Sky. (Oops, I mean “Brandon.” 😛 ) The original Prince Charming of Winx Club.

We know more about him than about any of the other guys. He’s the leader of the Boys Club, he’s Crown Prince/King-in-Training of Eraklyon, and his life is constantly in danger due to tension in the kingdom. Brandon’s his best friend and bodyguard, Riven’s his not-so-friendly rival, and Diaspro’s his psycho ex-fiancée who’s hellbent on winning him back, even if she has to kill Bloom. (Let’s hope we don’t see her again.)

This season, we learned he has a cousin, Thoren, who he’s always thought was a jerk. Why? Once when they were looking for animal tracks in the woods when they were kids, they were ambushed by ninjas (nice continuity nod to season two). Thoren ran for his life, leaving Sky to fend for himself.

I get that Sky barely survived, but this was still a stupid grudge. They were just kids, and Thoren was scared. His flight response kicked in. That’s it. Does that make him a bad person? No. (I’ll talk more about that when I get to Thoren.)

Anyway, is there something else we don’t know about Sky? Even if there is, I don’t really care anymore. He’s just a spotlight hog now like his girlfriend. Rainbow’s so obsessed with him, he’s the only guy they put in Mystery of the Abyss. Do they really think we don’t care about the others?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Sky. What’s not to like? He’s the quintessential hero — brave, kind, selfless, charismatic, and strong. He’s also a natural leader. His friends respect him (even Riven in his rebellious way), and he values and respects them as well.

No one’s perfect, of course. Sky loses his temper sometimes, especially with Riven (he’s even punched him in the gut before). He also has a jealous side when it comes to Bloom. He couldn’t stand how obsessed she was with Professor Avalon in season two, and he thought she and Andy (her ex) was getting too friendly with each other. And we know he’s not above lying if he feels he needs to. Heck, his whole identity in the first half of season one was a lie!

Still he’s a great guy. But all the attention he gets has come with a side effect: he’s boring now! He’s lost the appeal he had in the first season. And every time Rainbow tries to make him interesting again, it’s always with a sideplot that feels contrived or overly dramatic or gets resolved too soon.

For example, in season five, he loses his memories after a hard fall in the Magic Archives. To be honest, I liked this idea. I wanted to see Bloom cope with the reality that the Sky she loved may gone forever. Over time, the two would fall in love again, then somehow he’d regain his memories near the end of the season.


You are getting sleeeeepy…

What happens instead? Before his bout with amnesia, Sky loses a pendant he wanted to give to Bloom. Now because of a make-believe curse, he thinks they’ll never get their happily ever after. (Oh, please, Nickbow. If they don’t get married after everything they’ve been through, there’ll be a fan riot.) Flora’s bonded Selkie Daisyree finds the pendant underwater. Flora hands it to him, and as soon as he sees it, all his memories return.

This all happens in the first half of the season and is never mentioned again. Boring.

Going back to him and Bloom for a moment. Honestly, I’m not even interested in their love story anymore, and sideplots like this are part of the reason. We know no matter how many times Rainbow turns him to stone, drops him off a platform, puts him in cardiac arrest, or gives his life force to an angsty Triton, they’ll still be together in the end.

Is that you, John Smith?

Is that you, John Smith?

They’re the only inseparable couple in Winx Club. Don’t get too attached to the others; they could be one fight, love triangle, or dark portal away from a permanent farewell. But Bloom and Sky are destined to be together.

That’s great news if they’re your favorite couple, but it’s hard not to be jealous if they’re not — especially if it’s your favorite couple that breaks up. Granted, it hasn’t happened often, but you never know.

Bottom line: I’m sick of Sky. He’s a nice guy and a worthy leader, and he and Bloom are an adorable couple. But his fifteen minutes of fame are long over. Time for him to step out of the spotlight.

I wanna know more about the other guys. What about his right-hand man Brandon? What’s his background story? Where are his parents? How he’d get the job of protecting Sky? I don’t think Rainbow’s ever told us.

Speaking of Brandon, that’s who I’m gonna talk about next. It only makes sense, since these two are always together. Stay tuned!

Your Turn: What do you think of Prince Sky?

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31 Responses to “The Boys of Winx Club: Sky, The Leader

  1. My favorite thing about Sky is how nice and clumsy he can be sometimes. I also like how he and Bloom have so much in common, they both have pet, their both from a royal – though Sky’s an only child, and they both have ex-partners, though Sky’s is right now close to being put on DEATH ROW, or life in prison, for brainwashing and attempted murder.

  2. Very clever! You think exactly the same as I, hahaha I thought That I was the only one, but yeah! It’s time to know more about any other guy, I mean it will be more interesting than know over an over how Bloom and Sky broke and go back together, I mean, they already go trough a lot of things and to think that Bloom doesn’t believe in Sky words, that she is jealous is just exhausting, really, and I like Bloom but we need to realistic, there is a lot of history behind the others guys and girls, I think they made Bloom too powerful that is sad to see that some other witch hurt her if she is always the source of power and speaking of that I really want to know why didn’t Daphne received the flame instead of Bloom, but well… I still love the Winx. Thanks for the post!.

    • speaking of that I really want to know why didn’t Daphne received the flame instead of Bloom…

      In the original story, Daphne sacrificed herself to save Bloom from the Ancestral Witches during their attack on Domino. In order to keep the Flame from them, she hid it inside Bloom and sent her to Earth. It’s possible that before the attack, Daphne was the keeper of the Flame.

      • I like that you brought that up because I always thought Daphne died saving Bloom and that is why she lost her form. Then in season 5 they said she was cursed by Sirenix. It was the Witches, blah, yada… But the Dragon flame can supposedly be never truly taken away as is said in seasons 1 and 6 so she should still have it even if she is not given the official title of keeper of the flame. I feel all her power was never really given to Bloom, just most of it and that is why she and Bloom were able to reconnect and why she was able to remain in that form and never change or be completely killed because of the Flame inside her.

        • Well, I don’t think so, even if she was really the first keeper of the Dragon Flame [which I doubt since she was way too young for that duty] I think she never had its power, and if she had kept some of the Dragon Flame with her after sending Bloom to Earth, the witches would have stolen it before “killing” her. Bloom possesses the power of the Dragon Flame because it lies within her, but it was never inside Daphne.

          • How was Daphne way too young to be the Keeper? When we look at flashbacks of Daphne in season 1, she appeared in her late teens to early twenties. She was already a Sirenix fairy which means she would have already accomplished a lot and had the maturity to hold the title. I believe Daphne has the Dragon Flame but it is unique to her as it is the Bloom and Marion who I also feel has the Flame from what was shown of her powers in the movie. I don’t think the Witches could have taken it from her just like the Trix couldn’t take it from Bloom, not really. I feel that it was her flame that helped sustain her all this time. That’s just my opinion.

          • The Trix became stronger when they “stole” Bloom’s Dragon Flame, so, if the Ancestral Witches had at least tried to steal Daphne’s Dragon Flame, they’d have become more powerful and maybe they had succeeded in ruling the Magic Dimension.

            I also think that Daphne was in her late teens but I find it weird that she had a baby sister at that age, so I don’t really know how old she was.

      • That make sense. Daphne is already pretty powerful in her own right. Maybe she still has the power of the Dragon Flame and still uses with, but without obvious names. Still, if Daphne hadn’t given her the Dragon Flame, then what would Bloom’s powers have been?

        • Domino is the kingdom of life represented by the 5 elements so fairies there have powers relating to life like how Linphea has powers that relate to nature and our own planet has powers related to our environment problems and their solutions. Bloom would’ve just had some small life power pertaining to Domino. That irks me when people say Bloom’s only a fire fairy. She’s a life fairy who uses fire magic like how Flora’s a nature fairy that uses flower magic primarily, they can do other things within their element but prefer certain fire and flowers respectively. There’s a difference. A plain fire fairy couldn’t use half the spells Bloom uses (that Kiss of Life, Strength of life, granting flight to those who can’t, the friendship flame, splitting portions of her power,the ability to use her magic underwater properly before Sirenix was ever a thought etc.) There’s probably an actual fire planet out there it’s just not Domino.

          • Right, if Bloom were just a fire fairy, she wouldn’t have all of her healing powers.

  3. At first he was cool because he wasn’t a dumb blonde and had a price on his head, now he’s just a marty stu and wears blue like his fiancè. Bloom may be unbearable equally but at least she’s willing to admit her mistakes, Sky isn’t.

  4. Sky is dull, Sky is boring, or something like that Valtor said in season 3. Oh wait he was talking about Tides… but anyway I totally agree with you. I loved Sky in season 1 and the drama of the switch and the whole Diaspro thing and how it caused the Trix to get Bloom’s power. That was an awesome subplot that made me feel like I was in on the story because we the viewers knew even if the actual characters didn’t.
    Then season 2 came and I found Aisha to be much more interesting and the complex relationship of Musa and Riven gripped me. He was such a good Bad Boy. The type you love and hate at the same time or just love to hate in general. He just seemed way more complex and interesting and He held my interest all the way to season 4. Once the whole switch up became clear and they settled down, Bloom’s needyness reared its head which could be blamed on the switch up, and Sky was suddenly just like every other leader type: imperfectly perfect or just really goody goody. Sure he got jealous but Riven was more intense about it and more real to me.
    Then Diaspro spelled him and I was so happy about that. I actually wanted it to last longer and I wanted Bloom to get her Enchantix then they all bust into the official engagement ceremony and she saves Sky in a totally cool Girlfriend Saves The Day moment. Instead Stella did it while Bloom just ran around crying. 😛
    I loved the amnesia plot too. I was really impressed that Bloom was willing to start all over but then he got his memory back and they started arguing in the second half and suddenly they were back to being boring. For me it’s like we all know they are Sky and Bloom, that couple, so if you want to rock the boat with those two it just needs to have a bigger impact and they need to have more secrets from us fans. Timmy and Riven and Brandon are way more interesting because there are aspects of their life we don’t know like who are their parents, where are they from, what do their homes look like, do they have siblings, how did Brandon get picked as Squire? Is it like a family tradition that the men in his line always squire for the princes? If so was his dad one for Erindor? I mean the questions that need to be answered just make them mysterious and alluring. I don’t have any questions about Sky. He’s an open book and that’s the saddest part.

  5. I thought the dynamic we saw between Sky and his parents and Diaspro was very interesting… and very creepy. Who hires someone who tried to enchant their kid to work for them? And why doesn’t Sky put his foot down on this idea? O_o We know from season 5 and Magical Adventure that papa Erendor is not a guy who always thinks things through or gets the facts before he decides things, maybe Sky’s easily intimidated by his father. You could make a whole headcanon out of that, maybe Diaspro or her parents are blackmailing Sky’s folks and all Sky knows is that his parents have strange ideas, that’s why he tried to swap with Brandon…

  6. Also: Sky’s trials and tribulations remind me a lot of poor Tuxedo Mask who seems to get brainwashed by a villainess every season. We can be pretty sure Straffi has seen Sailor Moon, so I wonder how much of what Sky and Bloom go through was inspired by Tux and Usagi.

  7. Agreed. Sky’s pretty much like Bloom to me. Sure, they’re both great characters and I don’t hate them…it’s just that I hate how much they’re being put into the spotlights. I’ve had enough of the Bloom worshipping and the Sky worshipping for the last six seasons, and I’m not going to even blame Nickbow for this because from the beginning, even we don’t know much about the other boys as we do about the other Winx. With Brandon, he may be from Eraklyon, but they never confirmed it. All we know is that when he was little, he hung around with several girls and got slapped in the face (season 2 flashbacks) and later became Sky’s bodyguard. I think in the 4Kids dubbed version, King Erendor agreed to cover his tuition fee at Red Fountain so long as he can keep Sky safe in season 1.

    As for the other boys (besides Nabu, Roy, and Thoren), where are they from? Is Timmy from Zenith like Tecna or is he from another world? Same thing with Helia and Riven. Who are their families? Do they have any siblings or a troubled past that we should know about? How come Helia doesn’t have any magic like his grandfather/uncle? And didn’t he used to be a pacifist? It would be nice to see a little more focus on this as he struggles to fight with his friends or stay true to his ideals of pacifism. And Riven, they say that his mother abandoned him when he was younger and he had a lonely childhood. Is this why he’s such a lone-wolf and a maverick with an attitude and why he seemed to be wary of women in season 1? It’s never mentioned in the show, but I wished Rainbow would have show us some of these focus as much as they did with the Winx’s background histories.

    • we know that the the princess of lynphea (Krystal) knows helia but haven’t been told how she does

  8. Honestly I’ve always thought of Sky as a boring character, there have been interesting moments involving him and I like his rivalry with Riven but overall I just think his personality is just too simple and stereotyped, just one more typical prince charming.

  9. Sky season 1 nd 2 ws great. He lead his team, saved Blooms home, helped save the whole magic kingdom, he ws great. But nw he is to me what Bloom is, boring, overused and there is no more to him. Basically follows Bloom like a puppet nd does nt act like a ruler of a kingdom. All these petty issues with his cousin should’ve been resolved long ago. Speaking of Theron, How come Bloom knew about him but Brandon didn’t and he is supposed to be Sky’s bodygaurd.

    • Speaking of Theron, How come Bloom knew about him but Brandon didn’t and he is supposed to be Sky’s bodygaurd.

      No kidding. That made zero sense to me, unless Brandon wasn’t around when Sky was a kid. But that doesn’t explain how Bloom knew him.

      • He could have come up in one of those girlfriend/boyfriend discussions. Still I always assumed that Sky and Brandon were always together from since they were small but this suggest that wasn’t always the case. Not to mention that incident may be the last time that Sky and Thoren ever hung out in a friend capacity. It they did meet in official functions that Bloom attended then they would have been introduced. But that still does’t say how Brandon missed out on that. I would assume he also attends functions with Sky. They need to clear up these relationships.

        • What if Brandon didn’t know because he was at a function with Stella at the time that wasn’t on Eraklyon? Brandon could have decided after the events of MA that since Sky is going to marry the most powerful woman in the universe that he needed to focus more on Stella and convincing her to grow up a little more. I’m surprised that Brandon didn’t stop to think about what happens if Bloom isn’t around? like he used to in the early days because the way i see it Bloom,Stella,Sky and Brandon will never truly be split by planet politics /issues with psychotic exes/some catfight. Death would be the only thing that would hurt those 4. If Stella and Brandon are supposed to protect Bloom and Sky then what happens if they fail? All h*ll breaks loose. We already saw Stella’s reaction (and Tecna’s) when Bloom faked her death as well as the entire group when they thought Tecna was dead. Could you imagine that times 10,000 if Bloom actually died? So why isn’t Brandon thinking that about the guy he’s sworn to protect?

          • Stella’s not Bloom’s bodyguard. 😛 She protects her because they’re best friends, but they’re both princesses. They’re probably supposed to have bodyguards themselves!

            Also, when did Bloom fake her death?

          • In S3, when they all were in the Omega dimension rescuing Tecna.

            Also, I don’t think Bloom and Stella need a bodyguard.

          • Actually the death faking was in 3×25 just to restore the stolen spells. “Don’t ever scare us like that again!” Stella said and Tecna made Bloom swear to her promise of not doing something that risky ever again.

    • Well, that happened when they were kids, I think Sky and Brandon didn’t meet until Brandon became Sky’s bodyguard and I really doubt Brandon was Sky’s bodyguard as a child [maybe his bodyguard at that time was Brandon’s father], so Brandon never found out about Thoren. As for Bloom, maybe Sky told her something about Thoren.

  10. They had a good thing going characterwise in the first-third seasons, with the subplots of Stella learning to have a relationship with Brandon, a non royal, to Timmy losing Tecna and doing everything it took to get her back. I actually loved the relationships and characterization in those seasons. But the main word that defined them was “INTERACTION”. Everyone in the group interacted with each other. The main plot may have been about Bloom’s life story, but it started that way. And it never felt forced or pressured, and there was always time for hanging with the girls, with the guys, together, separately. But now, it seems they can’t deal with more than one or two characters at a time. And they keep killing off the ships I like in the show. Bloom and Sky have had their drama. Let them rest. If winx was real, can you imagine how they feel?

    Sky:(holds head in hands while reading script)Seriously? Diaspro again? And I lose my memory, get kidnapped, killed, and resurected?
    Bloom: IKR! I can’t believe the stupid situations they put us in! Why can’t we just have a NORMAL relationship?

    And the only way anyone else gets attention is by having something wrong in their relationship, and problems that were never their to begin with. Flora never used to have to wonder if Helia was messing around. Musa and Riven always had a hard time, but they’ve come a long way as a couple,and as individuals. Their relationship was the one realistic one in the group. That relationships aren’t always perfect, but still can be worthwhile. You may but heads with your significant other, but that doesn’t automatically mean your doomed to fail as a couple. What realistic relationship doesn’t involve fights? And Tecna and Timmy never having gone on an official date in how many years? That’s BS. And Riven got over his idiocy and ego back in season three/SOTLK. They should leave it there, and find some new way to develop character. And Stella, from season 1, knew that non royals were just as important as royals.

    In short, they need to give Bloom and Sky a rest, and find NEW character development for the rest of the cast. Act like your writing a story/series, and less like your writing a comic strip.

    Just my thoughts…. sorry if it was too long….

  11. Honestly I find Sky interesting from s1-3. After that he gets dull though I’m glad he cut his hair. Other than that there’s not much to say about him as a character.
    Rememy the time they had him kinda seeing diaspro and bloom at the same time, because guys do that and it’s not right but why was bloom so angry at diaspro, she was in the same boat. Also why did they forgive him so easily?
    He’s only really close to Brandon and somewhat riven kinda like a usage/Serena and Mina and rei relationship.
    But he doesn’t really interact with Timmy, helia, nex, Roy and nabu
    What ever happened to lady

    • He’s interacted with Timmy, Roy, and Nex a little, but not much with Helia and Nabu. And I think Lady went back to Erakylon. It’d be cute if they brought her back, and she got to meet Artu. 😛

  12. Sky has had to much screen time! I want the other boys like Helia and Timmy to have more screen time!

  13. ok i agree that he can not leave the show (thanks to the first movie showing the marriage of Bloom and Sky) but seriously when will they get married he asked her like 3 times and they still haven”t done it, it only took Daphne one year to get married to Sky’s cousin. what is up with that????????

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