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The full movie. Wow! They’re in a giving mood this holiday season!

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, goody. The worst movie so far.” 🙄 Yeah, yeah. Most fans hated this one. I didn’t like it, either, especially since season five is my least favorite season.

But think of it this way. Some people didn’t get to see it at all because they don’t have Netflix accounts. They might like it. You never know.

Also, this might be a sign the fourth movie’s coming soon. That’s something to be excited about, right?

Anyway, here’s Mystery of the Abyss!

UPDATE: Apparently, Mystery of the Abyss isn’t on Netflix anymore. That might be why Rainbow uploaded it to YouTube. Thank you to @Thomasfan502 on Twitter for pointing that out!

Internet News


Thank you to my affiliate Michael from Michael’s Winx Club for the tipoff! This all started as a rumor we weren’t sure was true, but we were able to dig up the source of the news.

From the official Winx Club VK page (translation mine):

BREAKING NEWS from the Magical Dimension: in 24 hours, you’ll be able to see the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the seventh season of Winx Club! Don’t miss it tomorrow at 19:00 on the official Winx Club YouTube channel!

19:00 is 5 p.m. in Italy, which is:

  • 11 a.m. ET
  • 10 a.m. CT
  • 7 a.m. PT

Stay tuned to the Winx Club YouTube channels tomorrow!



Internet News

Stumbled upon this while I was writing a post:!


It launched on November 19. Here, you can watch the first three seasons in Mandarin Chinese, and they’re not region-locked like on iQiyi. I’m not sure why there’s no link to it on I guess Rainbow forgot to add it.

Just for fun, here are some quick facts about the Chinese dub:

  • The show’s official name is 魔法俏佳人 (Mófǎ qiào jiārén), which roughly means “Magical Beautiful Women” (nice observation 😛 ). Taiwan calls it that, too.
  • Bloom‘s name is 蕾儿 (Lěi ér), pronounced almost like “lair.” The characters in her name mean “flower bud” (蕾) and “child” (儿).
  • Stella‘s name is 丝黛娜 (“Sī dài nà”).
  • Flora‘s name is…Flora, 芙罗拉 (Fú luō lā). These characters sound it out.
  • Musa is 妙莎 (Miào shā). More phonetics.
  • Aisha is 莱拉 (Lái lā). Yep, Layla. The Italian and English dubs are still the only ones that call her Aisha. 😛
  • Tecna is 铁兰 (Tiě lán).

More fun: the official Chinese season four trailer, courtesy of my affie Just Another Crazy Winx Fan!


Surprise! (Not really. 😛 ) Rainbow made a compilation video for the English channel, too — the 15 most “viral” videos of the year. Here they are:

15. Fashion! (0:00)
14. App Winx Fairy School – Official Launch Trailer (0:44)
13. Winx Club Fairy Artist App! (2:04)
12. Pixies (3:07)
11. Best Of – Episode 4 Season 6 (4:08)
10. Winx Fashion Show! (9:12)
9. Mythix Musa (10:20)
8. Thank you all, fairies! (10:39)
7. Who is Selina? (12:03)
6. April Fool’s Day! The gift video for your… perfect magical tricks! (12:49)
5. The magic power of Sport! (13:49)
4. “We are One” – The Winx at the FIFA World Cup 2014! (14:49)
3. Fairy Channel (15:52)
2. Trailer and magic of the sixth season of Winx Club! (16:38)
1. Best Of – Episode 1 Season 6 (18:40)

If you compare the two lists, what could you say about Italian and English-speaking fans?

  • We like Musa’s Mythix sequence (my favorite 🙂 )
  • We like episode 6X01 for some reason (I bet it’s because of “Way of Sirenix” — pretty catchy song)
  • English-speaking fans need more shows and events (seriously, all the fun stuff happens in Italy) 🙁

Which video was your favorite this year?


Rainbow put up a compilation of the 15 most watched videos on Winx Club Italia channel this year. They are (in order of appearance):

15. Flora & Aisha, Winx Bloomix! (0:03)
14. Winx Power Theatre (1:10)
13. Trailer and Magic of Winx Season 6! (4:57)
12. Mythix Musa (6:57)
11. Best of — Episode 1 Season 6 (7:16)
10. Stella & Tecna, Winx Bloomix! (12:22)
9. Bloom & Musa, Winx Bloomix! (13:27)
8. Discover the Winx Summer Collection 2014 (14:32)
7. Sirenix Party Rainbow MagicLand (14:48)
6. Fairy Channel (16:39)
5. Noi Siamo Winx – Karaoke – Winx Club Film – Mystery of the Abyss (17:24)
4. Winx Club: Mystery of the Abyss – Official Teaser Trailer of the Film (21:09)
3. Mythix Bloom (21:47)
2. Winx Club – Mystery of the Abyss – Official Trailer of the Film (21:58)
1. Winx Club – Mystery of the Abyss – Trailer (23:24)

Fun fact: even though #1 and #2 were both trailers for Mystery of the Abyss, #1 had almost three times more views (134,603 vs. 347,619)! Maybe it’s because it’s shorter. You know what they say about our attention spans. 😛

What do you think of this list? What was your favorite video this year?