Brandon’s another guy who’s hard not to like. But unlike his best friend Prince Sky, who’s bland as sugarless corn flakes now, Brandon has a personality. He’s laid back, funny, and loyal like his girlfriend Stella. He’s also a little vain — not in a stuck-up way, but he knows he’s good-looking and doesn’t mind flaunting it.

What he’s best known for — besides being the strongest Specialist in the group — is being the biggest flirt. That’s what’s interesting about him and Stella. While the other couples have meltdowns when one partner even looks at another guy or girl, these two have turned it into a competition. Who can attract the most admirers? Last time, Brandon won. 😛

He and Stella may have a lax relationship, but his smooth tongue got him in trouble with her at least once. 4Kids might call it “reverse hero syndrome,” where the damsel in distress falls in love with her hero. That damsel, of course, is Mitzi, who forms a love triangle with them in season four after he saves her life. It’s not as memorable as Riven and Musa’s drama, but Rainbow thought it was important enough to reference in the trailer and in the theme song.

I don’t know who to blame for this. Brandon was doing what he’s trained to do: save people. Stella overreacted when she saw him holding Mitzi. She thought they were kissing, but Mitzi just kissed Brandon on the cheek. He didn’t even expect it — or want it.


I nominate this for “Best Facial Expression in the History of Winx Club.”

Brandon didn’t react to this problem well, either. This is almost the same issue I had with the Flora-Helia-Krystal love triangle in season five (which I’ll talk more about when I get to Helia). Brandon tried to explain what really happened, but he didn’t say the right way. And since he and Stella had been dating for a while, he should know how to handle her.

But does he? Stella can be childish and high maintenance sometimes, but that’s all the more reason for him to choose his words better. In season five, he seemed more patient and calm, but in season six, he seemed sick of her.

Her antics in “Queen for a Day” and “Stella’s Big Party” were obnoxious (and a bit out of character), but Brandon shouldn’t have blown up at her. I know he was probably miffed since it was their anniversary, and he hadn’t wanted to spend it watching her play queen. But like I said in my review of “Stella’s Big Party,” I expected him to be the last person to give up on her. Instead, he was the first. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Still, I think these two are a better, more interesting couple than their best friends Sky and Bloom. They’re a lot more causal and even more affectionate than them. I also like that Brandon’s a commoner (4Kids made a big deal out of that), and Stella’s a princess. 4Kids Stella wondered if he’d ever climb the social ladder and become a prince. Thanks to her, that might just happen. 😉

I complained in Sky’s post that the other couples are more vulnerable than he and Bloom are. I don’t think Brandon and Stella will ever break up, since because they’re the best friends of the main couple, Rainbow might protect their relationship. But even if they were lower on the character hierarchy, I think they’d still stay together.

Enough about Brandon and Stella. Let’s just talk about him for a moment.

As you can guess, I like him more than Sky. Sky’s just a boring, stereotypical leader now. Brandon, though, has a bit more mystery to him. He’s not as easy to put a label on. Sometimes, he seems like the jokester of the group — I think that’s Nex’s role now — but other times he seems as stiff and serious as Sky tends to be. I feel like Brandon was funnier in the first three seasons. I miss that side of him.

That said, he’s had some hilarious experiences over the years! Who can forget in season two when he almost married Amentia, the princess of Downland? Also in season two, he asked the girls in the screenshot at the top of the post for a good luck kiss before a battle competition. When they asked what type of lipstick he likes, he thought he was gonna get what he wanted. Instead, he got…tubes of lipstick. Serves him right. 😛 (The 4Kids dub of the scene is even funnier.)

capture_006_16062015_161600_656Bottom line: Brandon’s pretty cool. He’s not one of my favorite guys, but he still makes me smile. I wish we knew more about his background, though. Almost everything we know about him is tied to Sky. I’d like to see him step out of his shadow a bit more.

Next up: Helia, one of my favorites. Stay tuned!


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14 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Brandon, The Casanova

  1. Brandon is probably my favorite of the guys, between his occasional funny comments and how loyal he is to Stella even when she’s being TOO Stellaish, he seems like a really good guy.

  2. We at least know that Stella’s joking rubbed off on him a little by giving him cheesy sayings at times. Of the season two goodbyes in the finale on the 4kids edit he had the best one (though Aisha’s is a close second) calling Stella the light of his life. He got best boyfriend award with that line. I want to know more about Brandon how did he get to be sky’s squire? Is he an Eraklyon native or immigrant? What did he do as a kid? I’m also seeing a pattern with the guys. You’re doing it by popularity of their Girlfriends aren’t you? That means Timmy’s probably dead last with three guys in the middle for Aisha. Or is that just a coincidence that Bloom,Stella and Flora’s guys are all first?

    • It’s a coincidence. 😛 I’m just going in an arbitrary order. The three newest guys — Roy, Nex, and Thoren — will be last. I at least wanted to talk about the guys who have been around the longest first.

      • It sure seemed like a pattern. At least that means Timmy’s not going to be in the back.

  3. I love Brandon, not my favourite guy, but definately not bland. I’m all for the joker of any group because they can’t be serious and intense. I do wish we could see more of him and his individuality. If this guy is gonna be king of Solaria, we need to know more of him, meet his parents, something. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get a special just about the boys. It doesn’t have to be an adventure where they save the world. Just a little something where we can get more info on them without the girls.

    • i doubt he will be the king of solaria he might just be royal consort because the ruler of solaria has to have some connection to the sun as is shown when radius collapses because of the eclipse in season 5

        • The Winx show likes to keep certain traditions and I feel that making Brandon King would mean he has more power in the traditional sense and can rule over Stella even. The people of Solaria may not approve as shown by the way they always doubted Cassandra when she was engaged to Radius. If we include the real world traditions then like Queen Elizabeth in the UK, Stella would be Queen and Brandon would be Prince Consort like Phillip (I think his name is :).

        • If he married Stella he will likely get some share of power from her. If Bloom can share hers then why can’t anyone else?

          • It would be cool if Stella got to share some of her power with Brandon. Doesn’t she have both her mother and fathers power, she could share either of those powers. I have noticed though that the Kings of each of the place seem to have most power.

          • because bloom is the power hog of the show and that would mean someone else was as powerful as she is and that just won’t do

  4. I have always loved Brandon. The 1st thing I loved was that he always gave good advice even if Sky didn’t always listen like in season 1 with the switch. In season 2 he was really helpful to Musa about dealing with Riven and if we look at his somethings shallow seeming personality, you would never expect such depth. Here’s my Brandon breakdown:

    I love that he has an actual identity outside of being the Squire. He could have easily been swallowed up by Sky but wasn’t.

    Branding is caring and gives great advise as I mentioned above but the down side is he often isn’t appreciated for it.

    He is loyal and he could have easily just stopped being friends with Riven lots of times but he stuck by him even when they got really mad at each other.

    He is very understanding even when he is jealous and in one of the dubs he seemed a bit jealous when Stella talked about an Ex and he mentioned the guy called her Friztella but he never made a big deal out of it like Sky or Riven would have because it’s Stella. (I like the dub where they competed better by the way).

    Must of all he get’s his girl. I seriously feel that the whole Queen for a day would have gone over better without Nick’s involvement. Either that or he was really pissed and lost it which could happen to all of us. I had a really out of Character moment just last week with my friend and the way she kept bouncing back to her ex. The problem is that they always come to me and it was the last straw in a really bad day. I am willing to give his character the benefit of the doubt. He’s only what the writers make him after all and they did a good job up until then. I mean look at season 5 when Stella was a kid for a day? He was awesome in that episode with her.

    What I would like is to find out more about him though I know once I do some of the luster will be lost. Or maybe not because I still love Tecna the same even though I recently saw her planet and met her mom in the mothers day episode and she will show up again with that other person Timmy had to meet :).

    I don’t really have dislikes for Brandon. He’s like Stella in that he is very true to his character. I love him for that.

  5. I agree! Sometimes he is a little bit out of character. About him been the king, I guess Stella’s parents are agree with it, because we saw Stella and Brandon together not just only once in front of her parents and if they disagree with that relationship, they wouldn’t be together. I remember Valtor getting the source of power from Solaria, so I imagine that Brandon can get it too, I mean… He will be the King of Solaria (that will be awesome if you ask me) and Stella is okay with it. It will be a really good plot to know more about it, pretty similar to the second movie in which we saw the relationship between families (Bloom and Sky). I will love to see Brandon family with Stella family too, in my option that will be lovely, oh! and remember that probably Brandon’s mom gave to him the present for the Princess Ball (He explains the gift by saying it was a present that was passed down from his mom and that the gift is symbolic of loving someone for the rest of your life) and Stella almost always have it with her, remember in the Curse Of FearWood, she used it to show the wolf “how ugly it was” hahaha that’s so Stella ❤️

  6. He is certainly a more interesting character than Sky, also, I love his lightsaber-like sword. By the way, I don’t think Stella’s able to share her power but I do think that Brandon can become the king of Solaria if he marries Stella [but maybe king Radius has to die first].

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