Looks like there may be some anime and K-Pop fans at Rainbow! I wonder if they’re trying to draw in more Asian fans with all these pop culture references.

Did you notice these three in the season six trailer? What others did you see?


Super-popular anime about four (later five) girls in their high school’s light music club

k-on winx club comparison

Princess Tutu

Magical girl anime inspired by Swan Lake

tutu winx comparison2

SNSD (a.k.a. Girls’ Generation)

Popular, nine-member K-Pop group. This choreography’s from their song “Paparazzi.” (Credit goes to SirenixComeOn for finding this one!)

snsd winx comparison

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16 Responses to “Three Anime and K-Pop References in the Season Six Trailer

  1. I’ve read the manga for K-ON, and I really like it. Princess Tutu is on my to-watch list; I’ve heard so many good things about it, and I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while. Well, this should make Winx interesting!

  2. I absolutely noticed the Girls Generation reference! I never liked Magical Girl, so I never watched more than the first 3 or 4 episodes, but given the screenshots, the tie in is obviously there.

    I’ve been an avid anime and manga fan for years, so I think it’s exciting to see a cartoon I love cross paths with the genre. However, I hope there’s nothing too blatant drawn from other sources; Winx is all about originality, so I’m hoping that no matter what they draw inspiration from, that it’s not such an obvious cross that it changes the feel of the show.

  3. PLEASE don’t let Winx Club turn into another one of those shows where everybody dances and sings all the time. EVERYONE, it seems, is doing that. STOP!!!! I don’t want to see High School Musical With Fairies And Magic. I want to see magic Winx Club doing fairy stuff. Fighting monsters from fairy tales was PERFECT! PLEASE don’t screw this up Rainbow PLEASE!!!! If they turn into Disney musicals, I’m going to scream. They already did that in season four and five. Can we please move on already? I’m already reminded of that Saban Moon Trailer.

  4. you learn something new everyday i thought “paparazzi” was a song sung by lady gaga but then i’m not a big anime fan

  5. Well, I think its awesome. I’m Asian, so I feel special because they’re focusing on Asian fans this time. Hahaha!

  6. Other references I noticed are:
    *The music is very K-Pop-ish, although it also reminds me of Monster High
    *The trailer itself is very anime-ish, for example at 1:20 and in how the Winx sometimes move (when Stella turns Flora into a plant).
    * Icy’s new outfit and hair look like they were inspired from Alone in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
    *The 2D transformation makes me think of a mix of the Sailor Senshi outfits and the Bronze Saints’ armour from Saint Seiya, all customised with a little touch of Sirenix colours and Harmonix-like “crowns” and wings.
    *The new casual outfits are somewhat halfway between the “Sweet Lolita” style and the school uniforms that we usually see in anime.

    References from other parts of the Winx Club franchise I’ve noticed are:
    *The werewolves and vampires/zombies remind me of the HalloWinx comics (I hope there won’t be any Twilight references in s6, I’ve already heard and seen too many of them in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated)
    *Selina and her Legendarium? Sounds weirdly similar to the story of Winx on Ice.
    *The Trix attacking the other schools is maybe a shout-out to s1.

  7. I have decidedly mixed feelings here– I like Winx because it’s a magical girl show and I love those, but I also like the ways it’s so different from Japanese magical girl shows. (like for example, the parents appearing in the show which they mostly don’t in anime.) And I don’t really like the younger, more animeish art style in the season 6 trailer.

    If you were stuck on ideas for a Thursday Your Say post, how about, “What could Iginio Straffi learn from watching anime, what could the writers of the Sailormoon reboot learn from watching Winx, and what should they really NOT be learning from each other?”

  8. I could care less. If they wanted to try something new let them do it. K POP and Anime have always been popular. Winx Club is already considered an anime on anime sites.

  9. This analysis is really interesting. I don’t watch many anime, so I didn’t know anything about. However, coping is becoming a bad habit for them….

      • I like Hikaru better than Bloom too, but it’s a pretty striking resemblance there. Even the bows on the uniforms look pretty similar. And there’s the fact that that hairstyle evokes a certain other “fiery” heroine these days…

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