Remember Lazuli, the fairy who joined Cloud Tower in “Broken Dreams?” We know a couple witches who’ve become fairies, but I’m pretty sure she’s the first fairy-turned-witch we’ve met. (Selina doesn’t count, since she might not have had her wings yet.)

I wonder what made her turn to the dark side. At first, I thought the Trix might have scared her into it. Maybe they captured the students and gave them a choice: join or die! (I know — way too dramatic for this show. 😛 ) But she wanted to switch! She was willing to use her hair cages on her friends, and she was fine with calling herself an ex-fairy.

Here’s a random back story I thought up in about a minute. 😛

Lazuli was the fairy of hair. But instead of being the perfect stylist, she liked doing strange things with people’s hair — tying them up in it, making it move on its own, etc. Her classmates treated her like a freak, and she resented them for it. Over time, her hatred darkened her heart. She started thinking that, with her weird power, she wasn’t meant to be a fairy. When the Trix attacked her school, she saw her chance. She’d become a witch and join their side…

I know — I can do better. 😛

How does a fairy become a witch? Not the way I expected.


When Mirta became a fairy, she got a new outfit and a pair of wings. Faragonda must have, too; according to Griffin, she made it to Enchantix level. (I guess older fairies lose their wings.)

Lazuli became a witch by…losing her wings. That was it. She could still fly (or float), but her fairy outfit became regular clothes.

I doubt that’s how it’s supposed to work. I think the animators were just lazy. Almost all the non-Winx fairies’ forms have been like this: everyday outfit + wings. And groups of classmates or friends have looked the same or similar to each other. Nickbow probably didn’t wanna “waste” time designing a unique look for everyone.

Have you ever come up with a fan fic or headcanon about a fairy becoming a witch? How does your story compare with Lazuli’s?

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15 Responses to “The Switch to a Witch

  1. i wonder if diaspro lost her wings after the vortex of flames episode that would be an interesting plot line. Did lazuli get rid of her own wings or did icy get rid of them for her kinda like what she did to galetea in season 3

    • Somehow I doubt Diaspro would give up her wings. She is nobility so she probably doesn’t want any more bad news from the press about her than she’s probably gained already. ^^;

      And yes, Icy used some kind of an advanced spell or something to get rid of them (though I’m curious as to if she was ever a full fledged fairy or not.)

  2. Hmm…well strictly speaking witchcraft is defined as “the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells and the invocation of spirits.” Strictly speaking there CAN be evil fairies (typically called sprites.) There are some exceptions, but modern society typically goes the “Disneyfication” route and presents witches as evil and fairies as good.

    Based on the fact that it is still anime styled (despite technically being Western animation,) incorporates several fairy tales into the story line, Mirta’s blood line, and what we know so far about the magical dimension, here’s my theory on how it could work in the Winx world:

    Most girls who start out at a magical school are still learning about their powers. Depending on where their family came from, they would either choose Alfea or Cloud Tower, depending on where their parents encouraged them to go. However, as we’ve been shown several times in the series, a lot of a character’s powers are strengthened by where their heart is at the moment. If a character’s negative emotions (ie sadness, anger, fear) are powerful, she might start out studying to be a fairy at Alfea but is more likely to become a witch. If a character’s positive emotions (love, kindness, friendship) are more powerful then she might start out at Cloud Tower but want to be somewhere she can belong, eventually becoming a fairy.

    In Mirta’s case, her power source is emotions. She started out as a witch and most of her spells were negative because Lucy was her only friend, probably making her very lonely (and probably what convinced her to go to Cloud Tower in the first place…possibly parental influence too.) After befriending the Winx (mostly Flora,) she decided to transfer to Alfea, eventually befriending Amaryl and Kimmy. Once she made friends, she became more confident about her powers, she gained control of positive emotions, and eventually gained a fairy form of her own.

    We haven’t learned much about Lazuli yet, but we have seen her in action some and know her power source (hair, which like emotions is a neutral power source.) She seems like the type of person who values power over friendship, probably sucking up to Diaspro just to get more attention. She also barely hesitated to turn on her friends (who ironically wound up joining her too.) My guess is that Eraklyon Royal Institute is a school that focuses on fairies with beauty-based powers (Diaspro uses gemstones and Lazuli controls hair, so it’s possible the others could have powers over stuff like scents.) She probably only went there for the namesake and due to the fact that it was taken over by witches and her heart wasn’t strong enough, she was more than willing to become a witch. After all, she didn’t want to be on the “losing side” (or what she thought was the losing side.)

    It’s also possible blood line could be involved in the scenario, but there’s a lot of genetics to go into with that theory.

  3. Interesting theories here. Eraklyon being beauty powers planet might be correct, i’d like to see a nature fairy with true season power though, Flora’s only got one spell for each (Autumn Wind/Fall vortex is the same spell it’s just that Fall vortex actually looks like an Autumn Wind whereas Autumn Wind looks like an energy beam.

    • Yeah, I’d be interested to see either a nature fairy that uses powers based on the seasons or Flora to show some more variety in her powers. She gained Lovix (ice/snow) so there’s much that could be done!

  4. It’s all based on preferences and compatibility We’ve seen time and time again that being good or evil doesn’t determine whether you’re a witch or a fairy. Fairies are more idealistic, straight forward, and tend to be working towards some sort of positive goal. Even the darker ones are like that, such as Diaspro fighting for love or Nebula fighting for Earth and her people. Granted Diaspro has been using trickery for some time, so it’s not a hard and fast rule.

    Witches on the other hand seem to be more tricksters, rule breakers, and working under the shadows. They sneak around and avoid direct confrontations, whether by spelling their target or just sending a giant monster after them. They tend to have more negative goals such as revenge (Mirta), power for its own sake (Selina), or good old universal domination (Trix). Granted the Trix have gone on and off on ignoring stealth over the years, but that only tends to happen when they have lots of power.

    Ultimately, girls can choose to be a fairy or witch no matter their alignment or morality. They may have a few specific powers, but for the most part they can have the same powers as either one. A few cases like Bloom and the Trix may be set in stone, but there’s probably no specific reason stopping Flora or Roxy from becoming a witch or Lucy from becoming a fairy. It comes down to their own perceptions of what they want to be like.

    • Well didn’t it state somewhere that there’s no going back after Enchantix? Or was that just a fan assumption?

  5. That’s an interesting theory. I wonder, though, why the animators decided to go to the trouble of giving Miele and the other Lynpheans fairy forms, but didn’t give Lazuli a regular outfit? whatever. It doesn’t seem like the creators of Winx put too much thought into anything these days.
    I’ve always wanted to know about the fairy/witch thing, like what is the difference besides good vs. evil, especially since the Trix also have a transformation? In the first three seasons, they had their everyday school outfits and their witchy outfits with the letters on the front, and they could transform into them instantaneously. Now they just walk around in witch clothes all the time, I guess.
    I think the two magic schools are probably something similar to Hogwarts houses. Slytherin and Gryffindor share many traits, but Slytherin, being more ‘dark,’ would be the equivalent of Cloudtower; consequently, Gryffindor, the ‘noble’ house, could be compared to Alfea. While none of the houses are flat out good or evil, there are more evil Slytherins than there are Gryffindors.
    Sorry for the HP analogy but it was the best way I could explain it LOL :P.

    • I never did understand that either. I mean yeah the Eraklyon students possibly weren’t full fledged fairies, but the Lynfea students weren’t either. Nickbow is just being lazy in my opinion.

  6. Question: where does that “Faragonda used to be a witch” come from? I’ve read it a bunch of places but don’t remember seeing it in an episode– am I just forgetful or was it from an interview with Straffi or some other source or something? It’s just such a weird plot point I have trouble believing it! (though it would explain how she and Miss Griffin are such close friends I guess!)

    Rambling: Like most of us here, i figured it was a personality thing, your way of thinking determined if you’d be a witch or fairy. I also guessed that the difference between the two groups was way more social than magical– like kids growing up witches got a hefty dose of anti-fairy prejudice from their witch parents and teachers, and kids growing up fairies got similar from the adults in their lives. That’s why the random witches back in season 1 wanted to beat Musa up just for coming into the witch part of town. Once or twice in the comics the Winx suspect random non-Trix witches of being trouble without any evidence, so it goes both ways– though fairies beat people up less. I figured that if most girls grow up with the assumption that their group rocks and the other group stinks it would never even occur to them to switch sides. And since magic works by the will, if you don’t think you can be different, then you can’t.

    Headcanon: For my story I made up a huge legend that back in the mists of history the witches were basically an army fighting evil while the fairies made safe places where knowledge could be preserved for the future. When the evil was defeated and the witches came home the fairies said, “You’re all warlike and you sacrificed your wings and you’re kinda creepy, go away!” and the witches said, “We gave up our wings for power to protect you lot! Let us in!” and then the three ancestral witches popped up and said, “Hey, army, we’re better than those goody-goodies who only know peaceful magic, let’s invade their city!” And that’s when witches and fairies became two different groups who were mad at each other and it never really settled down.

    Maybe it’s better that the writers never really explain the rules of swapping your magical type; it spawns so many lovely plotbunnies. I wonder what Lazuli’s parents will say when they learn of her current life choices…

    • It’s possible that Faragonda could have started out as a witch student since we never heard much about her past, other than Griffin’s mention of her gaining Enchantix powers. Personally I think that it’s more of a case where fairies and witches used to get along but then something happened between them though (and it took the Winx and Mirta to take things back to the way they used to be.)

      And that’s an interesting theory!

    • It was actually on Faragonda’s profile on the official Winx website after its season 2 update.

      I agree; the issues between the witches and the fairies seem to be social more than anything else and seems to be inherited prejudice more than anything else.

      Tbh, my personal headcanon is that the witches got a bad name among the other people of the Magic Dimension mainly because of the Ancestral Witches since not only are they evil, but they are also considered to be the “mothers of all witches“, although what this exactly means is quite unclear.

  7. if you think about it everyone is saying something about the parents yet not all of the winxs’ parents have power so how would that affect their decisions whether to become a witch or a fairy

    • Power can mean status too, not just raw magic. The Winx Parents have the status power as well as magic, though no one really uses it except for Erendor. The difference between a fairy and a witch is mostly status, Mirta and the Winx had to over step that to return to just “magic users” instead of Fairy/Witch

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