In the past, I have correctly predicted the endings of several of my favorite shows. That’s not to say that I’ll get it right every time, but it’s fun to guess. So, based on previous episodes and loose information from various sources, I am going to give my best guess as to where this season is going next. Read the rest of this post

Musings & Rants

I was looking for solid evidence—an interview with someone from Rainbow maybe—that Roxy is the “seventh Winx.” Instead, I came across an Italian site called Televisionando and this article revealing something interesting about the Wizards of the Black Circle:
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The fiercest, most thrilling battle yet between the fairies and Specialists and the Wizards of the Black Circle—that’s episode 13, “L’attacco degli Stregoni” (The Attack of the Wizards).

The fight stretched throughout Gardenia. Helia, Timmy, and Flora challenged Anagan in a forest. Then Timmy followed the dark Wizard into the city and joined Tecna. Riven, Brandon, Musa, and Stella took on Gantlos and Duman. The shape-shifter (Duman) tried and failed to confuse the Winx by masquerading as their beloveds. It was Nabu, Sky, and Layla against Ogron atop a train speeding into the station where Bloom and Roxy waited with Klaus (Roxy’s father) and the injured Artù. Eventually the Wizards were gathered there, and Bloom delivered the final blow.

Yes, the Wizards have been defeated…I think.

The outcome wasn’t clear. After Bloom shot at them, the “camera” jumped to her and Sky, standing in front of a cheering crowd of humans. And the next scene suggested an end even more: a celebration at Frutti Music Bar. Roxy and Klaus served drinks, the Specialists and the Winx got back together (except Musa and Riven), Musa rocked the house, and Layla photographed the whole evening.

So, with the Wizards of the Black Circle gone and Roxy a full-fledged Believix fairy, what’s next in these last eleven episodes?

Remember the three, mysterious fairies in the opening? We’ve only met one of them; she appeared to Roxy in a vision during this episode and convinced her to use the White Circle’s power. What are the White and Black Circles anyway, and who is Nebula, the spirit/fairy/witch who possessed Roxy in episode 9? Could she be more trouble than the Wizards were—if they’re really no longer a threat? They could have vanished before Bloom’s dragon energy ball hit them.

Still a lot of unanswered questions, but I’m guessing based on this ending that Rainbow planned this break. When will Winx Club return with new episodes? It might not be until September! Wow! That’s quite a wait! At least there’s a preview for episode 14. You can watch it here. (Listen for the narrator saying, “Le sei Winx e Roxy,” which means “the six Winx and Roxy.” Ouch. After everything, Roxy’s still not a Winx? That’s cold!)

Musings & Rants

Once when I was translating some text from the Winx Club website (using a site called, I noticed that Artù is Italian for Arthur. Big deal, you say? Well, it might be.

Remember the story Ms. Faragonda tells the Winx in episode two, “L’Albero della Vita” (The Tree of Life)? The fight between the Fairies of Earth and the Wizards of the Black Circle dates back to the age of King Arthur, or, as the Italians would say, Re Artù. How do we know? The slide showing a hand raising a sword out of the water is an allusion to the Lady of the Lake, who gave Arthur Excalibur in some versions of the legend. And Morgana the Fairy Queen is named after another character in the myths: Morgan le Fay. (Le fay is based the French la fée, which means “the fairy.”)

So if the two stories are related, could Artù’s name be important? Maybe Rainbow was just sticking to the King Arthur theme, and Roxy gave her dog that name without knowing the significance. Or Artù could be him reincarnated—the Wizards cursed him, and Roxy, being the fairy of animals, has the power to make him human again.

Anything’s possible in fantasy!