Helia’s one of my favorite guys in the Boys Club. Unlike Sky or even Brandon, he’s not just nice — he’s gentle. Fighting isn’t really in his nature (even though he’s good at it). He originally dropped out of Red Fountain, but he re-enrolls after he meets Flora. I guess he just wanted to be around her more. 😛

In my opinion, Helia’s the most attractive guy in the group, even with the “spider ‘do” he got in season four. 😛 I’ve always wondered if he represents the Japanese character type “The Bishounen” (bishōnen) or bishie for short. In case you don’t know Japanese or don’t watch Japanese anime, here’s a definition (via TV Tropes):

…the Bishōnen, or “beautiful boy”, is a male character that possesses androgynous or ‘feminine’ physical traits. He is usually tall, slender with almost no fat and little to no muscle, and no body or facial hair….It is not uncommon for those at the more feminine end to be mistaken for women by other characters…

Technically, since Helia’s in his twenties now, he’d be a biseinen (“beautiful man”). But when he was introduced in season two, he fit the definition pretty well. Bishounen also tend to be intelligent, more sensitive, and adored by the women around them — and sometimes the men as well.

It might sound like I’m just gushing over him since I like him so much. But we know Winx Club was inspired by mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime like Sailor Moon. Bishounen frequently appear in shoujo (girls’) and mahou shoujo series, so it’s not hard to believe Rainbow would create a character of that type.

On Helia’s Winx Wiki page, it says he may have been meant to be a girl, but was changed to a boy so Flora could have a boyfriend. I doubt that. I think Rainbow wanted to create a guy who contrasts with the more masculine types like Brandon and Riven. Plus, Flora wouldn’t be interested in a muscular “tough guy” anyway. (Some fans like to ship her with Riven, since they talked alone a lot before he started dating Musa. Boy, am I glad that’s not canon! 😛 )

As a character, Helia’s a bit of a puzzle to me. Sometimes it’s like there are two versions of him, and you never know which one’s gonna show up each season — or even each episode. When the Winx meet him in “Party Crasher” (ep. 2X09), he comes off as quiet and solitary, and the Specialists think he’s weak.

Then when the Blackthroat attacks, he does this to it:

Where’d all that strength come from? He’s a twig compared to Brandon, but I don’t think even he could pull this off! And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, later in the season, he singlehandedly pulls Sky’s ship into the Owl’s docking station! With only one rope! Good grief!

His strong side isn’t another version of him, though. He’s always been strong; he just initially chose not to use that strength for combat. The “other” Helia is more confident (almost vain sometimes), more aggressive, and a bit of a showoff.


I kinda miss the ropes, but this is cool, too.

Everyone feels more confident when they’re doing something they’re good at. It’s just strange for Helia when it’s related to fighting, since he was so against it before. His werewolf smackdown in “The Curse of Fearwood” is a good example. Even his friends don’t know what’s gotten into him! And in that same episode, he almost starts a fight with Riven!

Is he really a pacifist? Maybe he just holds himself back. But when he gets mad, watch out! (Interestingly enough, that’s exactly like Flora.)

Normally, though, he’s afraid to even confront an old friend about his relationship with another girl. Yep, I’m talking about the Flora-Helia-Krystal love triangle in season five. He does not handle it well. The problems start as soon as he introduces Flora as his “friend,” rather than his girlfriend. Bad move. Then he lets Krystal stick around without setting boundaries.

He may not have wanted to stir up conflict, but he did so by staying silent. Ultimately, it’s Krystal who tells Flora she’s not in love with him. Helia and Flora should have settled that at the beginning.

Speaking of Princess Krystal, how and when did she and Helia become friends? And does that mean he’s from Lynphea, too?

That’s something that’s weird to me about all the guys. With the possible exceptions of Nabu and Roy, you can’t look at any of them and say, “He must be from that world.” Plus, their “civilian” clothes look like Earth outfits. I laughed a little in season four when Timmy buys Earth clothes for them so they can “blend in.” Nabu’s the only one who looks different, since he always wore his wizard robe.

Helia’s perceived race adds some confusion, too. He’s supposed to look Asian — you can really tell when he’s in profile — and Flora and Krystal look Hispanic. Yet, they may all be from Lynphea.

That proves my point in the “Afrogate” post about the realms being “mixed race.” Nabu, Roy, and Aisha have darker skin and are all from Andros, but there are many light-skinned people there, too. Musa and Princess Galatea are both from Melody, a heavily Asian-inspired world, but Musa looks Asian while Galatea doesn’t (but her father does).

Even Helia and Musa are different. Both of them look Asian, have blue/anime black hair, and are interested in things from Asian culture. Helia loves origami, while Musa loves to wear Asian-inspired clothing and hairdos. Yet, they’re from completely different realms and don’t interact much.

capture_063_16092013_103002_811Final thoughts: I love Helia. He’s always been one of my favorite guys in the show, and he adds peacefulness and sensitivity to the Boys Club — most of the time. 😛 He and Timmy would probably be the two I’d spend the most time with. (I love nerds.)

It also goes without saying that he and Flora, my favorite Winx, are perfect for each other. If they broke up, I’d cry. (I’m not even kidding.)

From one of my favorite guys to my least favorite: Riven. Ugh. Let’s get this over with.

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19 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Helia, The Ex-Pacifist

  1. Hahahah I knew it! I knew Timmy was your favorite. This is because you think almost exactly the same as I, with the difference that my favorite one is Stella and Brandon hahaha and yeah… I hate Riven (not actually hate-hate but similar…) is the one that I dislike the most, so I can wait to see what you are gonna write about him! Thanks again.

  2. i think he must have some magic cause in the episode where they earn their ballet shoes his origami birds come to life and also in the last episode of season 5 he made one and it flew to bloom

  3. The spider do suits him better in my opinion (how could he even see with his old one anyway?) Also i quite enjoy having a softer guy in the show, i guess it’s because i see a lot of myself in Helia, normally i’m a pretty nice guy with an artistic streak (not on his level though) but it is a bad idea to make me angry especially if it’s a friend who i care deeply about. Riven next? “Let’s get this over with” LOL! May as well get through the most heated one as quickly as possible

  4. I always wondered if Helia’s original look was inspired by Hotohori from FY; they have basically the same hair.

    I like the flying origamis but never been a fan of how Flora’s boyfriend was basically a male Flora. S’weird. And more noticable back in the days of 4kids when Flora had that distinctive breathy voice. Of course many of the boyfriends are basically male versions of the Winx, but for some reason I noticed it more with Flora and Helia.

  5. I get why you don’t like Riven but I love him. 😛 lol I just like his character and the realness of his obnoxious attitude. But that’s for another post.

    Helia doesn’t bore me like Sky does but his quiet nature doesn’t attract me much either. I mostly notice him when he’s doing the really romantic things because I’m a total, cry at sad moments and happy moments romantic and I find him to be the most romantic boy in the bunch besides Nabu. Sure sky and Brandon are too but I feel it’s in Helia’s very nature and essence to be romantic.

    I was actually kinda glad for the love triangle in season 5 because I wanted them to get shaken up and come back stronger but I was so over it with the execution. I felt like while it would be easy for Flora to misunderstand because she’s not always the most confident person, they did poorly with Helia from the “friend” comment. It’s been four seasons for them, they are more than friends after that look and kiss at the end of season 2. Not to mention they drew it out to long. What they should have drawn out was Sky’s amnesia plot and make that more meaningful. It’s like he remembered her just in time for them to get annoyed with each other later on.

    I did notice the personality switch you mentioned but I always felt it was an ego thing, like I’m good and I know it. Every guy has an Ego, even the quiet ones like Helia and my ex from high school. He was quiet and sweet too until he whipped a camera out and suddenly he’s like an egomaniac lol. Helia may not promote fighting but i still feel he’s proud of his skills.

  6. Riven’s actually an okay guy! He may come off as a jerk sometimes but he’s actually nice at heart (i.e. when you get to know him). Like him and Musa.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

    Also, in season 3: the episode after Tecna kinda got sucked in. Timmy had been really upset, right? So Riven comforted him with a sympathetic look. Even if he said some hurtful things, in a way (“Tecna’s gone, Timmy”), he said them because they were the truth. Also the fact that he is so aggressive may be due to his mysterious childhood.

    • No offense, because I can see you like Riven a lot, but “comes off as a jerk sometimes?” I think that’s being forgiving. He’s been coming off as a jerk since season one, particularly to Sky and Musa. I believe he really does love her, but…well, I’m about to share my thoughts about him, so I’ll save any further comment.

  7. Helia is my second favorite Specialist [which is strange since he is way too different from my first favorite], I love his attitude and the way he fights in a relaxed way and being always appeased. By the way, am I the only one who likes his first hairdo more?

    For the werewolves and almost starting a fight with Riven, I think Helia was still upset for his fight with Flora earlier in that episode.

    Also, I think Flora was in a sort of crush with Riven in S2, she even seemed kinda jealous when he was with Musa. However, I’m glad nothing happened between them, I can’t imagine how Riven would have treated her.

    • He was still angry, but at first he seemed more mopey about it. Then it kinda turned into a stress-induced rage, even though Flora was trying to reach out to him. It was different for him.

      • Helia can’t stand Riven’s lack of seriousness so i side with him there it’s ok to joke but to take advantage of a local legend just to scare everyone else? Someone said the guys are male versions of the Winx. Well if Helia and Sky are Bloom and Flora as dudes Riven is Stella but worse than her in the jerk department.

          • Maybe summer meant that both of them are a bit self-centered? Stella seemed to care more about fashion designs and wanting to hear people praise her while Riven cares more about training and turning things into a contest so that he can prove himself a capable leader(zombie fight).

          • That’s exactly what I meant Galistar they’re both self centered a bit and Stella’s only better because she’ll at least try to lessen it Riven doesn’t really as soon as he starts to change well he goes back to square one like those horrible Beauty and the beast midquels. I bet that’s the relationship they intended for Musa and Riven but Riven always goes back to beast just when he becomes more “princely”

  8. Out of all of the boys, Helia’s my most favorite, too. I mean, c’mon! He’s sweet, gentle, sensitive, smart, artistic, and is strong. As Musa said in season 6, “Guys like Helia are one in a million!”

    They seemed to imply that most of these worlds in the Magic Dimension are inter-racials, with people of different colors like Galatea and the Emperor of Melody (and/or species like Aisha’s relatives on Andros).

  9. As I was warching Season Seven on dailymotion and I was watching a Flora Helia moment, it felt like Helia had hung out with Riven too much! That’s all the spoilers I will give you:)

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