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Roxy plays the drums? Why do they keep having her rip-off Layla?

Bloom, Stella, and Flora -- surprise, surprise...

We’re back! Did you miss us? 😛

In Winx news, you may have heard about a new game coming out soon called Winx Rockstars. Several YouTubers have uploaded the official trailer. I’ll just show some screenshots from it here.

Some info:

  • It will be released in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in November. In Europe, the game will be bundled with a DS case or a watch.
  • Players choose from four instruments (drums, guitar, keyboard, mic) and play at least 12 Winx songs.
  • From Worth Playing, “If the player impresses the audience, the Voltage Meter increases and the Winx can transform into beautiful winged fairies. Score high points to unlock over 100 fashion items.”
  • Also according to Worth playing, the story is the Winx are again trying to convince humans to believe in magic, so they enter a music contest. “The player must help the girls improve their musical skills and deal with jealous competitors as well as disruptions from the evil Fairy Hunters.”
  • Roxy is a playable character, making this her video game debut.

More Screenshots:

Info Sources:
Gamers’ H**l
Worth Playing

Musings & Rants

No. This isn’t what it sounds like. I’m not about to discuss whether or not Ogron is a hottie. (That is a discussion for a later time. ;p) What I want to know is what everyone thinks of the Wizards’ English voices as opposed to their original voices. To start, I’ll give my opinion:

First, Ogron. Now, his Italian voice was pure awesomeness and creepy deliciousness all rolled into one. Then came the Canadian English dub. I first heard it while the OP was watching Winx on her computer. I think my exact response was, “Please tell me that wasn’t Ogron….” I may have cried myself to sleep that night (not really). It has been hard to place exactly what the voice sounds like. At first, Ogron sounded Scottish to me, then the OP and I decided it was British — not an authentic British accent, but more like the fake, stereotypical kind. Either way, it was nothing like his Italian voice, and that was disappointing at first. However, as time has passed, the voice has slowly grown on me. I still prefer the original, though.

Now, with Duman, it’s the complete opposite. His original voice made me shudder–not because it was bad, but because it was really creepy. He had that high, raspy voice that is often used for creepers that stalk in the night. (I’m getting bad images of Dumon outside my window….) His English voice, on the other hand, is my favorite out of all the Wizards. They turned him into an Aussie, and it works! That said, I still don’t like him in general. His mohawk  is frightening. It looks like a rooster’s comb. <.<

As for Anagan and Gauntlos, I have just about the same feelings for both of their voices. In the original, they were pretty cool. (Who wouldn’t love the hat and dreadlocks?) But, in the dub, it’s like they stuck signs on their foreheads that say, “GENERIC THUG.” All semblance of intelligence has been lost. I cringe whenever they open their mouths….

Overall, I like the original voices better, but that’s just my opinion. What do you think of them? 🙂

~The Muse

Musings & Rants

In most cartoons, the villains’ team is made up of an intelligent leader and the incompetent henchmen he (or she) can’t stand but puts up with because they’re the only people he/she has to work with. And, usually in secret, the henchmen don’t like the leader either because he/she doesn’t pay them enough, doesn’t appreciate them, isn’t doing as good a job as they could, etc.

But the Wizards of the Black Circle were equals and like brothers. They leaned on each other (sometimes literally) for support. Like the Trix, they respected each others’ powers and worked to strengthen one another. Ogron, the leader, listened to the others’ input instead of shooting their ideas down because he thought he was the brain of the team. The Wizards even seem to worry about each other, saying things like, “Be careful—you’re still injured.” The moment that surprised me the most was in episode thirteen, when Gantlos, fighting pain, tried to stop a train in order to protect Ogron. (Yes, they’re the enemies and there were innocent Gardenians on that train, but everything worked out, right?) Now that’s friendship!

Winx Club has given us an interesting selection of villains—not your typical “take over the world and ruin the good guy’s day” type, but clever characters you can almost connect to as much as you can to the Winx. Okay, maybe not all the villains. Darkar, the Ancestresses—they’re just crazy. And you can’t forgive their deeds, like what the Wizards did to Nabu. Nevertheless, it’s interesting when the enemies aren’t just evil-loving maniacs.

What do you think?

Musings & Rants

Professor Griffin calls them “wizards” in S1: E8 (RAI English), but I bet that was a mistake since wizards are magical beings and the Specialists don’t have magic powers. The first time I saw this episode, I thought maybe “wizard” had a different meaning in the Winx Club world, but that can’t be with characters like Saladin and Nabu around.

So if the Specialists don’t have magic, are they humans? They don’t act like they are since “human” seems to equal “earthling,” and none of the Specialists are from Earth.

Not wizards, not humans but human-like, non-magical…what in the world are they?

On the Redfountain page at the official website, it calls Codatorta a “magician.” That’s different enough from a “wizard.” I guess the Specialists are just boys who learn magic tricks instead of full-fledged magic. Then could they be human, after all? If so, what are they doing in Magix, especially if non-magical beings aren’t supposed to be there?

Musings & Rants

I was looking for solid evidence—an interview with someone from Rainbow maybe—that Roxy is the “seventh Winx.” Instead, I came across an Italian site called Televisionando and this article revealing something interesting about the Wizards of the Black Circle:
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