Nex has arguably become the most hated guy in the Boys Club. The fanbase calls him everything from a “bad person” and “Riven 2.0″ to a “jerk” and a flat-out “a-hole.” It doesn’t help that he has a harsh look to his face (his eyes look yellow in some shots). Plus, he tends to scowl a lot, making him look like he’s always angry or up to something.

I used to hate him, too. In my review of “The Flying School” (ep. 6X03), where he knocks Roy out of the ring during a training match, I called him and Thoren “hotheads.” Then he really ticked me off in “Bloomix Power” (ep. 6X04), where he sabotages Roy’s obstacle course run. Why he thought leaving him dangling from a floating platform would impress Aisha — or anyone — is beyond me.

Even though Roy bores me, I couldn’t picture Aisha with someone like Nex. If that meant Roy would be her new boyfriend, so be it. At least she’d be happy again.

But after watching “The Lost Library” (ep. 6X07), I started to change my mind about Nex. We see a different side of him in that episode: shy, love-struck, calmer, and in the end, disappointed. It felt out of character for him, although we didn’t know much about him yet anyway.

Now Aisha’s starting to like him. In “Mystery of Calavera” (ep. 6X15) and “Zombie Invasion” (ep. 6X16), she spends most of her time with him and barely even looks at Roy. Even in group shots, Roy’s off to the side or off-screen, while Aisha and Nex are standing together.

We know she wouldn’t fall for a jerk because she can spot one with her eyes closed. She trusts guys the least out of all the Winx. Plus, the supposed red flags about Nex — aggressiveness, arrogance, etc. — have been obvious since the day they met. That’s why she hated him at first, too, and even confronted him about his behavior.

Have we missed something about Nex? I think so. Nickbow didn’t mean for him to seem like a jerk. In fact, he’s supposed to be a nice guy.

The week before season six premiered in Italy, published an article full of spoilers (you’ve been warned), including summaries of episodes 1-13 and descriptions of the new characters. (They published an article like this for season five, too.) Here are the first two lines of Nex’s description, translated by me:

He’s a slim and athletic-looking guy with long, dark [“anime black”] hair. He’s outgoing and friendly and often likes to make jokes and tease the Specialists, especially Roy.

Most of this we know already. He looks “slim and athletic” for sure, and he’s already started wisecracking and bugging the Specialists. And we can tell he’s more of an extrovert than an introvert. (I’m an introvert. I should know. 😛 ) The surprise, though, is the word “friendly.” The exact word in the article is amichevole, which means “friendly,” “cordial” (warmhearted and pleasant), and “non-hostile.”

If all this is true — like everything else in the article is — it sounds like Nex is supposed to be the cheerful jokester of the Boys Club, a bit like a “class clown.”


Nex’s hair stayed perfectly styled after a plunge in the water. That’s some darn good hair gel.

I found an article from March 2015 that says in real life, adult “class clowns” tend to be known as “wise guys” or, appropriately, “bad boys” (or bad girls). They’re also “more likely to be male, group leaders, active, independent, and high in self-esteem.” Surprisingly, minus the group leader part (that’s Sky), that describes Nex pretty well.

I think this proves he’s not “Riven 2.0,” as some fans see him. In fact, based on these traits, he and Riven are polar opposites. While they both like to tease the others, Riven tends to be more malicious. Nex’s wisecracks are annoying at times, but so far this season he hasn’t blatantly insulted anyone (i.e calling names or using put-downs). He seems to make fun of situations rather than people.

Also, Riven’s definitely not outgoing. When he’s with the group, he’s usually in the back or in the corner, keeping to himself. Sometimes, he withdraws from them all together. Extroverts, however, like being around other people, thus Nex is rarely alone. If he’s not with Aisha, Roy, or Thoren, he’s usually with someone else in the group or even a minor character.

Here are a few more differences between Nex and Riven:

  • Nex is nice to Aisha. Riven — well, you know. 😕
  • Both Nex and Riven are competitive, but Nex has shown he can curb his competitiveness when he needs to and cooperate even with Roy. Riven hasn’t shown as much restraint, especially this season (or in past seasons either).
  • They’re both spiky-haired bad boys, but Nex is the more the playful type. Riven’s the angry loner type.

If Nex is really supposed to be friendly, he sure made a lousy first impression! But I think I know why. You know how Aisha always gets mad at her love interests when she first meets them? Sometimes he deserves it like Nabu did. (He stalked her, guys. C’mon.) Other times, he just says something that rubs her the wrong way. In “The Power of Harmonix” (ep. 5X06), she snaps at Roy for suggesting he go ahead of the Winx into Andros’ ocean since the waters are dangerous.

Nex’s “tick off Aisha” moment was more like Nabu’s. Everyone, not just her, was angry with him and rightfully didn’t trust him. And just like she ran off after catching Nabu spying, she stormed out of the room after Nex’s “little stunt” in “Bloomix Power.”

After this incident, he seems to understand he went too far. So far, he hasn’t done anything that dangerous or aggressive again. Plus, even after Aisha’s scolding and the dirty looks from her friends, he still helps with the Lynphea College rescue mission as he intended to in the first place. He’s helpful and focused once he’s there, and he even tries to protect Roy after he’s turned to stone — only to end up a statue himself.


Since I just brought up Roy again, I might as well talk about the love triangle now.

Like I said in his post, I think the reason so many fans want him to win Aisha’s heart is they just don’t like Nex. Since he comes off as a jerk, Roy looks like the nicer guy. But I’ve never read a good argument for why he’s better for Aisha.

There is, however, a good argument for why Nex is better for her: he’s practically the male version of her, like the other guys are to her friends. They’re both energetic, fun-loving, and competitive. They also love a variety of sports. The roller blade race and the windsurfing race seem to be what’s brought them closer together.

Also, if you look at Aisha’s character descriptions on and earlier versions of, a recurring theme is of her being “fearless.”

Season four official website: “I love dancing and doing sports, and I face every difficulty with no fear.” “As the Fairy of Waves, Aisha is not afraid of diving headfirst into any challenge! She’s fearless, athletic and always looking for the next adventure.”

That same theme appears in Nex’s character description, too:

…Nex always wants to prove himself to be best at everything and challenges anyone without fear.

I also discovered something about their names. Nex is Latin for “death.” That sounds a bit creepy (and ominous) and doesn’t fit his character, but what’s interesting is how it corresponds with her name. Aisha is Arabic for “alive,” “life,” or “she who lives.” So put together, their names essentially mean “life and death.” Was this on purpose, and if so, what does it mean? I’m not sure.


Final thoughts: I hated Nex at first, but I like him a lot now. Unlike Roy, he stands out because of his personality and his differences from the other guys, like being a Paladin instead of a Specialist. (He’s also the first guy with piercings. 😛 ) I think he’d bring energy and enthusiasm to the Boys Club.

Yes, I want him and Aisha to end up together. They clearly like spending time together, and he seems more compatible with her than Roy. Plus, I like that they’d be a “mixed race” couple. I know we already have one (Flora and Helia), but it’d be something different for Aisha instead of always being paired with the darker-skinned guy.

Only one post left! Time to talk about the oldest member of the Boys Club: Sky’s cousin, Thoren. Stay tuned!

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36 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Nex, The Jokester

  1. Life and death? Alright did they want a stealth pun when doing this? If they did, i’m learning to warm up to Nex. Do i like him? Not exactly but now that i see him as a joker instead of just Riven’s clone (which is really how he comes off until 6×16 when he made a non-competitive remark about the love triangle, Aisha likes who she likes meaning that there never was a triangle, all in the fans head and

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow
  2. I totally agree. I love Nex and Aisha together, first I wasn’t so sure about Nex because how they portrayed him and thoran but after seeing his sweet side I started to really like him. I also love the mixed couples! Helia/flora and now nex/Aisha. I’m team nex I think they’d be good for each other

  3. Why is that every time these boys meet Aisha, they give her, and us, a bad impression? Nabu was the stalker, Roy accidentally implied that women can’t handle the danger under the hazardous waves, and Nex practically knocked Roy out of the Lynphea training arena from a certain height that could have left him seriously injured had Aisha not been there to catch him with her net. (Then again, the law of physics doesn’t really apply in this show…remember when Bloom and Sky made the stupid idea of going to Rocceluce Gorge alone? The Trix knocked them over the cliff while they were still on their windrider and that fall and impact should have killed them.)

    I’m sure that Nex isn’t anything like Riven, but the way Nickbow handled his portray in the first few episodes still left a bad taste in my mouth: both times when he jokingly pushed Roy and sabotage his turn on the obstacle course left us viewing him as the jerk instead of the joker, and his appearance doesn’t help! However, I didn’t like Nabu the first few episodes either, but eventually I warmed up to him. So hopefully the same thing will happen with Nex to me as well.

    • I wanna know why every time she yells at a guy, he falls in love with her instead of thinking she’s an angry you-know-what. 😛 We know she’s not, but they wouldn’t if they’d just met her.

      • I think all of Aisha’s suitors probably were her childhood friends like the guy in the comic (no proof of/c but this could happen) and grew apart. perhaps Nabu and Nex were awful kids and Roy was the only one to not view Aisha as a dumb girl but as an equal so what happens is upon completion of elementary the four drifted (pun intended) apart and completely forgot about her until years their debut episodes. This might be why they get a cold shoulder at first and then Aisha defrosts this technically means Roy like Anne was Aisha’s best friend and even the nice ones are allowed to go crazy at times. Nabu was probably a creepy kid with a crush and Nex was a grade a clone of Riven (to put it as nice as possible) but with a sense of humor. This is possibly why they fall for her, they know she’s putting up a charade and then they put one on for her to seem like someone completely different but Aisha’s able to tell the difference. Her suitors clearly know more than they are letting on about her. This is why they act nuts around her to drive her nuts and she would realize it and finally just give the guy what they want, who is the master at this? Nex by being pretty much a jock of all sports and hopefully a great dancer (Aisha does love to dance more than anything else! Let’s hope doesn’t have two left feet!) There’s no way anyone could do that unless they really knew someone. Otherwise Aisha would be thought of as well… a witch!

        • I’m not so sure. We’ve been told she had no friends except Anne. That’s why she felt so lonely. I think if all these guys knew her long before this, she would recognize at least one of them. Plus, we know Roy and Nabu are from Andros, but Nex might not be. It’s possible, but we don’t know his back story yet.

          Nex’s character description says he falls for her because of her “strong attitude.” Maybe these guys just prefer strong women.

          • Maybe they do like strong women but when was making the lady mad ever a good pickup? Seriously? That’s the worst way to get a date (so is going too far in any direction)

          • No, seriously, they weren’t. I’m sure Nabu knew if he got caught, Aisha wouldn’t be happy, but he didn’t want to get caught. That’s why he tried so hard to stay hidden. And when she did catch him, he made up an excuse so that it wouldn’t seem like he was spying on her.

            Roy was genuinely surprised by Aisha’s reaction to his comment. He did think he was just being helpful, but Aisha didn’t see it that way.

            Nex didn’t expect Roy to challenge him after he flirted with the Winx. Then when Aisha came and told him off after their match, he was surprised by that, too. She did it while the Guru was talking to him, so even the Guru was surprised!

            The second time, Nex seemed surprised again when she stormed out of the Morphix Gym. That’s the one I don’t understand, since there’s no way what he did would have impressed her. But I still don’t think he was looking for that reaction. He seemed disappointed by it.

    • “Then again, the law of physics doesn’t really apply in this show…remember when Bloom and Sky made the stupid idea of going to Rocceluce Gorge alone? The Trix knocked them over the cliff while they were still on their windrider and that fall and impact should have killed them.”

      Something funny about it is that, while they barely ended hurt that time, in the same season Bloom says she broke a leg by falling from a skateboard [or something like that, I have very blurred memories about S5]

  4. I just dont like nex. i hope he leaves. plus, if aisha would get another boyfriend it would get out of control

        • That’s debatable. When she met him, she still wasn’t really ready for another relationship. They seemed to become a couple at the end of season five, but then even though a few months (at least) had passed in-universe by the time season six began, they didn’t seem much closer.

          Then Nex came along, and while it wasn’t immediate, he’s already sweeping her away from him. That tells me Aisha wasn’t committed to her relationship with Roy in the first place, or that perhaps they didn’t even have that kind of relationship.

          • I think that if Nex was not there they would have become girlfriend and boyfriend. But he came and I dont like him

  5. I like Nex, not at the beginning of course but he totally grew on me. He’s proven himself time and again and unlike Riven, he doesn’t seem to challenge Thorens leadership (at least I think Thoren is the leader of the Paladins). He’s funny and I like that he actually gave Aisha a chance to choose for himself instead of just annoying her. In the end, Roy started to look like the jerk in my opinion and wouldn’t even give Nex a chance to be Aisha.

    It also seems to me that Nex and Thoren might have the same broship that Brandon and Sky have. I really do hope we get to know more about these two (hence the idea of a special show just for the guys) and I would love to see how his relationship with Aisha would progress.

    • I agree. I know we say Roy has no personality but his jealous side I don’t particularly like. That and he can’t keep up with Aisha like Nex and nabu could. During the wind surfing race and rollarblading race Roy was struggling to keep up and Aisha is very hands on and active. She needs someone to keep up with her.

  6. When Nex showed up I didn’t know what to think of him. He seemed cool but a bit of an a*s. Still he wasn’t as bad as my boy Riven. I also felt Aisha’s reaction to him was very telling. He bugged the crap out of her about as much as Nabu did. By the Calavera Island episode I came to this conclusion:
    You know those guys in school who are really good at everything, they also look good, mingle with all the different cliques, are super confident and competitive and sort of the golden boy types, that’s Nex to me.

    He’s confident to the point of arrogant and sometimes thinks his good looks and charm will let him get away with things like the Roy incident because he is cocky. But when Aisha calls him out on his bull it gets his attention because maybe not a lot of people do that. Guys like him will notice things like that because she just challenged him and questioned his confidence. It’s like waving the red flag in front of the bull.

    Still that doesn’t mean he is a bad guy, because cocky isn’t a bad thing when it’s reined in and I am sure Aisha will rein him in. I also noticed that when it came down to what was important Nex did the job without hesitation and he doesn’t hold grudges like that other bad boy I know 🙂

    Most importantly to me, he had a personality I can identify unlike Roy. That personality is all his and not a copy or an echo of any other characters.

    • I’ve also felt that Aisha humbles him a bit. He thinks pretty highly of himself, that’s for sure. He thinks he’s the best at everything, but Aisha comes in and proves him wrong. 😛 You’d think a guy like him would be annoyed by it, but instead that seems to be why he likes her.

      So yeah, I think Aisha’s job is to rein in his cocky attitude. When he’s with her, that’s when you see his humbler, sweeter side.

      • She brings out the best in him. That’s how it should be. I love Riven and Musa but their flaws are glaringly obvious or maybe that’s why I love them 😛 but still great relationships are just as awesome.

      • I usually don’t like winx couples, I find them unnecessary sometimes but I fell in love with nex/Aisha and flora/ Helia.

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow

        Nex is really trying for Aisha and I find that’s sweet. I think he hides behind that jerk act but is really sweet and Aisha did bring that out in him. When Roy gave Aisha a gift and Nex walked away sad I felt so bad for him and that was a new side of him that I’ve seen. I knew Aisha ignored him because what he did to Roy. But that’s Aisha’s personality. Tough cookie. My way or the high way. When he approached her it was so cute, like he didn’t know what to say to her unlike his debut episode where he was full of himself. To see that she can humble him and make him so shy with just a look is sweet

        • I just reread this comment. How he acted in “The Lost Library” was completely different. In “The Flying School,” he strutted up to the Winx like he thought he was a rockstar. But in “Lost Library,” he could barely look Aisha in the eye and didn’t have a clue what to say to her. It is cute that she has that kind of effect on him. 🙂

  7. The engliSh episode of wc is out 1-4. Everyone’s voice fits esp. Bloom and Aisha. The rest fairly sound the same though the boys are going to take some getting used too.

      • Nick Asia (from India to the Philippines has the English s7, eps 2-4 are on yt now, don’t know about 1) go check ot out!)

    • Yes s7 starts off strong and I really cried when something happened to our favorite fairy in red even if i approved of the you know what that led to that scene and thank goodness that we know the s4 Winx are back! Guess that means the Rai s4 opening was right when they said “love is just a kind of magic.” Without that love we would have had nick’s derailment go DuArt! (DuArt is the new dubber according to Michael’s site)

  8. I think Nex is way better as Aisha’s couple than Roy, he suits her better since he as competitive and energetic as her, even if he’s a little jerk, I bet she’d rather date a guy like that than the boring Roy. By the way, “Nex” can also be translated as “violent death” or “murder”, kinda creepy, I wonder if he’ll give us some interesting surprise [maybe he’s a disguised villain, an enemy spy or something, who knows]

    PS: Sorry if this comment is posted twice, my internet connection isn’t running very well right now.

    • LOL! I doubt he’ll end up being evil, but that’d be…awkward. 😛 Knowing this show, though, I think it’d be obvious by now that they couldn’t trust him, but he hasn’t done anything villainous. He seems like a normal guy. I really think they chose the name as a stealth pun with Aisha’s name.

      • I know, that’s silly, I was just trying to make some guesses about the meaning(s) of his name, actually I think it is a coincidence, but it may be intentional, it may be as a complement for Aisha’s name [which means life], just like Flora and Helia [i.e. the relation between flowers (Flora) and Sun (Helia)]

  9. I hate Nex since he was first introduced and I still do. Nothing can change that.

  10. Nex is a great guy when you get to know him as a whole he reminds me of riven from season 4 when he was trying to win musa’s trust and love back.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow
    • That’s the first time I’ve heard someone say Nex is like Riven from season four. It’s always “Riven from season one,” his worst season. I disagree completely with that, but I can kinda see the season four comparison.

  11. Just wait for season 7! Nex really isn’t that bad – on contrary so pleasee, don’t hate him folks 🙂 😉

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