Professor Griffin calls them “wizards” in S1: E8 (RAI English), but I bet that was a mistake since wizards are magical beings and the Specialists don’t have magic powers. The first time I saw this episode, I thought maybe “wizard” had a different meaning in the Winx Club world, but that can’t be with characters like Saladin and Nabu around.

So if the Specialists don’t have magic, are they humans? They don’t act like they are since “human” seems to equal “earthling,” and none of the Specialists are from Earth.

Not wizards, not humans but human-like, non-magical…what in the world are they?

On the Redfountain page at the official website, it calls Codatorta a “magician.” That’s different enough from a “wizard.” I guess the Specialists are just boys who learn magic tricks instead of full-fledged magic. Then could they be human, after all? If so, what are they doing in Magix, especially if non-magical beings aren’t supposed to be there?

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  1. well they have to be magical beings, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be able to enter alfea, remember the 1. or 2. ep in s1 when Mike hit his head on an invisble wall that kept non-magical beings out … and they ride draagons control them with their hands, have magical weapons … Basicaly who knows what they really are :-p

  2. I just thought that the magical barrier was around the city of Magix (sometimes, just Alfea) and not the entire planet, because that would be unproductive in many ways (commercially). What if there was another planet full of people without magic but they had high-quality produce to trade?

  3. orrrr since maybe there pearents like mom was magic and they were born there thats why shes magical beings O.o idk

  4. i think of them as ALMOST magical beings, i mean, they have magic, but not enough to cast spells like nabu.

    if you don’t get it……

    they have just enough magic to get through the barrier

  5. I recall Mrs Faragonda called Red Fountain the school for magicians in the S1: E3 in the rai English version, so maybe some of the specialists can use magic.

    Who knows maybe there is male fairies in the winx Club world, who said that all fairies had to be female.

    • Haha that would be rather odd and funny XD

      I have twin fairies oc’s for a fanfiction I’m writing, one is a male fairy named Cedric I have yet to skecth a picture of him. Avery who is female fairy is cedric’s sister. Both twins have the power over wind.

  6. Here is a take to consider: I think the magic realms are filled with all sorts of people from the very magic to the not-so-much. Magic professions seem like additional choices one can make in the magic realms according to innate ability and training. (For example Bloom’s bloodline.)

    Every girl is not a fairy (or witch). I believe those are specialized arts and specialized schools. Like in Harry Potter. Or like a music or dancing school here on good ol’ non-magical Earth. I surmise many people have some small amount of nurtured or latent magical ability there, but not all are great or pursue it.

    The boys who dedicate themselves to training at Red Fountain seem to focus most on the combat arts using weapons and technology (and a little magic if they have it). I think that boys with high magical ability would go to a male school like Alfea or Cloud Tower.

  7. I think their powers are dormant, and same with some humans, they HAVE power, but they don’t know how to use it. (Is anyone thinking Bloom and Roxy?) Don’t laugh but I’m 11 and I still believe in all kinds of magic. If you laugh… I get mad… you won’t like that. Really.

    • Wait, your a believer? So I’m I! I used have friends who think I’m crazy, now, they all believe in magic to!

      • Yup, I’m a believer like you Layla fan. I don’t think its crazy to believe. I mean everyone has some form of magic inside them. In some cases that person doesn’t know or decides not to beleive that they have magical power (kinda like roxy did at first)

        Layla n Amentia I see your point with both bloom and roxy about age thing. but if you call Bloom when she was still baby could use the dragon fire powers to creat a fire and a protective shield. When Mike her foster father found her in the burning building. Once Mike picked Bloom up the fire vanised. I wasn’t til sixteen year later that Bloom power awakined from being dorment for many years, with some help from Stella. Which make me wonder that roxy’s case is similor to Bloom’s.

        Could Roxy be related to Bloom some way or another?

  8. Maybe boys who are born in Magix do have magical powers, but unlike girls, they’re not born with it and have to get special training when they’re older in order to use them. So maybe the specialists didn’t get that training.

  9. I’ve also wondered what the specialists are, I’ve started thinking of them as human-looking aliens.

    Hmm… I don’t know if the specialists are magical beings or not, but if they are… I don’t know, maybe their magic manifests in a different way? You know, like Helia’s apparent super-human strength? (Like when he held back that monster in the first episode he appeared in, or that time he pulled Sky’s damaged air-craft into the hangar of a moving ship.)

    Did that make sense? Do you get what I’m saying?

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