image Rainbow uploaded the ending credits for season seven, which revealed the new English voice cast. You might be surprised who some of these folks are.

1. Haven Paschall — Bloom

Past Credits: Serena (Pokemon XY)

2. Jessica Paquet (a.k.a. Rebecca Soler) — Stella

Past Credits: Tecna (Winx Club 4Kids season 3), Alexa (Pokemon XY, Pokemon Black and White)

3. Eileen Stevens — Flora, Kalshara

Past Credits: Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess), Iris (Pokemon Black and White), Tori Meadows (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

4. Alysha Deslorieux — Aisha (not Layla — sorry, folks)

I couldn’t find any voice credits, but she’s been on Broadway. That counts for something, right? 🙂 A lot of voice actors started out on stage, anyway.

5. Kate Bristol — Musa

Past Credits: Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket), Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches)

6. Saskia Maarleveld — Tecna

Past Credits: Officer Jenny (Pokemon XY)

7. Suzy Myers — Roxy

Past Credits: Stormy (Winx Club 4Kids seasons 1-3)

8. Billy Bob Thompson — Sky

Past Credits: Burgh (Pokemon Black and White), Ash’s Froakie (Pokemon XY)

9. Jake Paque — Brandon

Past Credits: Professor Sycamore (Pokemon XY), Dumon (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

10. Wayne Grayson (a.k.a. Vinnie Penna) — Timmy

Past Credits: Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Bolt Tanner (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s), Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003-2010)

11. Marc Thompson — Brafilius

Past Credits: Knut (Winx Club 4Kids season 1), Professor Avalon (Winx Club 4Kids season 2), Duke Devlin (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Astral (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)

12. Erica Schroeder (a.k.a. Bella Hudson) — Faragonda

Past Credits: Daphne (Winx Club 4Kids season 1), Galatea (Winx Club 4Kids season 3) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece 4Kids dub)

Final Thoughts

So, we have a bunch of actors from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and a few 4Kids Winx Club veterans. Interesting. I hope they do well.

One question some fans have asked is, “Where are the other Winx boyfriends?” Have they disappeared? Probably not.

This credits list is probably for one episode. If you rewatch seasons five and six, you’ll see Nickbow only listed the characters in the episodes they appeared in. So, only Sky, Brandon, and Timmy — who else could “Tim” be? — are in this episode.

Where are the others? Who knows? I doubt Rainbow’s gotten rid of them, though. Don’t worry. 🙂

What do you think of this cast?

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58 Responses to “The English Voice Cast of Season Seven

    • Could be some typo. Hopefully the final release will fix his name. But holy crap, they’re bringing back some of the old Winx Club voice actors from the 4Kids dub. I wouldn’t be surprised they rehired some voice actors from the Nick dub though, then again, it’s going to be hard to get used to their new voices but at least they picked the right ones to voice the characters with. May Season 7 be the best season ever.

      • Well, I tried to check out Serena’s voice, and it works for Bloom. Rebecca Soler doesn’t really work well for Stella, but I’ll check out next Monday…

      • Somehow everything is going wrong here.
        I’m sorry but I watched Winx Club from the very beginning. I liked the show (Seasons 1-4) very much. Then nick came. I think that they really ruined the show and I was counting the days until they were finally done co-producing the show. But I did like the voice actors. I was looking forward to season 7, expecting it to be like the first seasons. But the trailer and the rest really showed the opposite. Why is Rainbow doing this? The show I once liked was Winx Club (Seasons 1-4 and party 5-6). Not this.
        Now I’m asking myself if I still should watch the show. I’m sorry but I’ve been hoping for things to finally get better but it just wont happen.

        So I ask myself: Should I still watch the show???

        • Should you still watch the show? That’s up to you. My answer would be yes. Trailers don’t always give a clear picture of what the final product will be like. They’re designed to attract either the target audience (Winx‘s is 5-12 year old girls) or licensees (remember this is also a business). Don’t judge the season before you’ve seen it.

          When I saw the trailer for season six, I thought it was gonna be a pretty awesome season. But it’s been disappointing so far. You can’t base your opinion on the trailer.

          Also, may I ask you a question: what do you want the show to be like? Have you ever wondered if your expectations for the show really match the creators’ vision? I’m not trying to sound judgmental, so sorry if I do. I just mean if your idea of what the show is or should be like is different than Rainbow’s, that could be why you’re disappointed.

          • I’m still gonna watch the first episode of the new season to see what its like. I dont really think that my expectations are a lot different either. I just think that the show isnt as good as it used to be.
            But youre right. the trailer didnt show what season 6 was gonna be like.

        • I think yes. Literally no show, ever has had a perfect run all the way through. And the fact that Rainbow is trying to do North American fans a service by breaking into our industry [via partnering with Nick] to give us more Winx proved to be more of a hinderance for the show than I think they anticipated. I’m a bit wary about S7, but I’m definitely willing to give it a shot. This is the first time in two seasons that Rainbow is going at it solo, again, so who knows? That vibe you liked from seasons 1 through 4 might return! –– The reality is, that the reason for all of the discrepancies in quality, dialogue, plot consistency, character development, really everything the fandom complained about, were things that occurred when Winx was in the hands of [or in the cases of 5 and 6, in the co-hands of] studios separate from the series’ original creator, which caused a ton of problems. Rainbow created the series, and they will see it through. I’d give it another shot if I were you!

          • Even in Scooby-Doo reruns from 1969-present with a new series on the way never had a perfect run (nor did any of it’s clones have them either, I think Jabberjaw came the closest to being a successful one, after Josie & the Pussy cats being adapted that way). You can really see that in the dare i say it? I dare, The Scrappy Years, 1979 was good but 1980-1982 downright sucked once they gave Daphne,Fred and Velma the boot, wisely in 1983 Daphne was brought back and given a personality and it got Scooby out of the gutter with Fred and Velma as guest stars and giving all humans careers during that time which was a good way of explaining why only Daphne was a regular with Shaggy and the dogs, infact 1983-1985 series was entirely about Daphne’s reporting gig. 1985 introduced quite a few new things that we still see today the occasional kid member, new looks, real monsters and a story arc all things that were recycled in the series beginning in 1998 (since they are pilots for 2002’s WNSD effectively). I think Scooby is a very good example of a children’s show with ups and downs, but even the most iconic fameshows have also had their heydays, I believe the heyday of the LRDTGSITHC (you figure out the acroynym and the show) was in 1992 when a certain model left for good.

          • *gameshows and yes i would keep watching, if there’s no more up and down then and only then is it dead.

          • The thing is, when Nick made the show, they targeted JUST at little girls. Rainbow knows other people watch the show, so they try to write for them as well.
            Nick’s damage has been done, and nothing can ever fully repair it. Nick has become kiddy, and we just have to deal with it and trust Rainbow to make kiddy and serious work at the same time. I’m willing to try. It’s up to you if you are.

  1. So I had to go and listen to the XY dub again cause its been a while. I usually just watch the subs. Serena sounds nice as an XY 10 year old but if that’s what Bloom will sound like or at least something close I would be annoyed. I really hope she has a much more mature sound. “We’ll Fairy You” didn’t exactly inspire me and her voice was annoying as Bloom.

    Stormy had a rather scratchy quality to her tone in 4Kids. I am not sure that fits Roxy but I look forward to hearing all the voice actors in action anyway. If they can suitably change it up, then I’d be impressed. I just wish I could hear the voices in action.

  2. Where’s Elissa Rosselli? :c

    I wonder if Tim is actually Timmy or another guy [maybe Roxy’s boyfriend(?) we know how much Rainbow likes to give each girl a boyfriend]

      • I’m sure it’s Timmy, also with wanting to make the show more season 4ish again, I think they are going to have guys use more grownup names instead of that annoying “y” thing. Girls tend to want to stay young while guys want to be older. Also i don’t think the show would be doing two guys with the same name (or gals for that matter) because it gets confusing. Roxy already has Manuel and they might be bringing him in if she has to have a boyfriend and now that she’s in her final year of school, she has time for one.

  3. Personally, I’m excited to see Daphne voicing Faragonda, Stormy voicing Roxy, Tecna voicing Stella, Jared voicing Timmy, and Prof. Avalon/Knut voicing Brafilius (would love his Knut voice used)!

  4. I wonder why they didn’t let the 4kids girls who had a main Winx take their character back? That seems a little odd, but at least this credit list has some old voices. Why didn’t they just blend the 4kids and Rai voices? That would have been the most logical option.

      • That makes sense still why only 5 4kids voices when they could have the whole kit and kaboodle? Or even half the rai voices since Cinelume is in Canada? They fould have halfed it between each.

  5. so IF true indeed back new york english dub aka 4kids got 2nd chance to dub it again anyone else bring back or surprise?

    wonder if also lead re-dub of s4 to s6 on it?

    • Well, it’s not 4Kids dubbing it. 4Kids doesn’t make dubs anymore. Rainbow just got actors who did voices for them but who’ve also worked with other companies like Funimation.

      • yet nearly voice cast full new york dub anime voices or with 4kids history & bristol is only among with Funi-experience.

        oh well wait til IF when show it either i-net tv or any network will show it on tv?

        • They got sued over illegal licensing of Yu-Gi-Oh!, then they went bankrupt and got absorbed into a larger company. Now, they’re just a licensing agent. They don’t dub shows anymore.

  6. Awesome to see some veteran Winx dubbed voice actors returning. Sure, I’m now more used to the Nick’s version, but I think I’m happy enough with a few 4Kids ones coming back. 😀

  7. Oh my gosh… As someone who watched the 4Kids dub as a kid, I can totally imagine myself having nostalgia during certain scenes xD Like when Roxy uses her angry voice I might be like “Stormy!!” LOL
    I really want to watch season seven now. I’m just too curious!
    Also, it’s good to hear that the new voice actors have had pretty decent experience in their field.

  8. Wow, there are a lot of voice actors from Pokemon. But I hope they don’t act the way they do in Pokemon, it’s so childish. By the way, Iris doesn’t appear in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, she appears in Pokemon Best Wishes.

  9. Why not just let the 4kids voice actors return to their original roles, like Tecnas is now for Stella, or Stormys is now Roxy, its not a huge issue, just an odd choice.

      • Season 3 had it more Australian,Morgan Decker did base her voice off of Jessica’s versus Jodie or Leslie’s versions or even Dani’s.

  10. give for record last time winx series had new york dub voicing cast back in s3 of 2006-2007 4kids days.

    that like 8yrs ago & give this is 2015 yet how voice roster are these depends who active or life outside of voicing.

    overall really give change of line-up yet being 2nd time for new york dubbing on winx well maybe bring same 4kids dubbing feel all over again on it.

  11. It’s exciting to see them rekindle some old flames with some of the original English voice actors! However, given the few lines I heard from Bloom in the teaser, I’m really not impressed. She sounded like a prepubescent child, not an adult. The delivery is too squeaky and campy to be taken seriously, in my opinion. Hopefully it won’t be like that once the actual season is released, they have been known to change things from trailer to premiere.

    • Since Bloom’s essentially Supergirl i’ve added precision muscle control to her abilities granted by the dragon flame (in my headcannon) given it’s life essence status. Perhaps in universe she uses each actress’ voice who has played her for a certain thing. Cindy Robinson (movies) is her enthusiastic side, Hayden is the “cute” side Liza Jacqueline is her angry side Molly is her “witchy” side Helena is the princess side with Angela Gallupo as her “normal” side. That’s probably making Bloom even more overpowered but i wouldn’t be surprised if they explained the different actors and actresses as this for everyone, thus making it not so much a Bloom thing.

      • I doubt it. Changing voices really isn’t something that any series ever explains, unless it’s a case of age. Like if a character is 10 when the series begins and 20 later on, their voice would obviously mature with them. But because Winx has been passed around to so many different studios and networks, that’s way too many voices to explain without sounding like they’re pulling the answer out of their a*s at the last moment. I think it’s something [one of the man somethings] they assume the viewers are just not
        going to question.

  12. Why, Rainbow, why? The Nick cast was amazing! I’m gonna miss you Alejandra! Rainbow is losing it, seriously!

    • Well, we haven’t heard these VAs playing Winx Club characters yet, I was expecting some of the Rai dub VAs to play their old characters, but I we should give these VAs a chance.

      • I agree, I’m just a die-hard Flora fan and my favorite voice for her was Alejandra so I just really miss her.

        • Yeah, I’m a Tecna fan and I really loved Jodie Resther’s work, I hope Saaskia Maarleveld not to dissapoint me.

  13. I certainly will miss some of the Cinélume voice actors, especially Bloom’s voice actor in season 4, Flora’s voice actor and of course Stella’s! I really think that there is only one Stella, and that is Jennifer Seguin. I really wish she would voice her again. 🙁

  14. Would you consider writing a post about your thoughts on the new voices when an English version airs?

  15. I was on on their Butterflix printables (Hey, I was bored), and they said it was Layla…maybe it was just a syntax error?

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