Cute boyfriend? Check. That’s all she needs, right?

Today’s “Thursday Your Say” is about feminist issues in Winx Club.

The critics are at it again. (We might as well get used to it, fellow Winx fans.) In their article in a college web magazine called Catalyst, the writer — a Winx Club viewer — claims the show spreads anti-feminist messages. Here are some of them in her own words:

  • “You’re not capable of happiness or beauty unless you have a boyfriend.”
  • “Your boyfriend comes before everything, including saving the world and your best friends.”
  • “If you are 16 and you don’t have a boyfriend, you have failed.”
  • “Short skirts and dresses are key.” (I didn’t quote the second half because it’s a bit crude.)
  • “If you don’t have the tiniest, stringiest arms and legs, you’re ‘plus-size’ and hence not accepted.”
  • “You are submissive to your boyfriend.”
  • “Even if you’re evil, you still need a boyfriend. And to be submissive to him.”

She closes by saying brands like Winx Club will lead some girls to “believe that seeking the manliest partner and wearing a short skirt should be their highest priorities in life – closely followed by saving the world with magic, of course.”

(Feel free to read the whole article, but just a warning: it’s definitely not G-rated.)

YOUR SAY: What’s your response to this? Do you agree with any of her points?


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44 Responses to “THURSDAY YOUR SAY: Anti-feminism in “Winx Club?”

  1. “If you are 16 and you don’t have a boyfriend, you have failed.” This is the one that annoys me the most in this post. In Seasons 1, 2, and 5 (and the end of 4), one member of the Winx did not have a boyfriend. And they were never shamed or put down for it. Ever. So where the HECK did they get THAT message from?

    “Even if you’re evil, you still need a boyfriend. And to be submissive to him.” I think it was actually teaching the opposite of this… I mean, Icy was clearly being portrayed as annoying and unfair when she was “submissive” to Tritannus.

    So yeah, basically all the boyfriend crap in this post is from the writer completely not paying attention at all.


  2. I have already read the article, the writer is off base and ranting on most likely for attention. (But I must admit that I am sick of the Winx-bashing articles.) I do not agree with anything that was written, Winx is about friendship, magic, adventure and girl-power. Yes, romance is a part of the series, but not the center.

    As for the boyfriend statements, way off base. Please, I am eighteen and have yet to have a boyfriend and by no means do I consider myself “a failure”.

  3. I read the article fully and, based on the quotes, I had a feeling that the writer has only watched the 4Kids dub. I did some research and turns out that I was correct. It looks like this post will turn into another 4Kids vs Rai vs Nick dub post. Which, if that is the case, I will be the first to throw my hat in to the ring.

    Most of the problems pertaining to Winx Club have been caused by 4Kids. I personally found it funny that Rainbow and Nick did not acknowledge that 4Kids had originally dubbed Winx Club. This was obvious with all the promotional events and video clips stating that Winx Club was a brand new series coming to the US. While Nick could do a better job of promoting Winx Club, they are doing a lot better job than 4Kids. I have not seen any critics bash the Nick or Rai dubbing. The only bashing I ever see is when critics are talking about the animation or 4Kids dubbing.

  4. I read that article the week before. Ella Anders and a few other members of WWA on our facebook group were laughing at the inaccuracies. One of the people who agreed with the writer (could have been the writer themself, I’m not sure) accused me of lying about having children when I’d pointed out flaws in that article and disagreed with it. She also was very demeaning and accused me of being biased and not seeing things as a feminist sees them. That’s not a feminist, that’s a a feminazi, completely different. A feminazi decrees that there is only one way to be a feminist and if you or your daughters embrace anything stereotypically girly, you’ve failed and set the entire movement bac into the 50’s. The author herself obviously failed to do research because the ages she cites for the characters is off. But don’t tell them that, or they’ll think you’re an adolencent who hasn’t a brain in her head and start blaming the media. SMH

    The reason that a lot of girl centred shows also don’t get picked up is because of people like that blogger who criticize every aspect of any show aimed at girls. These people honestly feel that they are helping the women’s movement by complaining about any and everything in a girls’ cartoon. IInstead they are harming girls by forcing them into smaller boxes where they are either embracing non traditional roles and helping move women forward, or they like the colour pink and playing with dolls and make up and should be shunned. That isn’t what the original feminist movement was about and that isn’t what we should be teaching our children.

    That said, I am sick of the unrealistic body type being the new normal art style. When my husband was attending the Centre for Arts and Technology in central BC, he showed some pictures of Winx Club to the teacher who does life drawing. They both agreed that it looked like someone could snap their spines in two. The clothes need help too. In season 1 I felt Stella looked like a street walker, I was happier when season 2 and 4 brought about more modest outfits.

    My biggest gripe about season 5 has also been the terrible writing and how Nick has basically pushed every character into the extremest form of stereotyping possible. There is no more individuality. Everyone wears knee high stilleto boots and likes it. I feel Winx Club does need improvements to go back to the girl powered show it was intended to be. But IMO that falls mostly on the shoulders of the writers.

  5. Wow. Winx Club NEVER claimed if you’re plus sized you’re unacceptable or that you had to look like them. They’re cartoons for crying out loud! I think the person who wrote the article is putting her own thoughts onto the show, not the truth.

    • I do not normally say this but go watch episode 303 of the 4Kids dub. That is where this whole plus size issue comes from.

  6. +18 words! 😀
    WTF? Go screw, whoever wrote this!
    BEYOND EVERY JOKE, I read the whole article and this writer has to deal with her/his routine!

  7. I started to watch winx when i was around 10 or 11. Me and my best younger sister noticed the skirts and tops being way to short, but we didnt thought ‘oh yiu need to dress like that and have a boyfriend to be succesfull’ No. In fact we laughed at it, Altough I was a huge fan of the show (I actualy believed one day I would unlock my magic powers :’) ) we knew it was just a cartoon and not real life. I dont see anyone walk like that so why would it be normal? Some adults are really over reacting, kids dont do everything characters in cartoons do and they dont need role models.

  8. I never really minded their outfits, but I can see it from another perspective, and yes, some outfits are in that case too revealing. I like when they wear a bit more covering, but still very nice outfits. It looks better and more comfortable too! As for their transformation outfits, I don’t really mind them because for me, they’re just costumes. I dislike some of the shoes though, both for their casual outfits and transformation outfits. Tall boots with high heels don’t seem very comfortable and out of character for some of the characters. I think there needs to be some variations, especially for their casual outfits and transformation outfits. Fighting in those shoes does not seem like the best thing you can do. They should keep the extreme high heels for the party outfits if they necessarily need them!

  9. I read that article and was thinking the entire time jerks like u are the reason the show barely airs” you don’t know how awesome that show is. I don’t go around saying I don’t have a boyfriend so i must be a frikin fail. In fact noone does that. That is wat I have to say about that article

  10. To me, a person, guy or girl, should be whatever they WANT to be and not confined to a certain set of behaviors, character and personality traits, likes, interests, dress, and all that. To me, feminism means I can be whatever kind of woman I WANT to be, whether it’s very masculine or very feminine or a combination of the two. If a girl WANTS to be girly and wear pink and play with barbies, then as long as it’s what she really WANTS and isn’t “forced” to be like that, then I say it’s fine. Go ahead and let her be herself!
    Winx Club does have a nice range of females, but it’s less obvious and apparent this season. In season 1 and 2, notice how the six dress very differently from each other. In a way, it reflects their personalities. Bloom is somewhat tomboyish and starts wearing pants, but shows a girlier side by wearing a skirt in season 2 (likely because of her attraction to Sky). Stella comes from a planet that’s all about the sun and light and she’s more tan and shows the most skin. Solaria is likely a hotter place than most other planets if it’s all about the sun so naturally you’d want less on you so you don’t get so hot (and maybe they have special sunscreen or “built in” protection so they don’t have to worry about sunburn or skin cancer). Flora has always been very feminine so she’s always worn a skirt, a typical feminine article of clothing. Musa is more of a tomboy than Bloom and she wears pants as casual clothing. Her clothing isn’t fancy like Stella’s or even Flora’s. It’s more of a “throw it on and go” sort of style, but it works for her (I personally liked how she wore jeans, being a huge jean wearer myself). Her pigtails give a slight childish air (pigtails typically associated with little girls) that can clue you in on her emotional vulnerability (like the fact she lost her mom when she was still a kid and doesn’t always see eye to eye with her dad, particularly when it came to music and dealing with her mother’s death). Tecna is logical and somewhat more tomboyish that the others, but she’s really more in the middle. I notice her clothes tend to have a sort of geometric shape influence to them (like her top in season 1 reminded me of a diamond and the fact her midriffs all seem more clean cut instead of fitted like with the other girls). Aisha is sporty, adventurous, and likes it. Her clothing is less stylish and more comfortable and fitting to what she’s setting out to do. Notice her shoes in her normal season 2 outfit. They look a little like hiking boots (from what you see of them since they’re covered with leg warmers). When we first see Aisha, she’s climbing a wall (with no harness too) high off the ground, her clothes are torn, and she’s on “an adventure” to save the pixies. Her clothing reflects that: long pants covering her legs so she can have some protection against sharp rocks, top with hood (in case of needing extra warmth, but also letting her skin breathe so she won’t overheat), and boots that actually look like they would be functional in that environment (Remember when Bloom was in that bikini and heels climbing down a cliff in that vacation realm toward the end of season 2? I was surprised she didn’t fall!).
    All six had their own style, but since around season 3 (very subtly with the rain coats and the club outfits) they’ve been dressing more and more similarly to each other. Now, they’re almost all in heeled boots and skirts. Their color palettes obviously remain unique to them, but there isn’t as much variation with their style of dress (almost like Stella’s outfits from that fashion show which look like a restyling of the same outfit). I really wish they each kept their own style instead of making them dress alike. I guess the idea behind it was to make them seem like “teammates” and what better way to make a more unified group than with matching outfits? (Think the school uniform argument.)
    The writer says “short skirts and dresses are key” but the thing is, only two wore skirts regularly in the first season, and three in the second (and one of those four had leggins underneath) and one was in a dress. Sure, they did wear dresses in more formal occasions, but those dresses lasted one episode and not even the whole one! What does that tell you? That it’s perfectly okay to wear pants AND skirts AND dresses (I mean, Musa wore PANTS to the dance in Season 1. It was very fitting and looked really nice. I actually didn’t even notice she had pants on at first.), not to mention it’s okay to wear BOTH.
    It’s nice that Nick made the clothes more modest (I don’t personally care), but I don’t like how they made their outfits too similar. We see that enough with their transformations. Around Believix, we start seeing a similar outfit with customized colors and various changing details meant to show their individual characteristics. Sirenix is practically the same outfit for each with the colors swapped out! Harmonix is practically the same story! I hope Season 6 makes the girls’ style more individual and reflective on the girl in question. And that we see more pants (I personally think they made the girls more girly on purpose. I liked Musa’s hair short and I wish they just left it alone and I wish she kept her pants like Tecna and Aisha unless you want to go with my theory that she got more girly for Riven like Bloom donned a skirt in season 2 because of Sky). I want to do an analysis on their outfits someday if I ever get the chance.

  11. To be completely honest? I get this.
    Do I completely agree with everything in the article, no. But I’ve definitely contemplated this before.
    It always kind of annoyed me that EVERY girl in the Club had to have a boyfriend. I liked it when Aisha was single [although she is technically, now] and Flora was a shy girl crushing on Helia. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing that they all have boyfriends, but it’s definitely overkill, in my opinion. 6 beautiful women coincidentally hooking up with an even number of handsome men? It’s a bit unnecessary to me.
    As for the girls being “dependent” on their men, I don’t think that’s the case, but I certainly think they [especially Bloom] allow their relationships and troubles stemming from them, to run their lives. They get too overemotional about every little thing their partners do or don’t do, and it affects their abilities and shifts their focus way too easily. On the subject of boyfriends, I think it’s absolutely absurd that this article thinks that the girls are “submissive” to their them! I think they are all very much their own people, but all the same, I definitely do see that the girls allow their relationships to get in the way in times when they should come second. This is especially true with Bloom and Sky in season 5. Bloom runs away during a recess of the first Sovereign’s Council meeting to cry in her bedroom because Sky didn’t “pay attention to her” and told her to “go away,” instead of being an adult, getting a little miffed and shrugging it off in preference of following through with the mission, she dwells on these little things until Sky or Diaspro does something else to piss her off.
    However, on the body issue, I know we discussed this before, and the art style of Winx, and how they’re drawn doesn’t bother me in the slightest, although I must say, I’ve always wished they’d drawn the characters’ bodies to closer match their characteristics, quirks, and personalities. For example: Aisha should be more muscular since she’s very athletic, Stella should be chubbier since she likes to eat, Tecna should be a little less voluptuous since she’s very bookish and shy, etc. As I said, the bodies don’t bother me as they are, but it would be MUCH nicer to see some actual variation going on instead of everyone having a literal cookie cutter body type.
    Honestly though, I’ve just learned to tune out stupid articles like these, just like the body types one, a good 90% of the time, these writers have rarely watched more than a 10-minute Youtube video about these series’ before jumping to all the conclusions they do in their reviews.

    • I do agree with most of your post. For example all 6 girls having boyfriends is unlikely and I liked seasons 2 and 3 better. Heck even Roxy was single in season 4. I also think that the characters need to mature more (especially Bloom where relationships are concerned) and become more individual. However your second to last paragraph really stuck out and hit me.

      “For example: Aisha should be more muscular since she’s very athletic, Stella should be chubbier since she likes to eat, Tecna should be a little less voluptuous since she’s very bookish and shy, etc.”

      That’s stereotyping and that would be harmful to kids. You’re chubby because you like to eat? Not because of a medical condition or genetics, but because you eat too much. I know you didn’t mean it to come out that way, but that was insulting. Besides, it’s a blanket statement. My 8 year old is 4’9 and 62lbs, she eats like a horse.

      Yes, Aisha should be more toned because she does play sports, Musa also should for that matter since she’s very active and dances… hmm so should Stella because despite the fact that she likes to eat she’s also active. Saying that Tecna shouldn’t have curves though or be attractive since she’s smart though, that’s another action that would harm girls rather than help them. You should never have a message that smart girls aren’t attractive. I have a friend who is a mechanical engineer and another who is a paralegal and they are both gorgeous. I’d rather my daughters learn they can be smart and pretty instead of smart or pretty.

      There are other ways to convey certain aspects of character without resorting to stereotypical physical characteristics.

      • I wasn’t intending to force stereotypes, although I can see how you read it that way. As for Tecna, I said she should be less voluptuous, not less beautiful. She seems very reserved, bookish and not very active other than missions since her thing is technology.
        Also, I think Winx would be more realistic and easier for girls to admire and aspire to if they all looked different based on what they like to do and their traits. Having 6 gorgeous size zeros strutting around is nothing new or interesting. Is it bad to be thin? Not at all, but I think that it’s important for kids, especially young girls, as they grow to be older and get more self-conscious, to be exposed to role models of all different shapes and sizes, who are comfortable in their own skin and love themselves. But the media fails to do this, and really only provides one, narrow-minded view of beauty and what girls should aspire to be.
        So in a nutshell, the point would be to have them all look different body-wise, and have them all own it! If Stella were to be chubbier, she could still be shown as a beautiful, spunky girl aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry. Tecna could be shown with a smaller, less curvaceous frame to show that not all women have large hips and breasts, but are every bit as beautiful as those who do, and Aisha, who is obviously very active and enjoys sports could be shown as being more muscular and toned, but still feminine and strong. Get where I’m going?
        Like I said, I didn’t mean for it to come off as being stereotypical, or as though I hated the style, because neither one of those is true. But I will be the first to admit I wish the artists were a little more original in designing their characters, rather than creating one body and putting a million different faces onto it.

    • Alternately Stella could be like Norville “Shaggy” Rogers and have a high metabolism/be a vegetarian (SDWAY-WNSD)
      Aisha should look more athletic as well and Tecna maybe wear somewhat baggy clothes with Musa having more of a musician look Flora should look more planeteerish while Bloom and Roxy should have the Popular Highschool Earth Girl look.

  12. All I have to say to that author is; watch the show “properly” before you start your ranting.

  13. What she is saying makes sense. I’m a 17-year-old guy and I like Winx Club, but I acknowledge that like pretty much every show aimed at young girls, it’s worried about preparing them for the consume lifestyle (make-up, lots of clothes and shoes) when they get older. This is obvious an market issue.

  14. I kind of agree.
    I hate the concept of boyfriends anyway in the show. Even the lady has a point, in which not the one you mentioned, the while thing of them being skinny.
    Anyway, the winxclub relationships don’t seem real anyway. Its a fairy tale romance. 100% not real.
    And its not like people get there true loves when there 16 and get married couple years later. That’s just not life.
    In life, you have many boyfriends (or non at all) its not like you stay with one twenty four seven.
    And telling girls you CAN get the guy of your dreams is either close to or is 0%.
    Brandon and Stella are more realistic. Infact, its not a “princess and prince” kind of a relationship.
    I agree with the blog post. She has every right to share her opinion

  15. For all the talk about the Winx needing to be saved by the Specialists, how many times have we seen the Specialists get their butts kicked in battle and the Winx have to help? Pretty often, but unfortunately, not too many of those moments happened in S5, so they’re not as noticed.

    I knew that “plus-size” line would come to haunt Winx. Thank bad dubbing for that one. (Although, the midriffs are being cut down, so I’m happy.)

    The only real relationship I have a problem with is Bloom/Sky (and not just because of Bloom hating around here). Riven/Musa is pretty realistic (to the point I could see them having friendly bickers around middle age like some parents do), but Bloom/Sky is psychologically wrong when you look at it. I wrote a whole article about trust issues in relationships, and they’re even worse than Riven and Musa. The problem goes back to S1. Let’s face it: if your boyfriend has another woman in his life, it’s just about impossible to trust him again. Just look at the tabloids. I read this super-feministic fanfic (“Burning Gems”) about Bloom and Diaspro both thinking “whatever, let’s ditch this guy” and having a girl alliance. I love that idea so much.

    And like I’ve said before, a lot of these arguments are logical fallacies. Tecna would tell them to turn up the heat and do some more research if they have to insult the Winx.

      • You know what would have been hilarious? If, instead of acting the way she did about Andy in S4, Bloom would teasingly say, “You didn’t tell me about your arranged fiancee. So why did you need to know about my ex-boyfriend?”

        That fanfic is really good. Diaspro’s character is a lot more developed in it.

  16. I grew up watching 4kids winx club. Now, no-one kick me off the blog for this, but I think that all the dubs are equal. Whether or not we each liked an individual piece, the point is the show has developed into one dub we can all get behind. We may disagree with the writers and artists at points, but we all enjoy the show and would do what we can to make it better and keep it airing. Besides, that one 4kids episode she quoted (season three episode 3, I believe) the comment was not the other girls making in fun of her. It was meant as a reference that she could not come all the way out of the passage because she could not fit. That’s why when she was offended, Musa (the one who made the comment) explained that she didn’t mean anything by calling her plus size. Come on all of you out there, we’re all human. Don’t tell me that none of you have never been in a situation when you were somewhere, trying to walk around something or through somewhere (like between a few of the shirt racks in a store, especially during a big sale) and had to squeeze to fit through the space because you might have a little pudge, or the space is too small. Winx 4kids, Winx Rai, Winx Nick; they all teach different but valuable lessons we each need to learn, and that some parents don’t bother to teach their kids. Like the difference between right and wrong(recall the episode in season one, “pushing the envelope”/”Honor Above All”), Inner beauty (recall Stella’s frog/dragon/bear transformation), True love conquers all (Stella’s frog/dragon/bear transformation, Sky and bloom in realix, Musa and riven in obsideon), Friends forever(secret of the lost kingdom), and forgiveness (oritel and erandor) to name a few. Critics should watch a show and really really look deep into it before they criticise. Remember what Anton Ego said in Ratatoulie:

    In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends.

    Let’s try to show all the critics out there what Winx Club really is.

  17. Ugh, excuse me but this review by this lady is just very uninformed.

    Honestly, I grew up with this show from when I was little and I have never had any problems with not having a boyfriend or the way I look, I am completely aware that this is a CARTOON with a specific style, therefore basically all the females in the show are going to look like that.
    If people are so concerned they should just make sure their kids get it, that’s all I needed, but even then I could figure it out on my own.

    In my opinion a cartoon like this does not decide if your kid dresses slutty, considering I’ve always dressed conservatively while growing up with Winx.
    But I do like the clothes the characters wear because they are fun and cute.

  18. (After reading article)
    This lady doesn’t realize that little kids don’t have her dirty mind… Seriously, what kind of innocent kid think of stuff like what she described?
    Anyway, there are far worse things in comics for guys and nobody rags on that!

    Also, I think this lady needs proof to back her theory up, because so far it’s just some biased blog entry….

  19. What is life when people pour so much energy into television shows instead of thinking/living in the real world.

    • My husband’s job involves playing Video games so he does have to be outside of the real world at times.

      What is your life when you judge people whom you don’t even know?

  20. My parents are separated, i suffer bullying in the school and despite all those bad moments I don’t feel a failure for not have magic, a tiny body or a strong boyfriend. Besides watching WinX i feel better and forget my problems, they are good girls. If some character deserves all the critics is Blackarachnia from Transformers, that is a really bad character.

  21. For the love of…

    This is just plain ridiculous! Anti-feminism? I swear some people put EFFORT into being offended by something.

    • LOL That was a good one 🙂

      I feel the same way though. I was talked down to by a woman who doesn’t make her daughter comb her hair and freaks out over the Victoria’s Secrert adverts because my 8 year old watches Winx Club. Heaven forbid that we allow children to have different likes and dislikes.

  22. For a review, I thought it was bad. She also said that her information was accurate, but for someone I assume is in college/Uni she doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “research.”

    The crazy feminist was what got me skeeved. First, she made up some crap about the color of a fairy’s dress then try to pit that the article was an allegory. Yes, an allegory… (Takes a hammer to bash the woman’s head in.) I do hope the writer would learn her lesson and give proper research instead of throwing false information.

    • I thought so as well. Then when her short comings were pointed out, instead of accepting her flaws gracefully, she played the victim.

      Sorry, but I do have real children. I don’t like being talked down to like a 5 year old.

  23. So, there are a LOT of comments on here, so I apologize if I come off as redundant, but I wanted to throw my thoughts in since I’m often mediating between groups like this.

    First, as a quick note, please do not condemn feminism as a whole because of people like this. Every movement is burdened with extremists. Sad, but true. That said, don’t discount what she said so quickly. She’s a little hit and miss, but some of her points her actually quite valid, poorly worded as they are. I’ll take her points one at a time.

    1. “You’re not capable of happiness or beauty unless you have a boyfriend.” Yes, this sounds extreme, and it is a little over reaching. However, there’s a point to be made. It was a poor move on the writers to pair up the Winx so quickly and so permanently. At most we’ve had about 1 single Winx per occasional season. This does send a message that boyfriends are a high priority. Keep in mind that media issues are never the fault of one case. The problem is in the quantity of the issues across the media. Girls receive the message that relationships and romance are important all the time. We could use more balance. Personally, I think if they had just stuck to a couple relationships and let the others see different boys on and off throughout the series, it would’ve been better both in equality and in plot.

    2. “Your boyfriend comes before everything, including saving the world and your best friends.” I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure where this came from… They rarely bring up the issue of trying to balance personal lives with saving the world. So… this one loses.

    3. “If you are 16 and you don’t have a boyfriend, you have failed.” Again, because of the quick and permanent pairing up in the series, this is kind of implied. The Winx represent success, and that representation includes them as a group having boyfriends. Don’t read this so literally. The show isn’t telling girls this. However, this is a message girls can easily internalize from the series.

    4. “Short skirts and dresses are key.” Haven’t read the rest of the quote, but I’m in the middle on this one. On the one hand, I’m sorry, but this is the late 2000s. The majority of girls wear pants now. I don’t have a problem with the skirts, but it is weird how many they wear. As for the length issue, personally, I think our culture is too uptight about exposure. Also, let’s remember that Europe has the same view on topless women as they do on topless men. It’s not considered quite so obscene there. This way of viewing social morals ripples in, hence the more revealing outfits. If it were American made she’d have a stronger argument, but there’s more to it than she’s factoring. If anything, she’s kinda slut shaming, which is a feminist no-no.

    5. “If you don’t have the tiniest, stringiest arms and legs, you’re ‘plus-size’ and hence not accepted.” Ok, I will defend Winx for just a moment. I believe the art style was intended to accentuate the curves on a butterfly’s body to go with the fairy design. …defense over. I’m sorry, but these girls are way too thin. Watch Stella’s Enchantix transformation. Her stomach almost disappears. The only characters in the show with any meat on them are usually male or a joke. Remember the maids from the second movie? Who watched that and thought the larger woman had any dignity? I wish this show would do more to promote healthy care for your body. They could easily insert some scene where the Winx are eating a balanced, carb-inclusive meal while discussing their plans for fighting evil.

    6. “You are submissive to your boyfriend.” This one bugs me. If anything the boys are very undervalued in this show. Riven and Musa’s relationship aside, I can’t think of any relationships where the girl “submitted” to her boyfriend. I’m not a fan of the way most of the relationship dynamics are handled, but that’s not really the issue.

    7. “Even if you’re evil, you still need a boyfriend. And to be submissive to him.” Let’s not forget that post season 1 the Trix have been serving one man after another, and it does feel like at least one of them usually has romantic feelings each time.

    Look, love it or hate it, this series has some serious faults, many I didn’t even get too. This isn’t to say there’s no good to it, and it doesn’t set the feminist movement back to the 50’s. The problem is that this series isn’t part of the solution either. So, those are my thoughts. If I offend anyone, that’s not my intention but I stand by what I said and I encourage both sides to take the other into more consideration.

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