On the forums. The YouTube channels. The blogs. One false accusation after another. “Nick changed this! Nick changed that!”

“Nick changed Layla’s name to Aisha!”
For the millionth time, Aisha is her original name (that is, her Italian name)!

“…Nick changed Bloom’s mom’s name.” (From an Amazon review of Lost Kingdom)
I heard “Marion,” which is the name shown in Bloom’s profile on the official Italian website. It’s legit.

Remember this tirade after the first special?

“Now, what was the purpose of switching the everyday wear of the girls? Was that supposed to improve it in some way? ‘Cause Nick ol’ buddy, I see no difference. Nor with calling them fairies and not addressing their special powers as a type of winx. That’s right, their powers were once called winx….I’ll stick to watching the original online.”

(Bolded for emphasis.)

Not touching the “powers called winx” thing again, but 4Kids did call the Winx “fairies.” Many times. (Sparkling wings, glitter dust trails—what else could they be?)

Blah, blah, blah, confused fans, blah, blah, blah. I know I’ve beaten that topic to death. I’m just annoyed with people blaming Nick for changes they didn’t make.

Not that they haven’t changed anything. After all, they (and Rainbow) want to make this Italian show appeal to an American audience. The U.S. might be the only country that hasn’t caught Winx fever.

So, what has Nick truly changed? Here’s a partial list.

  • The voice actors: Obviously.
  • Aisha’s power source: Sort of. They relabeled it. Honestly, it’s always been hard to describe. You can’t call her “the fairy of water” or “the fairy of Morphix” because she can control—I almost said “bend” :P—all liquids. Does “fairy of waves” work? I say “no,” but it’s better than the alternatives. Fairy of liquids? Fairy of fluids? Way too awkward.
  • Ron’s name: Who’s Ron, I hear you ask? That random pixie cat from Secret of the Lost Kingdom. (Yes, he’s cute, but you know Rainbow just wanted to sell a plush toy.) Nick changed his name to “Purr.” Whatever. It’s not like he’s an important character. But it still counts as a name change.
  • Lots of dialogue: I can’t be the only one who’s yelled, “That’s not what she said in the other dub!” at the screen countless times. Nick’s had some fun with the script. Sometimes the new lines work. Sometimes—not so much. Your mileage may vary, of course.

(Like I said, this is a partial list. If you’ve caught other changes, feel free to comment!)

In my opinion, they don’t. Why were they made? To catch the new fans up fast, to get to the new seasons sooner, and to save us older fans from sitting through all 52 episodes of seasons one and two for the umpteenth millionth time. (If they’d wanted to kill the Winx revival right away, that would have done it for sure.)

That said, new fans did get the seriously abridged version. Lots of room for confusion.

Example: In the last special, “The Shadow Phoenix,” Professor Avalon was revealed as Lord Darkar in disguise. But originally, one of Darkar’s minions had disguised himself as Avalon, but the real Avalon arrived at the end of the season.

Which means new fans saw Lord Darkar teaching at Alfea in season three. What’s wrong with that?

Again, your mileage may vary. Maybe the changes in the specials count to you.

The moral is Nick hasn’t changed as much of Winx Club as some fans think. You don’t have to like the Nick dub, but it is closer to the original. At least Nick’s trying.

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54 Responses to “The REAL Changes Nick Has Made to “Winx Club”

  1. Did we saw Avalon in S3? I dont remember seeing him in S3. The only time i saw him again is in SotLK.
    And to answer your question, suns that exceed a certain critical mass do not shine. We call them black holes xD

    • We currently know that black holes are formed by the gravitational collapse of a large star. Gravitational collapse requires great density, which is currently only found in stars. Some scientists believe in a hypothetical type of black hole, called a Primordial black hole. This type of black hole is formed not by the gravitational collapse of a large star but by the extreme density of matter present during the universe’s early expansion.

  2. why they change layla’s name i like layla i dont like aisha, layla is better….

  3. love this post!!
    its so anoying when ‘fans’ say nick is ruining winx club. they havn’t even changed a lot. the only real changes are the clothes and layla’s/aishas power, but they changed her power in a goode way cause no one knows what Morphix is.
    and stella’s power is also changed in a good way, cause i cant remember her using moon powers.

    • I agree, although there was one time where Stella did use a moon-based spell. It was in season 4 episode 5: “Enchanted Moon Shield!” As for the Morphix, there is the minor drawback of fans being confused, because last I checked, water wasn’t pink and sticky. I know, I’m splitting hairs here, sorry about that.

      • Read my post below regarding Stella’s powers. That is in the second paragraph.

        Stella has 2 or 3 Lunar based spells, depending on if you still count Charmix power-up transformation. First, Lunar Magnetism, a Charmix Level Spell from episode 222, used to move rocks to dam up a river. Second is Enchantix Moon Shield, which takes the form of a large gold circle with the sun in the middle. Used in the twenty-fifth episode of season three. Finally, we have Double Eclipse, which creates a double layered shield, one Moon and one Sun. The two shield spells that involve the moon are defensive spells, which falls in line with the moon reflecting light from the sun.

  4. “Relocatus!” That made me stop watching today’s episode of season 4. I thought the mock-Latin spells were 4kids’ thing… guess I was wrong. “Let’s go, little ones!” was way better.

    I hate, hate the dialogue changes, even the tiny ones.I don’t have a real reason, I just do. Like Stella’s “I curled my hair for good luck” instead of “I’m ready, I’m ready.”

    Am I being immature? I don’t think I am, but your opinion may be different.

    • That’s not immature at all. It’s natural if you’re heard something one way to jerk a little bit when you hear it another way. You’re just used to the other dub. No problem with that. 😛
      But I didn’t see today’s episode. “Relocatus?” Seriously? Why? 😕 That’s almost as bad as “Transportus Back Homus.” 🙄

  5. Let me address why Aisha’s name was most likely changed in the other English dubs. Aisha is the name of a Neopet. It was more and likely trademarked, thus Cinelume and 4Kids were forced to change Aisha’s name to Layla. The reason why Nick changed it back from Layla to Aisha was probably because in 2005, Viacom bought Neopets. As everyone should know by now, Viacom is the Parent company of Nickelodeon.


    I have wanted to post this a few times in reference to Stella’s power source. We can see the moon because it reflects light from the sun. If Stella was a true Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, she would have power of the tides, but then everyone would be complaining about how Stella and Aisha have the same powers. All of Stella’s spells that involve the moon are defensive shield spells, which falls in line with the moon reflecting light from the sun. The only Lunar based spell that does not fit with this is Lunar Magnetism, a Charmix Level Spell from episode 222, used to move rocks to dam up a river. Seeing as Season 2 was cut down to 45 minutes and Charmix is now the name for the Basic Fairy transformation, this spell does not count.

    As for a star that does not shine, the only stars that come to mind that could be seen as not shining are “Y dwarfs” stars. “Y dwarfs” are the coldest members of the brown dwarf family. Brown dwarfs are sometimes referred to as “failed” stars. They are too low in mass to fuse atoms at their cores and thus don’t burn with the fires that keep stars like our sun shining steadily for billions of years. Instead, these objects cool and fade with time, until what little light they do emit is at infrared wavelengths. The atmospheres of brown dwarfs are similar to those of gas giant planets like Jupiter, but they are easier to observe because they are alone in space, away from the blinding light of a parent star. The coldest brown dwarf ever discovered had an estimated temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. (That is 25 degrees Celsius.)


    I was so glad that they changed the name of Bloom’s cat. That was one of the few things that I disliked in the movie. Who names their cat Ron? (No offense to anyone who has a cat named Ron, but it just does not sound right for a Magical Pixie Pet. Of course, it is better then what he was first called on page 32 – 34 of Issue #11 of the Winx Club Comic, “Dragon’s Flame.” His name there was, “Name of Frog.”)

    Winx Club Comics: http://winxcomics.livejournal.com/profile
    Page 32: http://winxcomics.livejournal.com/143288.html#cutid1
    Page 33: http://winxcomics.livejournal.com/142928.html#cutid1
    Page 34: http://winxcomics.livejournal.com/142609.html#cutid1

    I agree with you on the specials, in that the 4 specials do not count. People must remember that the 4 specials were created by Rainbow. We do not know whose idea it was to make the specials, but I do not think that Rainbow would make the specials if it was not their idea.

  6. seriously i don’t care about nick anymore >.< i want season 5 but who agrees that when the winx were on earth it just took away their spark? They belong in magix XD they must go fight robots on tecna's planet or something and get a mecha transformation lol…*O* but Flora might die or something since i don't there are much plants in the realm of technology o.o…don't think theres much water for layla/Aisha either XD oh well… i wanna see Tecna's planet!! …xD

  7. I argee, this never-ending debate about how this dub changed this and that, it makes no sense to me. Of course there are things I wished would have been different for example in Nick´s dub, but really, these little changes, do they REALLY matter so much? I mean, I think 4Kids (I have nothing against it, I just like Rai english better) made far more changes than Nick did. And still, both of these not-original versions work just fine.

    Let’s just enjoy the show and watch in whatever dub we want. 🙂

  8. I watched episodes 3 and 4 and was able to match up a few of the new voice actors to their characters.

    Mitzi: Daniella Monet (Best known as Trina Vega from Victorious)

    Mr. Rooney: Frank Welker (Best known for his role as Frederick “Fred” Jones Jr. from Scooby-Doo)

    Mark: Jason Marsden (Best known for his role as Max Goof, Goofy’s son.)

    Duman: Bumper Robinson (The only other work I have heard from him is his work on Futurama as Dwight Conrad, son of Hermes Conrad, Bureaucrat Grade 36 and accountant of the Planet Express delivery company.)

    Also during the credits, I saw Josh Keaton listed with all the other voice actors. As everyone should know, Josh Keaton provided the voice for Valtor in Season 3. All the voice actors that are listed in the credits are for the episode that just aired. Josh Keaton’s name also showed up in the credits after episodes 1 and 2. This could be a mistake or he could play one of the Wizards, since they are the only recurring male characters (other than the specialists) from last weeks airing of episodes 1 and 2 and this weeks airing of episodes 3 and 4.

  9. I actually love everything that Nick has changed so far (yes, even the dialogue) except for two things:
    1. Screaming “FAIRY OF ______” after every transformation -_-
    2. Calling Ron “Purr”… that really made me angry. XD If you’re gonna change his name, change it to something that actually makes sense. Purr just sounds stupid to me.

  10. can somebody tell me where to i download winx are back full song i’m beging for it 🙁

  11. The Amazon.com review was mine 🙂 And I have the original English/German dub where she’s called Mariam. I’ve also seen the original where she is called Miriam. Not that Marion is a bad name- But I can’t think of anyone with that name without expecting someone to have a Jamaican accent.

    • Wow… 😳 You know what? As I was writing this, I actually wondered if you were the reviewer. Then I thought, “No way. It’s a coincidence.”
      But based on what you said, maybe the name on the Italian site is an error, and it really is Mariam? Mariam isn’t a common name, so it might be easy to mess up. Why would 4Kids change the name “Marion,” anyway? (Then again, Valtor to Baltor…)

        • Aren’t Miriam and Marion just alternate forms of “Mary?” By the way, I’ve noticed that religious concepts seem to be really revolve in this area of the canon. The planet is called “Domino,” which is the Latin for “Lord” if I’m not mistaken (it might be God) and the Bloom just happens to have this all-powerful power in her since birth. She goes around changing people’s lives like Jesus. I want to think it’s coincidence but I can’t deny the similarities.

          • Dictionary.com time! 😀 Domino comes from the Latin dominus, which means “God/The Lord.”
            Hmmm…Well, you know, The Great Dragon created the Magical Dimension, right? And Domino was where it stopped to rest after it was finished. Possible parallel there. Never thought about it before.

          • Honestly I always thought of her to be playing Jesus when she brought Sky back from the dead in season 2 (Kinda like Lazerus)

            Mary and the variations all mean sorrowful (although I think Miriam means bitterness) which fit with the personna since wouldn’t you be rather sorrowful if your children died and your entire kingdom collapsed?

            I’m not finding the Christian undertones and the anti witchcraft message too suprising in Winx Club seeing as Italy is a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

  12. Interesting little fact: In some countries (like Belgium) Aisha is still called Layla in the specials.
    I guess because children there are still familiar with that name.

  13. Wow!……………………….(Didn’t expect the amazon reviewer to see this post.)
    Anyway, I pretty much like all of the changes that nick made. And, it is attracting a lot of attention. When I go to soccer practise, I usually bring a homeade comic there where me and my friends read it. (It’s about me and my friends meeting the winx.) At first, random girls would pass buy it saying, ‘who are those faires?’ and stuff like that. But now when they look at it, they say, Hey, isn’t that the Winx Club? And yes, it just goes to show how much more popular they’ve become, and how many more girls are loving the show. 🙂

  14. I have said this before, but I will say it again. If 4Kids fans want to be angry at something, they should be angry at 4Kids for sitting on the licensing rights for 2 years. 4Kids could have dubbed the first movie, as well as, the fourth season, but they decided to either air reruns for 2 years or nothing at all.

    Getting back on subject, Nick and Rainbow better fix the continuity error between season 4 and the second movie. I do not care what they do, but they better just fix it.

    • 4kids license was revoked after season 3. The butchered the series. Wait a minute. Dosen’t 4kids air the Dragonball Z Kai nick dub on their channel. Because winx fans could be hearing ” Do you know? The power you have? Can you feel the magic that is inside of you? Come with us. And you’ll understand. YOU ARE MAGIC IF YOU JUST THAT IT’S TRUE! It’s amazing what you do! ” On 4kids

      • 4Kids did lose the rights, but I also think it was because they were transitioning back to Japanese anime (like Dragonball Z Kai). But that didn’t work out either. Their Toonzai block failed, along with their company. Now most of the properties they owned belong to Konami, from what I’ve heard. They’re still alive but barely. So in a way, it’s a good thing they no longer own Winx Club. Maybe Rainbow knew 4Kids was dying and wanted to “save” Winx before it sunk with that ship.

        • They’re going bankrupt because of all the lawsuits from violating their contracts. I do feel bad for all the animators and other workers who worked at 4Kids though. My husband had a teacher who used to work at 4Kids and he said they treated their employees as less than human.

      • Ok, Dragonball Z Kai is not owned by Nickelodeon nor does Nickelodeon have its own dub like it does with Winx Club. DBZ Kai is owned Toei Animation and is licensed by Funimation Entertainment. DBZ Kai is a revised version of Dragon Ball Z, which originally aired in Japan from 1989 up until 1996. The English dub of DBZ was released on Cartoon Network in 1996 and finished in 2003. Funimation gave broadcasting rights to both Nicktoons and 4Kids. Both Nicktoons and 4Kids edited for content, though the 4Kids version is censored even more so than Nicktoons’. Nickelodeon had no say with 4Kids getting to air DBZ Kai.

        Now, for the question of if we are going to see Nickelodeon’s dub of Winx Club on 4Kids, I am going to say with 100% certainty “no.” I do not think Rainbow or Nickelodeon would let 4Kids get near Winx Club, even if they could. 4Kids have lost the rights to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, which are now property of Konami, with all the other shows they had the rights to going to Saban Capital Group. Saban Capital Group also bought the Toonzai Saturday morning programming block, and will be relaunching the block as Vortexx.

        Just to show another example of another show in the same boat as DBZ Kai, Vortexx will be airing Iron Man: Armored Adventures, which is a Marvel property, and thus owned by The Walt Disney Company. Marvel has given broadcasting rights to Nicktoons and now Vortexx to air Iron Man: AA. Please do not ask why Iron Man: Armored Adventures airs on Nicktoons and not Disney XD if it is owned by Marvel and Disney. It airs on Disney XD in pretty much every other country where it is aired.


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