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Dreamix dolls - Stella and Flora

Credit goes to WinxClubRUS for sharing this news first!

The Nuremberg Toy Fair began today, and Witty Toys will be showing off new dolls based on World of Winx. According to ToyNews, those dolls will be the Dreamix collection, which will feature all six Winx, and a light-up Action-Spy doll that comes with a “special roleplay glove.”

ToyNews also reported the latest dolls Witty Toys launched (Tynix) were “the best-selling fashion doll[s] in Italy in November, based on revenue.” Go, Winx!

(Heads up: I’m gonna take another short break from talking about World of Winx, unless there’s big news.)

UPDATE: Animation Digital Digest posted a high-quality image of the Flora Dreamix doll. (Credit to WinxClubRUS again for finding it first.)

Flora Dreamix Doll


Merchandise News

Musa and Tecna Harmonix. The Pop Disco Collection. Any future fashions for the Stella Design Studio. These are just some of the Winx toys JAKKS Pacific never released.

Yesterday, Winx Club International Fan Club ( shared these pics of other scrapped Winx dolls:

Here are even more, courtesy of WinxClubRUS. Looks like these might be (or were planned to be) rescued by Witty Toys.

A graveyard of good intentions. *Sigh* 🙁

Let’s hope the Color Splash, Bloomix, and Mythix dolls don’t get added to this Hall of Shame. The odds don’t look good for us right now. According to Winx fan Dane V., JAKKS has pushed back the Color Splash release date to…someday. Sounds like Musa and Tecna Harmonix all over again to me. 🙁

Internet News

Thanks to Dane V. for sharing this news!

Yesterday by video, Rainbow announced an official Winx Club online store: Winx Club Shopping!


  • Access it from a link on
  • Shop for tons of Winx merchandise all in one place
  • Pick a Winx to go shopping with

Rainbow’s also releasing a special-edition, web-exclusive doll: Bloom Urban Fairy. Only 500 will be sold! capture_017_07122013_090059_383Based on this error page, Rainbow’s planning to make the site available worldwide. Stay tuned for updates! (Here’s hoping it’ll come to the U.S., too!)

Merchandise News

(Credit goes to my affiliate Michael’s Winx Club for this news!)


The title’s no lie! Target’s selling the Sirenix dolls for $10 each! That’s half price! Looks like it’s part of Target’s “Pre-Black Friday Sale,” which ends Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Aisha, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Musa are in stock as of the time of this post. Yep, no Bloom. (That’s backwards, huh?) But if you really want her, you can get her Harmonix doll for $10, too — if you don’t have it yet.

Important note: the sale price is online only, so you’ll need a account to buy anything. Kids, ask your parents! 😛

Merchandise News

Season six hasn’t premiered yet outside America, but Witty Toys is already making new fashion dolls!



“Directly from the 6th series, here are the Winx in trendy versions and with fashionable accessories! Selection of 4 characters: Bloom, Flora, Stella, and Aisha.”

Remember these outfits from the trailer and the opening? (The Winx were dancing to SNSD’s “Paparazzi” in them. :P) I guess the girls will be heading back to Bloom’s hometown sometime this season!


“Here are the magical Winx: from splendid fairies to hip hop dancers, each with a trendy look with her own shopping bag and a pair of wings! Selection of 4 characters: Bloom, Flora, Stella, and Aisha.”

Are these the dance outfits we saw in this fashion video (and in the opening)? Boy, did Witty simplify them! The colors are wrong, too. These are just prototypes, so the final products will look different.

Musa and Tecna are left out again! C’mon, doll makers! We love them, too!

Anyway, what do you think of these dolls?

Winx Luci e Ombre: “Bambole Winx 6° serie”