-sounding voice. (It’s the thought that counts.)

On to what the Winx came to do: talk to Eldora about locking the Legendarium. First, she tells them more about the book. It’s a link between the Real World — the one they know — and the aptly-named Legendarium World, where fictional characters live. When Selina reads it, it pulls monsters out of that realm and into the Real World.

The only way to lock the book is with an item that once was in the Legendarium World. Sadly, Eldora doesn’t know where it is. All she has a lead: a good place to find magical artifacts is Tir Na n’Og Island! But she’s searched there before and found nothing. Good thing the Winx know the locals!

Meanwhile at Cloud Tower, the moment Selina’s been waiting for arrives. The Trix are ready to channel the power they’ve gathered from the magic schools. She’ll use her share to finally free Acheron.

But things don’t go as she hoped. The three witches make stone pendants for themselves to store the power, but Selina doesn’t get one. Why does she need it? She has the Legendarium, after all. On that note, they leave her behind to go try their new powers on another school: Tir Na n’Og College!

Eldora and the Winx are already there, warmly welcomed by Queen Nebula. The school is really Morgana’s castle remodeled. What a great way to continue the Winx’s mission of bringing magic back to Earth. 🙂

IMG_0615Nebula leads them to a room where seven, colorful wands float inside a magic mirror. According to legend, they belonged to the Seven Ancestral Fairies who crossed over from the Legendarium World, thus making fairies real. These items contain a power called Mythix. With it, a fairy can enter the Legendarium World.

Sadly, the Winx can’t just take them. No fairy can hold them until she’s proven herself before them. No, their record of saving the universe a dozen times doesn’t count. So what can they do to prove their worth?

They don’t have long to think about it before the Trix attack! And they’ve brought backup: the former fairy Lazuli and her “friends.” Eldora and the Winx transform and help Nebula and her students defend the school. But the Trix outsmart them. While they’re keeping them busy, Lazuli and another witch sneak in!

Of course, two, new Cloud Tower students are no match for a Bloomix fairy. Bloom follows them and beats them easily. But she’s not ready for her next enemy.

While she’s chatting with a group of Tir Na n’Og students, a bolt of dark magic suddenly zaps her in the back. It came from Selina! She follows it up with a magic snake that binds Bloom’s arms to her side. The students aren’t strong enough to save her.

Bloom tries to convince Selina she’s trusting the wrong person, but she won’t listen. Eldora was weak. She only gave her rules — Acheron gave her real power. She’s determined to free him, and she’ll use Bloom’s Dragon Flame to do it!

Bloom’s not about to let her magic be taken again. She gathers all her energy, and with a massive flame burst, she sends Selina flying to the other side of the room! That gives her time to go help her friends, who are having a hard time fending off the Trix.

But she’s no help. The power from the magic schools really has made them stronger! The fiery attack doesn’t phase Icy, and she counters it with an icicle barrage. Bloom tries to take cover inside the school, but she’s knocked into the wand room and lands (conveniently) in front of the magic mirror. The ice witch gathers her energy for a final blow.

As Bloom lifts her head, she notices a glowing stone hanging from Icy’s neck. That’s the source of her power! With a powerful flame ray, she shatters it, triggering a chain reaction that breaks Stormy and Darcy’s pendants, too. The Trix retreat to recharge and plan another attack.

IMG_0635The Winx win again!

Better yet, the wands like what they saw. They fly out of the mirror and into the Winx and Eldora’s hands. Now they can become Mythix fairies and enter the Legendarium World! (But no new look for you, Eldora. Sorry. 😛 )

They end up at a gateway between dimensions, which Eldora calls the Wise Doorway. It tells them that to lock the Legendarium, they’ll need…the Legendarium Key. That’s simple enough.

But they’ll have to forge it themselves. They’ll need two items hidden in the Real World: the Fantasy Emerald and the Silver Spear. The Mythix wands will guide them to them. Once they’ve found them, they’ll cross over into the Legendarium World.

This “Real World,” “Legendarium World” talk is confusing, so the girls decide to head back to Alfea to do some research. Which means asking Daphne. 😛

The professor quickly finds the spell to make the wands search for magic artifacts: “Mythix Insight.” (I love that name. 😀 ) It shows the Winx an image of an island called Calavera, which has a lot of legends associated with it. Sounds like a good place to start!

But not yet. It’s still Mother’s Day, and the girls have planned a party at Alfea with flowers, pizza, and a live performance. All their moms are invited — and Roxy’s, too! (Poor Musa. I think she’ll be okay, though. 🙂 )

Eldora feels like she’s intruding, but Bloom says she’s welcome, too. After all, she’s their fairy godmother. 🙂


Like I said, I thought this was a great episode — even better than “Shimmer in the Shadows.” (Can you tell how much I loved that episode?) I was glad to see Nebula and the Earth Fairies again — Nickbow finally remembered them — and the history of the Legendarium and the Seven Ancestral Fairies was really interesting. I even liked the Mythix scene; it was well-done and really beautiful. (Maybe I like fantasy worlds more than the ocean. 😛 )

I still have some complaints, though.

First, I hate how the Mythix wands match Eldora and the Winx so perfectly. I know it’s mainly for the dolls, but it’s too convenient. I want an in-universe explanation. Are the Winx descendants of the Ancestral Fairies? (I hope not. That’s been done already.) Do the wands adapt to their users’ powers? Make things make sense, Nickbow!

Second, I feel like the seventh wand was wasted on Eldora. To me, this episode was begging for more Roxy. The wands were in her homeland in a school that used to be her mother’s castle. The Seven Ancestral Fairies spread out to all the worlds of the Magic Dimension, including the Earth. And if each fairy had a different power source — the designs of the wands suggest it — why couldn’t one of them be “animals?” Instead, Nickbow doubled up on nature-themed wands. Boo.

Honestly, I think a lot of season five and six would have made more sense if Roxy had been a Winx.

Third, as much as I love the Ancestral Fairies story, doesn’t it conflict with the legend of the Great Dragon? He created all the worlds in the Magic Dimension. Did the fairies just come and live in them? For that matter, did he come from the Legendarium World, too?

Finally, a small gripe: I wish Nick had shown this on Mother’s Day. They probably could have if they’d air the show consistently. On television. *Sigh* 🙁

Final thoughts: very good episode. Should have been a Mother’s Day special, but still well worth watching.

Next episode: “Mystery of Calavera.” Following their Mythix Insight, the Winx head to Calavera Island to find a pirate’s treasure. Stay tuned for the review! Read the rest of this post

TV & Movie News


Credit goes to the YouTuber pimmetje135 for discovering this news and Aksh for sharing it on Facebook!

Yesterday, MovieTele.it published an article that spilled tons of season six secrets. (They did the same thing last year with season five.) It’s very long, so I won’t translate the whole thing word for word. Instead, I’ll just summarize the meat of it.

If you don’t wanna be spoiled, TURN BACK NOW! You’ve been warned!

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Caption Contest

The tribe has spoken! Here’s the winning caption!

capture_018_19072013_211951_580Valtor: Stormy, for the last time, no one needs the entire cave painted sassy mauve.
Stormy: You guys never let me have any fun.

Congratulations again, dominokitty! The next Caption Contest begins later today! Stay tuned!