Winx Club 7X25 - Aisha and Nex HuggingNope, my blog’s not dead. 

Last month, I started writing Winx fanfiction. I wanted to finish this story by Valentine’s Day, but schoolwork — and nervousness — got in the way. Now I’m finally done…with the first chapter. Good grief.

As you can guess from the picture, “The Storm” is about Aisha and Nex. Expect most of my fanfics to be about them. No couple in this series has ever ignited my imagination as much as they do. They’re a treasure-trove of creative ideas waiting to be used to tell thrilling, clever, romantic, and even profound stories.

Let me guess: you think I’m exaggerating, right? Okay then. Give me a chance to show you why this couple’s so unique and powerful together.

My story takes place on Andros between seasons seven and eight, ignoring the comics (they’re not canon, anyway). Read the rest of this post


Pink Enchantix Bloom Doll

By JAKKS Pacific



Retailer Price ($)
Walmart (exclusive) 29.99


  • 1 doll with Enchantix outfit (dress, pair of shoes, pair of gloves, pair of stockings)
  • 1 pair of wings
  • 1 hair brush



Thanks to this video from fellow Winx fan Eric (, unboxing her was easy and didn't take me as long as usual. All you need is a good pair of scissors. Smile1

She was packaged the same way as most JAKKS Winx dolls, except for her wings. They were held down by plastic strips. I cut one and slipped her wing out from under the other. For everything else, I followed the tips in Eric's video. (Watch it! It's very helpful!)


She's said to be a Valentine's Day doll (she was released on Feb. 15), but she has more of a "HalloWinx" style. The only hint is the pink heart on her dress. Everything else is very Gothic — lace trim, mesh gloves and stockings, and lots of black. It's an "edgier" look for Bloom. (Too edgy, maybe? What do you think?)

My favorite part of her outfit is the skirt. The blue shades were replaced with glittery layers of pinks. Very pretty! Smile1

It's interesting that JAKKS gave her stockings (which she doesn't wear in the official photos). They would have looked awful on Target's Bloom Enchantix doll, but they look good on this one.

She has smaller wings compared to the normal doll, and little details like diamonds on the tips make them a bit more accurate (if you ignore the colors, of course). The stars are a nice touch. I love how they sparkle!

If I had to choose between the two Bloom Enchantix dolls, I'd pick the normal one. But this is a fun spin on her. Happy


The colors: They grab your attention and make her stand out!

Her wings: The colors gives her wings even more of a butterfly-like look. And, of course, I love it that you can make them flutter. It's my favorite thing about JAKKS's Winx dolls. Smile1


The price: $29.99 for a doll and a brush? That's a bit high, especially since you get the same thing with the Believix and Harmonix collections for $10 less (per doll). So you're really paying for the "special edition" label, which is to be expected.

The posing joints: They're very loose, which makes her easier to pose than the Believix dolls — but I felt like I'd snap her arms off if I wasn't careful!

Too much glitter on the skirt: It makes it stiff, so it doesn't tuck under her well when you sit her down. She was leaning in some of my photos.


  • She leaves glitter everywhere!
  • Be careful not to tear the gloves and stockings.


If you buy Winx dolls to play with them, I'd save your money for the Harmonix dolls and future Sirenix dolls. But if you're a collector like me, she'd make a great addition! I'd recommend her.



Do you own a Pink Enchantix Bloom Doll? Share you own review in the comments!

If you don't own one yet, does this review make you want to buy her? What do you think of her?

Merchandise News

The official Winx Club Facebook page shared this picture of the special-edition Pink Bloom Enchantix Doll, which we first saw on Michael’s Winx Club. The caption read: “Walmart has new Winx dolls!” But for some reason, they’ve now removed it from the page. Possible reason: she wasn’t listed on Walmart’s website yet.

We still know little about this doll, but a couple eBay sellers are calling her a “Valentine’s Day edition.” She may also be a Walmart exclusive, if that Facebook post told us anything. (This isn’t confirmed, so don’t quote me. :P)

*UPDATE* Looks like we do have confirmation after all. According to JAKKS Pacific, this doll was set to be released today at select Walmart stores. Thank you to Eric (Just Another Crazy Winx Fan) and Ophira (RainbowDustWinx) for clearing up the mystery!

QUESTION: What do you think of this doll? Do you want to buy her?