If you’ve been waiting for more chapters of my fanfic, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about it. The next chapter will be up before World of Winx season two premieres.

I never thought I’d end up writing Winx fanfiction — especially about Aisha and Nex. I didn’t always like this couple. Like a lot of fans, I hated Nex when he was introduced, and I couldn’t imagine her dating him.

After all, I still wanted Nabu to come back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember some of my comments during season five. For example, when Aisha snapped at Roy in “The Power of Harmonix” (5X06), I said she needed Nabu because without him, she’d gone back to hating boys.

Seeing her with another guy felt weird. It still does sometimes. She and Nabu seemed like a sure thing — if for no other reason than we didn’t think Rainbow would break any of the initial couples up. I even said that in a post during season four: “Would Rainbow actually split our sweet couples up? All we can do is keep watching to find out!” Little did I know.

Story-wise, Aisha and Nex don’t feel as stable. Nex is no charming prince. He’s rude and arrogant sometimes, and we’ve seen him and Aisha argue. Plus, it’s not an arranged marriage, so the relationship doesn’t have a goal yet. Who knows they’ll even end up getting married?

This couple’s unfamiliar and unpredictable, offering no promises and guarantees.

Nabu’s death and the season six love triangle add to that feeling. Now you can’t help but feel like Aisha’s love life is always up in the air. She’s been with a different guy every season or two. Why let ourselves get attached to Nex, especially since he seems to be the least likable?

Plus, this relationship’s moving slowly. Aisha’s relationship with Nabu seemed fully developed after less than a season! If he came back, we wouldn’t have to wait for a happy ending. Why should we gamble on Nex and risk getting our hearts broken — again?

If Aisha and Nex have the most strikes against them, why do I love them?

I know some fans think I’m crazy for it. What’s there to love about this couple? They haven’t done anything significant.

Do they have to? Although I hope Rainbow will develop their relationship more in future seasons, I don’t rate this couple by how many cute or memorable scenes they’ve had. In fact, I cringe when fans say, “I like [insert favorite couple] because they’re cute.” That’s it? They’re just…cute? We call all the couples “cute,” so how does that say anything unique about them?

The reason I love Aisha and Nex — and why I love talking about them — is because I’ve noticed a lot of clever and, yes, unique elements in their relationship. I’ve mentioned some of them before, but I keep discovering more. It’s like a treasure hunt. The more I dig, the more I find.

These elements have to do with character design, symbolism, pacing, and more. We don’t tend to notice them unless they’re obvious, but they’re just as important as the plot itself. They can even be used to explain parts of the story that don’t make sense to us.

They’re also form the structure of the story. Imagine the story as a house. The rooms are the plot: what you see, what you react to, what you remember. The roof is the ending, but that’s far away. Everything else makes up the walls and foundation — what holds the story together.

Just like we clean up and decorate our rooms when we entertain guests, Rainbow can easily add more romance to Aisha and Nex’s story to make it sweeter. But that’s just the surface stuff. The underlying elements — things no other couple has — are what make them special.

For a while, I’ve been afraid to talk about this couple on my blog. That might sound pathetic, but it’s true. Bringing them up always makes somebody mad.

But I won’t hold back anymore. I’m impressed by how much thought Rainbow put into Aisha and Nex, and I wanna share what I’ve discovered with you. These two will never become the focus of my blog, but expect some more posts about them in the future.

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54 Responses to “Things I Can’t Talk About, Things I Wanna Talk About

  1. I’m a winx club fanfic writer myself who just off’d bloom by her power overwhelmed a total of 22 fairy froms only for bloom to survive thanks to her stubborn willpower

  2. Although it may not sound like much, I’m curious to see what you’ve found! To be honest, I’m still grateful for you talking some sense into me on the Winx Wiki. Ever since then, I’ve mellowed out and learned to appreciate Nex for being the friendly yet competitive jokester. Honestly, I was riled up about the messy storytelling S6 had and took my anger out on Nex, but that’s still not much of an excuse since YOU didn’t even like him at first but learned to like and appreciate him yourself.
    Aisha and Nex’s relationship is a weird one for me, probably because it’s not so obvious when I look at it. All of the other couples could have their core tropes and dynamics so out in the open that someone can immediately know what they’re about, but Aisha and Nex aren’t so obvious. They feel more natural, in a way, like what you’d see in a real functioning couple based on two very competitive and prideful individuals (not in a bad way either). I might go back to rewatch Season 6 to see how their relationship grows (I know I spotted it on Nex’s end but never on Aisha’s).

  3. I’m one of those people who didn’t like the couple to begin with, mostly for the reasons you stated. But I also love Laylas character and think she deserves to be happy. Nex can be that guy. I just hope they’re done messing with her life and let her live it. I also hope they’re done splitting couples up. I understand”realistically” people change relationships throughout their lives. But I watch cartoons cause reality really stinks sometimes. If I wanted heartbreak, turmoil, and drama I’d tune back into my own life. When I watch cartoons, I want to see real couples, with real problems, who figure it out in the end, together, and live happily ever after. That may seem cliché and old fashioned, but that’s how I feel. That said, as far as the show goes (not my AU), I hope Nex and Layla have a great relationship that stands up to the test of time and fanbase. Great post! 😉

    • When I watch cartoons, I want to see real couples, with real problems, who figure it out in the end, together, and live happily ever after. That may seem cliché and old fashioned, but that’s how I feel.

      It’s not cliché. I wanna see that, too. But even though I liked Aisha and Nabu, everything you said applies to Aisha and Nex more. Their relationship is designed for that kind of story, which is another reason I love them. But it seems like for most fans, how, why, and when Aisha and Nex became a couple has overshadowed their story potential.

      I once thought of writing an AU where these two meet under different circumstances, but I decided against it. Whether I like it or not, Nabu’s death is part of Aisha’s story. I can’t (and shouldn’t) change that. But I’m not gonna make her relationship with Nex about her past. It’s a step forward and a chance to tell a love story that wasn’t possible for her before.

      • I agree, it applies to Layla and Nex more. Looking back at season three, it just seemed they ironed out her and Nabu’s relationship too easily. It’s one of the things that bugs me, and that I’m fixing in my AU.

        But back to Nex. I really see potential for him and Layla as a serious couple. They seem to see eye to eye and work well together, without being the lovey dove fest season four was. I like their relationship so far, and hope they get a chance to be more.

  4. Frankly, unpredictable is interesting. An example: I just got done binge-watching World of Winx on the Winx YouTube page (kudos to your Twitter feed and WinxClubRUs for making me a much happier person). Who in the world would have expected Captain Hook to be a twenty-something with a ponytail and a hoodie doing parkour over Gardenia? (When I realized he had a hook on his sweatshirt, I facepalmed at myself for not noticing that earlier.) That was a plot twist I wouldn’t have predicted. But it was also interesting.

    Nex is unpredictable, too (this comparison makes it sound like I think he’s Peter Pan or something). He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, and you never know what smart-alec joke or remark he’ll make this time. (You can, however, predict that said comment WILL start a flame war on Tumblr about how “Nex is the new Riven” or how “Nabu is just in a coma” or whatever they come up with this time.) But darn it, he’s interesting. He’s probably the only guy that has room for development at this point (besides Helia and whoever Musa’s boyfriend will be in season eight), and he’s that rare brand of comic relief that’s actually funny, rather than just the Pixies or Kiko or something like that. (That scene with Timmy and Squonk at the beginning of 7×10 cracked me up).

    My mom once told me that “if it’s worth doing, it is going to make somebody mad.” So, I encourage you to write about Nex and Aisha, and post whatever rare backstory or findings you come across. I personally would love to hear about it. Considering that the factoid about their names meaning “life” and “death” blew my mind, I can’t even anticipate what I would find out, considering that you do all sorts of concise research for your posts.

    • Yeah, I forgot. You weren’t able to watch World of Winx until now, were you? I know it’s off-topic, but what did you think of it? (Also, don’t worry about not catching the painfully-obvious clues about Captain Hook. I didn’t, either, so we can lament about that together. 😛 )

      About Nex being funny, I agree and I think I know why. Kiko and the Pixies aren’t funny to me (at least not anymore) because I expect them to be funny. That’s what they’re designed for. But I like it more when a character who’s not supposed to be funny is placed in an awkward situation.

      I think the scene with Squonk, Timmy, and Nex was funny because Nex isn’t a comedic character. When Squonk kissed him, he didn’t react the way I expected him to. He liked it? Why? It was unpredictable, and it showed a different side of his personality.

      • I liked World of Winx a lot. I thought it managed to be both colorful and serious, and I got sucked into the plot. I binge-watched the first nine episodes during the evening and night, then forced myself to sleep. I then proceeded to wake up at six in the morning, eat one uncooked Pop Tart, and then binge-watch the final four episodes.

        Random thing I didn’t like: this was done a lot of times, but I’ll just use the Beijing trip as an example. The Winx got their Dreamix sight of Yu, told Lorelei and the camera drones that they were headed to Beijing, and then they arrive there with the camera drones still there, recording them. This insinuates that the camera drones just recorded their whole trip to Beijing, which would be VERY boring. What did Ace do during that time? Does he have a B team of talent scouts who do this stuff when the Winx are traveling?

        I also liked the detail on the animation. I wouldn’t want it used in the main show, though, because Flora’s little squooshy nose is one of my favorite things. Maybe I was just sleep-deprived or running on Fangirl Power, but I didn’t notice the thing you mentioned with the textures. There was something weird about how the Crocodile Man was animated, though, so likely that was the issue and I just couldn’t identify it.

        You talked before about how the fantasy and spy parts clashed with each other. I think it’s because they didn’t focus on the spy parts enough. They just kind of tossed in a few shots of Bloom climbing walls and then decided “Yep, this counts as a spy story.” The little parts of it we did get to see were actually really cool, and that’s why I wish it had been there more. As for the fantasy elements, I need to research Peter Pan now, because I haven’t read the story in ages, and as a result I have no idea who Smee is. Otherwise, it’s interesting to see Tinker Bell go evil, and Captain Hook as a millennial with purple hair. (Is his hair purple or blue? I think it’s purple, but most of his scenes have dark lighting, so it’s hard to tell.)

        Speaking of the Captain, he looks like a kick-butt villain, and I’m excited to see him in season two whenever I get Netflix or Rainbow decides to do this again. As for the other new characters:
        – I laughed at Ace a lot more than I expected to. I felt bad for those makeup assistant girls who had to keep following him around.
        – Cliff and Margo, the Wow judges, were annoying me a lot because they essentially said the sane exact things every episode.
        – The talents were generally pretty okay characters, but my favorite by a landslide was Naoki. I want to date him because he can hack streetlights and carries around sixties comic books in his backpack.
        – Gomez and Evans were okay. Not good, not bad…just okay.
        – That Shaman guy who was working for the Queen was WEIRD. Is he another Peter Pan reference that I’m not getting?
        – Smee’s voice made me laugh. He sounded like a mischievous mouse.

        One other thing: I think Rainbow edited out Evans’s cursing on the YouTube release. I was listening for it, but I didn’t hear it. But as previously mentioned, it was six in the morning and I was barely awake, so maybe it was there and I just didn’t notice.

        Overall, I really liked World of Winx, and I am very, very excited for season two – or at least when I can see it.

        • For me it was Jim’s one glove that tipped me off to who he is! Though if I hadn’t seen the spoilers and known of the Peter Pan connection I never would’ve guessed.

          I think Shaman is just the representative of the “Indians” of Neverland, Pirates, Indians and Mermaids being the three kinds of people who live there. (political correctness wasn’t a thing back in Barrie’s day.) There’s a probably-spoilerific picture on Germansirenix that hints the mermaids will be turning up soon and they will be awesome!

  5. I definitely think that people need to stop hating on this couple and see how cool they can be. It’s irritating trying to show as that “average kid who no one understands” once said “Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s lame.” (Which is the fanbase’s opinion) He might have been referring to a bad captain planet parody but his point was give the new thing a chance whatever it might be. The fanbase needs to accept that Nex was designed to stop messing with her love life (as its the only good conflict she has left…because writers are too afraid to have Bloom & Aisha argue with each other about who has proper leadership skills…you’d think they’d show that fight…they’ve both already had arguments with Tecna in that regard so why not Bloom & Aisha? Oh right…if the only Winx rainbow tends to care about fight…the show will lose ratings because Bloom has not only acknowledged Aisha as her right hand, but the backlash…Afrogate Z would happen and thus more unnecessary Bloom bashing but this time…sensitive types would feel validated to accuse Bloom directly as a racist in the US especially. She’s already got enough to deal with.) and move on. Aisha means life.. what does it do? It moves on. So should those who have difficulty with he who achieved Batman status no longer being around physically. Aisha simply kept him alive in her heart and moved on. Time to go forward.

    • Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why would Bloom arguing with Aisha over their different leadership styles make Bloom a racist? Why would anyone think that?? Because she’s the informal “second-in-command” to a white girl? They’d have to be reaching to ridiculous levels to make that seem racist ’cause it isn’t in the slightest. Not unless Bloom or anyone else explicitly states that Aisha can’t lead because of her skin tone which Rainbow would never do and it also wouldn’t make sense considering that she’s the sole heir to the land kingdom on Andros.
      If anything, it’d be an interesting dynamic since no one in-universe addresses it. Heck, I was surprised by how Aisha didn’t call Bloom out for being so trusting of Selina despite everything she’s done and has tried to do and yet I’ve seen some fans cry about how “mean” Aisha was being to Selina when Selina came to the Winx for help. Y’know, AFTER her evil plot blew up in her face.

      • Heck, I was surprised by how Aisha didn’t call Bloom out for being so trusting of Selina despite everything she’s done and has tried to do and yet I’ve seen some fans cry about how “mean” Aisha was being to Selina when Selina came to the Winx for help. Y’know, AFTER her evil plot blew up in her face.

        Being mean to Selina? Selina sided with the Trix and an evil sorcerer to take over the universe, and she tried to kill Flora with an extremely potent poison! That’s added to all the trouble she caused with the Legendarium in several worlds. I think Aisha had a right not to trust her and be prickly towards her.

        I don’t understand why some characters in this show can be evil and try to kill the Winx, yet still be popular. But someone like, say, Nex (bringing this somewhat on topic) can’t even get away with a rude remark without being treated like he’s the Devil. 😑 It makes no sense to me. It’s such a double standard.

      • Some people complain that Aisha is the Token Black Girl™ in a Magical Girl group whose only purpose is to fill some kind of diversity quota. Which fine, is one way to look at it, but I have a hard time believing that she’s the token when literally half the group consists of women of color. Oh wait, the same people who supposedly care so much about diversity also conveniently forget that Musa is Asian and Flora is Latina.

        As for me, I like that Aisha is Bloom’s second-in-command, which is a pretty big deal, all things considered, since she wasn’t even a founding member, and they could have just as easily made Stella, who had the most experience as a fairy, or Tecna, the logical strategist, the secondary leader. I also like it that she has natural hair. A lot of black characters don’t get to have natural hair because people think it’s not “attractive” enough, but Aisha has rocked all sorts of different hairstyles since the beginning and not once has Rainbow considered straightening her hair. I can only imagine the confidence boost she must give little girls that watch the show.

  6. I was wondering when you where going to update… And now I feel like a idiot cause I’m being lazy with my update… Mostly because I put off writing it for months when I had so many chapters finished.

    Anyway can’t wait.

  7. I’m a Winx fanfiction writer myself, i wrote 5 stories already. In my stories i like to deal with real problems, and real relationships. I’m looking forward to what you’ve found about Layla and Nex! I hate it when people still call Nex a jerk, besides Roy is even a bigger jerk, because he was trying to control Layla’s life, and wanted to steal her. While fans think Nex stole Layla from him, Roy and her were never in a relationship! Roy also fought alot with Nex, while Nex was tired of it. I hate Roy.
    Why do the fans these days only see the bad in Nex?
    Nex let’s Layla be herself!

  8. I will say one thing. The only thing I don’t like about Nex is the way he was written in that one episode in season 7, when Flora and Aisha were trying to force their respective Fairy Animals to be friends (which backfired in their faces). Nex got exasperated and said, “Just like a girl. Insisting everything goes her way.” or something along those lines. And Aisha literally just stood there, looking bewildered like he said something trivial like, “I prefer Pepsi to Coca-Cola”. I’m sorry, but no amount of willpower will convince me that Aisha of all people would just let her boyfriend spew something so misogynist and not say anything. Where was that Aisha who wasn’t afraid to call Nex out in season 6? Who stood up to him and challenged him? Wasn’t that the reason why he fell for her in the first place? What happened to all that?

    Granted, Flora and Aisha went about the whole thing the wrong way, but if Helia could gently and politely tell Flora that she was being unreasonable, there was no excuse for Nex to say what he did.

    • Two things:
      1) Isn’t Aisha the same way? We’re talking about the girl who wanted nothing to do with boys because “they’re nothing but trouble.”
      2) Did you notice in the next episode, Stella said something about boys? “Hey, aren’t men in these times supposed to be knights in shining armor? Centuries change, but boys are always the same!” Those episodes were part of the same arc, and Rainbow likes to do parallels.

      I’ll say this: giving that line to Nex was a dangerous move, especially since people already have such a negative opinion of him. But that doesn’t invalidate Aisha and Nex’s relationship or how Rainbow designed it. Also, Nex isn’t Helia. I don’t mean that in a Captain Obvious way, but the bottom line is he doesn’t have as much tact as Helia. Are you really surprised he didn’t handle the situation the same way?

      I won’t say Aisha and Nex’s relationship has been written well this whole time — or that I’ve liked everything that’s happened. But I understand it from a writing perspective, even if I don’t like certain moments.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but especially during season 3, all the other girls thought Aisha was being ‘unfair’ in her general hatred of men and that she should give Nabu, her stalker, a chance. Aisha can’t even ‘hate’ men without being told she’s wrong, but Nex gets off scot-free?

        And that still doesn’t quite excuse the inconsistent characterization? My main peeve wasn’t that Nex said something anti-feminist, I’m bothered that Aisha didn’t do anything about it, and that seemed out of character for her. I don’t expect characters to say the right thing and do the right thing all the time (my faves have messed up more times than I can count), but I need them to be held accountable for their words and actions every now and then, to give the show a semblance of balance. I’m just saying, season 6 Aisha would have called him out on it.

        Aisha is falling into this dangerous trope where she’s only assertive and strongly opinionated when she’s single; put her in a relationship and all that is gone. This showed during her relationship with Nabu; her dynamic with him was quite interesting in season 3 as they often butted heads and challenged each other, but once they officially got together, all Aisha did was gush over Nabu and their relationship. Aisha and Nex gave me a little more hope, but that scene in season 7 really left a sour taste in my mouth. I’m hoping it’s just a one-time mishap and not a permanent thing. I want to root for them, I really do, but I don’t think I can if it’s gonna come at the expense of Aisha’s characterization.

        • I almost forgot, but as for Stella’s comment, even though it was meant to be one of those comic relief ‘Stella is being stupid’ moments, the moment she said that, she got an elbow in the side and a glare courtesy of Bloom. So that’s another example of ‘misandry’ being visibly frowned upon in-universe for you. Compare that to Aisha’s blank stare in response to Nex’s comment, I clearly don’t see the parallel here.

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but especially during season 3, all the other girls thought Aisha was being ‘unfair’ in her general hatred of men and that she should give Nabu, her stalker, a chance. Aisha can’t even ‘hate’ men without being told she’s wrong, but Nex gets off scot-free?

          I was explaining it, not excusing it. I didn’t say what he said was fine. But you have to admit the show has never been balanced about this. Even the way it’s viewed is different. Stella says something about boys, and it’s just “comic relief?”

          Also, are you sure Bloom didn’t elbow Stella because she said “men in these times,” which could have potentially given away that the Winx weren’t from those times? Once they got on the carriage and Orlando couldn’t hear them, they all laughed when she said the second part of that quote.

          I’m just saying, season 6 Aisha would have called him out on it.

          Maybe because her feelings towards him have changed. Would you be harsher on a total stranger or your significant other? Should she have said something? Maybe, but I still don’t think she would have been as hard on him as she was before they were dating.

          Aisha is falling into this dangerous trope where she’s only assertive and strongly opinionated when she’s single; put her in a relationship and all that is gone….I want to root for them, I really do, but I don’t think I can if it’s gonna come at the expense of Aisha’s characterization.

          Aside from that one scene — or rather, that one line, because she did stand up to him in the rest of the scene — have you seen much change in her characterization since they became a couple? I haven’t. She hasn’t changed this time. She’s certainly not gushing over Nex, and she’s not letting him get away with everything.

          I hate that one line soured everything for you, but it doesn’t define them. Nothing else supports the idea that she’s lost her assertiveness in this relationship. These two act like equals. So for the sake of argument, I’ll just say confidently that it was a mishap, since its supposed implications aren’t supported by any other scenes.

        • I don’t think calling out your boyfriend for saying a sweeping generalization toward women counts as being “harsh”. It’s like I said in my original comment, it’s simply holding each other accountable for the wrong things they say. There is a difference between being harsh on your significant other, like getting mad at every little mistake, and telling your significant other that their attitude stinks and maybe they should adjust that if we’re gonna be together? Just a thought.

          I wouldn’t necessarily say that one line soured “everything” for me (I pick the words in my original comment very carefully), I’m still a big fan of the ‘Second Love’ trope. Like I said, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s just a poor comedic attempt and not a characterization that would stick.

          • I agree with you except for one thing: “…telling your significant other that their attitude stinks and maybe they should adjust that if we’re gonna be together?”

            That was the first and only time Nex said something like that, so it’s not a severe problem threatening to damage their relationship. It actually surprised me when I watched it for the first time because, to be honest, it felt random and out of place (and even out of character). But Aisha called him out for calling Squonk “ugly” — though it may have been because she knew Squonk would cry, but she still held him accountable for his words.

            I think that line was a one-time thing, not a sign of things to come. Like I said, nothing else supports the idea that Aisha has lost her characterization in this relationship. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, especially because of one of the things I’ve discovered about this couple.

  9. Although it’ll always be a bit of a bummer for me that Nabu died, I think Nex is the next best choice. I see a lot of possibility with him, and he’s not so generic like Roy. He’s not even a typical bad boy character.

    Also… Is it just me, or would their kids look cool as heirs to Andros? Maybe they’d look like Aisha, but with blue hair… Dang, I hope in the future Netflix helps make a show for the Winx’s kids.

    • I was upset about Nabu’s death back then, but I see it differently now. Something the fanbase has never considered is whether he was supposed to die — that is, whether his character was designed to be temporary. We all assume he was supposed to be her permanent and only love interest, but there were signs even back then that he wasn’t.

      I’ll just say this. I feel like Aisha and Nex’s story has more room for development than Aisha and Nabu’s did. Aisha and Nabu’s story felt like a one-way deal, possibly building up to a tragic ending from the beginning. Aisha and Nex’s story feels like it could be developed in lots of different ways, and his character feels more adaptable. That could be on purpose.

      • You know, the whole proposal thing probably helped promote the “permanent” look of Aisha and Nabu’s relationship, but when you talk about it like that it seems it was only put there to make his death more tragic. But I’m sure that didn’t help anyone get over it.

        I think it would be good for there to be an episode that sort of “discusses” Nabu’s temporary existence. ‘Cause it seems a lot of fans could use the explanation. Just something to put things into rose-colored glasses for those who really liked Nabu’s personality and etc. For a while, it felt like Nabu’s death was a bigger loss than what Aisha gained. So, maybe it would help if there was more emphasis on what she gained? Idk.

        • It’s clear a lot of fans need closure. But you’re right that the emphasis needs to be on Aisha, because for the last seven/eight years, the fanbase has focused on Nabu. Even though I liked them together, the reaction to his death makes me feel like he overshadowed her. He practically became more important than her. (I feel the same way about Riven for Musa.)

          It would be nice if Rainbow had Aisha acknowledge Nabu one final time, but in a way that shows she’s matured since he died. Maybe the fanbase would finally let her move on.

        • Aisha should have an episode like that…it should simply be something of a discussion during a date between her and Nex as the episode with maybe having Bloom make a cameo to allude to a mission that they’re needed for. We haven’t had an episode like that since season 2. They seriously need to do that. If Aisha and Nex are discussing their relationship and her loneliness issues then it would be helpful for both of them and show Nex much more positively by having him respond in a similar but not exact way as Bloom or Musa would. (He offers to help her with her issues) that way we see he’s not Nabu but he’s good.

          • I agree, but your last sentence makes me sad. I hope Nex won’t always be seen that way: “he’s not Nabu, but he’s good.” Why not, “He’s good?” 🙁 It’s obvious he’s not Nabu, but he doesn’t have to be. The way the fanbase automatically puts Nex in second place and seems determined to keep him there — it’s disappointing.

            By the way, that’s not aimed specifically at you. I see that mentality everywhere in the fanbase.

        • @OP That was poor wording there…it should have been he’s not the bad guy he’s made out to be…not anything about not being Nabu (although almost no fan is willing to accept it). Must have temporarily fell to the fanbase mentality here, as I actually do like the symbolism between Nex & Aisha a whole lot more….where’s the fun in a perfect couple?

  10. seriously i want a winx club villain with a plan that isn’t one of these
    1 .create an evil army,
    2. conquer the universe
    3. becoming the most powerful
    4. destroy the universe

    • Let’s see…
      1) Evil army: All except S4
      2) Conquer universe: ALL!
      3) Become most powerful: All except S7, maybe?
      4) Destroy the universe: Were any of them trying to destroy it? If they destroyed it, they couldn’t rule it, so…

      I guess Tinker Bell in World of Winx is the only Winx villain who only ticks one of these boxes: evil army. Otherwise, she was just in it for herself. Hook, on the other hand (no pun intended)…typical Winx villain.

      • hmm good point
        the earth fairies’s plan of committing genocide is more original and if the villains knew who they were fighting
        they wouldn’t even try to carry out their plans

      • They do need to do something like “question winx actions” again like s4 did…adds a bit of hero checks. Now i’m waiting for Peter Pan to show up…but the problem is…he Never Lands.

        • Jordan, they did. Technically twice in Season 4 because they had to stop the Wizards of the Black Circle from wiping out all Earth Fairies, but it later morphed into stopping the freed Earth Fairies from taking their hatred out on humans for forgetting about them.

          • i honestly wonder why the bad guys even bother because the winx will ruin his plan
            i find the earth fairies motive for genocide to be petty

      • Darkar might be the 4th one. Only because being the direct opposite of the Great Dragon, The Dragon being creation and life, kinda implies that his end go would be the destruction of the universe.

      • in ancientix 2 chapter 7 the actual big bad even knows that his plan is not original and will admit it but he wants to enjoy his battle against the winx since nightmarion is the brother of darkar

    • It as well could be about any other cartoon/space opera/epic story.
      Those are really generic things that can be done very differently for any villian.

  11. While I have been keeping up with your posts, it’s been a looooooooooong time since I have been motivated to make any comments. I have access to WOW but I intentionally decided not to finish watching it until season 2 came out so I saw the first 4 episodes and stopped there.

    But this topic, this is one that I can appreciate. Aisha and Musa have been my favorite Winx since season 2. I was one of the few who actually liked Riven and saw his progression in seasons 4 and 5 as wonderful and met my expectations until season 6 happened. I knew it was the end when the old Riven came back. I really hope they don’t disappoint me when they finally decide to give her a new love interest.

    But that’s off topic. I was always a Nex fan. Always. Like, I wanted him over Roy from the start. I hated Roy. I hated him because they made him seem like Nabu 2.0. Once I reconciled with the fact that Nabu was no more, I did’t want a guy who was similar to him to step into his shoes. Nex was new and refreshing but I never thought he was like Riven.
    Riven was a character I analysed from the start and felt he had room to grow and change once he and Musa opened up to each other and started trusting each other. I actually was fooled by season 5 (One of the reasons why I hate it so much) because I started putting my faith in this new and open Riven.

    I feel the need to compare Riven and Nex here to get my point across.
    – Riven in arrogant and places his faith in his abilities more than anything else. When he fails to win, he feels that he has failed overall. Nex doesn’t solely focus on his abilities. Sure he likes competition but it’s not to measure his worth the way Riven does it. Rather Nex just likes being good at what he does.
    – Riven is not a team player. He adapts because he has too but it’s not something that comes naturally to him. Nex is actually a team player and works well in a group. He is much more flexible.
    – Sure they both get jealous but while Riven takes it out on Musa, Nex goes for the competition (which in my mind is how it should be). He tried his best to show his worth and went overboard but he was capable of apologizing and reaching out to Roy in his own way to the point where they had a love/hate relationship going on. Riven isn’t that guy at all.
    – Riven will hold a grudge for ages, then, when it reaches it’s peak he will blow then do some grand gesture that happens at the end of the season and make Musa like him again. Nex isn’t a grudge guy or he was have avoided Squonk the whole season, not to mention Roy. Riven might have gone so far to actually avoid the group while Nex continued to integrate himself further.
    – But, more important than anything, Nex respects women. Something that Riven was never big on. Over time I grew to realize that Riven respected the Winx abilities and not necessarily the girls themselves. I think he did eventually understand how important music was to Musa (but then season 6 happened. Did I mention this before? I think I did 🙂 Nex on the other hand was captivated by Aisha’s abilities and by her as a girl. He liked Aisha, the whole package. Riven can’t say the same. After all (depending on which version you watch) he was easily swayed by Darcy’s power.
    – Which comes to Riven’s biggest issue/downfall: Power. He wants it and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was like the ultimate villain. I would actually like to see him as the end villain who almost takes out the Winx because he knows them so well. Nex is powerful but he is also confident in who he is and this is something I feel Riven is not. He would never admit it but I don’t think Riven likes himself (and yes, I just said that as if he were a real person).

    I could go on and on but I think I will stop here. I feel a little better after seeing this post and getting that off my chest. Thanks for the outlet OP 🙂 I appreciate it.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 I guess I should have written this post sooner.

      Riven was a character I analysed from the start…

      This is important. I don’t think the fanbase takes the time to analyze all the main characters — just the ones they like. I’m speaking for myself here, too.

      It’s no secret: I didn’t like Riven. But I never deeply analyzed him like his fans do. Instead, I just reacted to his dialogue and actions, took them at face value, and slapped a label on him: jerk, troublemaker, etc.

      That’s what most fans do to Nex, too. They don’t wanna try and understand his character; they just wanna label him and shove him aside. I’ve seen so many different labels: jerk, rebel, womanizer, the new Riven, bad person/villain, etc. But if you analyze him, those labels don’t hold up.

      I feel the need to compare Riven and Nex here to get my point across.

      Remember my “Nex is NOT ‘the new Riven'” post? Originally, I was just gonna make a list of differences between them, but I changed my mind. Why? Because I was scared. (I’m always scared to mention Nex.) Last time I compared these two, I ended up in a huge fight with a hardcore Riven fan. (And I mean fight, because it devolved into personal attacks.)

      Besides, comparison always favors the character you like more. Only someone who likes both characters equally can compare them fairly, so I didn’t qualify. (Does anyone?) Still though, I agree with everything you said. But I’ll highlight one thing since it was brought up today.

      But, more important than anything, Nex respects women.

      One of his lines in “Back in the Middle Ages” makes this point harder to defend, but I still agree with you. But I’m too tired right now to come up with a good argument. I’ll try tomorrow.

      I hope you’ll enjoy my future posts about Aisha and Nex. Believe me, I have a lot I wanna say about them. No one else talks about them, so someone has to. 🙂

      • I think a good word to describe one of Nex’s personality traits is TACTLESS. My best friend is tactless. She doesn’t really get when to say something and when not to say something. Sometimes it’s helpful when you need that jolt but most times it’s a pain. Because I understand her, I can sometimes catch her before she digs a hole and buries herself but if you give her room to wiggle, she will say something that usually offends with out meaning to because she is incapable of sugar coating. It’s easy for me to see signs of it in others. Nex is like that. He doesn’t think before he speaks (I do have a habit of that also) and when he does speak, it makes him appear villainish because it comes out pretty raw. I have a pretty good term for that, ‘Foot in Mouth disease’. which I really just took from that saying where you put your foot in your mouth.

        I can’t fault the guy for speaking his mind but on the other hand it makes him come across like an a$$hole. While that isn’t fair to him, he also can’t be like Helia who is very tactful and knows how to be diplomatic and cordial. Nor can he be Timmy or Sky. I like that the show incorporates different personality types. The problem is just that we the fans are not very open minded to “NEW” and I’ll leave it at that.

  12. I mainly don’t care for most of the couples in Winx (mainly because of the treatment Romance has in most media and some of the things the writers have done to cause “DRAMA” on them), but I do agree that Nex and Aisha feel more unique in their relationship than the others.

    I never got much of the hate on Nex aside from the “he wasn’t completely nice in his first appereance, so HE MUST BE A COMPLETE -insert harsh insult of your preference here-” and the usual shipping stuff, and honestly I don’t really care for his character as much as I do with the girls, but at least they are trying new things with him, and that I do like (and Symbolism in characters and relationships are my jam, to that is a bonus as well).

    I do think it helps that I never really cared for Nabu, either? I never liked that ALL the girls had to be in a relationship and all the stalking he did to get to know Aisha (that was creepy as heck and honestly unnecesary) didn’t help either. The sudden engagement was part of it as well (weren’t they, by that point, only been actually dating for 6-8 months? At most?), and looking back that made it obvious that he was going to die. The fact that him dying overshadowed Aisha’s aknowleging and dealing with his death also kinda hepled.

    Sightly off-topic: I DID like that the flower Ogron revived by wasting the Gift of Darkness was a white lily, since they are popular FUNERAL flowers.

    • Sightly off-topic: I DID like that the flower Ogron revived by wasting the Gift of Darkness was a white lily, since they are popular FUNERAL flowers.

      My mind’s blown right now. I didn’t pay attention to what kind of flower it was. 😧 I guess that’s more proof Nabu was always dead, not in a coma like some fans believe. I don’t think Rainbow would have picked that type of flower if it didn’t mean anything.

      It’s just like I said in my post. Symbolism can help explain things that make no sense to us. I’ve never heard anyone else mention what kind of flower it was.

      • I love it so much when authors put Victorian Flower Language into things! Once, I literally wrote a paper for a class that was about secret uses of VFL in Harry Potter, and it was amazing how many flower-related secrets were in those books. *starts looking for any other flowers in the Winx series*

        • Really? I would love to read that paper! I love HP and I have never thought of the importance of flowers symbolically. OMG now I want to go read the books over again and pick out all the flowers and flower related information. I don’t know why, but you have caught me with this topic.

        • The only other flowers we’ve seen are Roses for mother’s day, orchids (usually in Flora’s fairy outfits to hint at her mysterious nature both as jewelry and her choice shade of pink), a buttercup (Flora’s mythix wand) and lavender (tecna’s choice shade of purple which is associated with intelligence and poison removal) besides that lily and the daisies covering Nabu later. Rainbow pulled a visual pun with it since Aisha held on to the lily. “Pushing up daisies” is a common metaphor for death.

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