Once again, thanks for reading these posts. I had fun writing them, and I hope you enjoyed them.

I learned some things as I was writing these. First of all, I like the guys more than I thought I did. They’re not just “purses with legs,” as I’ve always treated them. Some of them are boring as a white wall (I’m looking at you, blue-eyed Goldilocks), but others are pretty cool and I like having them in the show.

Other things I learned:

  • Not everyone likes Timmy, after all. My sister, The Muse, hates him. Passionately. She thinks he’s boring and too stereotypical. Go figure. 😛
  • Sky and Riven are two of my least favorite guys, yet I talked about them a lot in the others’ posts. Either they get way too much attention in this show (Sky sure does), or I subconsciously like them more than I think I do. 😛
  • I’m obsessed with the Log Horizon opening. 😛 I spammed that video a hundred times while I was writing Timmy’s post. 😛
  • I had more to say about Nabu than I thought I would. Hey, he’s worth it. 🙂 And his voice in the season three RAI English dub was hot. Full stop.
  • Whatever that indentation on Nex’s chin is supposed to be — a cleft, I guess — annoys me to no end. But when I was looking for screenshots of Nabu, I noticed he had a cleft in his chin, too! What’s with Aisha’s love interests and distinctive chins? 😛
  • Thoren gives off a big brother vibe to me. If I had an older brother, I wouldn’t mind if he were like him. 🙂

Well, that’s it for this series. Feel free to suggest another theme for me (the Winx, the Pixies, the villains, etc.)!

Just for convenient access, here are all the posts again:

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17 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Conclusion

  1. I think the Pixies would be a good series, especially if you compare them in Winx Club and Pop Pixie. I think you did the villains already, but all in one post. If we knew more about the teachers, I’d suggest them as a good topic about characters.
    But to break away from character dissecting, I have a suggestion: clothing analysis. I don’t mean a post on EVERY outfit they wear (that’d take forever), but maybe take each Winx’s wardrobe, get a good luck at all the things she’s worn (both past and present), and give an analysis on their style and evolution. Remember how Tecna used to be the “most modest” of the Winx and now has more showing like the others? Or how Bloom started out more “tomboy” and wore pants but after season one, she started dressing more “girly”? Musa started out as strong tomboy and then got girlier when she got long hair. And don’t forget color palletes! Bloom’s was more blue and orange/yellow and then became blue and pink. It’s kinda reminicent of her tomboyish past (blue) with orange and yellow (firey colors as well as more “masculine”) coupled with pink (for when she became more “girly” and “feminine”). There’s a lot of possibilities with this and it can lead to an interesting insight into the characters. We could do this with the boys too, but they don’t have very many outfits though.

    • gets along well with Bloom and Stella. She is close to Aisha, mostly due to Aisha hnleipg her with Helia. She doesn’t seem to chat with Musa or Tecna much.Musa as said already fights a lot with Stella. She’s very close with Aisha, and they seem to understand each other well. She seems close to Tecna, but there’s nothing that really sticks out about their friendship.Tecna has an interesting relationship with Bloom. Early on in seasons 1 and 2 they fought a lot, possibly because they were on opposite ends of emotions vs. logic. They’re also the leaders of the Winx, so their ideas were more likely to conflict. They seem to have come to an understanding and get along fine now. As you said, she doesn’t talk much with Aisha, which is ironic given how Tecna saved Aisha’s planet.There are some relationships I wish they would explore some more, mostly with Flora and a bit of Tecna. Everyone seems to get along now after 4 or 5 seasons of being with each other.

  2. I enjoyed this series and would love to see another 11 post series on the girls (if you want to do the nine we know the most about, even if Mirta doesn’t have much of a background, she’s got more than any other minor fairy and like Roxy she should be/ is a Winx darn it!) Complete with intro/wraps of course. Then maybe the minors who we have some knowledge of (Jared, Amaryl and maybe some others in the Winx class or those associated with but not necessarily in the boy’s club like Andy & his band) That would be good filler until US releases s7 with news breaks between the character analysis.

  3. Other spotlight series you could do, if you felt like it:
    -just talk about each of the girls
    -each Winx’s relationships, who’s most important to each girl and how they get along, the way you looked at Thoren’s relationships but with each girl and their boy/pixie/parents/etc
    -the teachers, though that might be more fun after you’ve seen a few eps of season 7 for very spoilery reasons.
    -minor characters we’d like to have seen more of (Mirta and Lucy!)

    • There’s also spoilery reasons on the parents of the one in pink and it’d be very funny, but for now let’s just say that she is not as good as we thought she was.

  4. I totally enjoyed reading your posts. It was more informative than the show and totally shows that the guys can hold their own.

    I totally love the PopPixie idea especially with the fact that they have their own and that they changed some of the ones that were already bonded in s2. It would also be great to see compare them to their bonded fairies (just throwing some ideas).

    Since s3, we’ve also been learning more about the other fairies besides Bloom and doing a blog on them would be great.

    Either way it would be nice to read. So thanks…..

  5. Well, you just did a series on the specialists so I think it would only make sense to do one about the winx now

  6. It was really fun reading them. I hope that you’ll do the seven Winx and Daphne next!

  7. A series on the Winx would be nice and I trust you to do it as spectacularly as you did for the guys. Really, well done! Plus I really want to know why Flora and Roxy are your favorites (if I’m not wrong).
    Other than that, I have another idea for a post and that is talking about the girls’ spells. Which spells are your favorite or you could mention a favorite spell for each girl.
    You could also talk about how most of the spells are really unimaginative and what kind of attacks you would like to see them do. Perhaps you could give examples of characters from other shows which have similar powers.

  8. I really enjoyed this series of posts and I learned a lot of thing about the guys, it’d be nice to see one about the Winx and their evolution in personality, clothes, transformations, spells and so on, it may include Daphne, Roxy and even Mirta, or maybe the villains but it is already done [though it’s only a post for all of them]. Also, I think Valtor has this clef in his chin too, but I’m not sure whether it is a clef or a small beard.

  9. I agree with Sailor Winx I think the Pixie would be interesting especially considering, they have very destinctive personalities well some of them do anyway. But a detailed breakdown on the Winx would be awesome too! Or maybe a breakdown of the minor major characters!

  10. Also I greatly enjoyed reading these, they bring alot of light to characters who don’t always get enough attention.

  11. it would be cool if you did a post on all the realms in winx club and what you think it would be like to live in each one. i also like the idea of you looking at the outfits they wear (especially the ballgowns because they are my favorites!) and the pixies would be cool to (just don’t forget to do tune and digit)

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