We know Rainbow ignores Musa and Tecna. I even wrote a post about it. But I think we should add Flora to the disregarded Winx list.

You shook your head, didn’t you? Flora gets a lot of attention. She’s one of the “mascots”, so she’s on most of the magazine covers, at most of the fan meets, and in all of the doll lines. Compare that to Musa and Tecna, who are usually left out (especially in doll lines). Poor Tecna once went 18 months without being on the cover of a magazine! How is Flora as ignored as they are?

Because I’m not talking about marketing and screen time. I’m talking about character development and background.

Think about it. How much do we know about her? She’s from Lynphea, and she has a little sister. We just met her parents — Alyssa and Rhodos — in season seven, even though she’s one of the initial five Winx.

We don’t know what her childhood was like, either. (Judging by her parents, it was probably happy.) Even though we didn’t meet Tecna’s parents until season six, we at least know she grew up suppressing her emotions. It’s something she’s had to overcome over the years.

Rainbow revealed Musa’s back story in season two. They even told us how her parents met! She also had a dream: to become a musician. We watched it come true in season four, and we know she’ll probably keep performing in the future.

But what are Flora’s dreams? We know she loves gardening, but does she wanna be a gardener or a florist? She’s also good at mixing potions, but she’s never talked about becoming an alchemist, teaching potionology, or anything like that.

I don’t think Rainbow has decided yet. World of Winx season one seems to confirm that because cooking was her talent, something she’s never shown interest in. It felt like they just gave her a leftover skill that worked well for a talent show.

What about her relationship with Helia? They’re one of the most popular couples, but have you noticed Rainbow hasn’t developed them much? We’ve only seen them kiss a couple times, and we’ve never seen them alone on a date. Plus, Helia’s never met her parents, even though he and Flora have been together for five years.

That last fact might sound unfair since we just met her parents. But Tecna’s parents were introduced in season six, and Timmy met them that same season. Couldn’t Helia have met Alyssa and Rhodos in season seven? Heck, he hasn’t even met Miele in the show!

What’s going on here? How is one of the most popular Winx so far behind the others? Flora seems like nothing but “the girl who talks to plants.” That’s it. She doesn’t change or grow. Yes, she comes out of her shell sometimes, but she doesn’t stay out for long.

Is there any hope for her? Maybe. She and Helia have gotten more development in the last few seasons (even though it’s just been petty fights), and in WoW season two, Rainbow came up with spells for her other than her traditional vines. It’s not much, but maybe it’s a start.

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35 Responses to “The Girl Who Talks To Plants

  1. Flora isn’t touched up on yet is the most popular Winx.

    That’s kinda sad and yeah its also means shhe’s the least used of the girls. The only major development she had gotten after 7 seasons is she doesn’t want anyone to be hurt. That’s just sad.

    • Keep in mind that the main show is targeted towards toddlers and children, mostly towards a female audience as well. What do little girls usually like? Pink, things that are pretty or beautiful and someone who is kind to look up to and maybe even aim to be like. Now, think of Flora’s fairy forms and her personality – it fits that to a T.

      Of course, not every little girl is going to automatically be drawn to her, but I have heard of fans that have initially started out as a Flora fan but then, once they became older and capable of comprehending certain traits and finding that the other girls are more “real” and relatable than her, they switched to a new favourite:

  2. Flora needs as much character development as Ruby rose needs character development in RWBY and seriously she should become evil and have had enough of being the universe’s punching bag

    • I don’t really think her becoming evil would suddenly fix things though. Rainbow can certainly have her stop being such a punching bag in battles; they’ve done so plenty in Season 6. What with her going all Jill of the Jungle to rescue Miele, blowing up a rock and, yeah, beating Icy singlehandedly. It may not have worked out given how she was written in the next season but it did a pretty nice job showing that she isn’t always that skittish punching bag that she’s been relegated to being.

    • I so much agree with you! And this is so great, I see more RWBY and Winx fans.
      About Ruby, the show is supposed to be most about her but I just don’t find her very interesting. The interesting thing about her is the silver eyes and Summer but further not really. I know she is supposed to be an innocent simple soul but I would have liked it if she a had a more mysterious background and was a bit more mysterious in general. She really didn’t had that much character developement. Out of all volumes I think she had the most developement in 1 and 4. Not much further on. Weiss on the opposite does have, and she is my favourite character <3 Okay now I will go back to Winx before I go more off topic.

      I do love Flora as a character, but I would also love it to see her become secure about herself. She can still be her shy/modest self, that combined with self love would be so powerfull. Flora would be the type to become the soft, generous and a bit strict mentor. As she was a bit strict to Miele.

  3. Also she could clearly be way more powerful with her nature controlling ability but is shown so much more weakly

  4. As I have said before, she seemed to be a minor character to me along with Tecna during Season 1. Part of me thinks Iginio Straffi came to like her more later and started ignoring Musa in Flora’s favor. But that’s probably not true since she always has been his favorite fairy.

  5. It honestly feels like Rainbow just planned for her to be the group’s Mama Bear. I mean think about it, she’s understanding, calm, compassionate and is usually the one who mediates fights within the group without leaving anyone hurt. Obviously, she’s gonna bear her claws if her friends, boyfriend or family get hurt but outside of that, she’s always been “the shy one.”
    I guess I like how Rainbow didn’t completely erase her shyness and insecurities upon finding a boyfriend in Helia since A LOT of shows with teen protagonists tend to do that, and she’s obviously still insecure. Heck, she may still think of herself as the weakest link within the Winx ’cause she’s never had the best self-esteem, but she’s never really grown out of this like you said. And now that you mention it, she remains pretty static in the comics as well which is weirder considering how the comics actually try to flesh Tecna out emotionally despite botching her randomly inserted princess status. I guess they tried with Issue 110?? but it really just throws together a really lazy explanation of Flora and Helia’s first meeting, which was apparently during her childhood years and not at Red Fountain.
    It’s kinda weird how much Flora gets the shaft. She’s Straffi’s favorite fairy and has even been confirmed to be the second or third strongest Winx fairy BY HIM (second only to Bloom for obvious reasons and possibly Stella). I don’t know what else Rainbow can do aside from making her more openly confident but I’d really like to see a more confident Flora. A woman who’s finally proud of herself and maybe even respects herself, since I don’t think Flora really does respect herself.
    Honestly, a lot of major/central Winx characters need development now that I think about it.

    • You’ve really made a good point by saying that a lot of the main characters in the show need development. And even if not, they need at least a bit more of background, we need more information about them. Just pick any of the characters in the series aside from the Winx an try to describe them, you will come to the conclusion that you can’t write more than a few lines.

      Brandon is the second-in-command, he’s Sky’s right hand and the second specialist to get the most screen time. Yet what do we know about him? He’s Sky’s squire, a ladies’ man and loves Stella so much that he posed as a prince to fit with her royal status. But we’re never told if he was actually born on Eraklyon, how his parents or how he came into the service of the king, how he decided to become a specialist and how his childhood was.

      Mirta. Don’t even get me started. She’s a witch that switched to a fairy and has been friends with Lucy since they were children. But why did she enroll at Cloudtower if she seemed to dislike being a witch? Was it because she was pressured into it? Was it because she wanted to stay with Lucy? Did she integrate well at Alfea considering that fairies and witches don’t get along? Does she have any friends? What is her power exactly, can she keep using dark magic as a fairy?

      Not to mention that while the Winx are at their 9th fairy form (not counting WOW), the rest of the Alfea fairies are still shown in their basic winx. I am sure it is because of budget reasons and time limitation, but would it be that expensive and time consuming to slap a dress and a bigger set of wings on side characters that are more known like Amaryl and call it an Enchantix?

      • Whoo boy, don’t get me started on how flat the Specialists have been. I don’t know if Rainbow just assumes that the only one we wanna know about is Sky but personally, I’m tired of him. I’ve come to realize that, in the relationship department, he’s actually almost as bad as Riven, but he never gets called out on it.
        OP already had an entire series about the Specialists so I’m not gonna drag it back up here.
        I’ll just end it by saying that the Specialists and Paladins need to be fleshed out. They need to have lives outside of their relationships and the contrived drama that Rainbow forces them to have; Bloom and Sky ESPECIALLY. Just have a season where they don’t fight or don’t have to deal with Diaspro for Arcadia’s sake.

        • Sky doesn’t get called out for it because he’s not a “bad boy.” He’s the stereotypical Prince Charming. The fandom generally has a positive opinion (except the fans who support Diaspro), so they don’t fault him like they would other characters. It’s a double standard like many in this fandom.

          • I mean, I’ve come to sympathize with Diaspro so I guess that’s why but even before then, back when I was basically indifferent to her, I started noticing how possessive Sky can be.
            Seriously, he constantly questions Bloom’s loyalty to him despite the fact that she always makes it clear that she only has eyes for him. Coming from a guy who had been cheating on both Diaspro and Bloom with the other, even if he didn’t love Diaspro, he kinda expected Bloom to just fall into his lap anyway. He so much as sees Bloom around another guy that isn’t one of the Specialists and he immediately gets hostile and possessive of her (not counting his squabble with Elas since Elas was the one trying to get between him and Bloom).
            Like, with just those small examples alone, Sky already showcases similar behavior that Riven would often get lambasted for doing to Musa: being possessive and hostile when she’s around other guys that he doesn’t know and immediately assuming that she’s being unfaithful. I guess the only difference is that, yeah, he’s the show’s Prince Charming and now that Diaspro’s pretty much gone psycho, he seems way less dangerous.
            Honestly, Bloom and Sky seem almost as dysfunctional as Musa and Riven ended up becoming, be it because Diaspro stepped back into the picture, Sky gets absurdly jealous or Bloom has a random bout of insecurity that causes her to act like a spoiled child.

          • Just to add, in my humble opinion, the ultimate couple would have to be Brandon and Stella. No, not even Helia and Flora, they are too unrealistic.

            Brandon and Stella act very much like a normal couple – they tease each other, even if they look at other people they know that, in the end, it’s either just to make the other jealous on purpose in a jokeful way or that they will end up coming to each other anyway.

            Brandon has proven on numerous occasions that he loves Stella (pretending to be royalty when he was afraid she might reject him if he weren’t since she’s a princess, thinking of her all the time when he nearly married Amentia, helping her break the spell Chimera put on her), and Stella has done the same as well. They’ve overcome obstacles and fit well together, not to mention drama around them is nearly inexistent or just quickly resolved. I’ll try to ignore the Mitzi drama.

          • I like Stella and Brandon. They’re not my favorite — everyone knows who my favorite is — but I agree they’re more realistic and act more like a normal couple. I prefer the couples whose relationships aren’t just a bunch of romantic clichés and cute moments. Sadly, that’s all Flora and Helia seem to be, but Stella and Brandon aren’t. They actually benefit each other.

            Brandon used to be a serial flirt, but he’s settled down now that he’s with her. Stella can very immature sometimes, and Brandon’s not afraid to call her out for it. As she put it, he tells her the truth even when she doesn’t wanna hear it. They’re good for each other.

          • This Bloom/Sky/Diaspro thing is getting old. I’m actually surprised that Bloom’s not taking Diaspro’s side in the matter. You would think after she learned the truth…she would have dropped Sky like a hot tamale and then left him alone while trying to explain her actions to Diaspro. It even seems like Bloom can’t talk with old friends without him getting jelly. Also…in all the relationship problems…Why is Bloom the only one to admit there’s a problem? Can’t Sky ever admit? Even the Disney princes admit to their mistakes (which are rare, but at least they do make them and admit to needing to make a change. Especially Eric)

          • @Will N

            In season 2 shhe and Bloom kinda melded the fench on civil terms. Then in season 3 Diaspro completely lost that and went into being a psycho.

          • @Will N) Honestly, I just wish they let Diaspro move on already. Even though she and Bloom sorta buried the hatchet in S2, I can understand her being spiteful in S3, even if allying herself with Valtor was a bit much. As for the close friends thing, the only case we’ve really seen this was with Andy, her ex-boyfriend, and I SWEAR Rainbow only threw Andy into the picture just to prolong Bloom and Sky’s seasonal relationship drama quota (which would’ve been interesting enough if they just butted heads over their pride). Also, to give Sky credit, Bloom continued being physically affectionate with Andy even after he made it clear that he doesn’t like it when she does that.

            @ jordan) Rainbow could always just retcon it. If they can rewrite Daphne’s death as a curse and just plop royal importance back into Diaspro’s lap in S5 despite being banished for treason, I don’t see what’s stopping them from simply rewriting the Book of Fate aside from keeping their “golden couple.” SotLK was also supposed to be the last of Winx Club so Bloom and Sky being married in the future would’ve been the more obvious end goal then compared to now.

          • SotLK was also supposed to be the last of Winx Club.

            People always say this, but the movie ended with a hook for a future story (the Trix teaming up with the Ancestresses). I’ve also heard that Rainbow started production on Magical Adventure immediately after they finished SotLK. The comics kept going, too.

            It seems to me Rainbow left the door open for continuation in some form. Studios do that all the time. SotLK was more like World of Winx season two, in a way. The main story carried over from the previous season(s) was done, but there was a teaser for what could (and ultimately did) happen next.

  6. And now, because I don’t know what else to comment, an analysis of Flora character development moments (if anyone can think of more please feel free to add).

    In season one, Flora was preparing for her classes or whatever by raising a bunch of ridiculous plants in her dorm and almost suffocating Tecna. She then moved her experiments and herself to Black Mud Swamp. The way one of Bloom’ s lines was phrased (Rai dub) sort of made it sound like Flora intended to move there for good. We don’t know for sure, but my theory is that Flora was going through a little bit of culture shock with her move to Magix. On Lynphea, Flora’ s parents probably aren’t considered that strange – just people who reaaaaaaally like plants, rather than just really like plants. Flora was probably raised like that too, but now she comes to Alfea and absolutely NO ONE acts like that. Flora did kind of serve the group oddball role for a while with Tecna. But after this episode, she starts to seem like “one of the club” rather than the herbology dork. Plus, it seems like she’s a little embarrassed to have the Winx visit her parents in season seven, but maybe that’s just my imagination.

    And then in season two, there was the whole thing with Helia where she had to become brave enough to tell him she liked him and yada yada yada (I hate cheesy overdone romantic comedy plots). I’m not hating on the story; Flora being brave is always awesome, as is Flora and Helia together. But nothing really changed for Flora from there. She didn’t seem any braver. She was just happier in group scenes with the Specialists because now she has a boyfriend. Wahoo. But like WispyWinds said, I also like that not all of Flora’ s insecurities disappeared because she got a boyfriend, because a romantic partner is not the solution to all of life’s problems.

    Seasons three and four pretty much kept her the same, but the way she got her Enchantix revealed a new facet of her personality: the “mama bear” side that will do anything to protect her friends and family. No actual character development though.

    And then we have season five, which actually had two Flora bits: the mini-arc in “The Lilo” that didn’t seem to change much, and the love triangle that was overly contrived, ridiculous, and many other long adjectives that I don’t know how to spell. But although these thing seem minor at first, I think they’re actually turning points of her character.

    Flora seems a lot bolder in season six. She’s blowing up rocks with her mind, calling on Mother Nature to clean ice off her wings, and just generally being awesome. (Part of this was because it was Flora’s turn to enter the Mythix world solo; everyone got a chance to except Musa. But still, she was kicking butt in those episodes.) We see little bits of this in season seven as well, but not as much. The biggest indicator is her constant squabbles with Helia.

    I think after the Krystal (or however you spell her name) debacle, Flora looked back on herself and realized she had been a little ridiculous. Yes, Krystal was a little flirty with Helia at the beginning, but she stopped once she realized he was taken, and Helia never actually returned her feelings. Flora had jumped to conclusions, and instead of actually talking to Helia about it, she stayed silent and let the whole thing brew all season. Add the small confidence boost from “The Lilo” and Flora has decided to be a little bolder in seasons six and seven. Now if Rainbw would just take it further and bring it to the forefront…now that would be interesting.

    TLDR: Flora’s had character development over the years, but most of it lurks in the background, and you have to look close to find it.

    • Even though it’s subtle, it’s not a lot, really. Especially in instances where they suddenly bring Flora’s shyness back up for unknown reasons or they make it seem like she hasn’t grown at all by constantly being the first person knocked out of fights. Again, they sorta fixed the fight-thing in S6 and I’m hoping it stays this way.
      Is it weird to say that I liked Flora’s tension with Krystal in S5? I don’t know but I really liked how Flora built up all these fears in her head while propping both Helia and Krystal on pedestals. She feared she wasn’t good enough for Helia despite being with him for 3 years at that point. While I would’ve preferred that she talked things out with Helia since she does so with Krystal, I just really enjoyed how even after she won over the boy of her dreams, she still held this thought in the back of her head over never being good enough for him. Honestly, it would’ve been a nice bout of tension had they resolved their issues in a meaningful way. Like, knowing Helia, he would’ve at least TRIED talking to Flora if he saw her being especially down in the dumps, but instead both of them dance around the other until all their problems are suddenly wiped away with that ballet scene.

    • Honestly speaking,I sort of felt that the storyline that usually involves Flora are:
      -she heals nature using her powers
      -someone pisses her off and felt her full warth
      -she usually is the one who saw the good side of a person
      -she suffers in pain whenever the surrounding plants got hurt.

    • Am not sure if this is a good one but let’s try this one:
      In WoW season 2, where Flora is left to face off Stoney alone without her powers,she actually is able to survive all of it. To be honest,out of the WinX girls, she usually isn’t one who would know how to attack physically,as she usually use the environment to fight for her. She tends to be a little less agile compared to other girls.
      And also,this sort of brings her badass side in a different way.
      Stoney is made of stones and rock,which is really hard and break anything if it is hurled to a living being. Her motif is also mainly grey…
      Flora’s power is mainly involves plants,which can be fragile sometimes. Her motif on the other hand is pink.
      This comparison may sound funny,but here’s how it shows her badass in another way:
      Pink=stereotypically speaking…. represents gentleness,soft,kind, and sometimes may be seen as weak. Plants=the stems and roots of the plant are soft and kind of fragile.
      Grey=emotionless and moody Stones=hard and seems unbreakable
      If you watch the entire fight scene,she dodged basically all of Stoney’s attacks and managed to survived it. At the end, she uses her powers to break herself out of the Stone cage. This proves that the nature fairy seems to have a tougher side to her, not even stones and rocks can kill her. And that,this time she’s tough and badass physically. This could be considered a character development… I mean seeing that she become from a girl who basically couldn’t survived without her magic to someone who can defend herself,with her own tactics.

  7. it may seem odd but i’d like to see the WOW flora appear in season 8 and beyond i know it’s not canon but in the second season spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen it they did all their fighting in their spy suits physically and magically and only transformed into fairy form in the dream realm

  8. I assumed WoW switched Flora’s talent because cooking is something you can do it realtime while for gardening it’d be, “Sure, come back next year to see the results!”

    It also occurs to me as I sit here that any of the girls would have more depth if we saw them not in the group. We only see Flora as a member of a friend-group, and to a tiny extent as Helia’s girlfriend. If she had more one-on-one interactions with the Winx, or with the teachers or other students– I can totally see her as Palladium’s teaching assistant, or maybe mentoring some younger students. We also barely see any of the Winx alone thinking about their own dreams.

  9. It’s very true.

    We knew everything about Bloom’s Earth life by like, episode 13 (even with S4’s retcons), Stella had some build-up with her family issues in S1 only for it to disappear in S2 to give Aisha some build-up with HER family problems (which then seemed easily forgotten so that she could have a stalker after she got Enchantix) and then to retake them in S3 and S5, Musa got her thing with her mother since the start -that resurges from time to time when they don’t know what to do with her that doesn’t involve music or Riven-, and while we only got something about Tecna’s family in S6, she at least had some development up until that point.

    But apart from Mirta (which only lasted the time Mirta was a pumpkin), Helia (which was forced as all heck at the start, lbr) and Miele, we never saw much of Flora interacting with others other than the girls.
    Oh no, wait. She had that thing in S4 when she and Nabu tried to help Musa and Riven’s dilemma. And her trying to help Sky with the Pendant at the start of S5. That’s something, right? *sigh*

    I think the reason Flora’s has so little development is mainly because she was meant to be a “support” character. Not a main focus like Bloom, just the kind and calm girl with her flowery vibes and powers, not as impressive as the trio of Princesses, for example. The best comparison for this type of character I have is Cure Honey of “HappinessCharge PreCure!”, whose only role was to be the rice-obsessed girl with the healing vibes, dramatic attacks and not much else.

    Does it excuse the writers from ignoring Flora so much? Heck no, she’s one of the main girls, and should have as much development as the others. But it does explain why she has so little growth so far into the series.

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