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Taking a break from season four…

The first people you’d think about if someone mentioned togetherness, magic, friendship, convergence, and power in the Winx Club series is, of course, the Winx. But those words apply to their nemeses The Trix as well, though the evil trio themselves would never admit it. Stormy tries to in “The Black Willow’s Tears” (S3, E12—Rai Eng title), but Icy and Darcy call her out for being sentimental. (Witches.) But she’s right—the Trix truly are best friends.

In the Rainbow English dub of the season one, they often refer to each other as “sister” (I don’t think they’re related—it might be a coven thing). Whatever they do, they do together—except when they’re fighting over their master. But just like the fairies (sometimes sooner than them), they manage to settle their differences and cooperate almost flawlessly again. They respect and accommodate for each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They also (usually) protect each other. And what about power convergence? That’s not only the Winx’s trick—The Trix master it before the Winx really know what it is, and in the last episode of season two, they even create something similar to the Winx’s “fighting Morphix doll” (“Win-x Together”: S2, E12—Rai Eng).

Of course, we know this is one club nobody else is likely to join. The Trix’s identity as a threesome is steeped in symbolism. Besides, who could possibly fill the role of the fourth “Trix?” And what would they call themselves then? The Quadrix?


Ah, the scandals never end with Bloom and Sky. You would think that after the Diaspro/Diaspora files, the fight about Professor Avalon, Bloom’s almost switching to the dark side, and Sky’s myriad of MIA moments, their engagement at the last scene of The Secret of the Lost Kingdom would finally solve their problems.

Enter the ex-boyfriend Andy.

A scruffy musician who frequents juice bars…or a debonair king who nearly died countless times for you, helped you defrost your home world, and reunited you with your biological parents whom you hadn’t seen in 17+ years? Tough choice, Bloom. Just how fickle are we women?

What about Musa and Riven? Stella and Brandon?

I never thought 4Kids’s “hero syndrome” (invented in season two) would ever actually apply to the show, but Brandon seems to have a case of it now. So what if you held Mitzi’s in your arms and she’s stalking you? Stella is your girlfriend! What happened to the time she was turned into a frog monster and you stayed by her side, even though she thought you only loved her because she’s beautiful? And Stella’s making things worse, of course, by flirting with every guy that notices the Winx. Does she want him to break up with her?

As for Musa, I guess she’s never been around guys who love music as much as she does. Still, I thought she and Riven were finally solid, too, after their reconciliation in the movie. Maybe Riven should take guitar lessons.

Would Rainbow actually split our sweet couples up? All we can do is keep watching to find out!


My sister and I had a bet. Whoever correctly guessed which Winx girl earns her Believix first would be the winner. I picked Stella and she chose Musa.

Turns out we were both wrong…or we were both right! Why? Because all six of them got their Believix at the same time!

In episode six, “Una Fata in Pericolo” (A Fairy in Danger), the Winx finally meet Roxy, the fairy from Earth who they’ve been searching for. At first, she’s afraid of them and doubts they’re fairies. She escapes from them and runs directly into the Fairy Hunters’ hands. The Winx follow her and battle her captors, but, as usual, they are easily defeated. When Roxy sees the Winx’s power and that they’re trying to protect her, she finally believes in fairies. The energy from her trust gives them their Believix transformations.

So, is the Believix linked to Roxy? Perhaps. All I know is that the Winx have a new, incredible power!


As expected, YouTube users have been posting clips. I just re-watched the premiere episode, “I Cacciatori di Fate” (The Fairy Hunters). Of course, since it was in Italian, I barely understood a word, so I’ll comment on what I saw instead.

First, the animation style is different. You know how Rainbow used cell-shaded 3-D models in parts of the earlier seasons? Well, all the animation looks like that now. Think 4Kids’s Chaotic season one but smoother (and less 2-D). In fact, it’s so smooth that the characters’ limbs look like loose hinges, but it kinda increases the fantasy aspect.

The soundtrack has changed completely. The new songs are more elegant and enchanting than before. The theme song is now the one in the trailers. I don’t know the name of it yet, but I’ll find out when I can. You can see the opening at the bottom of this post.

Now for the episode itself. Again, I’m summarizing based on what I saw.

The Winx return to Alfea, where the current students treat them like celebrities. (Even Amaryl, believe it or not.) They meet the students who now live in their old dorm. One of them, Clarice (I think), doesn’t seem too impressed with them.

Faragonda takes them to a special room linked to her mirror. In it are pictures of the evil beings in the Magical Universe. There, Faragonda also tells them about the Believix, a transformation beyond Enchantix. Bloom wanders and finds a picture of a random group of wizards. Faragonda won’t tell her who they are. (More secrets.)

Later, the Winx show off by “teaching” a class and completing an obstacle course. Clarice, however, sabotages Flora’s turn using a magical ball that causes part of the course to explode. Clarice frames one of her roommates, Alice, who gets expelled. (Wow, the Winx did worse things than that and only got their powers revoked!) As she is leaving, she sees Flora outside, who (I think) was mumbling about how Alice didn’t seem like the type to do something like this.

Suddenly, the wizards from the picture appear in the courtyard. (These are the “Fairy Hunters,” of course.) Flora is defeated before she can even transform. (This is not her day!) Alice alerts the other Winx. They battle these intruders but are beaten easily, especially Bloom. The wizards vanish.

Faragonda takes the Winx to that room again. She gives them a book and (I’m assuming) asks them to deal with the Fairy Hunters, which is probably how their mission to find Roxy begins.

Wanna see everything yourself? Click on the links below to watch the episode. Remember—it’s in Italian with no subs!

Season 4, Episode 1 1/3
Season 4, Episode 1 2/3
Season 4, Episode 1 3/3

As promised, here is the new opening. Enjoy!


Remember this picture that surfaced when season four was still a rumor? We can fill in the holes based on the knowledge we have now.

“New power transformations” obviously means the Believix. “Winx come to the Earth!” Well, there’s the beginning of our plot. The Winx go to Gardenia to find “the last fairy,” Roxy. (In case you didn’t know, they graduated from Alfea in Secret of the Lost Kingdom.)

The Winx’s outfits look like dummies of their future Believix fashions. Bloom‘s pigtails are gone, but the cheerleader-like ensemble has stayed mostly the same, as have Musa‘s and Stella‘s outfits. Flora‘s is the only one that changed significantly—notice the change in colors, the lack of sleeves and arm bands, and the new flower petal motif. Her hair is the same, though. But thankfully, none of them kept the little tooth fairy wings!

Whoa! Who’s that hunk standing behind Flora? That’s probably her beau Helia, whose hair has gotten a makeover this season, as you can see in this magazine scan.

And then there’s Sky. Hi, Sky.

Season four premieres tomorrow in Italy!