Merchandise News

Credit goes to WinxClubRUS, WorldOfWinxClub, WinxClubAll, and others who shared this news before I did!

Through, we’ve gotten our first look at the new World of Winx toys and dolls coming out soon!

Forever Fashion

These are the Winx’s “trendy” outfits. The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a few accessories that match her talent.

Style Magic

These are the dresses the Winx wore in “The Fashion Week” (1X06) and “The Fall of the Queen” (1X13). The line includes all six Winx, and each doll comes with wings and a brush. I’m not sure why these are being marketed under Winx Club instead of World of Winx, though. If Rainbow decides to make dolls wearing some of the other random outfits, will they all be sold as budget Winx Club dolls?

Dreamix Fairy

This line includes all six Winx. Stella and Flora were previously revealed during the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February.

Action Spy

This light-up Bloom doll comes with a glove that allows you to interact with her.

Spy Camper

No one has found any pictures of the toy yet. According to ItalToys, it comes with binoculars, wings, a light-up bracelet, a whiteboard, a pen with a flashlight on it, and a table with a light-up map.

Winx fans also found a new doll from Winx Club, not World of Winx: the 35-in.-tall (90 cm.) My Bloom Tynix doll.


Don’t worry. Like WinxClubRUS said, it’s probably a prototype. She looks more like Stella than Bloom! Plus, those are obviously her Butterflix wings, and her outfit doesn’t look accurate at all. Hopefully, we’ll see a better version of this doll later.

What do you think of these new dolls and toys?


Musings & Rants

The World of Winx trailer! Finally! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever!

Was it worth it? Not really, at least for what we got. I was disappointed by how short it was (where were all the scenes Michael showed us?), and it left me with more questions than answers.

I’ll get to those soon. First, here are my general thoughts and reactions.


New Characters

We only saw three new characters: the host of WOW!, a kid the Winx were chasing, and another kid they kept having to save from crocodiles. I like their designs, especially the crocodile bait kid. 😛 He looks adorable. I wonder if he’s that “Evans” person voice actress Alyson Rosenfeld mentioned on Twitter. (She voiced Miele in season seven.)


The other kid looks like a cross between Nex and Helia. Is he one of the Lost Boys, or is he one of the talented kids? I’m not sure why the talented kids would run away from the Winx, but that thought popped into my head. What if not all of them wanna be saved?


The host reminds me of the host from “Miss Magix” (1X12). I know they don’t look alike, but his personality seems similar. (It’s just your standard cartoon host persona.) His voice sounded similar, too — at least based on the 4Kids dub. Season seven had some 4Kids Winx veterans in it, so who knows? This could be the same actor.

In the video description, Rainbow said his name’s Ace. If they mentioned him by name, does that mean we’ll be seeing him a lot? That would make sense, since he’s part of the reality show.

But I don’t trust him yet. It’s because of my theory about WOW!‘s true purpose. We’ll see if I’m right or not. Read the rest of this post

TV & Movie News

Coincidentally, Bloom’s face sums up how the fanbase feels about this.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the premiere of World of Winx has been moved to this fall (no exact date yet). The second season will air early next year. This news comes from an interview with Iginio Straffi, posted yesterday on

There’s a co-production underway since two years ago. The spin-off of Winx Club, World of Winx, is almost ready. The series will air in the fall with the first 13 episodes; at the beginning of 2017, the other 13. Both Netflix and the TV stations that have bought it are pleased. And we’re happy.

Looks like spring 2016 was just an estimate. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the show — and plans for merchandise, if there still are some — over the summer. Also, I think Mr. Straffi hinted that the show will also air on TV, but I’m not 100 percent sure. I may have mistranslated what he said. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else about that.



fumetto_2_51Rainbow posted news about the latest issue of Winx Club Magazine today. Looking at the preview for the comic, “Winx Fairy Blog,” I noticed Tecna says the word talenti, which means what it looks like in English: “talents.” Here’s the full translation of the page:

TECNA: My computer has detected a virus of techno-magic origin…
BLOOM: Do you think it’s connected to what’s happening to us?
TECNA: I’m sure of it!
TECNA: The spell has corrupted our blogs…it’s used them as a way to rob us of our talents!

Is this some kind of nod to World of Winx? I doubt this is the exact plot, but maybe the Winx lose their talents somehow, and they hold the talent show to get them back by being around children with the same talents. (Some of you have suggested that in other posts.) This could also mean WOW is part of the comics’ canon.

Or I could be reading into things, and this has nothing to do with WOW at all. I don’t own the magazine, so I don’t know how (or if) this plot gets resolved. (Any Italian Winx fans wanna chime in?)

File this away as a rumor. I have no idea if I’m right.