Fellow Winx fans, we may finally have confirmation about Roxy. Winx Club magazine 68 is out, and the title is “Roxy, La Settima Fata” (Roxy, the Seventh Fairy). In it is the debut of her column called Pianeta Vivente (Living Planet), all about, of course, animals. The comic also highlights her.

Summary (translation):

Roxy’s powers over animals have been decisive in the fight against the Wizards … But now, the last fairy on Earth ignites the envy of Givellian … Could our new friend unknowingly become the cause of Winx’s defeat? To find out, do not miss this issue of the Winx Club!

This is either Rainbow’s final word…or their cruelest trick yet!

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51 Responses to ““The Seventh Winx” Confirmed?

  1. I like the cover picture. 🙂
    -Pandawinx. 🙂
    (I do believe that rainbow are starting to tease us, why keep us in suspence so long?!?!?!)

  2. O_O



    but cool cover.

    BTW: those to guys on the lower right corner of the mag are hawtnesssss. <3

  3. It’s not really a confirmation. It said the seventh “fairy” not the seventh “Winx” Which, I know, I’m probably taking it out of context, but still. And isn’t Roxy, like, 16 or something?

  4. Well when I say says it mean she says it. I also found a site that said it NOT Wikipedia. But I found it on mistake when I was first trying to find out where to watch the movie.

  5. This doesn’t really have anything to do with winx but I love this site you Prattler. Its very helpful with excellent information. I would want to create a site also. But I have no idea how. But thanks again for all your info and the love of Winx.

    • Aw, thanks! ^_^ And thank you also for visiting it and for your comments. If you’re thinking about making a site, how about a WordPress.com blog? They’re free, easy to set up, and easy to use. You can also make pages like you would on any other type of web site, if you want to have something like a fan art gallery. Good luck! 😀

  6. It only says “seventh FAIRY” not “seventh WINX” so it doesnt mean she is part of the gang …
    And i think that Roxy is sixteen, she looks very young(teen young) and Faragonda wouldnt invite her to attend Alfea, think abut it everyone completes their education at Alfea by the time they are 19-20 ….. And if she is 16 she couldnt be a Winx because all of the girls are arond 21 and Stella 22 (4 seasons and a movie-5 years *16+5=21* or in Stella’s case *17+5=22* : my point is there is too much age difference, and besides roxy would have to go to classes and she wouldnt spend much time with then AND if got a boyfriend who is a student at red fountain and he was about her age the winx boyfrinds would have to hang out with someone a lot younger than them (remember they are one year older than girls) and i dont belive they would like that, i have a bunch of reasons why she shouldnt join the winx each one more complex than the other ….
    I dont have anything against Roxy on the contrary i think she is really cool and i really like her power over animals …


    • I understand what you and Harmayna are saying about “seventh fairy” versus “seventh Winx,” but there really isn’t any other context for “seventh fairy” if it’s not taking about the Winx Club. What else could Roxy be the “seventh fairy” of? As far as her age, I also thought she’d probably be 16 instead of 19. If she is 19, then what kind of school is Alfea? It’s hard to tell if it’s a high school or a college. Italian schools are different, though (Alfea would be based on an Italian school, most likely).

  7. If Roxy became the seventh winx I don’t think I would like it all that much. Not to discredit Roxy but she just seems more like an extra FAIRY than a WINX. She was alright for season 4 but to handle her in season 5… yea, I’m not lookin forward to that. And she does look 16, not 19 like the others.

    • I think it’s because Rainbow didn’t introduce her well. With all the “Winx and Roxy” stuff and the Winx leaving her out of things, she did seem like a tag-along fairy. If she was going to be a Winx all along, Rainbow should have been more upfront about it, like they were with Layla.

      • I believe it was easier to introduce Aisha (Layla) because she already HAD her first stage transformation and she got her Charmix then Enchantix like everyone else. Instead they let Roxy show up with a “new” transformation and so because of this I believe that keeping her in the show will be awkard because she hasn’t gained her enchantix or any other magical stage yet. On that note I’m curious on how they are going to work her into the plot line.

  8. Yeah, I’m waiting for a statement on the official site. Which, could be another reason she might not be a Winx, because she’s not on the official site (well, not on the little drop-down list, anyway)

  9. I know its people’s opinion on things but still thinking a 16 year old in the club??? It would be best in my opinion if she was 19 like the others. And you never know what exactly Roxy is going to do in Alfea. I mean they won’t keep the Winx Club in Alfea for another 3 years or so think of all the new fairies to create and everything. We’ll all have to wait and see what Indigo Staraffi has for us.

    • There’s been some debate about how old she is. She may be nineteen. I want Roxy to join the club, but I have to agree with you that if she is around sixteen, it would be awkward. The Winx already baby her a little just because she’s a new fairy. Not to mention, if the Winx work at Alfea next season, wouldn’t they be teaching her? They did that in one episode, but it would be a different experience and it could get uncomfortable for all seven of them.

  10. i don’t like roxy but i’m sure she’ll be a winx

    couldn’t they find another fairy, more intresting than her? a fairy with some other powers than what everyone expects- animals – the usual goody-goody power …… they could draw a fairy with the power of blood- which would/could be more intresting then animals do’oh -but no, if a fairy had the power of blood people said thet she is bad and they wouldn’t see the fact thet she can heal people or stuff like that

    i stil believix that the blood fairy is better

  11. How would Roxy ever join the Winx’s adventures? She will have to spend the next 3 years in Alfea while the Winx protecting their planets and fight evils

  12. I think Roxy is one of the Winx, there are some evidences. First of all, she appears on the official Winx website, even in the games. Second, remember in one of the episodes in Season 4 (either episode 9 or 10), in which she was confused about the White Circle, and Bloom told her they would find out its secrets together and she also said, ‘you are one of us now’? Anyway, I don’t think the creators will introduce a new fairy without adding her to the Winx. But I do hope Roxy will be a Winx, I quite like her and her power, it would be a disappointment if she wasn’t. 🙂

  13. é claro q Roxy é uma Winx,fala serio,”Roxy,a fado setimo”faça as conta 6+1 da quanto gente!na boa eu acho que Straffi (o criados de winx clube)não deu muita importância a Roxy, ele não valorizou um das famosas personagens da serie.Pra mim ela deveria estar na quinta temporada,mas talvez não pois ela deve estar um pouco despreparada né?mas ta na cara q ela é uma winx ,,já tem até boneca (e alias eu tenho uma)(todo fã das winx tem q ter pelo-menos)

    Obs; não sou contra a nenhum comentário

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