Like Nabu, Roy’s difficult to talk about, but for a different reason: there’s not much to talk about. He’s a flat, boring character, even more boring than Sky. His contributions to the show are minimal, and his only meaningful connections within the group are with Aisha, his love interest, and Nex, his rival for her love.

Roy’s introduced in “The Power of Harmonix” (ep. 5X06). He bows to Aisha and speaks in lofty, knight-like language, which he slips in and out of throughout the season (and has practically dropped in season six). True to form for all Aisha’s love interests, he says something that ticks her off: “These are hazardous waters. I think I should go down before you.” Bad move. To steal a line from the theme song of Sailor Moon Crystal, the Winx “aren’t helpless girls who need the protection of men.”

Immediately after this, Roy begins drifting in and out of the show as though he’s a guest character. He shows up randomly for odd reasons — for example, in “The Gem of Empathy” (ep. 5X09), he’s there because someone told him to patrol the oceans of Zenith, even though he’s from Andros. Other times, he disappears for several episodes in a row (as much as nine at one point) and makes only cameo appearances in a couple episodes, such as “The Devourer” (ep. 5X18) and “The Shark’s Eye” (5X23).

This is one reason his romance with Aisha by the end of the season feels forced, awkward, and unbelievable. He’s gone for most of the season, so they barely interact with each other! When they do, it’s mostly brief banter or an occasional compliment. It feels like Nickbow did the bare minimum to make us believe they liked each other.

Yet, in “Saving Paradise Bay” (ep. 5X24), Roy gets hurt protecting Phylla from Icy’s attack. (Yes, it’s not even Aisha. It’s one of the Selkies. 😛 ) Aisha checks on him, and after he tells her he’s okay, the two appear to be about to kiss. She also imagines herself dancing with him in the ballet room in “Battle for the Infinite Ocean” (ep. 5X25).

When did they become that close if he was rarely there? Were they dating off-screen? If so, not only does Nickbow never tell us, but these two don’t act like that kind of couple. Plus, she was still mourning Nabu for about half the season, so she didn’t seem ready for a new relationship yet.

Speaking of Nabu, lots of fans see Roy as “Nabu 2.0.” The two have a lot in common: they’re both from Andros, are tied to the upper class (Roy’s King Teredor’s assistant, Nabu was a nobleman), and have similar skin tones. Roy also used one spell in season five (just to breathe underwater), and Nabu was the ony guy who could use magic. (Though since Roy hasn’t used any magic this season, he’s probably not a wizard.)


Magic? Okay, now you’re just ripping Nabu off!

What sets them apart from each other is their personalities and their roles in the Boys Club. We know Nabu was a bit rebellious. When his parents told him he’d have to marry a girl he didn’t know, he ran away from home. In season four (and a bit in season three), he showed a cheeky side, sometimes taunting the Fairy Hunters (especially Ogron) and teasing Riven, when he’s not scolding him for ruining his relationship with Musa.

Roy doesn’t seem to have a unique personality. He comes off as a lot like Sky, who also sometimes acts knight-like — or rather, prince-like. Whatever character traits Roy does show occasionally seem to be triggered by Aisha or Nex. For example, he’s not as competitive as they are. But in “Mystery of Calavera” (ep. 6X15), he plays along with their windsurfing race, though he seems more interested in watching them than in winning.

As for how Roy and Nabu fit into the Boys Club, I don’t feel like Nabu filled a personality-based role (i.e. the nerd, the rebel, etc.). But his unique traits — his dark skin and being a wizard, not a Specialist — helped him stand out in the group. He was the team’s magic user. They asked him for spells on occasion, and while everyone else fought with physical strength and weapons, he wielded a staff.

What’s Roy’s role? Honestly, I don’t think he has one. He stands out because of his skin tone, but he doesn’t have any special skills (he can swim, but that’s about it) or, again, a unique personality. His only role seems to be as a love interest for Aisha.

Despite how plain he is, many fans prefer him over Nex as a possible boyfriend for Aisha. But no one seems to have a good argument for why Roy’s better for her. All they say is, “Because he’s nice,” “because he cares about her” (Nex seems to, too), “because he met her first” (though they don’t seem very close), or “because Nex is a jerk” (which has nothing to do with Roy). I also hear his downsides played up as reasons. For example, some people choose him because he’s not as competitive as Nex. But Aisha’s competitive, too, and she seems to like it when Nex challenges her.

I think the real reason the fans prefer Roy is because Nex seems like a jerk. (I’ll talk about that in his post.) Roy’s the lesser of two “evils.” That doesn’t mean they like him more, though. The love triangle’s the only thing making him interesting. Without it, he’s not a popular character.

Here’s an example. opened a “Who’s Worthy of Aisha’s [Layla’s] Heart?” poll (warning: spoilers). As of this post, Roy’s trouncing Nex with nearly 100 votes to his 50 votes. But on the group’s favorite Specialist/favorite guy poll, Roy’s in dead last with only five votes (out of more than 200).

Think about that. These fans would rather Aisha date Roy, yet they think he’s the least interesting guy in the Boys Club. I feel sorry for her. 😕

IMG_0053Bottom line: Roy’s a dull character. He doesn’t add anything to the Boys Club or change its dynamic in any way. If he’s meant to be Aisha’s boyfriend, the least Rainbow could do is give him a unique personality, especially coming after Nabu. Right now, he’s just another nice guy in the group.

Enough about him. Time to talk about his rival for Aisha’s love: Nex. Stay tuned!

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25 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Roy, The Nice Guy

  1. Personally, I think Roy could have been a great addition to the Boys Club, but I blame Nickbow for handling him and the rest of season five so badly. If they had really tried, Roy really could have replaced Nabu as the boys’ new “magic wizard”. Like Aisha and Roxy (the sea is full of animals), Roy could have played several contributed parts in their underwater battles, giving him and Aisha more time to develop a bond. It would have been interesting to see this, but still show Aisha a bit reluctant because she’s still mourning over Nabu’s death. Come to think of it, what if Nickbow had shown Nabu fighting with everyone in episode 25 and he’s the one who was critically injured by Tritannus instead of Nereus? If so, that it would have been a great way to show Aisha cherishing her feelings for Roy even more. She already lost Nabu so maybe after making her wish to save Roy’s life, Aisha decided that accepting her feelings and decision to be with Roy is worth it. Despite the pain of possibly losing him, having a relationship with him is worth it because it’s better than being alone, something that she feared the most back in season 2, remember? 😀

  2. I don’t get why people like Roy over nex? Btw what happened to Roy anyway? His personality isn’t there so I was glad when nex came because he showed a new side to him.

    • Nex did actually bring out his personality, but to be honest, I don’t like what we’re seeing. Roy’s very possessive of Aisha (even though they’re not dating) and a bit vain. Granted, Nex has his own problems — he’s a bit arrogant and aggressive at times.

      • Ikr I think they used Roy as an open for Aisha to consider moving on, sadly Roy was a decoy and they didn’t handle his character well. I like Nex too, a guy to keep up and challenge her. I don’t hate Roy but I think Aisha needed s5 to grief and mourn before meeting Roy so fast

  3. Take this for what it’s worth, but I think you’re a bit too hard on the guy. You say that Roy and Aisha’s “romance” in season 5 feels “forced, awkward, and unbelievable,” but I can’t agree. Mainly because there’s not much of a “romance” there yet. I think you listed basically everything that their relationship consisted of at that point: an almost-kiss and an imagined dance, both right near the end of the season. Pretty mild, really. You also say Roy’s a “dull character.” Maybe. He may not be an interesting character in his own right, but then again, he’s never really presented to us in his own right. So let’s consider him in the context in which he appears.

    As you said, Aisha spends most of season 5 mourning Nabu. I believe your screenshot comes from “Beyond Believix” (ep. 5X08), from a scene which is actually one of my favorite Roy memories (if only because of his contrast with another character, as seems to be his lot in life). In that scene, Stella tries to get Aisha to stop “moping” and join the party by introducing her to some random guys, which proves to be a bad idea. Roy, on the other hand, was going to offer her a drink but reconsiders, noticing that “she doesn’t look like she wants company.” The scene shows us that Roy is interested in Aisha, but also that she’s not ready to move on. She’s still grieving, and that’s fine. That makes sense.

    Fast forward to episode 5X24. That almost-kiss showed us that maybe Aisha finally was ready to move on. The dancing scene in the next episode just cemented that for us, and I liked those scenes (and Roy) for exactly that reason. I think he existed primarily for that purpose: to show us that Aisha was ready to move on with her life after Nabu. That’s an important role to play, and even if that’s all there is to him, I still love him for it.

    So that’s Roy in season 5. In season 6, he genuinely just plays “Suitor A” to Nex’s “Suitor B,” and it’s a disappointment, and I have nothing to add to what you’ve already said there. Oh well.

    • I actually agree with everything you just said, especially about his role. Since they haven’t bothered to give him a deeper connection with her, I don’t think he was ever meant to be her boyfriend. However, he did help her get over the loss of Nabu and believe in the possibility of love again. I agree that’s an important role.

      For me, though, since he’s a very basic character and only really a love interest, I don’t feel any sort of connection to him. That’s why I’m hard on him. He doesn’t interest me, and this season I actually find him a bit annoying.

      Also, I wish they hadn’t done this love triangle plot to begin with. Dumping two guys in Aisha’s lap after she just lost one? Why did Nickbow think that was a good idea? Plus, it forces the fanbase to pick sides, so regardless of who Nickbow puts her with, there will already be a bunch of fans who don’t like him. And it just seems to bolster the “bring back Nabu” argument. 😕

  4. I honestly think the whole introducing him as a possible love interest for Aisha was maybe too soon. Even the way they introduced the character by saying that her father sent him was ridiculous. All of a sudden she needs someone to protect after saving the Magic Kingdom and Earth countless times. I agree with this post, Roy is a boring character, most of us were wishing that Nabu was coming back, h**l in the beginning I started thinking maybe Roy was the reincarnation of him but he’s just not that special. He did help her move on which is great as her pining over Nabu would’ve been a waste. Also, if he’s a specialist and supposedly good at it, how come we’ve never seen him on any team. We’ve seen a bunch of specialists around and even when Helia was introduced the guys knew him but they didn’t know Roy. There’s not much characterisation with this guy and I feel he was just brought in to help Aisha move on and thats it.

    • Here’s another weird thing. If Roy’s her father assistant, why didn’t Aisha know him already? Unless he very recently got the job, she would at least have heard of him. That could have been an interesting plot point to bring into his character. Maybe they knew each other and he’d always been interested in her, but because she’s the princess, he didn’t feel he could approach her romantically. But when he started helping out the Winx, he figured now was his chance. Sadly, she’s still getting over Nabu’s death, so he has to balance his desire to be her boyfriend with helping her cope with her loss.

      Something I thought up just now. It would have made him a lot more interesting. If they had gone this route, though, it’d have better not to introduce Nex. A love triangle would make his whole personal struggle in season five seem for nothing.

      • I never understood how she could not know that. Aisha seemed pretty close to her family since season 4 so she would’ve known about Roy. It definately would’ve been interesting had they had that kind of past.

        The introduction of Nex was a breath of fresh air from a rather boring character. If only he brought something new to the dynamic of the boys, everybody was already established and like you said, Nabu had magic and wasn’t even a specialist. Roy didn’t contribute much which is why, for me, he never fit.

  5. I really liked Roy if because blandness was just as new as Nex being insanely competitive (worse than Aisha i think). I like the quiet guys better. However he’s smarter than Nex about winning Aisha’s heart. Taking her cues that say “i want to move on, but not yet” then in the leaders catfight episode (pretty much all i can say about the gem of empathy) he challenges Aisha to a race and she plays along before the hero stuff. Now about Aisha not knowing who Roy was maybe he was just hired on the day Nabu died and until the Winx got recalled to Alfea there was no reason to say anything about it to Aisha. I think he was just ” a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine (grief in this case) go down.” It helps to have that sometimes and other times you need salt. Probably why people prefer nex, he’s salt because Roy is just too good for them and they can relate to salty Nex better but i’ll save my thoughts on him for his post. Aisha’s apparently the hottest Winx (you’d think it’d be Bloom or Stella) and has become a dude magnet, can we turn the suitorometer off for a bit? This girl needs an expectations of being her date list with a warning expect great tragedy to happen to you at a moment’s notice at the top in bright turquoise ink.

  6. I freely admit that I am one of those who thinks Roy is Nabu 2.0, I don’t like him because I also have not connected with him at all, and I prefer Nex.

    When I think of Roy, I don’t think of anything except that he is nice. I’m nice too, but I’m also funny, can be passive aggressive, very stubborn, hates to be told what to do… and you can see where I am going with this? He’s like a place filler and I do agree that he was there to help Aisha transition through her grief. I also agree with some of the comments about being hard on him but I feel very personal about him suddenly showing up. I can’t explain except to say that I liked Nabu even better than some of the Winx Girls and I even used his personality as a model for some of my short stories. I grew a personal attachment and when Roy came I felt a personal betrayal. Maybe if he had shown up more to the end of season 5 I might have been a bit more cool with it because by then I had finally accepted that Nabu would not be back and was processing how I would feel if he did come back.

    When Nex came and they I saw he liked Aisha, I was actually glad. He shook Roy up and I wondered if I would see more of him then but I just got impressions of I am nice coupled with a lot of the green eyed monster. I still could not gleam enough of his personality to open up to him and that could not be said for Nex.

  7. I think that Aisha suddenly likes Roy because nick just didnt think things through, as usual

  8. Well, I have a weird reason for wanting Roy to be with Layla instead of Nex. And that reason is that… he’s a Specialist while Nex is a Paladin!!!
    That’s it! I know it’s stupid and just being a Specialist doesn’t mean he’s good for Layla, but it’s just that I always didn’t like how the rest of the girls got Specialists and she got a wizard (not that I didn’t like Nabu himself, I LOVED him and still miss him).
    I believe since Roy is a Specialist and probably had met the others in Red Fountain already (or at least knew them), it will make some sense if he hangs around with them now. But a Paladin hanging around with the Specialists just because he’s the boyfriend of a friend of their girlfriends wouldn’t make too much sense for me. Plus, he would look too oddball among them.
    That said, I agree Roy is a totally boring character and people sure don’t fall in love just like that! I wish they would give him better personality so that if he does win over Layla’s heart, he doesn’t bore us afterwards.

    • It is weird how Aisha’s love interests always look completely different than everyone else’s. Even Roy, though he’s a Specialist, wore a different uniform than the others in season five.

      • Maybe that’s so they can get rid of them quickly?

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow

        It’s safer for Winx to date specialists after all…the Winx universe must not like it if a fairy dates a guy that isn’t a specialist or if a specialist dates a witch. Meaning if someone wants to date a winx they HAVE NO CHOICE but to go to red fountain, if they don’t want to die and in the case of the Winx, you must join Sky’s squad.

        • I’d like to think Rainbow wouldn’t kill off Aisha’s boyfriend again. For one thing, it would feel very unfair, as though they’ve picked Aisha to have all the hardship. Also, it wouldn’t have as much of an impact on the fans the second time. If they dropped Tecna into another portal to a hard-to-escape dimension, would you worry about her like you did the first time? No. You’d probably think to yourself, “This has happened before. She’ll get out.”

          • That probably would be unfair and then another icebox trap would also be cruel just as bringing up dark bloom because now Dark Bloom could be fairy dusted out on site. Doing something with Flora might work though.

  9. Honestly I don’t like him, I don’t even think he deserves being called “Nabu 2.0”, he was introduced just so Aisha could have a new love interest and as Nabu’s replace.

    I read a comment in the facebook page which said “His post should have been last and the title should have been “The Boys of Winx Club: Roy, The Other One”.” and honestly I agree. His relationship with Aisha, as well as his introduction felt forced, and honestly I see him just as a Nabu rip off.

    • Well, he’s apparently got some fans because he’s doing pretty well on the Site Poll. Unless that was one fan who voted for him on every device they own, because he surged really suddenly. 😛

      • Yeah, I was also surprised for the percentage he got, but reading at the comments it seems that he really has some fans, which really surprises me is that he’s their favorite above all the other guys.

        • I’m surprised, too, but then again, this is a different set of people. Like I said, he’s in dead last on the VK group’s poll. I can’t understand why he’s so popular. He really is just there. Or maybe they feel sorry for him because he seems to be losing Aisha’s heart. Whatever the reason, he’s not an interesting character at all. I didn’t like him at the end of season five, and I like him even less this season.

  10. Even though Roy is the one who has more fans wanting them to get together, he gets booted in Season Seven if you know what I mean:(

    • I’m not one of them, as you can see. I think the only reason the fans preferred Roy was because they didn’t like Nex. Like I said, he was just the lesser of two “evils.” There’s nothing interesting about Roy, in my opinion.

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