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World of Winx 1X01 -- Flora Cooking Fish Dish

I can’t be the only fan who thought, “Since when?” 😕 Have we ever seen Flora cook before? She’s great at mixing potions, which is a little like cooking. You follow recipes, right?

But in Winx Club, cooking is Bloom’s talent. Granted, it seems like a new skill in her repertoire. I don’t remember seeing her cook much before season six, except in the comics (I think). Marion even asked her in “Mythix” (6X14), “When did you learn to cook like this, dear?” (Way to lampshade your randomness, Rainbow. :P)

The emphasis on the Winx’s talents feels new, too — and it’s not just for World of Winx. As that “Mythix” quote shows, Rainbow’s doing it in Winx Club, too.

I know the Winx have always had hobbies. Aisha works out and plays sports. Musa writes songs. Tecna loves to tinker with technology and invent techno-gadgets…I mean, devices. 😛

But do Musa and Tecna‘s hobbies count as “talents?” Yes, not just anyone can make an inter-dimensional portal generator, but Tecna’s the Fairy of Technology. Of course, she’s good with gadgets (er, devices) because they’re the source of her power. Same with Musa and music — music’s part of her magic identity.

Isn’t it cheating if your skills come from magic? I’m not saying Musa and Tecna aren’t talented. But if they weren’t the Fairies of Music and Technology, would they be interested in other things?

I’d say Aisha’s athleticism, Bloom’s drawing, and Stella’s fashion design are true talents. They have nothing to do with their power sources. But until season five, Bloom and Stella’s talents weren’t mentioned often. Bloom created the Winx logo, and one of the walls in her room in Gardenia was covered in fairy drawings she’d made, but art wasn’t a major part of her character.

Same with Stella. She designed outfits for the Winx now and then (like the Love & Pet outfits in season four), but it was just for fun. Before season five, I didn’t think of designing as her talent.

Winx Club 6X02 -- Flora Using Magic to Grow Flowers

Gardening is Flora’s talent in Winx Club. I guess Rainbow thought that’d be too boring for a reality show — you can’t have a gardening contest, can you? — so they assigned her something more exciting and more useful to the story.

But I wouldn’t have picked “chef.” It doesn’t fit her. I could see her as a baker, but not a general chef. This is the girl who yells, “Don’t hurt it!” every time a monster attacks her and her friends. Sorry to ruin your dinner, but she’s gonna chop up dead animals and serve them on a platter? 😕

I guess she could be a vegetarian chef.

Anyway, cooking felt like a random choice for Flora. Rainbow just needed each girl to have a passion, and since Bloom already had art, cooking was open. I don’t think it’s Flora’s dream to become a chef, but I guess if this talent’s exclusive to World of Winx, we can just say, “Oh, well. It’s not canon.”

Musings & Rants

After ten years, Tecna’s still a bit of a stranger to us. We know she has problems showing emotion (or used to, anyway); she made video games when she was nine, according to; and she loves tinkering with technology. That’s about it.

What about her background? What do her parents look like — if they’re even alive? Does she have a brother or sister? What’s it like growing up in a virtual fairyland that thrives on logic?

We might get some answers soon. Take a look at one of the places the Winx may visit this season.

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Tecna the Robot

This might be the closest we ever get to Cyberix.

The Cyberix rumor. It just won’t die.

So many fans are convinced season six will be space-themed and the Winx will become “robot fairies.” No one’s sure where this info came from — I’ve been told someone on YouTube made it up — but everyone’s spreading it around as fact. Guys, don’t believe everything you hear.

If you ask me, this theme wouldn’t even work in Winx Club. Here are a couple reasons why. Read the rest of this post

Episode Reviews


It’s been way too long, hasn’t it? Welcome back, Winx! And they came soaring back! This was a good episode — better dialogue, lots of action, and a long-overdue visit to Tecna’s realm, Zenith.

Speaking of Zenith, isn’t it amazing? Droids, holograms, big screens, circuit board patterns on the roads — no wonder Tecna’s such a techno geek! Of course, all Stella saw was a new shopping opportunity. (What are we gonna do with her?)

Meanwhile in the Infinite Ocean, Tritannus threw the biggest temper tantrum in the history of the Magic Dimension. What a baby!

Next episode: “The Shark’s Eye.” Darcy and Stormy go after Daphne’s friend Politea, a cursed Sirenix fairy, to steal her powers and surpass Icy and Tritannus. Daphne alerts Bloom, who goes to Shark Eye Mountain to save Politea.

Here were my thoughts while watching episode 5X22: “Listen to Your Heart!” Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

Tecna 3I’ve been wondering about something for a while now—Tecna’s powers. Tecna is the Winx that is often left out or overlooked. But if people took the time to notice her, they might realize that this logical fairy is actually quite illogical.

Nick has been using the whole “fairy of” thing during transformations, and Tecna is known as the “fairy of technology.”

…Excuse me? I don’t think I heard that correctly. Fairy of technology? Since when do magic and technology mix well? Hardly ever! In fact, I’d say that, in a way, they cancel each other out. Let’s dissect this a little bit.

I love reading fantasy novels, and your typical fairy story is something along these lines: fairies struggling to stay relevant in a developing world, or a fairy land co-existing alongside the modern world but remaining separate. Technology, or modernity, is usually deadly to fairies and weakens magic. Why? Technology represents change and advancement, so for fairies, who have been around for ages, it is not something that they comprehend easily. Magic is old; technology is new. The two don’t mix. Period.

This brings me back to Tecna. How could she use both technology and magic? If you had magic, would you really need technology? Wouldn’t one negate the need for the other?

Well, maybe the two aren’t so different after all. If people from older times saw our technology, they would think it was “some kind of sorcery.” Do you ever stop to think about how impossible some of our technology is? Just wait until we get to flying cars and music downloaded directly to the brain!

As far as Tecna is concerned, I don’t really get how her magic works, but hey! It’s fiction. She can be whatever she wants. 😉

You know what would settle this once and for all, though? IF IGINIO STRAFFI WOULD ACTUALLY LET US SEE ZENITH FOR ONCE!!!

…Just sayin. 🙂

What are your thoughts on magic and technology? Are there any other fantasy stories you like?